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The Everything Theatre Interviews

The Everything Theatre Interviews

By Everything Theatre
Already a successful website for reviews and interviews, we've recently taken to the airwaves with our first radio show. But if you can't listen to the show, we'll be bringing you the interviews we carry out there to our podcast series here
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Episode 44: We've Not Got A God Complex, Just a Not God Complex
This week's guest on our Runn Radio show were the team from the wonderfully named Not God Complex. They came along to chat to us about their Camden Fringe bound show, What Makes A Body Terrifying. The show plays at The Hope Theatre between 15 and 18 August.  Hear company founders Zoe Glen and Billie Grace, plus the play's director, Bethan Burke, tell us about the show, a queer exploration of two strikingly similar folk tales: the Slavic Rusalke and the Celtic Selkies. We talk about folk tales, and how just a subtle change of language can change the meaning of a tale completely. We also discuss why it is vital that we see representation on the stage of those less well represented. As always, you can find out more about this show and everything else we do at
August 07, 2022
Episode 43: It's all going with a Flash Bang Wallop
This week's guest is David Brady, returning for his third time! Which means we must be doing something right. David is Artistic Director of Proforca Theatre, who are the company running Lion and Unicorn Theatre. So as well as programming in artists to perform at the theatre, they also put on their own show. And it's their latest show, FlashBang, David is here to chat about, although as always we get into other subjects, such as the art of lighting a show and what they have playing for Camden Fringe in August.  As for Flashbang, it's an exuberant, explosive and gut-punching rollercoaster ride through the ties that bind five best mates together and what happens to those friends when that world is blown apart. We've never been let down by a Proforca play in the past so it was a pleasure chatting about the next play, and just increased our excitement to be seeing the play in September. You can book tickets now to see FlashBang when it plays at Lion and Unicorn between 6 and 17 September here.
July 27, 2022
Episode 42: Life is all about Hoops and Hookups
This week we were joined by emerging theatre artists Steph McNeil and Helin Ekin. The pair have forged a great friendship, out of which they have become writing partners. And the first result of this new partnership is Hoops and Hookups, a dark comedy about sexuality, identity and family relationships. Steph and Ekin are full of energy and abition, not just for this play but for where they will go next. So it was a joy to chat about not just the play, but what brought the pair together originally and what they hope to do in the future. We also have a rather heated debate about whether spaghetti hoops (the hoops of the show’s title) are an acceptable food item or not. The show plays as part of Camden Fringe in August, taking in dates at The Cockpit, The Hope Theatre and Water Rats, a venue more use to live music than theatre! You can find further details here. You can find more podcasts and written interviews, including some upcoming articles for other Camden Fringe shows on our website here.
July 20, 2022
Ep 41: Immerse yourself in The West with CoLab Theatre
CoLab Theatre are experts in the field of immersive theatre, creating shows that really do live up to the immersive tag. Their new show, The West, looks to be no different, taking us back to the Wild West into a township that has been decimated and needs rebuilding. And that's where the audience come in, as they become the townsfolk and can take on various roles to fulfil that aim. So we were very excited when we got the opportunity to chat to Charlotte and Bertie from CoLab ahead of the show opening (previews from 13 July). We chat about what they see as immersive theatre, all about the show and what you can expect if you go along, and we even get to share with them a special delievery that arrived as we were recording! No spoilers, but it is strong stuff... You can find out more about the show on their website here.
July 13, 2022
Ep 40: We have a lark with James Lark
This week's guest is James Lark, who has written and composed a new musical, Infants. The show follows one day in the life of an infant school, where something bad has happened and the teachers are trying to stop the parents finding out. A cast of six play the children, the teachers and the parents. It certainly looks like it will be a lot of fun. We chat to James about the show, musicals in general and why at times they may not be treated as seriously as they deserve, and we also touch on a little politics.  Infants plays at OSO Arts Centre in Barnes 14 - 17 July, you can find more info here.
July 06, 2022
Ep 39: Just what would be your Song of the Summer?
This week's guest is Tristan Jackson-Pate from Cherwell Theatre Company. Tristan has written the company's latest show, Song of the Summer, a piece of gig theatre inspired by his time in bands around 2006. We talk about the show and why Tristan feels it is very different to other gig theatre shows, as it is much more indie-rock based. Plus we talk gig theatre in general, and why it really is an exciting new genre of theatre, and why we need to find ways to bring kids into theatre both as audience and as future theatre makers. Song of the Summer plays at Northampton's The Picturedrome between 11 and 28 August, more information can be found here.
June 22, 2022
No 38: Just a little insanity at play here
This week's guest is Joe Strictland from Chronic Insanity Theatre Company. The company are currently putting the finishing touches to their Puncture The Screen Festival, which will play 16 and 17 July. It consists of digital art and performance, workshops, panel discussions, and educational opportunities for creatives and audiences alike. They will be presenting many of the works live, but also online and broadcast to various partner venues around the country. And as if that wasn't enough to be keeping them busy, they are midway through their aim of putting on 12 of their own shows in 12 months. It's the third year they have attempted such a feat, and both previous years they have managed to go way beyond the 12. So there was certainly plenty to chat to Joe about. And that's before we even touch on the fact they are also a magician! You can find out more about Puncture The Screen here.
June 08, 2022
Ep 37: Mr Smith, we've been expecting you
This week our guest on Runn Radio was 3Dumb Theatre's Stephen Smith. We've been big fans of their work since we first saw their online show Within towards the start of lockdown. Their ability to create inventive pieces with limited resources stood out from that first show. And since then, they have garnered a collection of wonderful reviews, not just from ET, but generally everyone who has witnessed their work. So it was our pleasure to sit down and chat with Stephen to find out what their initial ambitions were, why their work has been so successful and what is next for them. You can find links to current shows, plus many of their online creations on our website.
June 01, 2022
Ep 36: Dictating To The Estate, seven years leading up to Grehfell fire
This week's interview is a rather more serious affair to normal - not that we don't take all our guests seriously and treat their shows with respect, but as regular listeners will know, we do tend to laugh a lot as well. Not this week. Because Nathaniel McBride's Dictating To The Estate is a play that looks at the estate where the Grenfell Tower was. It doesn't look at the fire directly, but at the events that went on over the seven previous years as residents spoke out about the redevelopment that was planned for the estate, and which ultimately lead to the tragic fire.  Nathaniel talks about why he felt the need to write this play, and why he feels it is important to highlight the voices of the victims and those living on the estate. It's a fascinating insight into aspects of what lead to the fire that many people might not be aware of unless they had been paying close attention to the ongoing public enquiry. The show plays 31 May to 12 June at Maxila Social Club, in the heart of the estate iteself. Tickets are available here
May 25, 2022
Ep 35: Tiny But Mighty - Tiny Theatre on Sixty-Seven
SIxty-seven is the retirement age for most of us now. It's the age we will have to work to until we can claim our state pension. For those in their 20s it must feel a daunting thing to imagine, having to work until that age, especially if you are in a job that you don't enjoy.  Sixty-Seven is also the play by Tiny Theatre which is coming back to Lion and Unicorn Theatre in June. It had an initial, albeit curtailed, run at the end of 2021. They must have impressed though as they have been invited back.  Having reviewed the show during its 2021 run, we thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with Alex and Olivia from Tiny Theatre to ask them about the play, how it may have changed since last year, and whether they are anything like the characters they play
May 20, 2022
Ep 34: A festival without the mud, welcome to ChewFest2022
This week sees another returning guest to our podcast in Chewboy Productions' Georgie Bailey. And this time he has company in the form of co-artistic director, Hal Darling and Resident DIrector, Lucy Betts. The three tell us all about CHewFest, a week long celebration of some of the weirdest, whackiest flavours from early-career companies, dynamic new writers of all ages and bold screen work from some of the  most exciting filmmakers in town. The festival takes place at Lion and Unicorn Theatre from 23 - 28 May. You can find out more on their website here.
May 11, 2022
Ep 33: Filling The Space with Adam Hemming
This week we chat with Adam Hemming, the Artistic Director of The Space Arts Centre, a marvellous fringe theatre venue just a ston'e throw from Canary Wharf. Adam tells us what's involved in being an AD, what keeps him wanting to stay even after 18 years, and how well their recent excursion into putting on wrestling went!
May 04, 2022
Ep 32: Ian McFarlane takes us from Oz to OSO
We met Ian McFarlane back in 2020 when we spoke to him about Revellers Society. He is now back with Forever Oz, which, as the title suggests, is based on L. Frank Baum's series of books from which The Wizard Of Oz came. But rest assured, this is not a new stage adaptation of the film we all know and love, but instead is based on the second and third books in the series, along with some adaptations by Ian himself. Ian's love of not just the Oz books, but Peter Pan are clear to hear as he tells us about the show and why his theatre company is called Big Adventure Productions. Plus we discuss why he the show will be playing at Barnes OSO Arts Centre 19 - 22 May, more information can be found here.
April 27, 2022
Ep 31: We All Have Strange Celeb Crushes
This week sees the return of Lily Middleton to interview duties, when she sits down with Split Infinitive Theatre to talk about their new show I Heart Michael Ball. As you should expect from the best of fringe theatre, the title is only half the story, and it is not just a love-in for Michael Ball, but an exploration of loss and depression. But yes, there is also a lot of love to be had for Michael Ball - who we should add does not make an apprearance. Although if you are reading Michael, I'm sure they would happily have you along one night. The show will play Brighton Fringe before returning to London for August and Camden Fringe.
April 13, 2022
Ep 30: I.D.S.T. But what does it all mean?
This week's guest is Jack Condon, whose play If. Destroyed. Still. True is opening at The Hope Theatre in a few weeks time. As Jack explains, the phrase If. Destroyed. Still. True was one he knew from schoolddays and was surprised it wasn't widely known. He was originally intending to call the play I.D.S.T. until he realised no one knew what it meant! As well as explaining the title, Jack tells us more about the plays themes of alienation and not quite feeling you belong in the place you were brought up. And we also talk about the play being filmed and his hopes that it can be shown in small communities who may connect with some of its themes and who may not normally have access to fringe theatre. The show opens at The Hope Theatre 26 April until 14 May. Tickets can be purchased here.
April 06, 2022
Ep 29: We find ourselves down in the tube station at midnight
This week we caught up with actor and writer, Will Charlton. Will is next to be found acting in Jumper at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, a play set across two different times frames five years apart, the first of which finds him stuck on the underground on election night.  Will tells us more about the play, and what it is like to act in someone else's work when you are a writer yourself. We also discuss his own play, The Boys, which will be his next project as he prepares for its debut in June. About three men who flatshare but are struggling with the rent so turn to escorting, it obviously leads us to the question of "is it written from personal experience?"
March 31, 2022
Ep 28: C'mon Kids, Get Writing
This week we caught up with Helen Monks and Matt Woodhead from Lung Theatre. A campaign lead theatre company, there have recently launched Unmute, a monologue writing competition for 11 - 18 year olds.  We had a great time chatting about the competition, why they wanted to aim it at 11 - 18 year olds, and just what they might be looking for in a winning entry. And along the way we found time to chat about how the past two years have affected youths and why schools are sometimes scared to allow the kids to speak.
March 23, 2022
Ep 27: Andrew Sharpe leads us up The Spiral Path
For our latest episiode, we sat down with playwright Andrew Sharpe. Andrew's play, The Spiral Path, has already received great reviews from its initial run at The Maltings Theatre, and it is now preparing for its London debut at the White Bear Theatre. Andrew is of a more mature age to many of our guests on the podcast, having started writing later in life when he stopped practicing law. So it was interesting to chat about fringe theatre from that viewpoint. And of course, being an ex-lawyer, he takes his time to lay out his thoughts very clearly. We also discuss the pure joy of seeing your play performed for the first time, having left it fully in the hands of his director. The Spiral Path opens at White Bear Theatre on 22 March for 5 nights and a matinee. You can book tickets here.
March 16, 2022
Ep 26: Erupting onto the stage with Volcano
This week we chat to David Brady from Proforca Theatre, about their latest play Volcano. The play follows Max on a 12-hour odyssey across London that will change his life forever.  Made in collaboration with Georgie Bailey from Chewdog Productions, who have also been guests on this podcast (ep 1), we talk to David about the play, working with Chewboy, and whether he has succeeded in his aim to direct a play without any set or props.  And we also find time to discuss the difficulties of taking fringe theatre outside of London, and just what we might need to do in the future to make it possible. Volcano plays at Lion and Unicorn Theatre between 8 and 12 March. Tickets are £14 available here.
March 03, 2022
Ep 25: Escaping with DeFriest
We enjoyed chatting to Aaron-Lee Eyles last year so much that we didn't hestiate to invite him back for a second time when we heard about his new show, DeFriest. And this time he brought along his lead actor, Jay O'Connell, to join in the chat. DeFriest tells the story of real life Mark DeFriest, an American who has spent much of his adult life in prison, even though it has been widely argued that his crimes have been as a result of his mental health, and his first crime was one that really feels like it should never have resulted in being locked up anyway! Along the way he has been credited with having made 13 escape attempts, 7 successfully.  We chat about how Aaron-Lee first came across Mark DeFriest, and even made contact with him to ask permission to tell his story on the stage. Plus whether there is a risk of glorifying the story simply for entertainment values, or whether telling such stories is important to raise awareness. DeFriest play at Lion and Unicorn Theatre from 15 - 19 March. 
March 02, 2022
Ep 24: Erasing Memories with Lethe
Noga Flaishon makes a welcome return to chatting with us about Harpy Productions' latest show, Lethe. As weith much of their work, it's set in a future dystopian world, where you can now have bad memories erased permenantly. But at what cost? Lethe was scheduled to play at Vault Festival, and this interview was recorded ahead of the festival's cancellation. At the moment there are no confirmed dates for the show, but we suspect that won't be the case for long. in the meantime, hear us talk about how influencial Black Mirrors is to Noga's work, the experiences and joy of putting on a night of horror shorts with The Fright Before Christmas and we make another attempt to convince her to watch Dark on Netflix.
February 24, 2022
Ep 23: Zombies are coming, who can save us?
Paper Mug Theatre may be fairly new, but they have been busy! Last summer we saw their show I Lost My Virginity To Chopin’s Nocturne In B-Flat Minor, and now they are back with not one, but two shows. The first of which is Steve and Tobias Verses Death, which will be playing at The Pleasance in March. The show finds a zombie apocalypse happening outside brothers Steve and Tobias' front door, but worse still, their mum appears to be patient zero!  We chat to the show's writer and founding member of Paper Mug about the show, whether there will be plenty of fake blood splashing around, and we also ask that all important question, was I Lost My Virginity To Chopin’s Nocturne In B-Flat Minor based on real life? (note: This show was originally scheduled for the VAULT Festival, and recorded prior to the festival cancellation, so there is mention of it playing at that venue)
February 18, 2022
Ep22: Asking that tricky question, How Disabled Are you?
Tommy, AKA The Queer Historian, is a disabled theatre maker. His latest show, How DIsabled Are You? explores what it is like when your disability is called into question and how the benefits system really isn't as easy to claim on as the Daily Mail might have you believe. This is yet another show that was planned for the cancelled Vault Festival, recorded before the sad news of the cancellation, so there are a few mentions of the Vaults. The show though will be seeing future life, but in the meantimes, it's an interesting discussion on the prejudices faced by benefit claimants and why the media can be complicate in demonising claimants.
February 12, 2022
Ep 21: Getting into a Pickle with Tanya and Deli
We recorded this interview just before Christmas, and at that time, we had no idea the Vault Festival would be cancelled for 2022. So when we sat down to chat about Pickle with Deli Segal (written and actor) and Tanya Truman (producer) we thought it would be to promote the show when it played at the festival. However, what we ended up with was a great discussion about the lack of representation of Jewish female on stage and TV, and why anti-semistism is still something we all need to learn more about. And whilst we edited out some mention of the Vault Festival, we also touch upon why such festivals are so important to emerging theatre makers like Deli and Tanya. We've been informed the show should be announcing new dates soon, so it seemed as good a time as any to release this wonderful conversation with two charming and interesting theatre makers.
February 04, 2022
Ep 20: Paul Bradshaw is here to Tell Me Straight
Paul Bradshaw is a writer and performer, whose latest show, Tell Me Straight was first played at King's Head Theatre, and is now about to open for a run at Chiswick Playhouse. The play follows Him, a gay man who seems to have a history of going after the wrong type of men - straight ones! All to the despair of his friend Dani is on hand to try to guide him in the right directly. We caught up with Paul just before Christmas (hence some confusion over our mentions of next year!) to talk about the play, how it was received during its initial run, and whether having a voice actor is just a cheap way of avoiding paying them for future performances!
January 28, 2022
Ep 19: Secretariat swing the Hexenhammer
Suzy Kohane and Sidsel Rostrup created their theatre company, Secretariat, in 2019, just a few months before the world came to a halt in 2020! Their debut show, Hexenhammer, was due to play at the Vault Festival this March, that was until the festival became another casualty of covid. Undetered though, the pair found time to come and chat with us about what inspired them to create a theatre company, how they have found the positives from the lockdown, and what we can expect from Hexenhammer. Hexenhammer is a comedy about German medieval monks and modern day Incel groups. The monks wrote a pamphlet on witch hunting and which was used throughout the country to persecute woman accused of witchcraft, and this is compared to the Incel movement and how both treated woman as inferior.  Whilst the show currently doesn't have any confirmed dates, we suspect it won't be long before we get the chance to see what sounds like a very interesting show. This is the first of our interview series carried out by Lily Middleton, one of our reviewers who has now stepped up to be an interviewer as well. 
January 20, 2022
Episode 18: Are You OK Benedict Cumberbatch? Experiment Human have him in their Attic!
It’s always fascinating to find out where the original ideas for a play come from, and that’s just what we hear about from sisters Maya and Rosa, who make up Hooky Productions. The pair tell us about turning a childhood idea into the central concept for their show, Experiment Human. We also hear the truth about Benedict Cumberbatch, who has a leading part to play in their show. The interview was recorded on the day that it was announced that the Vault Festival had been cancelled. The show was scheduled to play there in March, so at the time of recording, plans were very much up in the air. But the pair were not too downhearted and kept us entertained with their laughter and sheer weirdness of what the show offers. We do hope we get to see it in a theatre near us soon.
January 13, 2022
Episoide 17: Charlotte Anne-Tilley on being Almost Adult
Charlotte Anne-Tilley came to our attention a year ago when her show Twenties was online as part of TheSpaceUK's short online festival showcasing many of the artists who would normally have been planning to head off to Edinburgh that summer. The show caught our attention for both its inventiveness and for being what felt a very true portrayal of a young girl moving to London where she believed she would soon be heading off to all the celeb parties and bumping into famous names every street she walked down. Since then Charlotte and the team have been busy rewritting Twenties into a live full length show, which will be playing at The Space in Canary Wharf from 13 to 15 January 2022, before they hope to then take it to this year's Edinburgh Fringe. So it seemed the perfect time to sit down with Charlotte to find out how the show has changed, not only with its name now being Almost Adult, and how her life has changed since we presented her with an award as part of TheSpaceUK's festival season.
January 06, 2022
Episode 16: Linus Karp on taking his Jellicle paws around the UK
Linus Karp became the first two-time guest on our Runn Radio show (the first interview can be heard here).  Linus is getting ready to take his "How To Live A Jellicle Life: Life Lessons from the 2019 Hit Movie Musical 'Cats'" on the road in 2022, starting at Bristol and then two months of dates up and down the country. So it felt the purrfect time to catch up with him and find out what it is like putting on a small theatre tour, as well as why 80 year old's are more than welcome to come and see the show. You can find the full list of dates here
December 31, 2021
Episode 15: Jane Morris unravels her Eight Arms EIght Legs
Jane was another writer we came across as part of The Fright Before Christmas, a night of short horror plays at The Space Arts Centre. It was a very abstract play that left as many questions about what it all meant as we had answers! So we thought it would be great to sit down with Jane and get her to explain it a little more to us. We were surprised by how much we'd missed, so it turned into a fascianting chat about violence against women, and how some woman can turn from prey to predator. 
December 26, 2021
Episode 14: Freddie Vaolosta demands we Flip The Switch
We came across Freddie Valdosta when her show, Flipping The Switch,  performed as part of The Fright Before Christmas; a collection of short  horror plays curated by Harpy Productions and Danse Macabre and  performed for one night only at The Space. Not only did Flipping The Switch blow us away, it was similary loved by  the rest of the audience who voted it the best of the night. So we were  really excited when Freddie agreed to join us for a chat about the show,  how it was inspired by her own battles with OCD, and just what else she  has planned. She also found time to admit to writing teen fan fiction,  although we haven't (yet) been able to find it online, much to her  relief we suspect. You can see a recording of Flip The Switch here (note that this was recorded on a smartphone and not for professional use. But we hope it still gives a good idea of how tension filled this play was on the night).
December 22, 2021
Episiode 13: Christopher Smart unravels Mangled Yarn's It's A Wonderful Life
Our latest guest to chat to Everything Theatre is Christopher Smart from Mangled Yarn Theatre. This time last year they released Everytime A Bell Rings, their "prequel" to It's A Wonderful Life. It was a show we loved, so when we heard this year they were putting on It's A Wonderful Life, both in person and on-demand (to be recorded on Christmas Eve) it seemed a great chance to speak to them about both shows, their association with The Place Theatre in Bedford, and what else they might have planned for next year.
December 15, 2021
Episode 12: Lily Middleton, ET reviewer, on the joys of reviewing and why she loves musical theatre
This week we sat down with one of our own reviewers, Lily Middleton. Lily has written for ET for a number of years, although she took a break before returning at the start of 2021. She is a big advocate of musical theatre, and so we tells us why it's an often misunderstood genre and why it doesn't always get the respect it deserves. She also talks about some of her favourite shows and why reviewing is just so much fun for a theatre lover.
December 12, 2021
Episode 11: James Murfitt raises a glass to A Pissedmas Carol!tfaced-Showtime, and sister company, Sh!tfaced-Shakespeare have entertained audiences now for over ten years with their high energy shows. It looks a simple idea on paper; one cast member each performance drinks for four hours prior to the start, and so whilst the rest try to carry on with the script, have to work around the antics of a drunk colleague. Mayhem will usually follow! About to bring A Pissedmas Carol back to Leicester Square Theatre in December, it felt a great time to sit down with producer and actor, James Murfitt, about how the company came about, answers allegations from some critics who claim they aren't really drunk, and tells us about the craziest thing a drunk colleague has ever done during a performance. A Pissedmas Carol plays at Leicester Square Theatre from 6 December until 15 January. You can book your tickets at 
November 20, 2021
Episode 10: Belinda McGuirk invites the world to EverAfter
Belinda McGuirk works for Chickenshed, a theatre in North London that is more than just a theatre, it is also a place that provides education and training - many actors have gone on to big things after their involvement with Chickenshed. They also, each Christmas, put on what can only be described as a big production - 800 people, divided over a rolling 4 day rota. This year, Belinda will be directing the show, which will be EverAfter.  So it was a pleasure to chat with Belinda, about directing the show and how you even start directing it when there are 800 people involved, plus why the Chickenshed is a place that once you join, you really don't want to leave. You can find out more about the Chickenshed here
November 10, 2021
Episode 9: Riding the waves of the climate crisis with RIsing Tides
In our latest podcast interview we chat to Gavin Dent and Neil Sheppeck from Rising Tides about Good Cop, Bad Cop 26: A Climate Festival, which is playing at The Space between 1 and 12 November. The festival is in response to the COP26 summit taking place in Glasgow as the festival opens. During its 12 days it will features plays, workshops and live music, all with the climate crisis at their heart. Gavin and Neil tell us about the festival, why theatre has a role in making people talk about the climate issue and their hopes for the summit itself.
November 01, 2021
Episode 8: Ardent Theatre on Rethink and supporting young actors from outside London
This week we chat to Andrew Muir and Georgia Bates. Andrew is co-creative director of Ardent Theatre, plus the writer of their latest show, Rethink. Georgia is a young actor involved with the play as well as part of Ardent8, the theatre company's project that takes eight young actors from outside of London and helps them put on a show. Rethink, the show that has come out of this, is a direct response to the government's ad campaign early on in lockdown that suggested those in the arts could retrain elsewhere. Hear what Andrew and Georgia thought of that suggestion. You can find out more about Ardent Theatre at
October 20, 2021
Episode 7: Matt Woodhead chats about his play, Who Cares? and the campaign that the play launched.
Matt Woodhead is the co-artistic director of Lung Theatre. He also created Who Cares? a verbatim play about young carers in the UK. Listen to Matt talk about the play, how it was created, and the campaign that it launched. More information on the Who Cares campaign can be found here The play is touring the UK throughout October and November. The radio version of the play can also be found on BBC Sounds here.
October 06, 2021
Episode 6: Mental Health Special (part 2) Phoebe Angeni brings Anxiety alive on the stage
This is the second of two interviews originally recorded as part of Everything Theatre's contribution to Runn Radio's Mental Health and Wellbing Day.  Phoebe Angeni talks to us about mental health, the important role therapy can play in helping you cope, and just how she has turned her own struggles, including anxities and body image phobias, into a positive by putting on her stage show Ithaca.  You can find more information about Phoebe at 
September 29, 2021
Episode 5: Mental Health Special (part 1) Jen Roehrig and making theatre to raise awareness
This is the first of two interviews originally recorded as part of a Mental Health and Wellbing Day run by Runn Radio, where Everything Theatre hosts a weekly show. Jen Roehrig tells us about her theatre work, and more importantly, how she overcame both physical and mental health difficulties to return to education in her 40s. Along the way we talk about how theatre can help normalise mental health and why its important to look after both body and mind.
September 25, 2021
Episode 4: Imitating The Dog bring the graphic novel to the stage in Dracula: The Untold Story
We head outside of London for our latest interview, which finds us chatting to co-Artistic Director of Imitating The Dog, who are about to stage their live graphic novel, Dracula: The Untold Story at Leeds Playhouse. Andrew tells us about their version of this familiar tale, taking it into the 1960s and focusing their attention on Mina Harker. We also hear how they have turned this live show into a graphic novel, merging live performance with technology to give us a glimpse of a whole new world. You can find out more about Imitating the Dog here
September 18, 2021
Episode 3: We move to the beat of Flamenco Express
Stepping away from our usual Fringe surroundings, we caught up with Jaki WIlford, founder and owner of Flamenco Express. As the name would suggest, they are a dance theatre company, with the simple aim of putting on accessible Flamenco dance shows. Jaki tells us about the company's history, what great flamenco dancing should be like, and their plans for the future.  You can find out more about the company at
September 17, 2021
Episiode 2: Max Mackay heats things up with The Arsonists
Max Mackay talks to us about her professional directing debut with The Arsonists. She also tells us about StoneCrabs Theatre Company, whose programme for emerging artists has made this possible, and culmilates with the Play-doh Festival, showcasing nine new directors. Along the way we chat about the excitement of knowing your play is about to be performed at Southwark Playhouse, and why she really wants to one day direct the play in its original German!
September 08, 2021
Episode 1: Chewing the fat with Chewboy Productions
In our first episode, we chat to Georgie Bailey, Artistic Director of Chewboy Productions and Jack Sunderland, who is starring in their new show, DJ Bazzers Year Six Disco. They tell us more about the show, how they are finding their first time working at Golden Goose Theatre, plus so much more. DJ Bazzers Year Six disco is performing at Golden Goose Theatre 7 - 17 September. You can get tickets at Find out more about us ET here
August 31, 2021