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EvoReal Talks

EvoReal Talks

By Jessica Side
Come explore Spokane's rockin real estate market and master homeownership. We cover topics including what to do in the area, favorite spots to visit, a hint of history and fun stories all from a local perspective. Join Matt and Jessica Side for their weekly podcast, "let's make real estate fun again."
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Is Spokane Overpriced?
Clickbait Alert! “Spokane among the most overvalued market in the nation”, does the article hold up? Based on the data we tend to disagree. COVID has unlocked migration mania, middle-market towns have experienced extreme growth, demand for housing continues strong, climate events are pushing people to make a move, housing supply issues continue across markets and workforce shortages remain, competing markets are also seeing increases in prices. Affordability drops for Spokane natives but compared to our neighboring markets not nearly at the same rate. Is it worth purchasing a home right now? It really depends on your situation give us a call at 509-62-HOUSE to learn more. Helpful Links from this episode:
September 13, 2021
Spokane Italicized
Summer is ending, can you believe it? Jessica’s family comes to visit from Italy, the dynamic duo breaks down their favorite places to grab a bite with the fam. To name a few; Bennidito's on the South Hill, Madeline’s Cafe Downtown, Twigs, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Gander and Ryegrass, Trailbreaker Cidery, The Davenport and Iron Goat (That Banh Mi Pizza Though!). Spokane Market Update! Median sales price nears 400k, average sales price breaks 400k, supply has been consistently low driving demand however supply is starting to increase. Is the market leveling? Tips given the market changes; Sellers: We recommend pricing your home aggressively. Buyers: Get back on the search, be present and ready as we see more price drops. Jessica finishes off her design series on a bedroom remodel; add rugs to warm up a space, get a bed that is a reasonable size for your space (with nightstands), avoid clutter, reduce space with a wall-mounted TV. Avoid matching all of your furniture, consider curating your pieces of furniture, mix and match items you already have in your house. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 24, 2021
Dine and Design
Living in Downtown Spokane? it’s a thing! The dynamic duo talks about the West end district of Spokane including our featured property: 1221 W Railroad Alley Ave, a modern rustic condo with owner-only garage parking, and a Euro-inspired courtyard. Matt talks about the lifestyle in the Downtown core. Did you know there are over 45 tasting rooms in the downtown core? Take a walk to nearby restaurants, concert venues, theatres, and historic hotels. Jessica is back discussing the important steps to redesigning a bedroom. Start with your paint, do you like light and airy or dark and dramatic? Don’t ignore your lighting (check out modern LED), fixtures (Impress with unique pieces), fans (stylish fans do exist!). When buying your fixtures and furniture consider purchasing multiple items, see what you like best and return the rest. Go outside the big box and find something unique for your art. Check out our featured urban loft-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 16, 2021
Designers in a Spokane Market
Matt and Jessica talk about the market and how buyers may have an opportunity in August to catch a deal, at the very least avoid multiple offers. Jessica gives us the rundown on designer styles and how you may want to incorporate a mix to meet your lifestyle.  Follow our pages for more fun real estate chats. @EvoReal on the socials
August 13, 2021
Designer Glam Fam
Things to check out in Spokane- Downtown Ice Age movie marathon, Wednesday at the Ice Age Floods playground. Arbor Crest concert series. What’s to love in Spokane? Water… water! 23 Lakes, 6 access points for putting into the Spokane river, check out the little Spokane River, put in at Saint George's School, and see the shuttle service put on by the Spokane Parks Department. Jessica chats about remodels: create a budget, measure twice (cut once), visualize your space (consider a rough sketch), pick a design style, create an inspiration board consider using Pinterest or Houzz to refine your top choices. More tips next week. Matt talks about buyer’s remorse, did we buy too much house? Post-pandemic buyer’s remorse; take a step back, get perspective, breathe and revisit your life goals. Are there opportunities now, could you transform an area of your home into a rentable space? Avoid buyer's remorse by writing down your non-negotiables and avoiding getting caught up in the moment (bidding wars). This episode finishes with a haunting tale of bathroom remodels so don’t miss the end! Learn more about the river by visiting the Spokane Riverkeeper- for more info. Saint George's School Shuttles-
August 6, 2021
To Each Their Loan
Special Episode! Matt brings in the expertise of finance guru Dustin Masterson with Numerica Credit Union. Buyer fatigue sets in and people are getting burnt out on multiple offer scenarios. Should I wait to buy or sell? What is the actual cost of waiting in this hot market? Increasing interest rates are on the horizon, the payment at this time on a low-interest loan is quite attractive, helping you gain equity and wealth. New construction timelines increase and build prices remain extraordinarily high (supply and labor shortages). Creative construction loans help save buyers money and headache. Credit unions offer more agile products and faster turn times on loan products with in-house underwriting. Numerica adds value with its family-friendly atmosphere, teamwork environment, and support after you have signed on the dotted line. Talk with Dustin Masterson- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 28, 2021
Are We in a Bubble?
Is there a housing bubble? How does our current market compare to the great recession? Be suspicious of those who say we are in a housing bubble or those who firmly say that we are not! “What goes up must come down”, this saying is not necessarily true. Housing stability factors: Millennials reach their peak buying potential and are exceeding the baby boomer generation in population, the federal government took on over 1 trillion in mortgage bonds allowing banks to loan more money, interest rates remain extremely low, stricter lending rules are in place to avoid another housing crash, people are saving more money than ever, equity gains outpace any kind of drop in the market. Why we might not be in a bubble: Demand for housing is extremely high, building costs and zoning laws have restricted new construction infill, remote workers have further exacerbated demand as they move from more expensive markets, supply chain issues increase costs to build.  We feature some of our most recent land listings one of them just outside of the Lake Spokane Campground and 20 acres up north in Fruitland, WA.  Check out our featured land listings by visiting our Facebook page-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 21, 2021
Shadle Starter Homes
Spokane’s in a drought, here are some tips on, “How NOT to start a forest fire”: Install a spark arrestor on recreation vehicles, carry a small fire extinguisher, watch your safety chains on vehicles, ditch the fireworks and educate your children, put out cigarettes completely. When camping ensure fires are allowed, if so, put the fire out with lots of water and wait until the smoke has subsided, stir the fire and check for hot spots. Featured home: 4103 N Belt St, a beautiful Shadle Rancher with a backyard oasis. What’s to love about the Shadle area? A fun community, great schools and parks, reasonably priced houses, unique construction, high walkability scores, central access to transportation, and wonderful local restaurants and businesses. Spokane market update: Inventory increases slightly, median list price hits 400K. Spokane Farmers Markets are in full force and have a fantastic selection of local produce, go check them out. Our featured home: Check out this great resource for farmers markets and local events-
June 14, 2021
Bye Bye PMI
Matt and Jessica have ONE tip that will save you thousands of dollars, and it’s free! PMI what is it? How do you get out of it? Matt talks about getting a deal on seasonal properties. Tip! Look into purchasing in the off-season. Schweitzer rolls out new construction opportunities, reserve your lot ASAP. Market update; inventory increases (finally), prices continue to increase, buyers see strong competition facing competitive offers with little to no contingencies. Jessica talks about the new North Bank Park in Downtown Spokane with a raving review. We wrap up with a little chat about drought and wildfires, Spokane pleads for less water usage by watering every other day. Check out Spokane's newest park-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 8, 2021
Arboretum Gems
Should I be buying a house right now? Matt and Jessica discuss the market, making predictions, and ignoring some folks who are taking numbers out of context or are simply misinformed. Jessica offers us a shameless plug. Matt updates us with some history and stories surrounding the Finch Arboretum, if you haven’t been in a while you should go! Spokane Highlight: Check out the Museum of Arts and Culture featuring the life and work of John James Audubon. More info on the Museum of Arts and Culture current exhibits-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 24, 2021
Steampunk Patio Party
Jessica and Matt celebrate their 21st anniversary. Market Update! We run the numbers with some colorful commentary, buyers and agents are feeling the heat, the frustration is real. Persistence and consistency pay off for buyers, take a break, lower your expectations, consider putting in some sweat equity (avoid Pinterest Purgatory). Patio makeovers, what are your goals for the enjoyment of your outdoor space? Jessica goes over her budget patio remodel, find out how she transformed her backyard space in a week while Matt was away on a trip. What’s to love in Spokane? Events are coming back as vaccines roll out, Indians Baseball is hitting it off, Thursday Market and farmers markets are in full force, don’t miss the Pavilion light shows on the weekends. Our annual Summer BBQ is back this year mark your calendar for June 24th with details to follow. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 17, 2021
Greenstone Rocks Part II of II
We are back talking with Greenstone about Spokane development, changes, challenges, communities, and more! What’s the deal with condos? The snout house gets the cutoff. Kendall Yards in distress, Greenstone picks up the project and creates a wonderful mixed-use area for all. The Kaiser project gets a name, “Mead Works” with a hefty vision and environmental challenges, NEWSFLASH! Condos are BACK and coming soon to Coeur De Alene. Learn more about Greenstone homes by vising- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 10, 2021
Greenstone Rocks Part I of II
Over the next couple of weeks, we interview Sharla Jones with Greenstone homes. Greenstone focuses on the construction of communities around their homes taking a unique approach to homebuilding. Socioeconomic diversity is huge for them with programs to help transition renters into buyers. Additionally, their projects feature mid-sized homes over massive single-family dwellings. Greenstone communities are built with interaction among neighbors in mind. Many of their communities feature a mix of multi and single-family homes, sidewalks, trees, connectivity to trails, front porches, parks, and open spaces. Tune in next week for a breakdown of their upcoming projects including challenges and successes along their journey. Learn more about Greenstone homes by vising- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 3, 2021
Momentum '87 Y'all!
Matt talks about loans including how they may influence your offer, and what is the deal with USDA loans? **Hint it’s not prime meat! You can purchase an investment property with a traditional loan so long as you occupy a unit (up to 4 units), income from tenants can be added to your income in purchasing the property. Renting back to a seller gives buyers an edge, getting creative has its share of risk.  CDA and Spokane rank once again in the top 10 by as desirable destinations. Jessica digs in on “Momentum ‘87 and ‘97”, jumpstarting an economy through the collaboration of community leaders, the gathering focused on attracting diverse businesses and manufacturing jobs and was a catalyst for reshaping downtown Spokane. Momentum capital investments have had rippling effects on the desirability of our city. Read the article here- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 19, 2021
Cannon Hill Lifestyle
The dynamic duo is back talking about Cannon Hill, the area they chose to move their family a few years back. Why? Lifestyle and walkability! The Cannon Hill addition features mature trees, grocery stores, walking trails, cafes, parks, including proximity to downtown and the I90. Spokane history is back and it's all about the bricks. Spokane becomes a boomtown for brick making but not without the fallout from decomposition and abandoned excavation sites. Matt finishes up with tips on getting crafty with owner-occupied real estate investing and mortgage myths debunked, is it wise to wait for a big down payment? Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 12, 2021
The Zag Maniac
Matt and Jessica are back for a special edition with special guest Ethan Side the "ROCK" of stats, talking all about Gonzaga Basketball and March Madness. Sports continue to evolve in Spokane centered around recent successes. Why all the hubbub about the Zags? Jessica reveals her mom’s exuberance aka, "The Zag Maniac" during the games, much of which including serious shouting at the television screen. We give a shout out to Mark Few for his achievements, Ethan talks about his unique approach to attracting talent and developing skills on the court. What keeps Mark in Spokane? Community, fishing, legacy. Rapid-fire trivia with Ethan answers some of the following; What is a Blue Blood? What does it mean to be fast to the basket? What is a triple, double? How long before the Zags become a dynasty? Matt wraps up with the data on real estate near Gonzaga revealing the extremely high demand, rapidly increasing prices, and conversion of single-family residences to rental properties. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 2, 2021
Excited in My Own Town U-District Special Episode
Matt and Jessica interview special guest Lars Gilberts, CEO of the rapidly developing Spokane University District. What is the U-District all about? This 770-acre area is centered around the Riverpoint Campus focusing on the connection of the community, professional development and innovation. Lars talks about the vision of sustainability in building and creating jobs in the process. We touch on the many organizations that are making this possible and the challenges being faced along the way. The Sprague Ave rebuild proves to be a crucial piece of the puzzle helping fulfill the University District vision. A vision of the future, where it’s fun to live, work and play in and around Downtown Spokane. But is Spokane out of touch with reality? Our value proposition has changed, we aren't cheap anymore, it’s all about the balance of value and quality. One of the lofty goals is changing the mindset from, “do I need a car?” to “when do I need a car?” reducing transportation costs.  Will we become victims of our own success? Rental rates increasing, cost of living rising, traffic, parking scarcity. How do we react intelligently to change? We answer these pressing questions and more in this one-hour special episode!    Learn more here-
March 22, 2021
Creative Realtors Win
In this special edition of EvoReal Talks, Jessica interviews Stacey Sampson and Tony Byrne about a new modern homebuyer class. It’s a battle out there to get a house, arm yourself with the best tools! Are you prepared if your dream house comes on the market? Stacey talks about creatively crafting an offer and bringing yours to the top of the heap. Tony discusses offering over asking, the potential pros and cons, and when/if you will get that money back.  Watch the full 1-hour class replay- Search for homes with Stacey - Get pre-approved with Tony Byrne-
March 15, 2021
Pho Spring
The dynamic duo talks about the top marketing tips for home sellers, always ask your Realtor, “what are you doing to market my home?” Hire out to get professional photos, skip the phone photos (yes even from a nice modern smartphone), have your agent do a video walkthrough, consider drone footage and 3D tours, more media is powerful. Promote the lifestyle, what is it like to live in this house? Your Realtors job is to be a negotiator and bring you the best offer, consider an experienced agent. Jessica takes a drive to Hayden and shares her visit to a bird museum… no not the animal. If you get a chance take a visit to the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center. Visit the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 11, 2021
Frick'n Amazing POW!
Jessica starts off with some black history celebrations talking about the accomplishments of Eleanor Barrow Chase, the first woman of color appointed to the board of trustees for both EWU and Whitworth college. Matt brushes on Washington House Bill 1084, a climate initiative aimed at reducing carbon footprint by moving to high-efficiency electric hot water and HVAC. Spokane Market update! Active listings increase, fast inventory is the new term, not low inventory, more homes expected to appear in March/April. Jessica covers tips on filling out form 17 (required by all sellers) and how to best protect sellers; 1. Check a box on every line, feel free to use the box “I don’t know”, 2. If there is an asterisk, you must explain, 3. Add extra paper for longer responses if needed, 4. Disclose all that you know, do not hide anything, include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Snow hits Spokane and Matt talks about his favorite XC and DH skiing areas. Nordic: Mt Spokane trails are phenomenal, Schweitzer, 4th of July Pass, and Lookout Pass also have great Nordic options. Downhill: Mt Spokane, Lookout Pass, Silver Mountain, and Schweitzer Mountain. Get that POW! Skiing resources; Downhill Slopes: Mt Spokane Nordic;
February 22, 2021
Cold Weather Intel
Matt drops some cold weather tips; put a heat lamp under the oil pan or plug in your core heater, bundle up, breath through your nose, cover your eyes, Jessica covers some black history honoring Peter Barrow and his many achievements in the Deer Park/Spokane region, This week’s featured community: Deer Park, WA considered a bedroom community of Spokane, close to the city but maintains its rural feel, rich in history with native roots, a surprisingly nice selection of homes of them with over an area of land, an abundance of deer… and parks. Oh yes, even a fantastic golf course and private airport. Jessica does some compare and contrast with the numbers. What’s happening in Spokane? Phase 2 finally rolls out, vaccine supply increases, virtual valentines, and a virtual symphony the NW Bach Festival. Learn more about the NW Bach Festival- Search for homes and land around Deer Park, WA-
February 17, 2021
Trails to Flying Goat
Featured Home; 3016 W Sanson Ave, 265k, 5BR/2BA, 35+ showings and contingent in 48 hours, Jessica talks Northwest Spokane, historic roots and native paths, Dwight Merkel, Joe Albi, and the VA Hospital. Why would you want to live there? 5 Mile Shopping, classic restaurants and pubs, nearby recreation, quick access to downtown, “follow the trails to the watering hole of the Flying Goat”. Spokane hits a new low… Inventory is now only an 8 day supply, Kaiser makes an agreement with Greenstone to purchase property and develop a Kendall Yards-eske community, there are a lot of hurdles due to contaminations and superfund cleanup efforts. More info on the Greenstone and Kaiser project- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
February 8, 2021
A Lot to Offer
Jessica skates the Skate Ribbon at Riverfront Park, Matt features our first listing in CDA Idaho, Kidd Island Bay buildable parcel (**update now pending sale) 15XX W Kidd Island Rd, Easy access, secondary lake frontage with deeded dock access, What’s the deal with Coeur d’Alene? The bedroom community features wonderful amenities, shopping, golf courses, and restaurants. Wolf Lodge has some of the best steaks in our region. Could you spot a celebrity? Jessica reveals her starstruck moment seeing Viggo Mortensen in Ritzville, WA. Jessica wraps up with a little history surrounding Spokane’s 1889 fire. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
February 1, 2021
Plucky Pioneer Poets
Matt opens up to reveal that he has the inner soul of a poet, we feature a rural property with the city amenities: 34300 N Ptarmigan Ln-- 8 acres just outside of Davenport, WA, build-ready with endless recreation amenities, a well-spaced gated community. Did you know that Washington state is still a very agricultural heavy economy? In fact, we have some of the highest producing agricultural commodities in the nation! Matt gives a tribute to his former uncle Doug, a real-life cowboy from Odessa. Jessica brushes on Spokane's latest project choosing a new flag design for the city, go over to our Facebook page to weigh in your opinion. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
January 25, 2021
Spokane is on Fire!
Idaho tops the charts as the number one inflow of movers, a majority of movers are from larger metros, shameless plug we are cross-licensed! This week’s featured home is a condo at 639 N Riverpoint Blvd, this large condo is located right on the Spokane River and the Centennial Trail. Community Highlight: Spokane University District- Expansion of this mixed-use development will increase housing opportunities with multiple apartment buildings, dog parks, common areas, and more! Spokane Market Recap: 15.4% increase in the median sold price year over year, active days on market reduced to six. Jessica drops a history bomb. January is a fantastic time to start prepping your home for sale, let’s have a chat if you are thinking of listing your home in 2021. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
January 11, 2021
Christmas Hygge
This episode really brings the Christmas spirit with wonderful stories, memories, and helpful tips! The dynamic duo discusses Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) a Danish word that is all about comfort and calm, we asked our staff what is Hygge for them, Matt shares a real heartwarming Christmas story, Winter vibe ideas; Spokane holiday hunt, drive through Manitou Park, Riverfront tree walk, Pavilion light show, Wednesday winter market. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
December 21, 2020
West Central or Bust!
Breaking News! Spokane makes top 10 list of markets to be resilient in post covid 2021-22. Spokane is ranking as one of the most attractive destinations for west coast movers. West Central, what’s the deal? No, it’s not just Kendall Yards, the Centennial Trail runs along the bluffs offering expansive views, chock full of smaller unique homes, valued for its affordability and proximity to downtown. 2017 W Dean Ave on the market for three days, the one that got away! Matt grills Jessica on market knowledge with a little game, West Plains and the north side crushes the numbers. Spokane continues to provide innovative ideas during this pandemic, head downtown for a walk-through light show or up to Manitou Park for a drive-through show. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
December 14, 2020
Pandemic Victory Gardens
New Listing and featured property! Valley living at it’s finest, 2026 N Arties Ln single level, modern build, and positioned near the Centennial Trail **Update now pending, Jessica breaks out the history with some interesting Greenacres facts including why the valley has so many water districts, acre after acre the valley becomes a booming apple orchard... Appleway Ave, ring a bell? Let’s all make a sacrifice, Pandemic Victory Gardens! We talk about supporting local and the efforts to make supporting local easier, consider frequenting your favorite spots and discover some new ones even if it costs a bit more, let's all make a concerted effort to #SupportLocalSpokane, if ordering delivery consider Tree House Deliveries instead of big-box delivery. Share your favorite places to support and why. What’s happening in Spokane? Trail of Lights in Riverfront Park, drive-through light show in Manito Park, skate ribbon downtown (with reservations), Spokane parks virtual recreation nights, and drive-through shows at the Campbell house/MAC, come home with a wreath crafting kit. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
December 7, 2020
Virtual Games & Turkeys
**Update, open houses are no longer allowed per WA guidelines. Jessica reflects on Thanksgiving traditions, including ways to get creative during the pandemic, virtual cooking with family, break out the board games, recommending; Quirckle, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Azul, and the Unlock/Exit games which can be found at Uncles Games. Many in-person games can be modified for Zoom, check out Linkee and Colorbrain. Featured property! 34300 Ptarmigan Ln in Davenport, WA. Build ready land with acreage, lots of amenities and recreation near Lake Roosevelt, interest in secondary homes doubles. How’s the market? The real answer depends on who’s askin’. The market hits an all-time low housing supply, active median list price jumps to 350k, the speed at which housing is going off the market is affecting the numbers. Persistence pays off for buyers, you must be consistent in viewing homes and not give up. Sellers still have competition and pricing must still be realistic, preparation pays off, play to the strength of the market. Investor tips and is it worth waiting to sell or refinance? Featured Property Link- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
November 23, 2020
Investment Unicorns
Credit repair, who’s the right one to talk to? We brush on the details of our upcoming first-time homebuyer class. Matt announces our branch out into Idaho. UPDATE: We can help you buy and sell in Idaho! COVID restrictions ease on open houses with added safety measures, small groups are allowed with masks and social distance rules (**Update, as of 11/16/20 open houses are not allowed in WA state), Jessica talks about FEAR of the unknown, the real-life challenges and victories working with your life partner in real estate investing, buy and hold strategies, tips for creative financing.  Join our confidence-inspiring first-time homebuyer class-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
November 16, 2020
The Hesitant Partner
Jessica talks about our upcoming first-time home buyer class where we will be diving into building confidence and asking the right questions. Misconceptions and myths around purchasing a home will be busted! Join us on November 17th at 7 PM, see our Facebook page for details. Spokane hits another record low month of inventory. The dynamic duo is back at it with a discussion around real estate investing. Life partner hesitation is put in the spotlight, how can couples get on the same page? Conversations arise from the book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Helpful hints for investor couples: Push the dreamer to get a mentor, find someone that has the experience, and the time-space to bounce ideas off. Write down goals and non-negotiables. Ask the right questions and communicate. Create a ‘team’, educate yourself, and become a market expert. Join our confidence-inspiring first-time homebuyer class-  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
November 9, 2020
Spookane Zone
Cash buyers are looking for steals, sellers are urged to avoid 'quick cash for home' deals. You don’t need to prep your home perfectly to sell it. In Halloween fashion, Jessica rattles off some of Spokane best haunts which can be found in People’s Park (Indian burial ground), the Saranac building (Isabella ghost sightings), Gonzaga's Monaghan Mansion (hair raising frights), Browne’s Addition (built on a graveyard), and the Davenport Hotel. Matt talks zoning, did you know that in Spokane City up to six unrelated parties can legally reside in a house zoned single-family? Link to Spokane City zoning maps- Link to Spokane County zoning maps- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
November 3, 2020
Home During Inspection
In this special episode, Jessica catches up with George Anderson of Building Tech NW. "There's never bad news that comes out of a home inspection". Really?! George explains. With 14 years of inspecting experience and over 4,000 inspections, George teaches us a thing or two in this interview. We recommend working with an inspector that encourages buyers to be present during the home inspection process. Learn more or book an appointment at Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
October 26, 2020
Foreclosure Freeze-up
So you missed your first payment, now what? Anxiety brings paralysis, foreclosure can feel hopeless, but there are options. Putting your head in the sand is not the answer, getting in contact with the right people can make all the difference. Reach out to us, we have many suggestions to help. Equity has been building so rapidly over the past few years many owners may actually make money on the sale of their home as-is, even with arrears. WARNING! Avoid cash now deals, "fast cash for homes" investors prey on these situations. Consult with a Realtor to get the accurate value of your home, always use a third party to determine your home’s true market value.  When in doubt talk with a housing counselor or attorney before signing any contracts. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
October 20, 2020
Nudists in Foreclosure
Jessica talks about People’s Park, roots in native history with plentiful fishing, the city transformed the park in 1974 intended for young people and families who could not afford hotel fare but wanted to come to Expo ‘74, it became an alternative lifestyle village, after it officially closed it became known for hippies, drug users, nudists, and communal living. Now it is quite a nice park with access to the river, natural areas, connection to the centennial trail, near disc golfing, and the high bridge dog park. Matt talks about distressed property sales, short sales, foreclosures, and brushes on equity sales. Don’t put your head in the sand, know your rights and options if you are in default. Always consult with an attorney or housing counselor when discussing legal matters. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at Facing Foreclosure Resources:
October 14, 2020
Yellowstone Takeover
Matt runs solo and shares his Yellowstone experience with plenty of tips, reconnect with nature and the outdoors, a quick shoutout to Pioneer School for their mix of in-class and experiential learning, History: The Hayden expedition captured the imagination of congress and they quickly formed the first national park in 1872. Geology: The geothermal activity is impressive chock full of hot springs, mud pots, steam vents, and geysers. Old Faithful is the most famous feature erupts roughly every 90 minutes, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the most photographed and quite stunning, take the time to drive through the geyser basins. Ecology: Head North! Lamar Valley is especially active, bring a spotting scope and a pair of binoculars, be alert sometimes opportunities come up right off the road, know how to look (pay close attention and look for subtle movement), dead animals are a predator buffet, pay attention to kill sites and don’t overlook the small creatures. Final pro-tip, visit during the off-season (early spring, fall, and winter). Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
October 8, 2020
We found it! The perfect COVID friendly house. Featured home of the week; 4217 S Pondra Dr, a large house on an acre, two at-home offices, 40X46’ shop, RV parking and so much more. We showcase the Ponderosa community, a small neighborhood in the valley close to Dishman Hills and Iller Creek hiking areas. Jessica demands respect for the ponderosa pine and fills us in on the history. What’s to love about Spokane? Quality of life, the outdoors is at our fingertips with multiple national parks only hours away. Out of town buyers are expected to migrate to the PNW leaving behind big cities. Migration continues to push housing push prices up as buyer demand increases. Elections are near, are we experiencing a COVID blip, or is a buyers’ market coming? Lively discussion and rabble-rousing ensues. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
September 29, 2020
Those Flipping Zags
Ethan moves to UW and joins a frat. Matt and Jessica discuss flipping houses in detail, misconceptions abound, is it just putting lipstick on a pig? Thinking of flipping a house? Here are three pillars for short term gains, 1. Make the money on the buy, do your research and make sure you have the proper margin, a good buy may not be a foreclosure or distressed property however, the ideal flip is not generally financeable or in good repair. 2. Know your numbers, repair costs (estimate high), and timeline (holding cost), surrounding comps, utility expenses, selling costs, ask yourself worst-case scenario, can you do some of the work yourself? 3. Have a backup plan, if the market shifts be prepared to rent the home or consider owner financing. History lessons are back, Jessica reveals fun facts about Gonzaga University, one of the most famous colleges in Spokane and home of the Bulldogs. Go Zags! Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at Check out Rowley Legal for investment including legal tips and investor resources:
September 21, 2020
Throwing Shade on Summer
Matt and Jessica throw some shade on summer, are you ready for fall? Matt reminds us of the critical steps to take as winter grows near. Tip #1 Check weather seals, exposed pipes, and insulation. Tip #2 Check your roof shingles, flashing, and chimney. Tip #3 Clean your gutters and channels. Tip #4 Drain hoses, faucets, winterize gas-powered equipment. Tip #5 change your HVAC filter and service/test your system. Jessica explains the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal. More and more often appraisals are coming in low, we have tips on how to work your options if that scenario comes up. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
September 16, 2020
Spokane Bunchgrassers
Jessica delves into a bit of Spokane baseball history dating back to the 1890s, Spokane Inlanders change their name to the Spokane Indians, infrastructure improvements draw in fans, the Indians are now a Northwest League Class A short season team affiliated with the Texas Rangers. Featured property; 2122 Northport Flat Creek Rd Kettel Falls, WA, located right on Lake Roosevelt, 4BR/2BA, stunning views, mooring to your front door, this week in real estate- active listings 593, less than one month of inventory, pending 1,546, the median sold price 290k. Winter is coming! National economic data shows signs of slowing, 20% of people in Washington report feel housing insecure due to COVID, but what does it mean? Is mass foreclosure imminent? Matt’s reality check, equity gain still outweighs the deficit of missed payments, more houses may be coming to the market as sellers are put under pressure. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 24, 2020
Comstock, What's to Love?
Featured House: 904 W Comstock Ct, across the street from Comstock park, large sprawling rancher, 5BR/3.5BA. Comstock's current active properties range in price from 275k-1.4 Million dollars! Housing inventory in this location is few and far between with little turnover. Early history reveals the development of Comstock starting with streetcars and parks planning, development accelerated up the South Hill after WWII. What’s to love about Comstock? Comstock park, high drive bluffs scenic views, trails, walking, running, and biking. Foodies rejoice! A few favorites- Manito Tap House, Republic Pi, Gordy’s, Remedy, and Rocket Market. Matt talks big-ticket budget and expected maintenance expenses, Tip of the week- Create a homeownership bank account (make it hard to get to), consider budgeting 1% of the price of your home annually. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 18, 2020
Greasing The Wheels
In a competitive field, how do you choose the best real estate agent? When vetting an agent to list your home ask yourself the following- Are they getting to know you? (best way to communicate, goals, motivation, timelines) Are they getting to know the house? (best features, upgrades, neighborhood, location benefits) Do they know their forms? (legal, education, experience) Do they have a marketing plan (photos, video, social, email)? How do they negotiate, are they a driver? (mutual respect, creativity). Jessica aka "The Chemist of Forms” reveals the additional down form 22AD which acts as an insurance policy for sellers in a low appraisal situation and gives buyers a competitive edge. Spokane’s number of active listings dips below one month of inventory, median list price increases yet again, and buyer demand remains high. Low-interest rates continue to drive buyer demand and affordability in our market.  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 10, 2020
Comstock Freckles
Spokane is smoking hot, literally! Jessica talks all about pools. Did you know that the Comstock pool is Spokane’s oldest pool? Featured listing 7210 N Country Homes Blvd, 3BR/3BA, Daylight Rancher with basement guest suite, visit our Facebook page to see it! Matt and Jessica cover the topic of home inspections. There are three critical inspections; your basic structure/general inspection, radon inspection, and sewer inspection. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas from radiation in the soil it can be very high in areas of Spokane and many homes around have mitigation systems installed and if not, they may need to be. Orangeburg pipes are breaking down in homes built from 1945-1972, sewer scopes can find these defects and cost you a small fortune. Be at your inspection if you can! You will learn all about your potential new home including the condition of your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, walls, foundation, siding, and roof. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
August 3, 2020
Waiting For The Crash
Human migration patterns emerge, outbound moves increase as city luxuries diminish, affordability index breakdown, is Spokane housing out of reach? The numbers say NO, a majority of residents can in fact afford the median-priced home. Interest rates hit an all-time low affecting the index. Featured property: 40395 N Sunset Dr this property is drive up to the lake, fishing from your front door. Loon Lake is unique in that it is a motor friendly lake close to Spokane, Jessica hits us with some history with roots back to the Cuban missile crisis, silos placed across rural Spokane. The Kona ice truck takes to the streets as we change up our annual Summer BBQ to a COVID-mindful car delivery extravaganza. Stop by our office on Thursday, July 23rd from 4:30-6:30 PM for family-friendly summer fun. Spokane numbers hold steady for the month of July. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
July 21, 2020
Waterfront Time Machine
Waterfront Time Machine The City of Millwood welcomes you, a little history on the area, Jessica contemplates building a time machine, businesses continue to swarm to the area, enjoy breweries, cafés, and small business community. Millwood offers a desirable location close to Arbor Crest Winery, The Centennial Trail, Green Bluff, and Mt Spokane. Millwood market highlights (12-month stats)- Median days on market only 6 days, 255k average price, highest price home 1.2 million, lowest 85,000. Matt investigates the top 5 most desirable waterfront locations (over the last two years) revealing the Pend Oreille river as #1 (112 props sold) with a low barrier to entry and easy access, #2 Spokane river (57 props sold) with a higher price range but convenient city access #3 Lake Roosevelt (50 props sold) affordable but further away and decentralized,  #4 Deer Lake (42 props sold), year-round lake and close to North Spokane, #5 Long Lake (39 props sold) aka Lake Spokane, larger lots and close to town. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
July 14, 2020
Bathroom Reality Check
Jessica talks weekend bathroom remodels, “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses”, get ideas for updating, consider checking out Pinterest, Wayfair or Houzz, write down your goals, make a list, measure, get your supplies and tools ready. Consider High-impact low-cost improvements such as- fresh paint, window coverings (update or remove), new towels, large new mirror, LPV flooring, removing wood toilet seats and bars, update your light fixtures, update your art, declutter and deep clean. Matt shares his passion for the outdoors including his top 5 family hikes around Spokane; 5. Mineral Ridge (CDA) 4. Deep Creek (Riverside State Park) 3. Mt Spokane CCC Cabin 2. Bowl and Pitcher (Riverside State Park) 1. Liberty Creek Trail (Liberty Lake County Park). Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 29, 2020
Staycation Vacation
Featured home, 1604 Main St Davenport, WA. Modern styling meets green construction, Matt attempts to convince Jessica to snap up a vacation rental home. Vacation property, what’s the deal? Financing is available but restrictions apply, 50 miles or more can be considered a second home for more favorable terms (unless on water), enjoy tax benefits and ROI, Five location factors for vacation rentals- 1. Chose a location (think seasonality and lifestyle) 2. Ski in-ski out (pamper factor) 3. Beach access (primary vs secondary) 4. Parks (surrounding attractions, national park access) 5. Seasonal appeal/access limitations). Additional top-rated features include- pet friendly, coffee maker, AC, free parking, hot tub, WiFi, Swimming pools, washer and dryer, kitchen amenities (don’t forget the salt and pepper). Spokane’s market update; inventory climbs up, sales up, and median list and sold price climbs over 300k. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 23, 2020
Much Ado About ADU
This episode is all about accessory dwelling units (ADU) secondary living spaces on your property, ADUs can increase the value of a home between 20-50%, many rules apply when it comes to adding additional dwellings to your property. Did you know that ADU’s offer tax benefits?! The typical costs of a detached ADU are around $150/sq ft and attached $82/sq ft. Spokane market update; active listings remain steady but very low, less than one month of inventory, inventory issues continue to impact both buyers and sellers. For a great resource on ADUs check out- Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 16, 2020
Spokane Racism, a Feedback Loop
In this episode we reach in deep to uncover racist language right here in Spokane’s CCR documents, we take on the heavy topic of white privilege in housing, “well that was in the past…why can’t people just pull themselves up by their bootstraps like I did?”, “I didn’t get any handouts, why should they?” these are just a couple of common thoughts. When you grow up in a white world you just don’t understand some of these conversations, open your mind to a new perspective. The main ways discrimination manifests in housing; steering, blockbusting, redlining and guess what, it’s still happening. The system has created the problem and we are stuck in a feedback loop. The actions of our grandparents are jacking everybody up to this day. Let’s get to the heart of fair housing, it’s more than avoiding a fine or slap on the wrist. Are you overwhelmed? It’s ok to let it set in, to let it sit. I will learn to do better. “Racist or antiracist is not who you are, it is what you do.” Take action!  Learn, teach, engage, volunteer, donate and vote for policy changes. Resources: area=C19
June 8, 2020
Fraud in the Food Chamber
Doritos, cake and ice cream make the essential shopping list, Featured home; 2403 W Mallon Ave, remodeled on a double lot, 3BR/1BA. Community highlight: North Hill, filled with mom and pop shops, restaurants, and 'funkiness', check out the historic Garland Theatre and The Milk Bottle Diner, enjoy three parks, tour homes made up of mid-priced ranchers, bungalows, and craftsman architecture. Matt reveals seven steps to combat Identity fraud; determine if you are a victim, file a fraud claim, file a police report with crime check (get a report number), go to credit bureau’s and check your activity (consider freezing your credit), file a report with the FTC, record the steps you are taking to resolve, sign up for a credit monitoring service. Market update; downward inventory trend continues, overall sales volume is down, sales prices trend up, the market is extra hot for sellers. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
June 1, 2020
Twitterpated By Airbnb
It’s all about the economy; Phase 2 commences, how will this affect the numbers? Job losses trending down, unemployment continues to climb, but will that number drastically change soon? Small business owners continue to see financial stress with businesses closed and lack of liquidity, businesses beginning to open require reduced capacity, virtual employees eye their move to cities with lower costs of living, featured home 41101 Sunday Bay Rd Deer Meadows, WA, stunning contemporary with stellar views overlooking the river, Airbnb takes a hit but preps for the long play, internet economy demands quality, high-quality photos sell homes, local real estate numbers down across the board, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 26, 2020
Pajama Sales Soar
Homeschooling woes, return on repairs and remodels, economic updates; businesses start to open by end of the month, consumer credit is declining as budgets tighten and spending is less excessive, unemployment is up by double digits, but is it temporary? Efforts to stimulate the economy are underway including personal stimulus checks and business PPP loans, National Association of Realtors makes predictions include Spokane #2 nationally for markets most likely to recover, featured home 1617 E 29th Ave 2BR/2BA introducing the UNcondo, South Hill single level living, Remodels galore! Top 3 buyer sought interior projects, kitchen remodels (59% ROI), kitchen upgrades (52% ROI), HVAC replacement (85% ROI). Top ROI remodels- Wood flooring install (106% ROI), Refinishing floors (100% ROI), roofing replacement (107% ROI), vinyl windows (70% ROI), vinyl siding (80% ROI). Spokane Market Update! Inventory is slowly creeping up, average sales price continues upward trend, homes sales remain consistent year over year.  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 18, 2020
Covid Purge
A river runs through it, park history continues with a little geology talk, wandering roads, and losing the zoo, Spokane is an outdoor mecca. Jessica reveals a change of strategy, introducing the "covid purge", downsize like a pro, unstable economic times call for a sense of urgency, buyers are desperate for inventory, if you are thinking about buying get PRE-APPROVED now! Properties under 300k, less than half a month of inventory, average days on market = 19 days, 600k+ priced homes moving much slower, balanced inventory on high-end homes, market overview; sales are continuing to be consistent but down 20% year-over-year, inventory remains low, sales price edges up 13% with bidding wars on certain properties. Businesses are struggling, support local, and shop via curbside pickup. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 11, 2020
Zoom Gloom
Matt loses his beard and raises $3,000 for Second Harvest food bank, Jessica brings back Spokane history talking about parks and planning with an ode to Aubrey White and the Olmstead Brothers, “all homes should be within walking distance to a neighborhood park”. Parks reduce anxiety and calm the nerves, houses near parks gain value. Construction resumes with restrictions and strict precautions. Zoom gloom is real, split in attention from gallery view overloads the senses, tip: shorten your meetings, Spokane market update, listing and sold numbers edge up (but down significantly year over year), the seller’s market continues, hard-working moms deserve some extra love, introducing Mother’s day yard signs, it’s a thing. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
May 4, 2020
Scrappy Realtors
Matt starts with the numbers with surprisingly stable figures despite the covid economy.  This episode covers how to make an offer more attractive. Get your financing in line, remove hurdles for sellers, get a pre-approval letter before looking at homes, conventional (or cash) offers are stronger, experienced and local lenders save deals, avoid pulling credit multiple times, hire a Realtor who knows the forms and is a scrappy team member (not rude but a driver), clean offers have a higher chance of being accepted, Is your agent good to work with? Do they have a good reputation? When writing an offer determine what is the perfect scenario for that seller, where do you fit along this benchmark? Find out the seller’s needs, what is their motivation to sell? Be ready to compete, consider your closing date, bolster your offer with more earnest money, don’t ask for closing costs, consider putting additional down, use forms 22EF, 22AD, remove contingencies, shorten timelines, consider selling your home first and not making an offer contingent on the sale of your home. When all else fails, write a ‘love letter’, don’t be too sappy, avoid breaking fair housing rules, relate to the seller, picture yourself in the area. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 28, 2020
They Grow 'Em Big In Mead
Saxon's seniors spread the love through positive messages on yard signs. Community highlight, Mead, WA. (aka Peone), rural feel, proximity to Mt Spokane, railways heads north, Mead = schools, commercial expands and the residential market is thriving, Cyan Worlds brothers (developers of Myst) create top-selling computer games in their Spokane basement, 13815 N Meadowlark Ct. featured property listed at $350k (now CTGI), Interest rates reach low 3’s, is it time to refi, are the fees worth the gain? What is PMI and do I need to have it? Reach out and we’ll find out your estimated equity. Favorite restaurants in Mead- Prime rib at Cinola Restaurant and Lounge, grab a pint at Hop Mountain Taproom, and get some Thai at Maw Phin. Suburban meets rural housing in Mead, inventory consists of low priced and high priced homes, the median sold is $287,000. Spokane market continues to remain steady, 1.12 months of inventory trending down. 42% of homes sell above asking price (in the last 7 days). Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 20, 2020
Is Your House Pinteresting?
I’m bad, I’m bad, I know it, happy B-day to Benson, we talk about our featured area, the Bemiss Area of Spokane, Hays Park, junkyard converted to a field, sledding and stoking wood for the kids, hydroelectric trollies, what’s to love? Featured home 1640 E Ostrander Ave, Shael Larson puts some personal love into his remodel flip, Matt talks about this ‘dam’ Coronavirus, Home prep is on! Take a fresh look at your home, what do you notice? Is it time to declutter? Is your house ‘Pinteresting’? do I need a stager? Depersonalize, minimize family photos, Clean, clean, clean… “That grout is disgusting!” Housing stats remain consistent, slightly lower numbers month over month. 1.25 months of inventory continues to drive this seller’s market. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 13, 2020
Nuns On Horseback
We are back! Essential with rules; No more than two people allowed on premises, inspectors, appraisers, movers, and stagers have been added to this list.  ‘Master gardener’ Matt builds a garden, break out the cool weather plants, compost is trending, Jessica reveals her Detroit roots, finds new ways to connect with virtual games, history is back in play including roots of Sacred Heart featuring nuns on horseback, 1889 fire misses the hospital, Spokane continues to drive retiree inbound moves, numbers overall remain consistent, active listings 905, pending 1,194, sold 666. Vital fundraising efforts continue to help our community, check out Second Harvest’s Bite2Go program and consider making a donation. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
April 6, 2020
Stay Home, Stay Essential
Dealing with being deemed Non-Essential. Stay home, stay healthy respecting the rules. Similarities with the 1918 Spanish Flu we’ve been here before! “Cough into a tissue and throw it away.” Business owners refuse to close, the flu kills 5 times more Spokanites than WWI, let’s learn from history and use our digital resources, technology helps us conduct real estate, 3D tours help us supplement return home visits or unproductive showings, appraisers have been given approval for drive-by and desktop appraisals,  Jessica gives tips on how to make sure your home appraises, closings are extended, Matt talks numbers, remote consultations, and ways to stay connected. Get involved in your community become a Nextdoor helper, support local businesses, get outside and maintain social distance. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 31, 2020
Canceled By a Volcano
Words of reflection, Jessica shares her experience of Mt St Helens blowing its top, a reminder of the times shut-in. Matt and Jessica share their feelings around the effects of social distancing and staying home. The market continues to be strong, inventory is low, the courthouse will remain open but closed to the public, e-recordings help facilitate closings. This week’s Spokane market update includes what we are doing to protect our clients and reduce the chance of infection at our properties. Buyers gain leverage in multiple offer situations. Shout out to takeout and supporting local, challenge yourself to order once a week to support our restaurants, try out Iron Goat or Bennidito's Pizza. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 23, 2020
It's All About Community
Local community episode alert! Patsy Clark Mansion is back up for grabs, what’s going on in Browne’s Addition, foodies rejoice. Why are people moving to Spokane? Hiking and natural areas boost quality of life, Spokane Parks Dept continues to expand our natural areas. Non-profit groups help maintain our trails and bolster the outdoors community. Audubon/Downriver offers unbelievable food, unique surrounding homes, and beautiful parks. Shout out to Downriver Grill, Pete’s Pizza, Tecate Grill, Brandywine, The Little Garden Cafe and the Flying Goat Pizza. Ok if you haven’t been to Zips just go, it’s a Spokane classic, get a tub of fries with tartar sauce? Top places people are moving from California and coastal areas (Seattle/Portland), Who? 65+ (majority) followed by telecommuters. We talk numbers including inventory changes in micro-communities. Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 20, 2020
Downtown Is Cool Again
Jessica is back with some Spokane nostalgia and a little history. Discover downtown, “I’ll meet you under the clock”, pay to park?! Really? Living near downtown, it’s cool again, renovation goes rampant, Matt ditches Jessica to play minigolf at Flatstick Pub (for “networking”), Spokane continues its overall 1-month supply of homes, retirees from outside of our market continue inbound moves, the stock market is all over the place, volatility gone viral (real estate stays stable), hedge your bet on tangible assets, how sexy is your investment? Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 10, 2020
Divesting Goes Corona Viral
Vegas is to travel as Applebee's is to eating out, Jessica gets the Coronavirus after visiting Las Vegas (kidding, it's just the Flu), landlord-tenant law changes put pressure on landlords, residential investment real estate, is it time to hold'em or fold'em? Entry-level housing is booming, a 15% increase year over year, less than a month of supply of homes in Spokane pushes prices up, excise taxes decrease, sell your property & differ gains, What's the deal with 1031 exchanges?  Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
March 5, 2020
Test Drive Your Budget
Is taking on more of a mortgage to get the right home worth it? If you are saying yes to ‘X’ you are saving no to ‘Y’, Rent vs Buy considerations- mortgage costs, insurance, maintenance, upkeep, utilities costs (efficiency), create your home buying budget now then test drive your budget, renting offers flexibility and short term freedom but at what cost? Start your financial freedom with a certified Financial Coach at Canopy Credit Union - Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
February 24, 2020
Don't Touch My Fun Money
Special guest Jon Maroni of Canopy Credit Union joins us for the next two episodes. Matt has a flashback to highschool revealing his old nickname, 'Mack Frugal'. They discuss emotions involved with money, talking people out of buying a home, wrapping your head around a balanced budget, renting vs owning, saving while buying a home, and using a home as a retirement strategy. Start your financial freedom with a certified Financial Coach at Canopy Credit Union - Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
February 10, 2020
Balboa, Breaker! Breaker!
Matty Ice and Fingers Herman make their appearance, Balboa, Breaker! Breaker! Groundhogs day, is winter hanging around? Featured area- Balboa/South Indian Trail. What we love- easy access, take a stroll in Wyakin park, large homes with yards built in the 60-70’s, desirable schools and tight community, median list price 269K. Loan breakdowns, limit increases and mortgage changes, buy a 4-plex with FHA financing! VA loans no longer have a limit. Search for Balboa area properties on the link here Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
February 3, 2020
Audubon Is On Fire
The Chico market is on fire, after the fire. 2020 excise tax changes. Audubon and Downriver area highlights. Level land, brick ranchers, and cottage-style homes. Fill your water bottle at Drumheller springs. Old rope tow in town? Golfing and recreation, parks, parks and more parks! Fav spots- Little Garden Café, Downriver Grill, and The Flying Goat. Mid-century brick rancher our featured listing- 2815 N E St. The Audubon-Downriver neighborhood is hot with an Average Days On Market (DOM) of 24 Days, the Medium Home Price is $277,000. Search for Audubon-Downriver properties on the link here View our featured property on the link here Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
January 27, 2020
Browne's Addition People Are Rockstars
Browne’s Addition neighborhood highlights, the millennial buyer emerges, Patsy Clark mansion up for grabs, a slice of history, unwind with wine at the MAC, house tips: frozen pipes, and is Spokane housing in crisis? Search for Browne's Addition properties on the link here Learn more about Browne's Addition in Spokane, WA on the link here Follow us on the socials by searching the tag @EvoReal or visit us online at
January 14, 2020