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Tourism, Sustainable Development, and more, much more! - - +1 (289) 834 3099.
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ContaTour Podcast - Special Series - Strong Farm Destinatios Episode 2
Hello! Hello! Hello! . . Today is another episode of the ContaTour podcast! Your most beloved travel podcast on the internet! . . Access it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other streaming platforms you prefer! . . We're also on YouTube! Subscribe to EXA Group Canada's social media and follow all the news! . . Spotify: YouTube: Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: . . #exagroupcanada #strongfarmdestinations #ruralshoresdestinations #10yearcountdown #ContaTourPodcast #ContaTour #podcast #streaming #broadcast #youtube #spotify #applepodcasts #googlepodcasts #tourism #sustainabledevelopment #ruraltourism #ruraldevelopment #ruralcommunity #FlipTheScript #RethinkingTourism #TourismCounts #BestTourismVillages #Act4SDGs #unwto #tiac #rainbowaccreditation #travel #trip #canada #destination
September 20, 2022
ContaTour Special - Strong Farm Destinations 2022
A EXA Group Canada esta trazendo novas informacoes nas e-classes oferecidas em 2022. No ContaTour podcast 2022 voce vai conhecer o programa Strong Farm Destinations e o impacto na sustentabilidade de destinos rurais no Canada. O Strong Farm Destinations leva educacao e conhecimento para as comunidades rurais e inclui todas as pessoas no processo de criacao, desenvolvimento, manutencao e melhoria continua de destinos inovadores. Esse is o primeiro episodio e durante setembro voce tera acesso semanal gratuito ao ContaTour podcast. Visite o website:
September 07, 2022
SERVICES Territorial Governance
In the SERVICES playlist, you will find all the explanations for the projects created, developed, and managed by EXA Group Canada.  All information on the website is being prepared in videos to explain each of the EXA Group Canada projects.  In this video, you will find information about what Territorial Governance is, the strategies, who are involved, how to create and develop territorial governance.  Do you have any doubts? Contact EXA Group Canada today through one of the service channels below.   Phone number: +1 (902) 450-7230 or +1 (289) 834-3099  email:  Social Media: @exagroupcanada  Website:
October 12, 2021
Rural Tourism e-Classes - Class 1 - Rural development, characteristics & concepts
Welcome to the first Rural Tourism e-Classes class.  You've just made a great decision accessing the content created and offered by EXA Group Canada through the 10 Year Countdown program.  Some students have already watched the full content of Rural Tourism e-Classes. If you want to be one of these students, go to and invest in your knowledge and potential to manage tourism and sustainable development projects.   The entire planning, development, creation, editing, and publication of Rural Tourism e-Classes is the work of tourism expert and project manager Edmar Xavier. All part of graphic design for social media is Barbara Camargo's work.  You can meet the EXA Group Canada team by visiting  All video images captured for programming this video are free and available at   Below you can access some of the links related to research in this class and increase your technical knowledge about rural development.   a.  b.  c.  d.  e.
September 20, 2021
Rural Tourism e-Classes
This is the inaugural class of Rural Tourism e-Classes. Welcome, you will enter a knowledge immersion about the development of rural communities and rural tourism.  This is a project of the 10 Year Countdown program. To find out more about the course, the values, how to participate, visit  EXA Group Canada, positive attitudes for a sustainable world.
September 20, 2021
ContaTour Podcast - Beth Potter - Tourism Industry Association of Canada - Canada Day
Edmar Xavier received the distinguished visit of the most powerful voice of tourism in Canada, President, and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Beth Potter!    The conversation was super friendly because the guest is fantastic! She told us about the risks and difficulties in restarting tourism, but the light at the end of the tunnel for tourism professionals and young entrepreneurs was the highlight of this chat!    Questions about rural tourism and the strengthening of the presence of people and their heritages and stories were placed on the table, and we are happy to see better days for tourism in our communities on the horizon!    Want to know more? Watch the video! Take the opportunity to leave your like, comment if you liked the subject, and share it with friends, family, and fellow tourism professionals! Subscribe to the channel. It's free and pretty cool!   EXA Group Canada: Industry Association of Canada:
July 07, 2021
Rural Tourism Ideas in Nova Scotia
Credits: Research & Speech: Edmar Xavier Music: 1. Nora en Pure - Diving With Whales 2. Seaboard Vista 36 - Even Deeper Mix 3. Infected Mushroom, Skazi - I Wish (Evoxx & Fulled Live Remix) [Teaser] Research link: Instagram: @exagroupcanada @edxavierkitchen @hortifrutisapecado Information: Recording, editing, mixing using Pioneer DDJ-400, Rekordbox, SoundCloud GO +, Neewer, Adobe Cloud by tourism expert Edmar Xavier. All production of this work was created, planned, produced, and executed by Edmar Xavier. This material has an educational and sustainable nature and presents solutions to help communities during and after the pandemic. This class aims to bring knowledge in a methodology that makes it possible to awaken new ideas and encourage sustainable development. ******************************************************************************************************* The first-class presents the Hortifruti Sapecado pilot program, which ran from January 2016 to December 2017 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. A family farming and rural tourism program. The case study will make it possible to see rural tourism development in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It presents solutions to develop tourism for individuals and families during the pandemic period, configuring new structures for the future of tourism. Illustrates solutions to assist the sustainable development of the economy as part of the contingency of the economic impact in the coming years. #tourismrural #restarttourism #solutions #creativity #casestudy #familyfarming #farm #experience #pilotprogram #tourism #tour #sustainabletourism #sdgs #2030agenda #podcast #economy #economicimpact #turnitaround #strategies #community #development #canada #novascotia #princeedwardisland #newfoundlandlabrador #newbrunswick #exagroupcanada #contatour #podcastclass #10yearcountdown
May 14, 2021
Restart Tourism Plan
We want to restart tourism while respecting the health and safety of all people involved in the tourism industry and to help create a new perspective on tourism.
April 07, 2021
EXA Group Canada Introduction
Who is EXA Group Canada? Come on the way, I'll tell you! Visit our website!
March 06, 2021