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The Exchanges Discourse

The Exchanges Discourse

By Gareth Johnson
The Exchanges Discourse is a companion podcast to the early career focused Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research journal, hosted by the Editor-in-Chief. Founded in 2020, the podcast forms part of the journal’s mission to engage in a discourse focusing on publishing experiences of early career researchers. Episodes often feature a guest, drawn from the ranks of our contributing authors or editorial colleagues, although some episodes examining the journal itself are hosted solely by the Editor-in-Chief.

Suggestions for guests or topics for future episodes are warmly welcomed.
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The Exchanges Discourse

A Conversation with...Catherine Price
In this episode we talk with Dr Catherine Price of the University of Nottingham. We discuss her current research into ‘biochar’, along with her work on the ‘Anthropocene and More Than Human World’ project, which is leading to a future special issue of the journal. We touch on some of the benefits from collaborative authorship in academia, as well as how emerging professional networks can serve to enhance writing skills, enthusiasm and achievement for early career researchers. As always, we close we some words of advice for first-time academic authors.
October 12, 2021
Everyone’s Talkin’ At Me: Growing Your Own Podcast
In this special episode, which was featured as a paper at the Mercian Collaboration 2021 Conference: Adaptation and Growth in Times of Adversity, we take a look at academic/educational podcasting - as illustrated through the experiences of the Exchanges Discourse.  The episode spotlights the podcast's relatively recent genesis and subsequent evolution. Alongside this, the practical, technological and production processes are showcased, combined with reflections on elements such as show formats, guest management and publicising. Through revisiting the podcast’s trials, tribulations and triumphs, the episode also highlights routes to overcoming some of the challenges which were encountered. Moreover, the crucial value derived from embracing an ‘authentic and de-marketised’ discourse within your audio content will be stressed throughout. Consequently, listeners may be inspired and informed to explore how their own library services could be actively, effectively and engagingly promoted through audio content to reach new audiences.
September 9, 2021
A Conversation with…Rob Horsfield
In this summery episode we talking to one of the author contributors to our climate-fiction (clifi) special issue, Rob Horsfield. Touching on his current work with the NHS we move to examine some of the themes in his article concerning the works of Philip K Dick and the Anthropocene. Moving on we also discuss some of the challenges faced by first time academic authors, and the value especially of collaboration with editors, reviewers and fellow authors in improving our writing practice.
August 10, 2021
6 (or so) Ways to Get Involved with Exchanges
In this episode, our resident Editor-in-Chief and host talks about 6(ish) ways early career and established researchers can get involved in our scholar-led journal. While some are unique to our host institution and our partner organisations, there’s still more than enough different routes to contribute to the journal’s mission, while enriching your own career prospects too. Find out how – in this episode!
June 10, 2021
A Conversation with…M Onat Topal
In this episode we discuss the article, ‘Use of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Technologies: A critical reflection’ and some of its implications with its lead author. As usual we delve into the guest’s current research and publishing activities, before closing with some advice for first time and new academic authors.
June 1, 2021
Introducing Volume 8.3 of Exchanges
In this episode we take a brief look at each of the articles published in the latest issue of the Exchanges research journal. If you’re wondering if reading the issue was for you, hopefully this episode will whet your appetite to dive in headfirst to the journal!
May 20, 2021
A Conversation with…Mark Readman
In this episode we talk with Principal Academic in Media Education, Mark Readman, from the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. We talk through Mark’s thoughts on publication as an editor and author, as well as exploring some of his current research and publication plans. Along with advice for first time authors, we also diverge into a brief discussion concerning 1980s UK sitcoms.
May 13, 2021
A Conversation with...Urmee Chakma
In this episode, we talk with doctoral candidate Urmee Chakma, from the Faculty of Education at Monash University about her recent publication with the Exchanges journal. We also talk about the challenges of teaching English to speakers of other languages, and her advice for authors approaching publication for the first time.
April 23, 2021
A Conversation with…Doro Wiese
In this episode, I talk with WIRL-COFUND research fellow, Dr Doro Wiese, from the University of Warwick’s School of Languages & Culture. We discuss her current epistemological research, before focussing on her experiences with academic publication. As always, we finish with advice for those looking to publish academic work for the first time.
March 31, 2021
Conversations with…Associate Editors
In this very special episode of the podcast, we talk to three of the post-graduate researcher associate editors who’ve been working on the journal: Giulia Champion, Nora Castle and Melissa Pawelski. We look at their varied editorial experiences, what they’ve each learned along with reflections of what they’d do differently next time. Along the way, we also take the time to explore their advice and tips for new scholars taking their first steps into authorship and editorial work.
February 4, 2021
The Cultural Representations of Nerds – in Conversation with Dr Filippo Cervelli & Dr Ben Schaper
In this episode recorded at the end of 2020 we are joined by Dr Schaper and Dr Cervelli, two scholars who’ve been working for the journal for the past year on a special issue. Reflecting on their experiences of involvement with Exchanges, the pair also discuss the background and motivations for the issue. Finally, they also share some advice for first-time academic authors. The related event and issue will be appearing, later in 2021.
January 14, 2021
A Conversation with…Isabelle Heyerick
This episode we are joined by one of the Institute of Advanced Study’s WIRL-COFUND research fellows, Isabelle Heyerick, from Warwick’s Department of Applied Linguistics. Isabelle talks about her research work and publishing experiences which relate to the ‘intersection of (applied) linguistics, intercultural studies and language ideologies’. Isabelle also takes time to explore some of the bumps on her publication learning journey, alongside some timely insights and advice for first time and early career authors. Edit: A transcript of this episode is now available (with thanks to Isabelle)
December 22, 2020
A Conversation with…Dr Julia Gauly
This episode we are joined by Institute of Advanced Study Early Career Fellow, Dr Julia Gauly to talk about her research work and publishing experiences. Based at Warwick Medical School, Julia’s work focuses on evaluating sexual health information provision and, especially as a route to enhancing accessibility and public health, the impacts from increased its availability via local pharmacies. Julia also takes the time to share her own learning journey with respect to publishing, along with providing some words of advice for first time and other early career authors.
December 3, 2020
Reflections on: Exchanges Volume 8, Issue 1
In this episode we take a brief look at the papers and themes in the Autumn 2020 issue of The Exchanges Journal (Volume 8.1, published October 2020). Alongside this, we also provide outline details of our next themed call for papers on the topic of ‘A.I. – Panic or Panacea’, the full details of which can be found on the Exchanges website:
November 26, 2020
A Spoken Abstract from…Dr Mairi Gkikaki
In this short episode we are pleased to be joined by Dr Mairi Gkikaki, from the University of Warwick, to talk about the recent paper she co-authored in the journal. Mairi talks a little about her own research background, before providing a spoken word version of the paper’s abstract, fleshing out some of the content and background in a little more detail. You can read the paper in Volume 7.3 of the Exchanges journal, or via the DOI
November 3, 2020
A Conversation with…Dr Ioana Vrabiescu.
In this episode we are delighted to be joined by one of Warwick’s WIRL-COFUND research fellows, Dr Ioana Vrabiescu, to talk about her current work in the realm of trans-national policing and targeting of Romanian citizens for deportation. We move on then to focus on Ioana’s publication experiences, including her current projects along with the good and bad moments she’s experienced along the way. The episode concludes with her advice for any early career researchers looking to publish their own work.
October 15, 2020
Do you want to build a Special Issue?
If you’ve ever thought about proposing a special issue of the Exchanges journal, then this is the episode for you. In it we talk through the areas which any proposer needs to think through, ahead of their initial conversations with the editor in chief. Reflecting back on our own recent editorial experiences, we propose five key areas that would benefit from preparatory thought and consideration, before we can say ‘Yes!’ and kick off yet another special issue project.
October 6, 2020
Reflections on: Exchanges Volume 7, Issue 3
In this episode we take a walkthrough the articles in the latest (June 2020) issue of the Exchanges journal. Alongside highlighting their themes, the editor provides a personal take on what excited him most about each article. You can read the latest issue by following this link: or searching for the Exchanges Journal at the University of Warwick
July 9, 2020
Art Students Then & Now
In this episode we talk to guest Pierre Botcherby, a doctoral researcher in History, about the Then and Now: Arts at Warwick Project. This project is currently collaborating with the Exchanges journal towards producing a future special issue featuring the related work of students and established researchers. Pierre talks about his own research background, and how this led him to interact with the project, as well as his hopes for the submissions for the issue. Find out more on the project at:
July 1, 2020
Having Your Manuscript Declined & How To Avoid It
In this episode we look at some of the common author errors that lead to submitted manuscripts being declined by academic journals. After briefly examining why journals will decline work, the episode moves to consider some advice on how academic authors can avoid their manuscripts falling by the wayside. The episode is, as always, illustrated in the light of the experiences of the scholar-led, open access, Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal.
June 16, 2020
For Our Consideration
In this second episode, we look at the kinds of articles that the Exchanges interdisciplinary journal considers for publication, along with some guidance about what to think when writing them. The episode also lightly explores the difference between our peer reviewed and non-reviewed works.
May 21, 2020
Introducing the Exchanges Journal
Welcome to the first podcast, focussing on the Exchanges: The Interdisciplinary Research Journal, a scholar-led title published by academics at the University of Warwick. In this first episode the managing Editor in Chief (Dr Gareth J Johnson) provides a brief introduction to the title, its mission and the kinds of material it publishes.
May 6, 2020