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Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show

Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show

By Vickie Guerrero
The "Queen of Mean" reveals all and chats with anyone and everyone from the pro wrestling industry to the entertainment industry. Vickie is motivated on the weekly episode releases of interviewing guests from pro wrestlers, actresses, actors, comedians, activists, motivational speakers, musicians, politicians, and the guests who are running their businesses to making positive impacts in their community.
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We are stylin and profilin with the legendary Ric Flair!!
We talk all things wrestling, personal life, and about StarCast happening this July!  Buy a ticket or watch on television as Ric Flair appears in his last match!  The Roast of Ric Flair is Friday, July 29, 2022 and StarCast is Sunday, July 31!!
May 20, 2022
Welcome Nusret Toplar from Istanbul, Turkey
This episode has all the good vibes from this week's guest, Nusret Toplar.  He is an actor, entrepreneur, a business man, and a bigger than life wrestling fan.  We talk about our love for animals and the movie that was produced by his production company on the protection of animals in Instanbul, Turkey!  Listen to Nusret's story about his private dinner with the Undertaker.  
May 14, 2022
Enjoy this week's episode with the youngest member in the wrestling industry who has her own show on YouTube and she getting more television appearances than the average wrestler...seriously!  
May 05, 2022
Welcome Anthony Carelli, FKA Santino, Santina, Miss Wrestlemania...this character has done it all in professional wrestling
I do believe if Anthony and myself were not on Zoom for a call, we would have met up and reenacted the famous Hog Pen Match at WWE.
April 21, 2022
Welcome celebrity hairstylist of the entertainment world...Bradley Tuggle
Bradley is a highly decorated hairstylist who represents CHI Hair products and Farouk Hair Systems!  His accolades are impressive and we talk all things about hair, brows, owning his own salon, and being a wrestling fan!  Bradley discusses how the entertainment of the wrestling world goes parallel with his showmanship at international hair shows.  
April 04, 2022
The IInspiration
Check out this weeks new guests who are formerly known as the Iconics!  They have reinvented themselves to expanding their creativity, talent, and having their own voice when representing themselves inside the squared circle at Impact Wrestling! 
March 17, 2022
Welcome Boom Boom Colt Cabana!!
This is a funny and cool episode with Colt Cabana!  Take a listen!! 
March 05, 2022
AEW got jokes!!!!
Check this special episode of the roster at All Elite Wrestling telling their prized jokes!  Some are gross, stupid, clever, and funny...I know...I know....we will keep our day job!!!!
February 22, 2022
TBS Champion Jade Cargill
Listen to the journey of Ms. Cargill following her dreams of playing basketball to running the ropes in a wrestling ring!
February 14, 2022
Welcome my fav comedians Dustin Sims and Jesse Peyton
Check out their "Blame It on The Bourbon" Tour!  For tickets go to DUSTINSIMSTICKETS.COM!
February 03, 2022
Welcome the woman who defines the meaning of being a Hardcore Country Grown Ass Woman...Mickie James!
Welcome the first guest for 2022 Mickie James. We talk all things about the women's division in professional wrestling, CEO of Legacy Supplements, Singer and songwriter, and holding the title as Impacts World Knockout Champion, and returning to the Royal Rumble for 2022.  
January 28, 2022
Brian Myers
This man carries many hats...from being a professional wrestler to husband to podcast host and owner of Create a Pro Wrestling Academy...please welcome Brian Myers.
December 26, 2021
Davey Richards
This is a great interview from Davey.  I had never met him before and was honored to have time to sit down and interview him about his talented career, family life, and his impressive career as a paramedic and firefighter.  
December 19, 2021
The Legendary Mick Foley
Take a listen of my interview with Mick Foley during the Wrestlecade Weekend at Winston-Salem!  
December 12, 2021
Welcome the man of numerous accolades, my friend, and the Godfather of wrestling psychology...Konnan!
Enjoy the conversation between Konnan and Vickie as they speak about their 30+ years of friendship.  Konnan talks about one of a kind stories about spending years with Eddie and working together in numerous promotions.   We speak of the history of the AAA Tag Team Championships and the future plans of FTR touring in Mexico.  Konnan speaks the truth about the etiquette of professional wrestling, how the younger generation is at fault for feeling entitled, and the reason why his promotion is limited on talent.  There is no sugar topped on this interview...Konnan speaks the truth and doesn't put up with bullshit.  
October 29, 2021
Welcome Josiah Williams
Today, the Excuse Me Pod welcomes Hip Hop Christian artist Josiah Williams.  We talk about his experience in creating wrestling entrance videos for some of the biggest superstars in WWE and AEW.  Find out which superstar was his biggest and most difficult challenge to find content for his lyrics.  You can also hear Vickie giving Josiah the 3rd riot act in why he has never asked to make a video of her...she doesn't hold back her anger and her deceitful words toward Josiah!  Josiah also explains what was the weirdest thing he has seen in someone else's house.  
October 22, 2021
Welcome the beautiful sister of the late Nancy Benoit
Take a listen to the beautiful stories about Nancy, David, Daniel, and Chris Benoit.  Please support the Nancy and Daniel Foundation thru @butisitfunny social media!!
October 15, 2021
Welcome the "Man of the Hour"......Lio Rush
Lio and Vickie talk about all things from music, to professional wrestling, finding his truth on placing family first, and we argue if a hotdog is a sandwich or not!  Lio is newly signed to All Elite Wrestling and we speak about his decision of retiring after Tony Khan offered him a contract immediately after debuting at Double or Nothing!   
October 07, 2021
Marti Belle
Give this episode attention as I welcome the beautiful and talented Marti Belle!  Find out who her celebrity crush is and what one thing she would change about the world in a blink of an eye!
September 05, 2021
Maria Kanellis
If you wanted to be inspired and motivated, listen to Maria Kanellis' story!!  She is a mom, wife, college graduate and soon to be a student again, AND Ring of Honor's management and creative development for the women's division!!!  
August 28, 2021
Welcome the Godfather of action figures and toy collectibles....Jeremy Padawer
We all grew up with our favorite toys...Hotwheels, Pokemon, Masters of the Universe, or any and all action figurines of professional wrestling. Jeremy is Partner/EVP at Jazwares and is 100% focused when it comes to his business and is down to earth about being present for his family first. Jazwares is the creator of all AEW superstars and during the week of AEW's All Out PPV in Chicago, there will be new and exciting action figures to collect and enjoy!
August 21, 2021
Welcome Karlee Leilani Perez
Vickie and Karlee talk Lucha Underground, WWE, and how her hard work and determination in the acting community has given her the exclusive title as Executive Producer.  
August 14, 2021
Welcome Da Black Pope....Elijah Burke!!
Vickie and Elijah take the listeners back over 15 years ago when we became not only good friends but brother and sister in Christ.  Listen how we used to watch WWE and sit in Magic and he would eat a whole box of Frosted Flakes!!!  We talk all things NWA, The Love-Alive Charity, and his podcast The Pope's Point of View!!  If you want to hear how to spread kindness, E is the perfect example of love.
August 07, 2021
Ladies and Gentlemen...introducing the world famous ring announcer....Justin Roberts!!!!!!
Sit back and enjoy the conversation between Vickie and Justin as we talk about All Elite Wrestling, family, Chicago, biggest pet peeve, find out which famous celebrity he worked with on a movie set.  This Nov., Justin will be celebrating his 25th year as a ring announcer.
July 31, 2021
Welcome Eddie Edwards from Impact Wrestling
Eddie Edwards talks about having a dream match against Eddie Guerrero and talks how his friends made fun of him watching Eddie do the frogsplash at an Indy show and Edwards jumped up on his chair and got excited!!!  Eddie Edwards will be facing W. Morrissey at Slammiversary on July 17, 2021!
July 16, 2021
Welcome the "Death Machine"----Jessicka Havok
Jessicka and the Queen of Mean talk about the women's evolution in professional wrestling, her wrestling mentors of Luna Vachon, Chyna, and Alundra Blaze!  Slammiversary is happening on July 17th where she will be teaming up with Rosemary to face Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.
July 15, 2021
Welcome the EVP of Impact Wrestling, Scott D Amore
The Queen of Mean welcomes a power of authority from Impact Wrestling, Scott D Amore!  Scott describes the success of the promotion and speaks of everyone behind the scenes doing an incredible job during and after the pandemic.  Scott contributes the hard work of the roster with the passion they have inside the ring.  July 17, 2021 is Slammiversary at 8:00pm est on PPV!  
July 13, 2021
Welcome the King....Kilynn King!!!
When you watch AEW Dynamite, AEW Dark, or AEW Dark Elevation...there is a familiar red head that has been gracing our television screens for the past year and this week we have her on the show!  She is a true testament to hard work, grit, and perseverance!  
June 21, 2021
Welcome Chelsea Green!!
Hey everyone, listen up....Chelsea Green is FREE after July 14, 2021 to be booked for any and all promotions, shows, comic cons, and signings!  Chelsea is ready to show the world that she has so much more to give to the wrestling industry!  
June 13, 2021
Encore Episode with the Women of AEW!
This week's episode took place on the 2020 Jericho Cruise!  Take a listen to the beautiful women of AEW...Nyla Rose, Penolope, Aubrey Edwards, Britt Baker, and Allie.
June 04, 2021
Welcome Anna Jay from AEW!
Take a listen on Anna Jay's journey from training less than 2 years in professional wrestling to being one of the most popular women in AEW!  
May 25, 2021
Dodging fast cars and drowning underwater with the badass Taryn Tarrell!
I am happy to share my friend and fellow lockerroom mate Taryn Tarrell with all of you!  We talk WWE, stunt work, mommyhood, wife, and being a fanatic of OCR - Obstacle Course Racing!  
April 29, 2021
Author Alert! Author Alert! Welcome Taeler Hendrix!!!
Did you think Taeler Hendrix was only a professional wrestler?  If you said are wrong!!  We are introducing three of her new children's book that are available now!!  Enjoy this cool interview....
April 22, 2021
Chilling with the SUPERBAD couple from All Elite Wrestling....Penelope and Kip!
Take a listen on how Penelope has an exclusive talent for stalking KiP!!!
April 02, 2021
Talking with Layla about life before and after WWE!
Check out the personal side of Layla as we get real with how difficult life was on the road!  We reminisce about trips overseas, cockroaches in suitcases, married life, and how Layla introduced me to Fish N Chips...London style!   
March 25, 2021
Rockin out with All Elite Wrestling's Music Producer..,..Mikey Rukus!!
Check out Mikey's musical creations on All Elite Wrestling on Dynamite on Channel TNT, 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday nights!  Also, if you are a fan of metal rock, check out Mikey Rukus' new album "Bring The Rukus"!!  Hear about his busy schedule with AEW and the incredible love story that he speaks of about his wife!  
March 18, 2021
Welcome Impact Wrestling's Superstar Jordynne Grace
Take a listen to this weeks guest as we talk naughty about Jordynne modeling for Adam and Eve!   Jordynne is famously known for being  the only female to compete in an all male battle royale for ROH and disqualify Brian Cage!  
March 11, 2021
Welcome Impact's Wrestling World Champion....Rich Swann!
Check out Rich Swann defending his Impact World Title against Moose at "Sacrifice"!!  Streaming on Impact Plus, March 13th at 8:00 p.m.EST!  This conversation gets personal as Rich talks about the loss of his parents at a young age and the advice he gives to everyone who has a grudge with any loved one.    
March 04, 2021
Welcome the beautiful pro wrestling legend Melina to the Excuse Me Podcast!
Vickie has the laughs and conversation of catching up with Melina, 1/3 of the famous trio MNM!   We talk all things about social media expectations, aging gracefully, burritos, swimming with the sharks, and what life is like post WWE.   
February 25, 2021
Welcome my guest the positive....successful...badass Ryan Reeves fka Ryback!  We talk about how he built his empire, nutritional tips, and finding the good out of every bad situation!  
February 17, 2021
Spreading positivity with former professional wrestler Marc Mero!!
What do you get when you bring together love, strength, faith, and motivation....THINKPOZ.ORG!!!!   Take a listen to the incredible life of Marc growing up poor, finding fame and money, losing it all, and learning the importance of knowing what is true is life!
February 10, 2021
Please welcome my favorite comedian...Dustin Sims!!!!!
If you want to know where vanilla comes from....listen to this show!!!  Also Dustin is the unofficial spokesman for the adult channel "Adam and Eve" and he knows everything about anything when it comes to adult toys!!!
February 04, 2021
Lighting up the stage with the Puerto Rican Papi...Danny Limelight!
Danny Limelight has been appearing on a regular basis at All Elite Wrestling on AEW Dark and AEW Dynamite!  Danny has an amazing story about perseverance, determination, and building his legacy in the professional wrestling industry.  Danny's incredible story includes being a Marine Corp. Veteran, Actor, Stuntman, and father to his famous daughter, Leesi, who is also a model and actress!  
January 26, 2021
What is sugar and spice and everything talented...The Neurotic Mom!
Check out this week's episode with Amy as she explains how she went from pro ballerina and pro tennis player to becoming the leading nationwide dessert creator, as well as, being recognized at Disney for creating many one of a kind themed cakes!  Wife, mom of 5, bakes and creates her own creations to provide content for You Tube, Instagram, and Pinterest!  She does it all with a smile and grace!!   I have no doubt she will be having her own show on the Food Network Channel and I get dibs to be front row and center!!!!  
January 20, 2021
Impact Wrestling Knockout's Division - Tasha Steelz
Check out Impact's PPV this Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021 "HARD TO KILL"
January 13, 2021
Catching up with Sarah Rowe fka Sarah Logan!!!
Check out the episode with Sarah as we talk a possible return to wrestling, fighting roosters, living off the land, marriage, and awaiting the arrival of their baby boy Cash!  
January 09, 2021
Salina de la Renta
From one female manager to another...we talk all things about the life of managing superstars, showing up to MLW on the first day to work with a broken leg, and what life is like being the only female on the MLW roster.  Salina is not only involved with wrestling, she is the founder of a men's clothing line, and is becoming famous as an artist of the painting brush.  
December 21, 2020
Welcome the fearless and beautiful Priscilla Kelly!
Welcome listeners!  Check out this weeks episode featuring Priscilla Kelly!  Priscilla and I talk about defending her character against public scrutiny and defending women of wrestling to be accepted as equal, if not, stronger and better!  Listen how she rode a dirt bike into a mud pit and lived to tell about it.  She talks how she would rather swim with sharks than skydive and one of her toughest matches was with ThunderRosa!  
December 09, 2020
Welcome the newly signed tag team....The Acclaimed!!!
Listen to this week's episode of the talented story about a model, actor, and pro wrestler who is Anthony Bowens!  Let's also brag about the talented music director, mad skills rapper, and pro wrestler Max Castor!  Together they will make history in All Elite Wrestling as the newly signed tag team named "The Acclaimed"   
December 02, 2020
Jazzing up the Women's Wrestling Division with "Jazz"
Check out the incredible story of Jazz who was the NWA Women's Champion to hold the title for over 948 days!  Looking for a wrestling school that can instruct you on polishing up your ring, mic, and promo skills??  Check out the Dog Pound DoJo in San Antonio, TX!  
November 19, 2020
Drinking it Up with Red Cup Geoff
This episode was recorded live on my Twitch Channel at!  The fans had a great time chatting with Geoff and we talk all things of Geoff's' real job in Las Vegas, losing to Nyla Rose in a bowling tournament on the Jericho Cruise, and how drinks taste better in a red cup.  Red Cup Geoff is my favorite Head Bartender!
November 12, 2020
Huge week for All Elite Wrestling featuring Wardlow, also known as Mr. Mayhem!
Huge week for AEW with one show left this Wednesday on Dynamite before the exciting entertainment of professional wrestling this Saturday, Nov. 7 at #AEWFULLGEAR!  Order your PPV today! 
November 04, 2020
Tune in as Tyrus and Vickie face each other in a "dance off" interview about topics of politics, his new feature movie, and creating the delicious meals at Sensible Meals!
In regards to Tyrus being featured as a weekly political correspondent on Fox News explained, "I stay super informed and spend hours watching everything and especially people I disagree with because to understand the whole story you have to listen to both sides"  
October 28, 2020
"Darren" to Defy with Former WWE Superstar FRED ROSSER FKA Darren Young
From his New Jersey roots to Global stardom as a "Prime Time Player" with WWE, Fred Rosser's life and career are fraught with one-of-a-kind landmarks and memories. Whether debuting on WWE Raw as part of the "Nexus" or becoming the first WWE superstar to publicly announce that he is gay, the former "Darren Young" has never been afraid to break new ground, and this week, he chats with Vickie about discovering pro wrestling, his amazing run with WWE, working with everyone from Titus O Neil to Bob Backlund, to embarking on the latest chapter of his career with New Japan Pro Wrestling.
October 22, 2020
From Texas Football to TNT with AEW's REBEL
You see her every week on AEW Dynamite alongside Dr. Britt Baker, but the gorgeous and talented Rebel is much more than just a pretty face. From her days with the Dallas Cowboys to her pro wrestling introduction with TNA several years ago, she's worked hard for everything she's earned in and out of the ring, and she chats with Vickie this week about her incredible life in sports, acting and under the AEW spotlight!
October 15, 2020
When NWA Powerrr debuted last year, it did much more than celebrate pro wrestling's old-school traditions... it also introduced some fantastic new faces to worldwide stardom, none more impactful than the gorgeous powerhouse known as Kamille Brickhouse. Introduced as a bodyguard of sorts for NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, Kamille has broken out on her own in the NWA, the United Wrestling Network and the competitive bodybuilding world, inspiring us in the process with her physical stature, work ethic and general badassery. This week, Vickie (and you) get to know the REAL Kamille on this week's "Excuse Me!"
October 08, 2020
On Fire with Impact Wrestling Knockout KIERA HOGAN
From Atlanta to AXS and beyond, KIERA HOGAN has set Impact Wrestling ablaze in a relatively short period of time. Whether competing solo or with her partner-in-crime Tasha Steelz, Hogan has proven that she definitely "knows best" and reveals all to Vickie about her upbringing and unique journey in the pro wrestling world on this week's "Excuse Me!"
October 01, 2020
Undeniable Fitness with former AEW Star SADIE GIBBS
She is a former AEW superstar and the CEO of Undeniable Fitness...  and boy,  does she have some stories to tell! England's own SADIE GIBBS joins Vickie on this week's show to chat about her global journey as a pro wrestler, her roller coaster of a ride with All Elite Wrestling and her inspiring success in the business world, plus a LOT more!
September 24, 2020
Healthy Inspiration with "Sensible Meals" Founder INGRID RINCK
We've all become more conscious about staying healthy and evading harmful germs this year, but what about our nutrition? This week, Vickie chats with the founder of "Sensible Meals", Ingrid Rinck, about her amazing success building a brand based on healthier eating options. Ingrid reveals all about her struggles with overeating, building an empire from the ground up and the nutritional philosophies that can help you become healthier every day!
September 17, 2020
Flying Around The World with Impact Wrestling's TJP
He's a globally-traveled dynamo with ring experience around the world and a lifetime of stories to tell. From ROH to WWE to Impact Wrestling (with plenty of stops along the way), TJ Perkins is one of the most accomplished junior heavyweights of our generation. This week, he and Vickie chat about his entire journey from West Coast rookie to world-renowned young veteran, and you won't believe some of the stories he has to tell!
September 10, 2020
No Flips, Just Fists with AEW Tag Team Stars FTR
Not since The Dudley Boys left WWE to become free agents 15 years ago has a tag team captured the entire attention of the wrestling world at large like Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood - FTR. This week, the two old-school enthusiasts from NC chat with Vickie and Gerry about their days with WWE as "The Revival", the frustrations that led to them turning down new contracts to start fresh, being mentored by Tully Blanchard, and more... plus, we put out a call for YOUR questions for FTR and received amazing feedback from all over the world... and FTR were up to the task. What's their favorite wrestling city? Who would be their dream opponents in an Iron Man tag team match? Who do they think was more influential - the Rock & Roll Express or the Midnight Express? We go deep with FTR and shout out tons of listeners, all this week on "Excuse Me!"
September 03, 2020
Up, Close and Personal with AEW & "Titan Games" Star DASHA KURET
She's a former Beauty Pageant contestant, an announcer... and most of all, an enthusiastic force to be reckoned with!  From WWE to AEW to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Titan Games", we've seen the beautiful and multi-talented DASHA KURET light up our TV screens with her smile, her energy and her unbeatable drive. This week, Vickie Guerrero goes deep with Sasha about her journey, her one-of-a-kind experiences in and out of pro wrestling, and her future with All Elite Wrestling, both as a broadcaster and a wrestler!
August 27, 2020
Growing Up Guerrero: Shaul Guerrero Tells All (Part 2)
Shaul Guerrero is back, and if you thought last week's heart-to-heart between mom and daughter was revealing, wait until you hear part 2! Shaul and Vickie talk about working together on the road, overcoming demons, embracing one's sexuality,  WWE Developmental, their experiences in AEW and a LOT more. It's another emotional conversation that you simply cannot afford to miss!
August 20, 2020
Growing Up Guerrero: Shaul Guerrero Tells All (Part 1)
One thing is certain about any member of the legendary Guerrero family: their lives are bound to be full of excitement, success, highs, lows and - most importantly - amazing stories. Shaul Guerrero has experienced it all, from childhood up until today as she went from being legendary champion Eddie Guerrero's daughter to navigating pro wrestling's ultra-tough waters on her own. From dancing to wrestling to emotional and physical illness to marriage, Shaul and Vickie reveal EVERYTHING about her tumultuous journey in the first part of this blockbuster 2-pat conversation. If you've ever wanted to get into pro wrestling or have struggled with your own path in life, this is an episode you simply cannot miss!
August 13, 2020
Getting Nasty with AEW Star & Chief Brand Officer BRANDI RHODES
There's a chill in the air for this week's "Excuse Me" podcast, as Vickie Welcomes BRANDI RHODES back to the show hot on the heels of the premier of AEW's Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament - The Deadly Draw!  A massive hit on Youtube, this unpredictable event has already seen Vickie's client NYLA ROSE eliminated, while Brandi and her partner Allie - "The Nightmare Sisters" advanced to round 2, a fact that only increased the tension between the two during this weeks show.  Despite any lingering resentment between the two, Vickie and Brandi discuss the tournament, surprise guest star & wrestling legend MADUSA, and AEW's new action figures (especially Brandi's). It's Round 2 of Vickie & Brandi (although it sounds more like Vickie VS. Brandi!) on "Excuse Me!"
August 05, 2020
"Excuse Me" Classic - LIVE with the Women of AEW Aboard the JERICHO CRUISE!
To celebrate last week's most listened-to episode yet (featuring the REAL story of Vickie arriving in AEW), here's one of last year's favorites, as Vickie chats with AEW's finest in front of a LIVE crowd on the Jericho Cruise. Listen as a standing-only crowd (and you) get up, close and personal with Vickie, Dr. BRITT BAKER, PENELOPE FORD, Referee AUBREY EDWARDS and NYLA ROSE smack-dab in the middle of Rock & Wrestling's biggest party!
July 30, 2020
Vickie & AEW: The Whole Story Revealed!
This week, Vickie takes a well-deserved break from interviews to chat with producer Gerry Strauss about her recent OFFICIAL debut with AEW! How did this happen? How far back was this move in the works? What has it been like in a brand-new locker room, and how does the vibe differ from WWE? Vickie reveals all on this week's "Excuse Me"!
July 23, 2020
Talking & Twerking with AEW Superstar SONNY KISS
He's a dancer, a role model, and one of AEW's brightest young superstars. More importantly, SONNY KISS is an inspiration for millions who, like AEW, embrace equal opportunity and inclusiveness in pro wrestling and beyond.  This week, just hours before his biggest match ever as he challenges Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship LIVE on AEW Dynamite,  Vickie sits down for an exclusive heart-to-heart with Sonny about his journey to AEW, navigating the wrestling business, the challenges he's faced along the way and proudly representing the LGBTQ+ community.
July 14, 2020
Unveiling the "Virtuosa" with Impact Wrestling's DEONNA PURRAZZO
She's Impact Wrestling's most talked-about acquisition in years, but the road to "overnight sensation" status has actually been years in the making. From being one of wrestling's most coveted free agents to being underutilized during what should have been her crowning role in WWE/NXT, Deonna Purrazzo's journey has been filled with peaks and valleys. Now, with a fresh start in Impact Wrestling and the eyes of the wrestling world back on her, Purrazzo chats VERY candidly with Vickie this week about her accomplishments, frustrations and self-made path to undeniable success ahead of her title shot against Women's Champion Jordynne Grace at Slammiversary. Plus, Alicia Atout returns with a brand-new "Tales From The Interview Queen" with a story about NINA SAMUELS!
July 09, 2020
Reuniting (And It Feels So Good) with former WWE Superstar Celeste Bonin
Life has been an unpredictable roller-coaster ride for Celeste Bonin, known to many as former WWE Diva's Champion Kaitlyn. Her journey from pro wrestling upstart to WWE Superstar to entrepreneur has been fraught with dizzying highs and unimaginable lows. This week, Vickie and Celeste discuss her ups, downs, highs and lows and share some amazing stories that you won't believe.  Plus, ALICIA ATOUT returns with "Tales From The Interview Queen" and shares a tale about NXT superstar KILLIAN DANE!
June 25, 2020
Feeding The Machine with AEW Star BRIAN CAGE
He's a supreme physical specimen, an unstoppable machine, and All Elite Wrestling's newest megastar. Before BRIAN CAGE challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at AEW Fyter Fest, Vickie chats with him about his amazing journey to superstardom. From fighting his way through WWE Developmental to finding success (and true love) in Impact Wrestling, Cage has already lived a thousand lifetimes. Is he ready to become AEW's new kingpin? Check out this no-holds-barred conversation and YOU be the judge!
June 18, 2020
Rockin' and ROWAN with Former WWE Superstar ERIC REDBEARD (FKA ERIC ROWAN)
Whether wreaking havoc with The Wyatt Family or terrorizing the entire WWE roster with his caged creature, the man formerly known as ERIC ROWAN (now going by "Eric Redbeard") has plenty of stories to tell. This week, he and Vickie talk about being released after what many considered his breakout year and what comes next for one of pro wrestling's hottest free agents. Plus, ALICIA ATOUT is back with a new edition of "Tales From The Interview Queen", as she shares a story about AEW superstar LANCE ARCHER!
June 11, 2020
Covering The Classics with the KILLER QUEENS
From the Jericho Cruise to stages all around the world, The Killer Queens rock the globe as The world’s only all-female tribute to Queen. Bringing a new brand of power, passion and sexiness to some of the most beloved rock anthems in music history, they don't simply play shows...they create unforgettable experiences that will blow your mind. This week, Vickie jams with the Killer Queens!
June 04, 2020
Gettin' Down with THE VAUDETTES
The Vaudettes are a sultry dance troupe based in Chicago, dazzling crowds with  a spectacle of original choreography; ranging from classic kick-lines, playful shimmies, dark seductions, and sexy rock-and-roll. Counting Vickie's daughter SHAUL GUERRERO among it's talented members, they were recently featured on Showtime’s hit new show Work in Progress, as well as making their cruise-debut aboard Chris Jericho’s Rock-n’-Wrestling Rager. Vickie gets down and dirty with The Vaudettes on this week's "Excu
May 28, 2020
A "Monster" Interview with AEW Star LANCE ARCHER
Just days before his showdown with CODY for the TNT Championship at AEW's "Double or Nothing" pay-per-view (with "Iron" Mike Tyson presenting the gold to the winner), Vickie Guerrero boldly goes one-on-one with the "Murderhawk Monster" LANCE ARCHER!  A 20 year success story, Lance lets down his guard like never before and reveals all about travelling the globe, learning from Jake "The Snake" Roberts and his past, present and future with AEW!  Discover the mind behind the monster on this week's episode!
May 20, 2020
Gettin' Down & Dirty with ODB
From OVW to TNA to the NWA, Jessie Kresa aka ODB has scratched, clawed and chugged her way into wrestling fan's hearts all over the world, and now she's hitting the road in an entirely different way... with her own food truck. Vickie chats with ODB about her one-of-a-kind wrestling career, her transition into entrepreneurship, and her dedication to return to her new business (with the support of her wrestling friends and fans) after tragedy almost derailed her dreams. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride!
May 14, 2020
Speaking "Aiden" English with Former WWE Star MATTHEW REHWOLDT
Matthew Rehwoldt fka AIDEN ENGLISH turned heads in NXT with his wrestling AND operatic singing ability before finding huge fame on the main roster by heralding the era of "Rusev Day". Multi-talented, outspoken and ready to tell all, Vickie chats with her son-in-law Matthew Rehwoldt about his past, present and future plans on this week's episode! .. Plus: Alicia Atout returns with an all-new "Tales From the Interview Queen" with a story about NIKKI CROSS!
May 07, 2020
Deep Diving with AEW Star DARBY ALLIN
He's a defiant daredevil in and out of the ring. With a ninja-like high-flying repertoire and a life story that rivals any movie script that Hollywood can produce, DARBY ALLIN has risen from the independent ranks to Global superstardom as part of All Elite Wrestling. This week, he chats with Vickie about his unbelievable journey to AEW, his unique approach to life in and out of the ring, and his rematch with Cody as part of the AEW TNT Tournament on this week's AEW Dynamite!
April 28, 2020
Up, Close & Personal with WWE Superstar MANDY ROSE!
Mandy Rose has proven that she's much more than a pretty face. Whether it's her onscreen romance with fellow WWE favorite Otis or her war with Sonya Deville, Rose has come a long way from the bodybuilding world. This week, Vickie gets up, close and personal with Mandy and gets the inside scoop on living out a love story on global TV and building her brand outside of WWE.  Plus, a SECOND "Rose" is on the show, as Alicia Atout shares a "Tale From the Interview Queen" featuring AEW Womens Champion NYLA ROSE!
April 23, 2020
You've heard about CBD, but what is it exactly? Is it legal, is it "drugs", and can it actually help you safely? Vickie chats with the expert team at Opulent Organics, a leading provider of CBD-related products, to dive deep into the products that she's used and supported for quite some time (they've even given Excuse Me fans a 20% off discount code to try these products for yourself - Excuseme20)! Plus. Alicia Atout shares a new "Tale From The Interview Queen" featuring the one and only NYLA ROSE from AEW!
April 16, 2020
Surviving and Thriving with Taeler Hendrix
From Ohio Valley Wrestling to TNA to Ring of Honor to WWE TV, Taeler Hendrix has travelled and succeeded far and wide throughout her still-young career. This week, she chats with Vickie about her roller coaster career, surviving obstacles (and becoming stronger as a result) and her brand-new show, "Talks with Taeler Hendrix!"
April 09, 2020
Rockin' The Mic with Multimedia Host & AEW Interviewer Chris Van Vliet - full episode
You've seen his face, heard his podcast and listened to his remarkable conversations with the brightest stars in and out of pro wrestling. This week, Vickie Guerrero turns the tables on Chris Van Vliet by interviewing him about his long journey, his work ethic and the interviews that continue to keep him on the map. Plus, Alicia Atout shares a story about the UK's Mille McKenzie on this week's "Tales From The Interview Queen!"
March 26, 2020
A Kiss From a Rosa (Mendes) with former WWE Diva MILENA ROUCKA
The world's gone a lil' crazy, so we are happy to bring you entertainment and inspiration on this week's show, as Vickie reconnects with Milena Roucka aka WWE's Rosa Mendes! Milena shares stories about her highs and lows in and out of WWE, and chats about how her journey through personal and professional struggles have all lead her to a positive path today. Plus, EFFY is the subject of Alicia Atout's latest "Takes From The Interview Queen".
March 19, 2020
Going Psychic with Former WWE Diva JOY GIOVANNI
This week on “Excuse Me!”, we catch up with former WWE Diva Search Contestant and Smackdown Superstar JOY GIOVANNI! Now a devoted Psychic Medium, we discuss her onscreen WWE days alongside The Big Show and JBL, her connections with Eddie Guerrero, and her transition into her unique current career. Plus, Alicia Atout returns with a brand-new “Tales From The Interview Queen” about ROH superstar FLIP GORDON!
March 12, 2020
Chatting Up A Storm with NWA World Womens Champion THUNDER ROSA
She's fought in wrestling rings and MMA cages all over the world. Now standing tall as the NWA World Womens Champion, Thunder Rosa is enjoying the well-deserved buzz that comes with being one of NWA Powerrr's most popular stars. This episode, she and Vickie talk about her global travels, her unique career, and her relationship with Latina fans all over the world. Plus, Alicia Atout drops another edition of "Tales From The Interview Queen"... this time, she spills the beans on AEW superstar DARBY ALLIN's Wed
March 05, 2020
Playing Politics with Super Bowl Champion & Senatorial Candidate Burgess Owens
What is the REAL story behind Vickie Guerrero’s relationship with WWE, and how is AEW involved? Social Media and the podcast world have blown up with rumors and speculation about this topic, and now it’s time for the truth! This week, Vickie gives a no-holds-barred account of the ENTIRE mind-blowing story. Also on this episode, we chat with former NFL Star & Super Bowl Champion BURGESS OWENS about his current campaign to be elected to Congress. Plus. Alica Atout returns with an all-new “Tales From T
February 27, 2020
A Double Shot of AEW - Classic Interviews with BRANDI RHODES and Dr. BRITT BAKER
On the heels of last month's phenomenal LIVE recording aboard the Jericho Cruise featuring the women of AEW, check out this super-sized episode featuring classic "Excuse Me" chats with two of AEW's most talked-about stars: Brandi Rhodes and Dr. Britt Baker!
February 20, 2020
A Family Affair With DAVID BENOIT
As the son of former World Champion Chris Benoit, DAVID BENOIT learned to love and respect the ring, the pro wrestling business, and his father's friends - the Guerrero family - at an early age. Since that time, controversy and tragedy have changed both families forever, but the bond remains. This week, Vickie reconnects with David Benoit for an emotional heart-to-heart chat about life as the son of "The Rabid Wolverine", the friendship between Chris and Eddie, and moving on as a Benoit in the wake of his
February 13, 2020
Jericho Cruisin' LIVE With The Women of AEW
This week, we hit the high seas at the biggest party of the year - the Jericho Cruise! In the middle of over 3,000 rock n' wrestling fans, Vickie hosts a one-of-a-kind LIVE conversation of "Excuse Me!" with the women of AEW - Dr. Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, "The Bunny" Allie and Referee Aubrey Edwards. Hop aboard for this super-sized, in-depth chat with AEW's elite. Plus, Alicia Atout's latest "Tales From The Interview Queen", as she recalls her interview with WWE and Fox Sports' RENEE YOUNG!
February 06, 2020
Soul Surfing with Pro Surfer & Motivational Speaker BETHANY HAMILTON
She survived a horrific surfing accident at age 13 and resumed surfing within months. She's inspired millions through her story, her courage and her motivational speaking. She's neem the subject of a film about her life, a documentary, and thousands of articles and interviews. She even competed on "The Amazing Race" (against NXT's Robert Stone, no less). This week, we welcome Bethany Hamilton to the show and chat about her passion for surfing, balancing her crazy life with motherhood and lots more that will
February 01, 2020
Feeling the "Powerrr" with NWA World Heavyweight Champion NICK ALDIS
With a confidence befitting a World Champion, NICK ALDIS has emerged as the kingpin of Pro Wrestling's greatest comeback story: the NWA. With the creative devotion of Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana behind it, the world's most legendary promotion has been brought back to life, helmed by a retro-cool weekly studio show and the classic excellence of Aldis and the entire NWA roster. On the cusp of their second pay-per-view event, "Hard Times", the NWA Champion joins us to discuss his belief in his brand, his matc
January 23, 2020
GoDaddy (and Mommy!) with Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle & Ken Gee Ehrlich
From GoDaddy to Playboy to WWE, she's one of the hottest women to ever grace a wrestling ring OR a TV commercial... but Candice Michelle is so much more than a pretty face. A business success story, Ted Talk speaker, mother and wife, Candice and her husband, famed chiropractor Ken Gee Ehrlich, chat with Vickie about shared WWE memories, juggling family with professional ambition, and projects aplenty!
January 16, 2020
The Inner Circle Unleashed with AEW's Sammy Guevara
He's the hottest young star in the hottest young promotion on national TV. Ever since his head-turning battle against Cody on the debut edition of AEW's Dynamite on TNT, Sammy Guevara has been a made man, especially after being dubbed "The Spanish God" and hand-selected by Chris Jericho to join his "Inner Circle". Guevara catches up with Vickie this week and goes in-depth about his life growing up, making his way through the wrestling industry at such a young age, building a fanbase, and being compared to
January 08, 2020
2019 Highlights, 2020 Previews, A Contest Winner Revealed + Alicia Atout Returns!
Happy New Year! It's our first episode of 2020... a perfect time to look back on an amazing debut year for "Excuse Me!" From former WWE cohorts like Edge, Michelle McCool (and even the Undertaker himself) to "Elite" movers and shakers like Brandi Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards, we spoke to stars from the NWA to Hollywood and everywhere in between! It's a look back at our favorite moments so far and our #2020vision for what's to some... plus Alicia Atout's newest "Tales From The Interview Queen" and we announce t
January 02, 2020
Holiday Heaven with SoCal Val & The Debut of Alicia Atout's Weekly Segment!
Happy Holidays! As we wrap up 2019 and gear up for an even bigger 2020, Vickie chats with one of pro wrestling's most gorgeous and talented hosts/presenters all over the world, SoCal Val! Plus, it's the debut of Alicia Atout's "Tales From The Interview Queen" as she tells an amazing story about being on the road with Road Dogg!
December 26, 2019
Up, Close & Personal With "The Interview Queen" ALICIA ATOUT
In the past, Pro Wrestling announcers and interviewers had to fight their way onto national TV or pay-per-view in order to become famous, but as ALICIA ATOUT has proven, yesterday’s rules no longer need to apply. From her start interviewing musicians on her own website ( aka  AMBY) to finding even greater success as a social media personality in the Pro Wrestling world, “The Interview Queen” has amassed a worldwide fanbase and nonstop schedule of convention appearances and hosting gi
December 11, 2019
Talking The Long & Short of Things with Dylan Postl aka HORNSWOGGLE
From being "outed" as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son to competing in the very first T-L-"Wee" match, Dylan Postl aka the artist formerly known as HORNSWOGGLE's WWE career has certainly been unique. One of the most popular superstars during how 10+ years in the spotlight, Postl's great sense of humor about the ups and downs of being wrestling's biggest "little" star has led to his new book, "Life is Short and So Am I". This week, he reunites with his self-proclaimed "wrestling mom" Vickie Guerrero, who app
December 10, 2019
Down The Middle with AEW's AUBREY EDWARDS
When the bell rings, she's not just one of the guys... she's in charge of them. A hand-selected official for some of AEW's biggest main events, Aubrey Edwards has been breaking down barriers for herself and other female referees since well before All-Elite Wrestling's inception. Now earning her "stripes" in prime time each week, Edwards talks with Vickie this week about her past, present and future on this episode of EXCUSE ME!
December 05, 2019
A Super-Sized Episode with "Baywatch" star Alexandra Paul and "Clueless"/"Bring it On's" Nikki Bilderback
Happy Turkey Week! To celebrate the festivities, we present not ONE, but TWO fascinating interviews this episode. First, if you lived through the 90's, you'll recognize Nikki Bilderback from your favorite teen movies like "Can't Hardly Wait", "Clueless" and "Bring it On", and she chats with us about how she emerged from life in Texas, broke into Hollywood, and stayed employed ever since. Next, Alexandra Paul ( once ruled the beach alongside David Hasselhoff on "Baywatch". Still a fitness
November 28, 2019
A "Powerrr-Ful" Chat with NWA Women's Champion ALLYSIN KAY
In less than two months, the NWA has reestablished itself as a force in the pro wrestling landscape, thanks in no small part to it’s monster hit of a weekly online TV show, “NWA Powerrr”. A throwback studio setting, in-your-face action and a diverse cast of characters with a focus on what happens in the ring, this immediate sensation has already established a high standard of talent, including current Women’s Champion ALLYSIN KAY.  Known to many fans as SIENNA through her time with Impact Wrestling
November 21, 2019
Making an Impact with Knockout Champion TAYA VALKYRIE
After years of ups and downs, Impact Wrestling is forging a brave new path on AXS TV, flanked by one of the most unique flagbearers for the Knockouts division ever in TAYA Valkyrie. Canadian born, world traveled, Lucha seasoned and now well known to the global wrestling community, Taya goes deep with Vickie Guerrero about her fascinating life journey from dance to the wrestling ring and marital bliss with pro wrestling megastar John Hennigan/Morrison/Impact. You'll be absolutely blown away by this frank, ho
November 14, 2019
Playin' it "Laycool" with Former WWE Divas Champion MICHELLE McCOOL (+ a cameo from The Undertaker??)
From breaking through the 2004 Diva Search to earn a WWE contract to clawing and scratching her way through the women's division to silencing naysayers who criticized her relationship with The Undertaker, Michelle McCool is no stranger to critics. Luckily, both then and now, her work ethic, talent and belief in herself has driven her to succeed regardless of that opposition. Never one to hold her tongue, Michelle reunites with on-screen running buddy Vickie Guerrero to chat about her career, the obstacles s
November 13, 2019
Drilling Deep with Dr. BRITT BAKER
She's a dentist AND she plays one on TV! One of AEW's shining stars right out of the gate, Dr. Britt Baker is already a cornerstone of women's wrestling in 2019...all while continuing to practice Dentistry most of the week. She talks with us about maintaining two very different careers, her relationship with NXT Champion Adam Cole, and this weekend's upcoming AEW pay-per-view, "Full Gear" (where she'll face Bea Priestly on a featured pre-show match!).
November 07, 2019
In-Depth and All Elite with AEW Chief Brand Officer BRANDI RHODES
She's a former ice skater, has a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and wields more Marketing acumen than most. By the way, she's also a former WWE Diva, wife of Cody Rhodes, and maintains a crucial dual position with All Elite Wrestling as Chief Brand Officer and in-ring star. Yup, Brandi Rhodes has already conquered the pro wrestling AND business worlds, but she's just getting started. After becoming fast friends when they shared WWE locker rooms years ago, Brandi and Vickie reconnect this week to dee
October 31, 2019
Blazin' Hot Stories with WWE Hall-of-Famer MADUSA
She's one of the most game-changing World Champions of all time, male OR female. From the AWA to Japan to WCW and WWE, the woman known to millions as Madusa or Alundra Blaze dominated women's wrestling and our TV screens, bucking tradition to follow her passion and help ignite the Monday Night Wars in one of the most memorable acts of defiance in wrestling history. She left wrestling behind in 2001 to pursue a successful career as a Monster Truck Driver, but the wrestling industry simply could not forget ab
October 24, 2019
"This Week, We Riot!" - A Revealing Chat with WWE's Ruby Riott
She marches to the beat of her own Punk Rock drum. After years of scratching and clawing her way to WWE, she's already led her own "Squad" and tangled with the "Baddest Woman on the Planet" She even helped eliminate Vickie Guerrero from the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble. She's RUBY RIOTT, and this week, she takes time out of her busy schedule while working her way back from the injured list to get up, close and personal with us about her long and winding journey to her WWE Contract,  the REAL relationshi
October 17, 2019
"Reunited and it Feels So Good" - Adam "Edge" Copeland and Vickie Are Together Again!
Take a wicked trip down memory lane with the most conniving couple in WWE history, as Vickie welcomes her former partner in crime, "The Rated-R Superstar" EDGE! From Blackmail to adultery, there's not a crime these two didn't commit - often against each other - and the result was the most memorable & controversial romance  that wrestling fans have ever witnessed. How did their relationship evolve on-camera and behind the scenes? For the first time ever, get the REAL inside scoop from Edge and Vickie themse
October 10, 2019
Vickie's 1st Guest - YOU!
Vickie Guerrero hits the podcast world for the first time ever! She and cohost Gerry Strauss tackle YOUR hardest-hitting questions, hold nothing back and set the stage for what's to come. Enjoy this super-sized intro episode, share it with friends and subscribe to be among the first to receive upcoming shows and A-list interviews!
September 26, 2019
"Excuse Me" Teaser
An introduction and preview of things to come!
September 01, 2019