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Executive Track with Faith Abiodun

Executive Track with Faith Abiodun

By Faith Abiodun
Executive Track is a leadership development podcast designed for emerging executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors, or anyone else seeking to accelerate their careers. Faith Abiodun is an entrepreneur, project manager, writer and speaker. Building on a successful career in journalism, nonprofit management and education, he serves as an Executive at African Leadership Academy, overseeing Communications, Marketing and Program Recruitment. This podcast draws from his professional journey and those of other corporate leaders. Learn more at
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Your Work Will Speak For Itself? Really?
Many of us cringe at the prospect of self promotion, for various reasons: it feels wrong, boastful and arrogant. Maybe you just feel better about letting your work speak for itself. But there's a difference between shameless self promotion and purposeful self promotion; the difference between bragging and branding. In this podcast, I share tips for understanding the value of purposeful self promotion and how to do it.
August 22, 2020
Managing Up. What's That About?
Many employees freak out when they hear about managing up, or managing upwards. It sounds like one of those "kissing up" schemes or a silly attempt by someone to make you spend more unwanted time with your boss. Actually, the Wall Street Journal describes managing up as "an ability that can shape your career more than almost any other". The article goes on to say that many employees don't know how to do it, but I'll venture to say that many don't know why to do it. This podcast gets through the why and the how and provides some helpful questions to ask your manager during your next lunch break. Happy upward managing!
August 18, 2020
Choose Your Boss Carefully, They Said
New entrants into the corporate environment are often advised to be more interested in the character of their boss than in the name of their company. They say that the right manager can accelerate your career path and the wrong manager can ruin you, but how many of us will ever be fortunate enough to choose our bosses? Is it possible to still get the best out of every job even if your manager is not the mentor from your dreams? How can you cultivate champions in the workplace and navigate the dreaded office politics? Luckily, I've been there and I'm here to share my insights.
August 5, 2020
Wide-Eyed Rookie
In this first episode, I share about my first experience as a corporate employee, working as a reporter at The Guardian Newspapers in Lagos, Nigeria. Coming into the fast-paced world of professional journalism was a jolt of reality for someone hoping to have an impact on the world. I saw in my boss, Mr Paul Okunola, the picture of whom I would like to be as a manager - calm under pressure and always composed. Journalism toughened me up and I continue to practice some of the lessons that I learned in those early days.
August 4, 2020