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The ExFAT Podcast

The ExFAT Podcast

By Ryu and Dan
Apple, technology, gaming and Japanese cultural related discussion, brought to you from Singapore and Japan. Published on a irregular schedule, but we aim to have one episode per month at least.
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2. November Sales and One More mini Thing
Ryu and Dan comes back once again to talk about the multiple sales events going on in November, including the massive Apple Watch sales ongoing at Amazon. Then it shifted to Anker chargers, iPhone accessories and Ryu's iPhone 12 mini preorder. Both give their predictions and wants for Apple's November 2020 event, titled "One More Thing".
November 9, 2020
1. Reboot in 2020
Ryu comes back after a hiatus of four years to speak with Dan, now located in Osaka, Japan, on the iPhone 12, HomePod mini and microphones, and bemoan the restrictions of a pandemic world.  Pardon the slight technical difficulties with our recording settings and equipment, for we are rusty from four years of doing no recording.
October 29, 2020
(old)ExFAT 6: The 2-hour Rant
Ryu and Daniel came back after 2 months of hiatus for an epic 2-hour rant about WWDC. This was recorded pre-WWDC. Also the last episode of Season 1 of ExFAT. Season 2 will be coming soon.
March 1, 2018
(old)ExFAT 5: The Uneventful Event
This was recorded late March, and was released this late due to some personal issues I(Ryu) had. It was an uneventful March Apple event, and neither of us were really pumped up about it, making for a really lethargic sounding episode. We are sorry about it. The next episode will be better, we promise.
March 1, 2018
(old)ExFAT 4: 4 inch iPhone again?
After a long long Chinese New Year break, Daniel and I are finally back for the first ExFAT episode of 2016. We talk about MWC, and (non)innovative every release at MWC is, the FBI vs Apple case, suddenly-dead Ethernet ports and speculate about the upcoming Apple event.
March 1, 2018
(old)ExFAT 3: Packing for Travel
We barely made it for December. Daniel and I exchanged some tips and information on packing and preparations for travel.
February 23, 2018
(old)ExFAT 2: Who pays $1500 for an iPad???
Just when you thought we are gone for good, Daniel and I return for the second episode of ExFAT. We ranted and ranted about the Surface Pro, as well as covered the Nexus phones, the Apple TV (a little bit), and of course the iPad Pro. And Daniel talks about his iPhone repair. This time round, we kept most of the show in Singlish, since quite a number of people complained about the last show which was mostly in Chinese.
February 23, 2018
(old)ExFAT 1: Where is my Pink iPhone 6s Plus?
Daniel and I talk about tomorrow’s iPhone 6s launch, which model I am getting, as well as the new iPads. Dialogue mostly in Mandarin.
February 23, 2018