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EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

By Dr. Michael Salla
A leading researcher, keynote speaker & best selling author in the fields of exopolitics. Dr. Salla is a forerunner in the push to full disclosure of secret space programs, black budget projects, and the human ET agenda. These podcasts strive to reveal how this all relates to our past and current Political theater and the future of the human experiment.

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Update on Earth Alliance meetings on Ganymede with Intergalactic Confederation

EXOPOLITICS TODAY with Dr. Michael Salla

US Army Soldier Blows Whistle on Secret Missions to Ganymede & the Moon
JP has served for almost two years in the US Army and has come forward to give his first interview discussing secret military missions by an international space coalition to the Moon, Ganymede and other locations in the solar system. In this exclusive Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses his background, why he decided to join the US Army, secret missions to Earth's Moon and Jupiter's moon, Ganymede, where he met with different extraterrestrial entities. He says that a group of recently arrived highly evolved extraterrestrials are having life changing effects with soldiers and others with whom they come into contact.    JP is keeping his name and physical appearance confidential to preserve his career, but is encouraging other former or serving US military personnel to come forward to share their own extraterrestrial related experiences. In this video interview, I've only included the audio to protect his identity.    I have known JP since 2008, and believe he is very sincere and a credible witness. I have written an extensive number of articles on his UFO photos, ET Contact and secret space program experiences which are available here:    At the end of our interview, I have included a short 3.5 minute video created by JP where he personally discusses the impact of the Ganymede missions on him and other soldiers.    If anyone else currently serving in the US military would like to contact me regarding their own knowledge and/or experiences regarding recent Moon, Ganymede or other solar system missions, I can be reached at     Michael Salla, Ph.D.
November 24, 2021
French Contactee confirms Intergalactic Confederation is seeding human worlds
Robert L is an  extraterrestrial contactee from France who says that in 1969 he spent  nearly a year in a secret base in the Himalayas where he participated in  a genetic experiment to seed human life on a planet in another galaxy.  After completing his year-long stay at the base, Robert was returned to  France and was told to remain silent, which he did for nearly 40 years  until 2005, when he first went public.
November 22, 2021
Alex Collier on the Andromeda Council & Human Liberation
In  this Exopolitics Today interview, Alex Collier discusses the Andromedan  Council and their multifaceted approach to freeing humanity and  preventing a galactic tyranny from emerging 350 years in the future.  Alex discussed how the Andromedans instigated a broad alliance of  extraterrestrial civilizations to intervene on humanity’s behalf against  negative groups, and how this alliance has led to a global awakening  and liberation of our solar system. Alex pointsed out that negative  extraterrestrial groups have been largely eliminated as a threat in our  solar system, and that we are on a positive timeline where humanity will  soon eliminate the last vestiges of negative control groups. Alex has  spent 30 years discussing the roles of positive and negative  extraterrestrial influences on Earth, and his information has taken on  greater relevance today with the unprecedented growth in awareness of  humanity’s true situation with off-planet visitors and their human  minions. Alex Collier’s website is
November 21, 2021
Contact with the Council of Nine & Roddenberry’s Star Trek Future
One of the most  intriguing aspects of Gene Roddenberry’s creation of the Star Trek  franchise was his relationship with a mysterious extraterrestrial group  calling itself the Council of Nine that were being channeled by the  psychic Phyllis Schlemmer in the 1970s. Roddenberry sat in on channeling  sessions from 1974 to 1975, and participated in Q & A’s that were  recorded in Schlemmer’s 1993 book, the Only Planet of Choice.
November 5, 2021
Secret Underground War reaches its Final Countdown
According to Val  Nek, a High Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, we have  entered the Final Countdown in an epic behind the scenes war taking  place in remote underground facilities scattered throughout the US and  the rest of the planet. His latest update, relayed through his  contactee, Megan Rose, gives many details on coordinated military  campaigns conducted by special forces belonging to an Earth Alliance  working alongside their peers from the Galactic Federation aiming to  remove the last remnants of a Deep State extraterrestrial alliance  ensconced in multiple underground facilities.
October 26, 2021
Update on Earth Alliance meetings on Ganymede with Intergalactic Confederation
On October 15, I received an update on the recent meetings on Ganymede between representatives of the Earth Alliance with several extraterrestrial organizations and a new group entering our solar system—the Intergalactic Confederation. The update from Val Nek, relayed through Megan Rose, makes for a total of four independent sources reporting on Ganymede being the site of meetings with a highly evolved new group of extraterrestrial visitors to our solar system.    The is an audio version of an article published on October 17, 2021, and narrated by the author Dr. Michael Salla. For original article with links and references, go to:  I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek’s update and sharing her drawing of the incoming extraterrestrial space fleet. Her YouTube channel is
October 17, 2021
Earth Alliance Mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors & inaugurate a Star Trek Future
A fleet of spacecraft from a highly evolved group of friendly extraterrestrial visitors has arrived in our solar system and established a presence on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, according to three independent sources familiar with unfolding events in deep space. This latest intel coincides with William Shatner, globally revered for his role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, being launched into space on October 13, a likely cover for him playing a significant role in unfolding events on Ganymede.
October 13, 2021
Were Facebook & Social Media Blackouts due to Capture of Tall Gray Aliens?
On October 3, I  reported on the sensational news that nine Tall Gray (Eban)  extraterrestrials had been captured by the Galactic Federation of Worlds  only four days earlier, which has sparked quite a bit of online  interest and debate. These Grays were allegedly the same leadership  group that had reached agreements with the Eisenhower Administration in  the 1950s, and were subsequently key players in the New World Order that  had been secretly set up by their Deep State partners. Only five days  after the reported capture, Facebook, Instagram and Whatapp all  experienced blackouts on October 4. A coincidence? Not so according to  the latest updates from two Galactic Federation representatives, Val Nek  and Thor Han, as relayed through independent sources.
October 7, 2021
Have Tall Gray alien leaders just been captured by the Galactic Federation?
On September 30,  I received an update from Elena Danaan and her extraterrestrial  contact, Thor Han Eredyon, concerning a contingent of Tall Gray alien  leaders from Orion who had just been captured by the Galactic Federation  of Worlds. It was claimed that the Tall Grays were the same aliens that  had in the 1950s reached an agreement with the Majestic 12 Group  without President Eisenhower’s approval, and selling out humanity in the  process. If accurate, the capture marked a major step forward in  humanity taking back control of the solar system.
October 3, 2021
China gives Dark Fleet Antarctica Bases to Earth Alliance for building future Space Fleets
On September 24,  I received a new update about recent developments in Antarctica  concerning former Dark Fleet bases taken over by China, and how these  were being turned over to the Earth Alliance as a result of the Jupiter  Agreements. The update was released by Val Nek, from the Galactic  Federation of Worlds, through Megan Rose who again relayed the  information.
September 27, 2021
Are Secret Moon Construction Projects causing a Worldwide Labor Shortage?
Thousands  of small businesses have closed down in the US and around the world due  to stringent lockdowns and other health restrictions caused by official  government policies concerning the Covid 19 virus. Such business  closures would normally result in a surplus of workers in a depressed  labor market, where wages contract as millions compete for fewer  available jobs. However, the opposite has happened in the US, which has  greatly puzzled economists and financial experts. Today,  thousands of companies are desperate for labor and are offering bonuses  and inducements for new workers to sign on.  This is how Newsweek explains the current US situation:
September 22, 2021
We Will Never Let You Down (Book Review)
We Will Never Let You Down is an extraordinary new book that gives unprecedented insights into the operations and philosophies of various extraterrestrial organizations operating in our solar system. The author, Elena Danaan, shared her memories of direct contact experiences and conversations with many extraterrestrials working with one of these organizations—the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Her book is a remarkable revelation about galactic politics and extraterrestrial intervention on our planet.
September 20, 2021
Are suppressed healing technologies being mass produced on the Moon for public release?
On September 11, I received an important update concerning the impending public release of advanced healing technologies that are being mass produced on the Moon, as a result of the Jupiter Agreements involving military and space program officials from 14 nations and cutting-edge aerospace companies that occurred back in July. The update was given by Val Nek, a High Commander of the Galactic Federation of Worlds who took part in the Jupiter Agreements, according to Megan Rose who relayed Val Nek’s intel.   This is an audiovisual version of an article published on Sept 14, 2021 and narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.   I wish to thank Megan Rose for relaying Val Nek's information and answers to me.   For links and references go to:
September 15, 2021
Galactic Federation is helping humanity build a Starfleet for Planetary Defense
According to Val Nek, a High Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Earth is undergoing a major power shift with the exodus of the Dark Fleet and their Draco Reptilian and Orion allies from our solar system. In his latest communication, relayed through one of his contactees, Megan Rose, we learn more about the status of unfolding events on Earth and our solar system, especially concerning the construction of huge motherships in Earth orbit that will serve as international outposts, and the development of a Starfleet for planetary defense. You can read the article at my website:
September 10, 2021
Did the Galactic Federation just release its Prime Directive?
In this Exopolitics Today interview, Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, discusses a recent communication she received that details the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena is publicly releasing the ten articles making up the Prime Directive, along with commentary by her primary extraterrestrial contact, Thor Han Eredyon. The contents of the Prime Directive are known to participants in secret meetings and agreements that have occurred between the Galactic Federation and national space program leaders and major aerospace corporations. Its contents have not been publicly released until today.  In the discussion with Dr Michael Salla, the contents and implications of the Prime Directive are analyzed in terms of their scope and implications for humanity.   The  Galactic Federation of Worlds Prime Directive is available online at:
September 6, 2021
Has US Space Command received advanced tech from Galactic Federation?
The Galactic Federation of Worlds is sharing advanced technologies with the US Space Command to prevent future infiltration by hostile extraterrestrials according to the latest update by one of two known ‘contactees’ working with the Federation. On August 29, I got an update from Megan Rose regarding a communication she had just received from her primary Galactic Federation source, Val Nek. The information is very significant given real-time events concerning outer space and the creation of new satellite systems....   This is an audiovisual version of an article published on Sept 1, 2021 and narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.   For links and references go to:
September 1, 2021
Interview on Dark Fleet Exodus from Ceres & Mars
The latest intelligence from the Galactic Federation of Worlds is that the planetoid Ceres, has just been liberated, according to extraterrestrial contactee and former French archeologist, Elena Danaan.  In this Exopolitics Today interview, Elena presents the most recent intel she has received from her primary Federation contact, Thor Han Eredyon. about Ceres and Mars. Tony Rodrigues, who claims to have spent approximately 13 years on Ceres as a slave for the Dark Fleet, along with having spent several months on Mars, is also interviewed about his experiences.   Both Elena and Tony are questioned by Dr. Michael Salla about their reactions to the latest updates from the Galactic Federation, and what it means for humanity's expansion into space. Find out how the Galactic Federation works with the Earth Alliance in liberating worlds formerly controlled by the Dark Fleet and their extraterrestrial allies. Learn what happens when a world is liberated from its former overlords, and what expectations the Galactic Federation has for Earth nations in taking control over our solar system. Discover how the Artemis Accords fit into unfolding events in our solar system.
August 31, 2021
2nd Source on Jupiter Meetings & Galactic Federation Intervention in Solar System
A second source on an alleged set of meetings above Jupiter has come forward to share more details of what occurred and more startling information about the Galactic Federation of Worlds intervening in our solar system. Megan Rose is a registered nurse in the US State of Florida who claims to be an extraterrestrial contactee with the Galactic Federation.    In this Exopolitics Today interview, Megan begins by discussing two alien abduction experiences at ages 5 and 9, respectively, where she was rescued by members of the Galactic Federation. She identifies her primary rescuers as two Galactic Federation pilots and warriors, Val Nek and Thor Han.    In 2019, Megan regained memories of her childhood abductions and rescues. She described a physical implant she was given which enables her to remain in touch with Val Nek who regularly communicates with her in a similar manner to how Thor Han communicates with Elena Danaan, another contactee with the Galactic Federation.   In the interview Megan discussed a telepathic message she received from Val Nek with additional details of the July 2021 meetings on Jupiter. She provides new details on Galactic Federation intervention on the Earth, Moon and Mars. Megan Rose's information provides a crucial second source on the Jupiter meetings, and corroborates information earlier revealed  by Elena Danaan.
August 28, 2021
Did US Space Command Leader just confirm Jupiter Agreements?
This week, US Space Command leader, General James Dickinson confirmed that over 100 agreements have been reached with different countries, agencies, and corporations for space related activities. Only a month earlier, General Dickinson allegedly attended a series of meetings above Jupiter where comprehensive agreements were reached between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and 14 spacefaring nations, including CEOs from major aerospace companies.    The goals of the Jupiter Meetings/Agreements were to regulate space activities in our solar system and release advanced technologies to the civilian sector. The US was chosen as the lead nation for heading the Executive Committee of six nations that would be responsible for managing humanity's expansion into the solar system.   In this episode of Exopolitics Today, Dr Michael Salla examines Gen Dickinson's recent statement and explains why it is compelling circumstantial evidence that the Jupiter meetings did occur.
August 28, 2021
Plans for a Star Trek Future began with US Navy in the 1950s
Exopolitics Today Podcast identifying the history, planning and creation of a Star Trek Future that secretly date back to the 1950s, and is most recently revealed in the recommendations of a 2019 Space Futures Workshop. The creation of a multinational space alliance, the Artemis Accords, intervention by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and an unknown Temporal War involving the Earth, Moon and Mars are among some of the recent space developments relevant to an unfolding Star Trek future for humanity. For links, references and Podcast transcript go to: Our Star Trek Future Webinar, Sept 11, 2021:
August 23, 2021
Did Bezos, Branson & Musk secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation?
On July 11, to much fanfare, Richard Branson traveled on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft for a highly publicized trip to the edge of space—defined by NASA as beginning at an altitude of 50 miles (80 km). A week later, he was followed by Jeff Bezos, who flew in a Blue Origin spacecraft to just above the Von Karman line, an altitude of 62 miles (100 km), the worldwide standard for the start of space. Around the same time, on July 23, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX was given the highly prized contract to launch NASA's Europa Clipper mission to Jupiter by 2024.   What unites these three disparate space events involving pioneering aerospace CEOs is a claim by a former French archeologist, Elena Danaan, that a series of secret meetings were held in a floating extraterrestrial base (city) in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter in mid-July.   This is an audio version of an article published on August 17, 2021 and narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.
August 18, 2021
Update on Jupiter Meetings with the Galactic Federation of Worlds
More information has become available that better clarifies what happened at a set of secret meetings that took place in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter in mid-July involving representatives from different spacefaring nations and the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena Danaan, who first released news of the dramatic meetings from her extraterrestrial contact, Thor Han Eredyon, has provided a diagram along with further explanatory comments that help considerably in getting a better idea of the different nations, corporations, and organizations that participated in the meetings, and the selection process for the nation that would be chiefly responsible for coordinating humanity in taking responsibility for the solar system – the USA.   This is an audio version of an article published on August 10, 2021 and narrated by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.  For links and references go to:  [Note: I wish to thank Elena Danaan for illustrating the sequence of meetings held above Jupiter, and of some of the craft used to transport delegates, and kindly giving me permission to use them in this article. MS]
August 11, 2021
Update on Galactic Federation Intervention in our Solar System
In this Exopolitics Today interview, Elena Danaan begins by giving a short account of her work as a professional archeologist for 20 years, and what she learned during her time in Egypt and evidence of extraterrestrial life. She goes on to give a comprehensive update on ongoing "Galactic Federation of Worlds" intervention on the Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos and recent diplomatic meetings on Jupiter, which handed over responsibility of the solar system to a consortium of space faring nations making up the Artemis Accords.    Elena discusses how regressive extraterrestrial alliances—the Draco Reptilians and Orion Alliance—have been forced to abandon many of their outposts in the solar system. This has not only impacted the German-led "Dark Fleet" but also the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which used Antarctica and Mars as major bases of operations. Both the Dark Fleet and ICC have been forced to evacuate facilities on Earth, Moon, Mars, and elsewhere in the solar system according to Elena. On Mars, this has led to major bases being evacuated and the liberation of a captive slave work force.    Elena's startling information is corroborated by major developments in space as explained by Dr Michael Salla, who gives an account of how the Artemis Accords has led to major spacefaring nations quickly setting up space commands that aim to work alongside the US Space Command. Critically important is the eclipse of large aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumann, Boeing, etc., that were affiliated with the ICC, and the rise of new aerospace companies such as Space X and Blue Origin which are being contracts by NASA to achieve important goals under the Artemis Accords. The truth that emerges is that the Galactic Federation is encouraging the Earth Alliance/Artemis Accords nations to work with new "progressive companies", rather than those previously associated with the discredited ICC.    What is vitally important about Elena's information is that it is real time observations by a member of the Galactic Federation who has been given permission to reveal the truth of what is happening today on Earth, the Moon and elsewhere in our solar system.
August 7, 2021
Was Mars moon Phobos just liberated from hostile extraterrestrial control?
According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, the latest real-time intelligence data received from the Galactic Federation of Worlds is that Mars’ largest moon, Phobos, has just been liberated from a hostile extraterrestrial group she identifies as small Gray aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Her startling information is supported by scientific data and historical evidence indicating that an aggressive extraterrestrial species was indeed based somewhere in the interior of Phobos and was opposed to humans gaining any detailed knowledge of what was happening there.
July 29, 2021
Reusable Rockets mark the launch of Two-Tiered space systems
On July 20, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was one of the astronauts launched by  a reusable Blue Origin rocket above the Von Karman line—the official start of space (100 km). Reusable booster rockets are now being used by multiple companies thanks to SpaceX pioneering efforts. This will lead to cheap space travel, space tourism, space mining, bases on Moon, colonization of Mars, etc.    A major shift has recently happened in exopolitical (extraterrestrial) affairs making it possible for civilian space programs to participate in the colonization of space. Multiple sources claim agreements have been reached between national space programs and extraterrestrial associations for humanity to take charge of our solar system.     Unfortunately, the development of reusable rockets marks the launch of a two tiered space system. The civilian space industry will be dependent on reusable rockets for space programs due to their affordability. In contrast, the world's militaries, intelligence services and major aerospace companies will instead use exotic propulsion systems such as antigravity, antimatter and torsion fields, and will resist efforts to release these into the public arena for national security reasons.
July 23, 2021
Secret meetings near Jupiter decide the future of our Solar System?
Agreements have  been passed on Jupiter yesterday between the different progressive  galactic coalitions and Terran military forces, to share the use and the  protection of this star system, regarding to economic and military  domains, in preparation for the future. Territories of action have been  set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their system. The  US was the lead representative in these series of meetings; they were  chosen by the GFW because of their abilities, resources, and goals, best  able to guarantee a sustainable and glorious future for off-world  humankind.
July 19, 2021
The Cosmic Hoax: What’s Coming?
On July 4, Dr. Steven Greer released his latest documentary film - The Cosmic Hoax. In it, he presented evidence of a decades-long plan to stage an alien false flag invasion. He described multiple aspects of the plan and key figures in its implementation. He asserts that the staged event is imminent given recent developments in the mass media and US politics. What's missing in Dr Greer's analysis of a Cosmic Hoax is another kind of alien false flag event.    In this Exopolitics Today podcast, Dr. Michael Salla examines The Cosmic Hoax, pointing out its strengths and shortcomings as an expose on a future alien psyop, especially when it comes to a very different kind of staged alien event - an 'Alien Rescue' or 'Salvation'.
July 8, 2021
Leaked Summary of Classified UAP Report - Genuine or Disinformation?
On June 30, veteran UFO researcher Richard Dolan released a leaked summary of the classified version of the UAP report delivered to the US Senate five days earlier. The alleged summary asserts that members of Congress were informed of eight breakthrough propulsion technologies being studied and tested at Nevada's Area 51 and Tonopah Test Range. None of the advanced propulsion technologies were deployed outside of these testing facilities, according to the summary, and therefore none of craft identified in the June 25 UAP report belong to the US. This Exopolitics Today podcast examines competing claims over whether evidence exists that such craft have been successfully built and deployed by different branches of the US military.
July 6, 2021
Multiple 'Galactic Federations' are Intervening in Human Affairs - Part 2
In part one of this series, I discussed remote viewing sessions conducted by the Farsight Institute on the 'Galactic Federation of Worlds', which has allegedly been intervening on Earth from remote antiquity and even played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity. When examining the work of multiple insiders and 'contactees', however, it becomes clear that there is more than one association of human-like interplanetary civilizations using names similar to or adaptions of 'Galactic Federation'....   This is an audio version of an article published on on June 29 which is available together with links and references here:
July 1, 2021
Remote Viewing the Galactic Federation of Worlds - Part 1
In this two part series of articles, I plan to discuss five interplanetary organizations that have been described by different insiders and contactees that are relevant to any discussion of a Galactic Federation. Three of them can be easily confused as their membership, functions, and activities can overlap but nevertheless have significant differences. Two other interplanetary organizations are often cited as antagonists to the Galactic Federation and are therefore easier to identify.
June 26, 2021
Is the 4th Reich's Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica?
According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist who  claims to be a contactee with the 'Galactic Federation of Worlds', an  exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled "Dark Fleet" is currently  underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are  trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica. Her information comes  from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades  she identifies as ‘Thor Han’, and a current resident at the US McMurdo  base who goes by the name 'Frank', and whose last name I will keep  private....
June 12, 2021
June UAP Report will Confirm UFOs are Real but Intel Community disagrees over their Origins
On June 4, five intelligence sources familiar with the contents of the yet to be released June UAP report prepared for the US Senate Intelligence Committee revealed some of its key findings to major news sites including CNN and New York Times. The sources said that there was no consensus over the origins of the UFOs in terms of extraterrestrial, Chinese or Russian aerospace technologies, but that their threat to national security made them an important priority for the intelligence community.  In this Exopolitics Today podcast, Dr. Michael Salla examines what the June UAP report will focus on based on intelligence source leaks, and how this represents a looming deception for which the general public needs to be fully prepared.   Podcast Links CNN article: New York Times article: Antarctica, Dark Fleet & Humanity's Liberation Webinar recording: June 19 Webinar, The Untold History of America's Reverse Engineering of Alien Spacecraft:   More links and info at:
June 7, 2021
The Untold History of America’s Reverse Engineering of Alien Spacecraft
In the immediate post-World War II era, leaked documents reveal that the US military embarked on an ambitious research and development program aiming to reverse engineer recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft.  In this webinar, Dr. Michael Salla, author of the best-selling Secret Space Programs series will reveal the full extent of the massive reverse engineering efforts set up in the US since the mid-1940s,  and how this relates to the scheduled June 2021 Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon report to be delivered to the US Congress.
May 30, 2021
Is Deep State silencing Insiders that threaten 'UFOs are a National Security Threat' Narrative?
Recently, two insiders who had previously stated that some UFOs are reverse engineered spacecraft developed by major US  aerospace corporations were silenced in different ways. This Exopolitics Today Podcast examines the April 6 retraction by former Air Force Electronics Specialist, Mike Turber, of his testimony asserting the 2004 Tic Tac Incident involved classified Air Force craft being tested against the Navy's USS Nimitz battle group.  One week later on April 13, Mark McCandlish, widely known for his 2001 UFO Disclosure Project testimony about three Alien Reproduction Vehicles seen in 1988 at Edwards Air Force Base was found dead from a shot gun blast to the head.   The podcast examines these two separate incidents in light of the coming June 2021 Intelligence Community UAP report to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, and whether there's a connection given  they each threatened the emerging UFOs are a national security threat narrative that is being promoted by the mainstream media.
May 30, 2021
SSP Alliance Updates Resume – Dark Fleet, Earth, Moon & Mars Briefings
An interview with Corey Goode about the latest Secret Space Programs  (SSP) Alliance updates. Corey describes being taken on board a Mayan SSP  craft where he met with his long time contact, Gonzales, who briefed  him on the current situation on the Earth, Moon and Mars, activities of  the Dark Fleet, and what is happening outside of our solar system.
May 10, 2021
An overview of Human-looking extraterrestrials & their agendas - 4th Interview with Elena Danaan
In this interview with Dr. Michael Salla on Exopolitics Today, Elena Danaan gives an overview of the origins, history, and alliances of different human looking extraterrestrials as they relate to recent Earth history. She explains  how different human extraterrestrials from Aldebaran and Alcyone (rebel Pleiadians) interacted with Nazi Germany and Draco Reptilian extraterrestrials.    Discussion also covers the recent liberation of the Moon by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and how this has been handed over to humans to determine their destiny. Recent official announcements by different national space agencies that humans will return to the Moon beginning in 2024, are discussed in relation to these recent developments.
April 27, 2021
Nazis and Reptilians in Antarctica – Uncovering the Truth through Remote Viewing
The Farsight Institute has just released the results of multiple remote viewing sessions focusing on the true history of Antarctica in terms of a breakaway German colony established there with the help of extraterrestrials during the World War II era. The remote viewing sessions were conducted using a rigorous blind scientific protocol developed by Dr. Courtney Brown, and the results were, frankly, very impressive....  This is an audio version of an article published on on April 21, 2021 by the author, Dr. Michael Salla.    Correction: Aziz Brown is Dr. Courtney Brown's son.  
April 22, 2021
Galactic Federation Intervention on Mars, Moon & Earth
In this third interview on Exopolitics Today with Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan discusses Galactic Federation operations against repressive extraterrestrial races on Mars, the Moon and Earth. Elena describes a Galactic Federation military intervention against Draconian (Ciakar) Reptilian and Tall Gray bases on  Mars that she telepathically witnessed through her primary ET contact, Thor Han. She further explains how the Galactic Federation is able to intervene against advanced technologies built by the Deep State with the help of repressive alien groups designed to control and manipulate humanity. Finally, Elena discusses some spiritual techniques people can use to protect themselves against negative alien groups and how to raise one's frequency and consciousness.       Earlier Exopolitics Today Interviews with Elena Danaan "Supersoldiers & Extraterrestrial  Agreements: Interview with Elena Danaan on Death of Stephen Chua"​ "Extraterrestrial Contact & the Galactic Federation - 2nd Interview with Elena Danaan": Elena Danaan Information Website:  YouTube Channel:​   [Correction: In the interview Michael Salla misspoke when he said he first encountered Drunvalo Melchizadek's 'Flower of Life' material in the 1980s, it was actually around 2001 that he first learned about it and subsequently did one of the Flower of Life workshops.]
April 11, 2021
Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming?
Exopolitics Today Podcast discussing recent claims by Dr. Steven Greer that an Alien False Flag event is being planned by the Deep State, as best evidenced by political developments surrounding the upcoming June 2021 release of an Intelligence Community report on the threat posed by UFOs active near US naval war exercizes and military facilities in general.  Dr. Michael Salla examines the genesis of warnings concerning an alien false flag event, and the likelihood it will happen under the current Joe Biden Presidential administration.    Podcast Links:  Dr Steven Greer, Urgent Update:​ Dr Carol Rosin, Disclosure Project Presentation on Werner Von Braun's Alien False Flag Warning:​ Article discussing Benenson Strategy Group recommendations concerning an alien false flag event:​ For further reading visit:
April 9, 2021
Extraterrestrial Contact & the Galactic Federation – 2nd Interview with Elena Danaan
In our 2nd interview, Elena Danaan recounts her personal contact experiences, the most dramatic of which involved an abduction at age nine by five gray aliens. In the midst of two medical procedures involving implants, she was  rescued by two human looking extraterrestrials using laser weapons. In the interview, Elena explains how her rescuers repurposed one of the implants so they could subsequently remain in telepathic communications. Elena learned that her rescuers belong to a Galactic Federation of Worlds that is helping Earth's Great Awakening.    Elena explains how the Galactic Federation first became interested in Earth after it was advised by another extraterrestrial political organization, the Andromeda Council, that a future galactic tyranny could be traced back to Earth in the present era. This matches the testimony of Alex Collier who said, around 1991, that the sudden appearance of a galactic tyranny four hundred years in our future could be traced back to the Earth, Moon and Mars.    Elena recounts how President Eisenhower was betrayed by the Majestic-12 Group which made an agreement with Gray aliens without his permission. This matches insider accounts that Eisenhower was on the verge of ordering the US Army to take over the Area 51 S-4 facility controlled by the MJ-12 Group in 1958 for their failure to fully brief him on their activities.    Elena further  explains how in November 2018, she was advised by one of her alien rescuers, Thorhan, that in two years, the Earth would enter a very dangerous phase, but at the end of it, humanity would be liberated by the dark forces that have controlled it for centuries. This brings us to contemporary political events and multiple insider accounts that claim White Hats have set the stage for a series of earth shattering announcements.      Watch this fascinating interview for a glimpse into how different extraterrestrial factions are battling one another to steer humanity's destiny.    Michael Salla, Ph.D.
March 22, 2021
Pope endorses Great Reset while Vatican hides environmentally friendly technologies
On March 16, a book length interview of Pope Francis was published where he calls for the creation of a New World Order and Great Reset  following the Covid-19 Pandemic. He claims that this will allow for a  global redistribution of wealth from richer to poorer countries, and  solve environmental problems caused by fossil fuels. The problem with the Pope’s bold assertions is that the Vatican has  secretly participated in the research and development of advanced  technologies, and hidden this from the public sector for well over a  century. In this Exopolitics Today podcast, Dr. Michael Salla discusses  the secret Vatican involvement in classified research on advanced  technologies that could end the fossil fuel industry overnight and solve  many environmental problems if fully disclosed.
March 16, 2021
Supersoldiers & Extraterrestrial Agreements: Interview with Elena Danaan on Death of Stephen Chua
This is a recorded interview of Elena Danaan by Dr Michael Salla about the death of Stephen Chua, a supersoldier from Singapore who only a week earlier had given his first public interview about his training and military experiences. Elena discusses Stephen's sudden death on March 3, 2021, and the international organization he had belonged to that arranged for him and other supersoldiers to perform a variety of duties involving extraterrestrial life on Earth.  Interview covers historic agreements reached by world leaders with extraterrestrial life, and how these are upheld by a cadre of highly trained supersoldiers.
March 15, 2021
Are Middle East Wars a cover for Soldiers being sent to fight Extraterrestrials?
A March 9 Zero Hedge article presents nine signs why the Biden administration is moving towards increased US military intervention in Syria and against Iran. In this Exopolitics Today Podcast, Dr Michael Salla examines how these looming Middle East wars are a cover not only for Deep State activities such as searching for extraterrestrial artifacts and to fund a CIA black budget supporting secret space programs, but also for human soldiers to fight extraterrestrials in conflict zones. The podcast discusses  extraterrestrial agreements dating back over a millennia, and the need for the Deep State to fulfill quotas of soldiers that are  regularly sacrificed through wars contrived by the Deep State.
March 11, 2021
Techno Governments are Coming: Full Disclosure Needed More Than Ever
On February 26, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak formally proposed legislation that would authorize Techno-Governments. The legislation would allow companies working in innovative areas such as blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, etc., to be granted the authority of a County  Government for tracts of virgin land greater than 50,000 acres. This would mean big tech companies can establish smart cities from the ground up, and control judicial, educational, police and other county level governing authorities. In this Exopolitics Today Podcast, Dr. Michael Salla discusses the proposed Bill, and why it makes the need for "full disclosure" more urgent than ever before.
February 28, 2021
Narenda Modi & Restoring India's Ancient Vedic Science: Vimanas & Genetic Supersoldiers
On February 15, Time published an article depicting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an unreliable democratic ally due to his right wing Hindu Nationalist policies that discriminate against religious minorities. The article is one among many in the mainstream media that increasingly vilify or demonize Modi and his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), as violent extremists.  In this Exopolitics Today podcast, I describe the main reason why the Deep State is opposed to Modi - his intent on restoring India's ancient advanced technologies such as Vimanas (antigravity spacecraft) & genetically engineered supersoldiers. Modi is locked in a ferocious battle with the Indian branch of the "Deep State" that wants to restrict access and knowledge of India's Ancient Vedic Science  to a select few. In contrast, Modi wants Indian scientists to be given open access to ancient artifacts detailing the schematics, and operations of these super technologies.  Modi is India's version of Donald Trump who faced similar problems from the Deep State when he attempted to "white world" many of the black projects studied in corporate facilities.  Modi and Trump have partnered in an "Earth Alliance", alongside other world leaders such as Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping in releasing advanced technologies gained from ancient artifacts or crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.  Links: Time article is available here:
February 16, 2021
Deep State targets Xi Jinping in effort to stop Earth Alliance & Global Revolution
The Atlantic Council recently released a policy paper on its website  titled: “The Longer Telegram: Toward a new American China Strategy”. The  paper raised a firestorm of controversy due to it asserting that US  policy should aim to remove China’s paramount leader Xi Jinping from  political power. The idea that Xi’s removal would leader to a more  democratic China under Communist Party rule is nonsense. His removal  would ultimately enable the return to power of the Jiang Zemin faction  of China’s Communist Party, which has worked closely with the US and  European branches of the Deep State in suppressing the public release of  thousands of advanced technologies.
February 11, 2021
The Earth Alliance, Full Disclosure & the Coming Global Revolution
As the predicted days of darkness temporarily settle in upon the US and  world stage, a great effort is taking place behind-the-scenes over the  future direction of humanity as many White Hat groups and leaders are  stealthily overturning Deep State operations. Among such groups is the  Earth Alliance, a loose association of military and political White Hats  from major countries who have been battling the Deep State over the  extent and pace of releasing advanced technologies used in secret space  programs to ultimately reveal the truth about extraterrestrial life. Webinar Date: February 27, 2021 (Saturday) 11 am – 3.30 pm PST/ 2 – 6.30 pm EST USA (Includes Q&A at the end) Cost: $55. Webinar Registration
February 6, 2021
Was Earth’s Secret Occult Ruler eliminated in US led takedown of Global Deep State?
On January 15,  it was announced by multiple news sites that Baron Benjamin de  Rothschild unexpectedly died of a heart attack at the age of 57 while at  his Swiss home. According to best-selling author David Wilcock,  Rothschild was the world’s “Pindar” – the secret occult ruler of our  planet reporting directly to off world extraterrestrial masters.
January 20, 2021
Britain’s SAS & Global SpecOps trained to fight extraterrestrials
On January 9, Britain’s Daily Star ran a story about elite SAS personnel  being trained to fight any potential adversary including  extraterrestrials. Rather than such training being based on a remote  possibility, multiple sources have revealed that elite military forces  from around the world have been secretly recruited, and trained to fight  visiting extraterrestrials. In this Exopolitics Today podcast, Dr.  Michael Salla discusses the news about Britain’s SAS in the context of  historic reports of firefights between military personnel and  extraterrestrials. Daily Star: “Special SAS unit has been trained to respond to an alien invasion of Earth“ The Mars Records/Michael Relfe Planetary Intervention Image of ET crouching with weapon
January 17, 2021
President Kennedy’s UFO quest led to his Assassination & a Deep State Coup
I am delighted to announce that Kennedy’s Last Stand: UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination has just been released as an audible book.  This book explains how Kennedy acquired a deep knowledge of UFOs (aka  flying saucers) and their origins during his military service for the  Office of Naval Intelligence in 1942, and his subsequent travel to  Occupied Germany in July 1945 as a guest of Secretary of the US Navy  James Forrestal.
January 7, 2021
Exopolitics & the 2nd American Revolution
Today, we are in the midst of a Second American Revolution where Deep State, rather than British, tyranny is to be overthrown. In the process, the advanced technologies that have been hoarded, exploited, and used against the American and global citizenry will be revealed for the first time to the world. Understanding the dynamics of this Second American Revolution requires an “expolitical” perspective on the origins of advanced technologies that were clandestinely reverse engineered and used as key instruments for maintaining the Deep State’s tyranny. The release of these advanced technologies will not only restore the American Republic but also usher in a Galactic age of unprecedented global prosperity.   This all new 4-hr Webinar intensive will reveal the inner workings of the Deep State’s historical actions leading to today’s public exposure, while also explaining how Trump plans to use America’s secret technologies to obliterate their sinister worldwide stranglehold. The time is now. America is undergoing its 2nd Great Revolution and its impact and reach promises to change the world to one filled with hope and freedom once again.
January 2, 2021
Controversy over Israeli Scientist claims of US Alien agreement & Galactic Federation
On December 4,  Professor Haim Eshed generated worldwide headlines when in an interview  published by the Israeli national newspaper, Yedioth Aharonot,  he revealed the existence of a secret US agreement with  extraterrestrials, the existence of a joint US alien base on Mars, and a  Galactic Federation monitoring human affairs. Reactions to the  Professor’s startling revelations varied from those taking the comments  as a major breakthrough on disclosure of extraterrestrial life, to many  claiming he either had lost his mind or his words were distorted during  the translation process.
December 19, 2020
Israeli Scientist reveals US extraterrestrial agreements & joint Mars base
Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel's space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a Galactic Federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major media around the world is covering Prof Eshad's revelations. He further declared that President Trump was on verge of extraterrestrial disclosure but was told to hold back by the Galactic Federation since we weren't at the right level of technological development. Apparently Space Force was help speed up humanity's technology base.   In this podcast, Dr. Michael Salla covers Prof Eshed's revelations, the close historic cooperation between Israel's Mossad, the CIA and the National Reconnaissance Office when it comes to satellite surveillance and the covert use of advanced antigravity craft. He also discusses how the alleged Galactic Federation wants humanity to get closer to Type 1 civilization status according to the Kardashev scale, and how the lifting of national security orders 5800 patent applications could quickly achieve this goal.
December 9, 2020
General Flynn Pardoned: A Helping Hand for coming Revolution
On November 25, President Donald Trump issued a full pardon to Lt Gen Michael Flynn that frees him from a politically driven criminal prosecution. The restoration of his security clearances, which had been withdrawn back in Feb 2017 at the start of the prosecution, will allow him to resume working with the Trump administration. Flynn’s knowledge acquired during his tenure as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency will be instrumental in major disclosure initiatives that lie ahead.
November 29, 2020
Trump Fires Kissinger: Prison Planet has change in Management
On November 25, President Donald Trump sacked 11 members of the influential Defense Policy Board. One was Dr. Henry Kissinger who has a long history of advising U.S. Presidents on national security issues. Less known is his involvement in the MJ-12 Group set up to manage the UFO issue in the 1950s, and his subsequent historic role as a liaison between global leaders with extraterrestrial entities. This exopolitics podcast analyses Kissinger's sacking and its implications for the US, and the rest of the planet.
November 28, 2020
Kennedys Last Stand and the Trump Card
On November 12, 1963, President Kennedy reached a bold agreement with  Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev: joint lunar missions to end the Cold  War. While Kennedy’s earlier September 20, 1963 speech at the United  Nations calling for the Soviets to cooperate on joint space missions and  a moon landing is a well-known historical fact, Khrushchev’s acceptance  less than two months later is virtually unknown to most. Original Article:
November 13, 2020
Space Force sets priorities to prevent future Space War & maintain U.S. dominance
On November 9, General Jay Raymond, the U.S. Space Force’s Chief of Space Operations, released a foundational document outlining the new military service’s priorities and management practices for the U.S. to remain ahead of its major adversaries in space. The 12-page document, “Chief of Space Operations Planning Guidance” (CPG), makes clear that space is now viewed as a “warfighting domain”, and that in order for the U.S. to maintain dominance and deter hostile actions, it needs to take immediate action to integrate, equip, train, and organize its military space assets.    This is an audio version of an article published on on November 11, 2020, and is narrated by the author Michael Salla, Ph.D.  For links and references go to:
November 12, 2020
NATO creates Space Center in Germany in move towards future Star Fleet
On November 22, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that a Space Center would be established at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The base is controlled by the US Air Force and the Space Center will coordinate closely with the newly established US Space Force and Space Command.    The NATO Space Center has been authorized less than two weeks after the Artemis Accords were signed by eight nations. The Artemis Accords establish the framework of a multinational space alliance that cooperate in protecting their personnel, resources and operations in space from "harmful interference".     In addition, the creation of the Space Center comes one year after a Space Futures Workshop where USAF Space Command (now Space Force)) experts discussed the evolution of military affairs in space over the next 40 years. The Space Futures Workshop envisaged 8 feasible scenarios.    The most favorable was a Star Trek future where a US led coalition of nations  dominate space and introduce free-world laws and processes. The least favorable is where a country like China dominates space and introduces laws and processes that promote their own interests.    The creation of a NATO Space Center weeks after the signing of the Artemis Accords and the 2019 creation of a US Space Force and Space Command, is the start of a long process of establishing a Star Trek future. This is the most optimistic space future where Earth and our solar system are protected by a multinational Star Fleet promoting principles of personal liberty, democracy and government transparency.
October 28, 2020
Artemis Accords are a first step to a Space NATO & future Star Fleet
On October 13, the Artemis Accords were signed between the United State and seven allied nations with national space programs: Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, United Arab Emerates and United Kingdom. These are bilateral accords that have mutual defense obligations if any nations experience harmful interference in their explorations of the Moon, Mars, asteroids and minor planets. This is first step towards a Space NATO, and a future Star Fleet. The choice of Artemis as the name for the accords is very significant symbolically given what has been happening in space by rogue entities.
October 17, 2020
Navy Seal recruited as CIA Assassin guarded flying saucers at S-4 Area 51
What follows is my two part series of articles originally published on July 16 and July 19, 2009, on concerning the revelations of an alleged Navy Seal who spent time at  the S-4 facility at Area 51, which he described as a museum for flying  saucers and aliens. The former Seal claimed that guard duty at S-4 was  used as a means of “cooling down” assassins used by the CIA to  permanently silence government critics and/or remove national security  threats.
October 11, 2020
Was Space Force delayed nearly 20 years to facilitate a Space Pearl Harbor?
The recently established United States Space Force is widely considered to be the brainchild of President Donald Trump, which has subsequently aroused suspicion, if not outright opposition, by those believing it to be a grandiose vanity project with no genuine national security significance. However, the first proposal for a Space Force dates back to a bipartisan "Space Commission" established during the Clinton administration that delivered a detailed report on January 11, 2001, recommending a new military space service to be called "Space Corps". The chief goal of the Space Corps would be to prevent a future "Space Pearl Harbor". This is an audio version of an article published on on October 1, 2020, and is narrated by the author Michael Salla, Ph.D.
October 3, 2020
Elon Musk supports Neuralink & Transhumanism against AI - Why Full Disclosure is necessary
Elon Musk goes full transhumanist with his advocacy of Neurallink's brain implant. He believes we need brain implants to combat Artificial Intelligence which will otherwise take over humanity. Important issues at stake here. In this videoblog Dr. Michael Salla explains another way to deal with transhumanism, AI and the automation that is coming - Full disclosure! 
October 2, 2020
Trump and Q on the Invisible Enemy - the Extraterrestrial Factor
QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling them, leading to a "day of reckoning" involving the mass arrest of journalists and politicians.
October 2, 2020
Full response to Tucker Carlson video that off-world vehicles not made on this earth
Tucker Carlson did a short video segment on a New York Times story discussing “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” My response was interspersed in a Special Report by Third Phase of Moon that featured a number of commentators.   ( first publish july 25th)
October 2, 2020
Will a False Flag Asteroid Attack be Staged to Delay the 2020 Presidential Election?
On November 4, 2016, NASA, FEMA, the Department of Energy, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), U.S. Air Force, and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services collaborated in a planning exercise simulating a destructive asteroid impact set for September 20, 2020. The exercise planners envisaged that the asteroid, up to 800 feet (250 meters) in size, would hit somewhere along a narrow band across Southern California or just off the Pacific Coast....    This is an audio version of an article published on on August 31, 2020, and is narrated by the author Michael Salla, Ph.D.
September 24, 2020
Is the Deep State sabotaging Space Force by cutting off Congressional Funding?
This podcast is a response to news that the US Congress is not going to pass the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021, which is necessary for Space Force to receive full funding for fiscal year 2021. I discuss General Ray Raymond's criticism over why a "Continuing Resolution" creates a funding problem for Space Force, which effectively will be blocked from monitoring all that is going on in space.   This is happening at a time when the Deep State is preparing false flag events using its space assets to impact the 2020 election. All this suggests the Deep State is sabotaging Space Force via a Congressional maneuver to blind its monitoring and interception capabilities.
September 19, 2020