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Experience by Design

Experience by Design

By Gary David + Adam Gamwell
This is experience by design, a podcast that brings new perspectives to the experiences we have everyday. Does standing in line always have to suck? Why are airports so uncomfortable? What does it mean to be loyal to a brand? Why do you love being connected but dislike feeling tethered to your smart phone? Can we train people to care about the climate?

Join the expedition to the frontiers of culture and business through the lens of human experience. We're here to make sense of the madness with leading psychologists, cognitive and social scientists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.
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The Roots of User Experience lie with...Homo Habilis? World Usability Day with Elizabeth Rosenzweig
The Roots of User Experience lie with...Homo Habilis? World Usability Day with Elizabeth Rosenzweig Episode Summary Listen to UX professional Elizabeth Rosenzweig talk about the MIT Media Lab origins, creating World Usability Day, and how Homo Habilis was the first person to deal with user complaints.  All that and more in this episode of Experience by Design Episode Notes World  Usability Day is happening on November 14, 2019, and we in large part  have Elizabeth Rosenzweig to thank for it. Listen to Elizabeth describe  her journey from taking pictures in Vermont and a rejection from RISD  and to the MIT Media Lab. We also talk about the relationship between  user experience and customer experience, who stands supreme in that  arrangement. Finally, hear us discuss about how usability can change the  world, and how the first UX professional was likely Homo Habilis. Episode 2
November 18, 2019
The Customer Isn't Always Right
Welcome to Experience by Design Podcast! This is a new series of conversations and reflections on the emergent and exciting field of Experience Design as it relates to business, culture, customers, digital and technological worlds. In this episode hosts Adam Gamwell and Gary David explore the age old adage that "The Customer is Always Right" and find out that, in fact, this isn't always the case. Adam and Gary reflect on and share some takeaways from the first CX Frontiers (CX stands for customer experience) event held in Waltham, Massachusetts in July 2018 that focuses on emerging trends in customer experience and experience design. The question is, then, what to do about it. We've got some takeaways for that.
August 2, 2018