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Experiencing Oxford

Experiencing Oxford

By Ian Davis
Experience Oxford using your senses, memories and emotions in this series, where architect Ian Davis guides his guests through the city's urban landscapes.
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Experiencing Oxford Episode 1: Radcliffe Square
Welcome to the first episode of Experiencing Oxford, the series where we take you on a tour of this beautiful city - a special tour, as you'll experience Oxford using your senses, memories and emotions. This series is the companion podcast to the book Experiencing Oxford, written and illustrated by architect Ian Davis. In this episode, you'll be in the company of Ian himself and his grandson Joseph as they guide you through Radcliffe Square, the heart of the university city. If you've been to Oxford already, this series will help you to expand on your previous encounter. If you've never visited, Ian and guests will show you how the city's remarkable buildings, urban landscapes and streets can be read, felt and understood. You can enjoy this series as a standalone podcast, or you can listen while looking at the paintings and photographs in Ian's book, Experiencing Oxford, available from You'll find accompanying images and further insights into Radcliffe Square in Chapter 5 of the book. Many thanks to Colette Kinsella of Red Hare Media for editing and producing the series.
June 26, 2020