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By Gurpreet Luthra
In Expertease, your host Gurpreet Luthra, talks to experts in the Indian tech industry to tease out their learnings and decode the principles of their craft. Real people, with real stories!

We cover various topics ranging from Design, Product Management, Org Culture, Leadership, Software Development, DevOps and Entrepreneurship. Sit back, grab a cup of chai and enjoy.

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Episode #5 - From Doctor to Coding Architect with Mushtaq Ahmed (Expertease)
In this episode we have an honest and insightful conversation with a dear friend and colleague Mushtaq Ahmed, Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks Pune. We cover topics ranging from his interests, his journey from studying to be a Doctor, then becoming a BA, then a Developer and now a Senior Technical Leader; and his passion for programming. He is a Scala evangelist. In the later part of the podcast we discuss his work with Thirty Meter Telescope(TMT) and architecture principles for building systems at Astronomical scale. Mushtaq Ahmed on LinkedIn: Show Notes and related links on Expertease website:
October 31, 2021
Episode #4 - Insights on Career, Mastery and Craftsmanship with Nikhil Prasad (Expertease)
In this episode we continue our conversation with Nikhil Prasad, CTO and co-founder of tavisca, about his personal beliefs on building an impactful & meaningful engineering career, and the mental models to making decisions at the C-level.  In the previous episode, Nikhil had spoken about how to build an empowered and high-performing Engineering Culture. Nikhil Prasad on LinkedIn: Show Notes and Related Links at Expertease Website:
November 29, 2020
Episode #3 - Empowered Engineering Culture with Nikhil Prasad (Expertease)
In the third episode of Expertease podcast, I speak to Nikhil Prasad, CTO and co-founder of tavisca, about his realization that companies need to provide a higher purpose to employees and how certain simple ideas can lead to building empowering & high-performing organizations. Nikhil says: "A fresher on your team, who likely doesn't understand how company economics work, is not going to be motivated by a mission to triple your revenue." This is a really thought provoking episode that explains how Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose can act as foundational pillars on which an organization can create an empowering engineering culture.  Nikhil Prasad on LinkedIn: Show Notes and Related Links at Expertease Website:
October 02, 2020
Episode #2 - Exiting the Rat Race - The Entrepreneurial Journey of Sandeep Nanu
In the 2nd episode of Expertease podcast, I speak to Sandeep Nanu - a serial entrepreneur, about his principles of building a successful and sustainable consulting firm.  Sandeep talks about his first job as a Web-Designer and the lessons he learnt there, including the important of respecting commitments, being professional, building trust and respecting others time. We discuss his first company, CBeyond -- his challenges in dealing with large corporations and his motivation to instead find a better way to work sustainably, which led him to start WriteClick eventually in 2010. This is a really fun episode, which gives an insight into how Sandeep has prioritized living a fulfilling life over running a rat race. I love his principles!  Sandeep Nanu: Show Notes and Related Links at Expertease Website:
August 01, 2020
Episode #1 - Art of Experience Design with Aditya Karle (Expertease)
In this episode we have a light-hearted chat with Aditya Karle, Head of Design at ThoughtWorks India, to deconstruct the art of Experience Design (XD).  We talk about his journey to becoming a Designer (1:10), getting involved in Software Design, discuss differences between UI design, UX, XD; and then have an interesting chat about applying design thinking to Bengaluru International Airport (28:50).  We finish the podcast with Adi giving us recommendations on books and conferences (53:30) related to design. Aditya Karle, on LinkedIn: Expertease show-notes at
July 22, 2020