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Explicit Honesty

Explicit Honesty

By Explicit Honesty
I meet with strangers from dating apps, and they can ask me anything they want. I'll answer it honestly, as long as I can record what they say.

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Jackson, Who Has A Group Shot As His First Pic
He asks: When did you first realize you were into BDSM? Do you have a "one that got away"? What do you think of my tinder profile? Do you have normal dates or are they all for the podcast?
October 8, 2019
Mike, Who Let Me Pour Wax On His Dick Once
He asks: Why'd you buy a motorcycle? What does sexual compatibility look like to you? Do you crave sexual compatibility with someone? What was the first time you felt sexually compatible with someone? Why are you attracted to emotionally unavailable men? Have you ever left a date immediately after deciding it wasn't gonna work out? Have you thought about kink-specific dating?
October 1, 2019
Mar, Who Is A Gemini Rising
They ask:  If you're queer, why do you hook up with men? How do dudes react when they see all your sex toys? Do you have age cut-offs for who you would date? How do you approach honesty? How do you message guys? How do you get out of a bad date?
August 13, 2019
POWER HOUR: Aiyanna, Who Does Not Have A Foot Fetish
We take a shot (of hard cider) every minute for MORE THAN SIXTY MINUTES, during which time we message Scott, Eric, Theo, Sean, Daniel, Andre, Paul, Jonathan, Tim, Ty, Trevor, Michael, Connor, and Brian. 
August 6, 2019
Martin, Who Has Never Wanted To Be Monogamous With Someone
He asks:  What's something unattractive about me? What's attractive about me? What do you think about Bumble? What does your Bumble profile look like? How would you evaluate the date we just had? Why do you think you're too hot for your own good? How do you feel about ethical nonmonogamy? When was your last big break up?
July 30, 2019
AJ, Who Is Only Looking For Something Casual
He asks: Why don't you message first on Tinder? What are you looking for in terms of casual/serious relationships? Does 'good' sex have an emotionally intimate aspect? What are your feelings on polyamory? Do your parents know about the podcast? Where did your kinks come from? The short story I refer to during the episode can be found here:
July 16, 2019
Robbie, Who Doesn't Respect or Trust Men
 He asks: Have you ever misled someone on a date? Do you stay friends with people you meet on Tinder? What kind of people do you go on dates with? Have you ever had a crush on someone at work? What do you define as good sex?
July 9, 2019
Chris W., Who Is Maybe Not That Straight
He asks:  What is the kinkiest thing you've done? What the sexiest thing you've done that you've most regretted? What's the longest you've gone without having sex What's something weird that you're into? Have you ever dick-shamed someone?
July 2, 2019
Connor, Who Can't Bring Himself to Cum in a Sock
He asks: Who are you dating? What's the longest you've dated someone? What's the first time you ever came? When was the first time you had sex?
June 25, 2019
Jimmy C, Who Hates Lawn On D Profile Photos
He asks:  Why did you swipe right?  Are you into BDSM? Do you like calling people daddy? Would you peg a guy? What's your go to porn category? What are your dealbreakers?
June 18, 2019
Josh, Whose Collarbones Can't Be on Bumble
He asks: What's the inspiration for this podcast? What is the hottest thing someone has done with you? How do you think tinder has changed the dating game? What's a sex thing you want to try? How did your start collecting sex toys?
June 11, 2019
Trevor, Who Spent 6 Hours Making A Powerpoint on Furries
He asks: How many real life penises have you seen? What can a guy to to get you to swipe right on tinder? How many guys from tinder have you slept with? How can you be sexually submissive but still hate men? What kind of porn do you watch? What's the best sex you've ever had? 
June 4, 2019
Chris, Who Thought Sex Was Titty Fucking
He asks: When's the first time you remember being aroused?  What did you think sex was before you found out what it really is?  What kinks are you not into? What was your first experience with porn? Did you ever have nicknames for your genitals?
May 28, 2019
Explicit Honesty - Trailer
Just a taste of what's cumming soon
May 26, 2019