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Exploratory Testing Podcast

Exploratory Testing Podcast

By Exploratory Testing
With a quarter of a century figuring out exploratory testing in companies, Maaret Pyhäjärvi shares perspectives into it. What does the approach to testing that focuses around learning and software quality as multidisciplinary look like and how you could do it better? Tune in for episodes of insights.
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Answer key to bugs
In this episode, Maaret talks about the answer key to bugs we need to find and how we normally don't have one. Exploratory testing is about revealing secrets the software holds, and when we teach exploratory testing, we have answer keys generated by testing that happened before.  Second episode is something out there times two, and eventually with enough practice, getting over the ideas we probably all hold on how weird we sound recorded.
May 30, 2021
Exploratory Testing With Automationist's Gambit
Republishing episode 1 on a new platform: Anchor after reaching 139 listens on Libsyn I want to turn off. The year has turned a lot busier than thought, and with episode 2 in the works, making this available seems like the thing to do.  In this very first episode, Maaret shares two stories of different outputs of exploratory testing to illustrate that in contemporary exploratory testing, test automation is a part of it. The first episode serves mainly the purpose of getting over the procrastination and getting something out there. Hope someone still finds it useful, as it is a start of many.
May 29, 2021