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Extra Dynamic with ur mom ashley

Extra Dynamic with ur mom ashley

By ur mom ashley
Hosted by Ashley Alexander, aka ur mom ashley on YouTube! Here you'll hear about life, relationships, college, or just what crazy things are happening in the Alexander household. Ashley is regularly joined by her friends and family. See more @extradynamicpodcast & @aaashleyk on Instagram :)
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life & my relationship status
feel free to DM me @extradynamicpodcast or @aaashleyk! i love you guys :) thank you for understanding
September 15, 2021
deep rooted insecurities, having no friends, getting through hard times, and ADOPTING A CAT!
In today’s episode - with just me, @aaashleyk - we get into some of my deep rooted insecurities (singing, writing poetry, and just being honest with myself) as well as how I deal with not having a friend group and generally feeling like an outsider. PLUS i got a new cat. A CAT. She is amazing and I love her. Also, please message me about how you guys got through hard times on IG @extradynamicpodcast !!! I’d love to know :))
September 6, 2021
chatting w/ MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS (Kevin & Asher) // college, the impact of teen fiction books, & life in general LOL
BACK WITH MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS KEVIN AND ASHER!! Both go to Stony Brook University (Asher = Marine Biology & Kevin = Psychology). Today we talk about college, living situations, how teen fiction books have affected our lives (+ our favorite ones!), and just our lives in general! I hope you guys enjoy getting to know some of my funniest BFFs hehe
August 9, 2021
THE COLLEGE ADVICE WE WISH WE HAD (ft. AMBER) how to actually make friends & introduce yourself, choosing your major, community vs. 4 year college, gap years, & MORE!
This is probably one of the best podcasts we have recorded 😳I hope this advice will be super useful (especially the skits LOL) & that it helps you guys through your college transition! Once again, feel free to DM us (or comment) on our IG @extradynamicpodcast with your thoughts/experiences! WE HOPE YOU LOVE THIS EPISODE! -Ashley (@aaashleyk) & Amber (@_amberalexander)
July 25, 2021
♡ THE POD IS BACK! (lots of updates - new apartment & post grad life!) ♡
I'M BACK AND HERE TO STAY! I'm so excited to restart the podcast :)) I'm planning on posting either weekly or biweekly + I'll be doing more structured podcasts on certain topics as well as podcasts with friends and family! Remember to visit our IG @extradynamicpodcast (or my personal IG @aaashleyk) with any advice, requests, or feedback! MUCH LOVE, Ashley ♡
July 18, 2021
1 MILLION SUBS & LIFE UPDATE!! My YouTube journey, almost done with college, & more :)
IM BACK AGAIN LOL! Sorry for the break during my midterms, I'm so excited to be back and there will be plenty of podcasts to come! Stay connected by following @extradynamicpodcast on IG, or my personal account @aaashleyk !  
April 12, 2021
ALL about our PERIOD experiences (FUNNY AF STORIES & more!)
y'all.... we have really been through some terrible (but sometimes funny) period experiences. Today, Amber & I are sharing ALL about when we first got our periods up until now! Feel free to listen in whether you get your period or not! At the end we're also joined by our brother Andrew for a catch-up! Xoxo, Ashley (@aaashleyk), Amber (@_amberalexander), & Andrew (@_andrewalexander_)
March 9, 2021
MY FAVORITES!!!! (podcasts, movies, books, beauty, fashion & more!!)
In today's episode i talk about ALLLLL of my favorites!!! (btw sorry is the audio isn't great we had a mic issue but it'll be fixed by next time!) This episode is filled with a ton of epic recommendations & my sister Amber joins me at the end! I hope you guys enjoy!!!
February 9, 2021
THE GUT MICROBIOME & how to feel better :)
HI GUYS I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Today we learn about the gut microbiome which is so interesting & incredibly important for our overall health (physical & MENTAL)! I also talk about my aspirations for this year & post-grad, plus how I got out of a rut! I really hope this episode is interesting for you guys! Sending lots of love, Ashley
January 31, 2021
Our Experiences Being Asian-American!
HI GUYS! Today we're joined by all 3 siblings to talk about our experience being Asian-American (1/2 Korean 1/2 White). We share our experiences with racism / facing discrimination & growing up in America. ALSO - we talk about some funny af stories from middle school!! This is a really fun & hopefully insightful podcast so we hope you enjoy!!!
January 26, 2021
Hello! Today it is just me - Ashley, and I am having an existential crisis. HOWEVER, after talking it out & making some great positive reflections we should all feel much better. Also! I give you guys some updates about my life right now & what I plan to do post grad! I hope you enjoy!! xoxo
January 17, 2021
WE'RE BACK! All 3 siblings today! High school, sibling feuds, & more!
WE'RE BACK AFTER A VERY LONG BREAK!!!! We're all excited to restart the podcast this year :)) This podcast was recorded December 17, 2020 & in this episode we chat about high school, how we get along, & much more!! We've all been on Twitch a lot recently (like a live podcast!) TWITCH - Andrew: epicgamerander Amber: amborgus Ashley: aaashleyk !! Hope to see you there :))
January 11, 2021
chatting w/ my HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS! Kevin & Asher:)
Today I'm joined by my good friends from HS/Elementary: KEVIN & ASHER! You guys get some insight into our younger years + you'll def get a good laugh out of it as well! HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! Btw, you can find them on Twitch: Kevin @pingponghero, Asher @KnifingMaurader :) I stream w/ them often! @aaashleyk
November 11, 2020
life update! getting hacked on stream & more LOLLLL
YAYYY! I recorded this podcast while live-streaming on Twitch, so if you want to watch the video instead go to! I might also upload it to my other YouTube channel (aaashleyk) so stay tuned! ALSO i will be changing the mic for the next podcast since this one was a lil..... crunchy........ xoxo HOPE U GUYS ENJOY!
November 8, 2020
a podcast with AMBER ...finally
FINALLY we have Amber back on the podcast! We finally figured out how to record a long distance podcast, so get ready for an AWESOME, much needed catch-up session! Hope you enjoy! Find Amber on IG @_amberalexander
October 28, 2020
My Mom! (Life in Korea, raising children, dealing with YouTube & more!)
Today I am joined by my lovely mother!!! I am SOO lucky and excited to have her on today's episode and I think you guys will find her life super interesting :) We also give some epic insight to my childhood & growth into who I am now! You can find my mom on IG @urmomashleysmom hehe hope you guys enjoy!
October 12, 2020
A look into Andrew's life
In today's episode I'm joined by my brother Andrew who gives a detailed look into a typical day in his life! Hybrid classes in high school, his favorite outfits to wear, why he rides BMX & more! He also just released his MERCH!!!
October 4, 2020
Today you guys get to hear a totally unedited podcast... which should be very interesting. I share some life updates (as always) and give you guys a rundown about my high school experience! Hope you enjoy!
September 25, 2020
Life Update + Q&A!
Today we have a little life update - updates on my nose, school, and everything going on in general! I also answer some of the questions you guys left me on my story & I have some VERY EXCITING epic manifestations!
September 19, 2020
my style, my MBTI, & my dog ... :)
Today I talk about how my fashion sense has changed over the years, my personality type (MBTI), and my dog Bubby!! Hope you guys enjoy this fun little chat :)
September 11, 2020
What's it like to be a YouTuber? ft. Andrew!
Today you guys get some insight into my life as a YouTuber, as well as plenty of life updates regarding my nose, my first week of college, and of course my new epic manifestations! We're also joined by Andrew (@_andrewalexander_) & you guys get to listen in on a typical night-time convo between the two of us LOLL I hope you guys enjoy!!
September 4, 2020
In another late-night episode, catch up with us (Ashley & Amber) about what’s going on this week & our plans for the rest of the summer, as well as a bunch of stories about cheerleading! Both of us cheered competitively for about 5/6 years so we have quite a few interesting memories ;)
August 21, 2020
Advice with Ashley!
 In today's episode I answer some of your questions & give you guys some advice! I talk about school, YouTube, going vegan, being confident & more!! Keep an eye out on the gram @extradynamicpodcast & @aaashleyk for the next chance to be featured!
August 15, 2020
Meet Andrew!
In this episode meet my younger brother, Andrew!! Today we get to know more about him & his interests!! Andrew likes to stay a bit mysterious online so it's cool to get to chat with him for a bit! I hope you guys enjoy & you can check out Andrew on IG: @_andrewalexander_ or on YT: Andrew Alexander :)
July 31, 2020
body confidence & our childhoods
Today my sister Amber joins me again to talk about body confidence & our younger years!! We recorded it at 2am so it’s a super genuine & deep convo that we hope you guys enjoy!
July 24, 2020
Meet Amber!
In this episode, meet my younger sister Amber! Amber is also a YouTuber (just like me!) & she goes to college out in Southern California. She truly brings the EXTRA DYNAMIC to our vids ;) You can find her on IG @_amberalexander or on YouTube (Amber Alexander)!
July 17, 2020
Who am I?
Welcome to the first episode of the Extra Dynamic Podcast with ur mom ashley! In this episode, get to know Ashley & chat about what she's been up to this summer. New episodes every Friday starting July 10th. Check out @extradynamicpodcast on Instagram for more :)
July 10, 2020