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Extra Ordinary Ministers Podcast

Extra Ordinary Ministers Podcast

By Jeff Corder and Ben Koval
Making our Complicated Faith, Simple. This podcast is meant to help guide all of us to live our faith out each day. Looking at topics of everyday life, Ben Koval and Jeff Corder discuss different ways to prioritize your relationship with God.
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Episode 18: Advent
Jeff and Ben discuss the season of Advent and what the four different Sundays mean. We can't believe it's Advent already either, but here we are. We hope you enjoy taking a deeper dive into the significance of the time of renewal.
November 30, 2021
Episode 17: Gratitude
Next week is Thanksgiving, and our hosts are definitely ready to eat! However, they are not ready for peas and cheese salad (you'll have to listen to find out about that). Jeff and Ben also discuss the "Attitude of Gratitude" and the memories Thanksgiving brings. 
November 16, 2021
Episode 16: All Souls Day
Ben and Jeff discuss today's feast of All Souls. They discuss a brief history of the day and the people who have gone before us who have left an indelible mark on us as witnesses to the faith. 
November 02, 2021
Episode 15: Fr. Mark's faith Journey
Jeff flies solo this week, without Ben, interviewing Fr. Mark Martin II, the parochial vicar at St. Gerard. Fr. Mark was raised a Mormon, and now he is a catholic priest. Tune in to hear his vocation story ( also favorite food) and all the the fun he has had along the way. 
October 19, 2021
Episode 14: Circles of Influence
It is hard to turn around these days without something or someone affecting what you do or how you act. Between Social Media, our friends, coworkers, etc., we all have circles that influence us. Ben and Jeff discuss who has influenced their lives and how we can in turn influence others. Making sure that the message we share is one that builds up, rather than tear down. 
October 05, 2021
Episode 13: Reboot, Renew, Reach Out
Ben and Jeff discuss St. Gerard's upcoming mission of Reboot, Renew, and Reach Out. How do we hit pause in our lives and take the time to refresh our habits and our goals? How do we keep that flame alive? Check out our new program called "The Search." 
September 21, 2021
Episode 12: Invitation
Do you have a favorite restaurant? Favorite book, or movie? How is it we can so easily recommend these things to others, but when it comes to talking about our faith, we are at a loss for words? Ben and Jeff discuss a few of their favorites and how to translate that into inviting others to experience the joy of our faith.  
September 07, 2021
Episode 11-Back to School: Faith in the Craziness
Jeff and Ben are joined by special guests Kayla Gracik and Danielle Lenz as they discuss what it means for families as we begin our back to school journey. 
August 24, 2021
Episode 10: Pet Peeves and how to rise above them
Do you have Pet Peeves? Something that really bothers you? Good, so do the rest of us. Jeff and Ben discuss how to rise above or "turn the other cheek" to those things that frustrate us or get under our skin. 
August 10, 2021
Episode 9: Service
Jeff and Ben discuss service and our call to live out our Christian faith through acts of goodwill. We find that when we serve, we not only find the joy of helping others, but also the joy we experience within ourselves. 
July 27, 2021
Episode 8: Scripture
Ben and Jeff discuss how scripture can influence our lives on a weekly basis. Your hosts also discuss their approach to carving out time each week to reflect on what the word of God says to them and how we all can make an effort to do the same. 
July 13, 2021
Episode 7: Meet Fr. Bob
Jeff and Ben chat with St. Gerard's new pastor, Fr. Bob Bacik, and get to know him a bit before he officially begins his assignment. 
June 29, 2021
Episode 6: Fatherhood
With Father's Day coming up, Jeff and Ben discuss the joys and struggles of fatherhood. They also discuss what it means to be a father figure and how we play a role in the lives of others. Also, Dad jokes. 
June 15, 2021
Episode 5-Q/A With Fr. John
Ben and Jeff welcome St. Gerard's fearless leader, Fr. John Klein, to the podcast. With Fr. John's retirement quickly approaching, we thought now would be a good time for us to get to know him a little better. Our hosts ask the hard hitting questions like "What is your favorite hobby?" and "Got any embarrassing stories?" Fr. John also shares how he chooses to make his complicated faith simple.  
June 01, 2021
Episode 4-Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The "Meh"
Ben and Jeff dive into the world of social media and discuss the different ways it can affect all of us and the role it plays in everyday life. 
May 18, 2021
Episode 3: Put Me In Coach: The Catholic Game
Ben and Jeff discuss their favorite sports, sports heroes, and the mentality of not wanting to "sit on the bench" in our faith. 
May 04, 2021
Episode 2: Living with Joy: Life's Funny Moments
Ben and Jeff share personal stories that have allowed them to witness the joy in life. Whether it's interactions at the grocery store, getting your hearing checked, or the day you got married, your hosts discuss how to find the joy in everyday life. 
April 20, 2021
Episode 1: Everyday Faith. Making it Simple
This Podcast Begins with its hosts Ben Koval, Music Director and Jeff Corder, Coordinator of Youth Ministry. This podcast is meant to talk about our complicated faith in a way to make it simple for everyday.
March 24, 2021