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EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman

EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman

By MichaelLevi Borkman
Our Story is Their Story. Great People, Great Stories. We focus on Great People with Great Stories who prove in their everyday lives that "Anything is Possible." We strive to bring you relatable life lessons from interesting and inspiring people as they live out their purpose on this earth. It’s time for some good news you can use. Listen to more at
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S1E6 - Shawn Van Dyke - Construction Business Coach

EXtreme Carolina with Michael Levi Borkman

S2E24 - Bill Hutchinson
Marriages need regular and scheduled maintenance, says William Hutchinson, a pastor of 38 years and retired marriage coach. Listen Saturday as #EXtremeCarolina hears more about achieving lasting marital happiness through God’s help. #podcast #GreatPeopleGreatStories
September 4, 2021
S2E23 - Kayelin Tiggs
“I failed my way to the top,” says Miss for America Kayelin Tiggs. She lost 21 pageants, but now holds the national title. This Saturday, she will explain to #EXtremeCarolina listeners how she “strives to be an example of what failure can do for you.” @kay_e_lin #podcast #GreatPeopleGreatStories
August 28, 2021
S2E22 - Bobby Horton
Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, & music historian Bobby Horton is #EXtremeCarolina’s featured guest this Saturday. Listen in to hear how he uses his love of music and history to present historic American songs with the backstories of the people who loved and sang those songs. #podcast #GreatPeopleGreatStories
August 21, 2021
S2E21 - Nora Stanger
A child of poverty who would go on to earn a masters degree in clinical psychology and become a motivational speaker, Nora is Saturday’s guest on #EXtremeCarolina. Get ready for some great stories! #podcast #GreatPeopleGreatStories
August 7, 2021
S2E20 - Todd Goins
“Mistakes are opportunities,” says Todd Goins, Clay County DDS Director. From serving as a pastor, mental health professional, house parent, and social worker, Todd has a wealth of experience & wisdom to share with #EXtremeCarolina listeners.
July 24, 2021
S2E19 - Dr. Barbara Honaker
Dr. Barbara Honaker, Court Coordinator/Program Director for North Enotah Drug Court, will be this week’s guest on #EXtremeCarolina. With many years of experience in the field, she will share stories about the positive impact this program has had.
July 17, 2021
S2E18 - Dawn Livingston
Ordained Methodist Deacon Rev. Dawn Livingston serves as Director of Program Ministries at Hinton Rural Life Center and will be Saturday’s guest on #EXtremeCarolina. From how she got to rural NC to the knowledge that “it’s ok to not be ok,” her story will touch listeners’ lives.
July 10, 2021
S2E17 - Frank Riley Jr. & Michael Courey
S2E17 - Frank Riley Jr. & Michael Courey
July 3, 2021
S2E16 - Janet Richardson
Janet Richardson, the RN/Executive Director of GMPC Medical in Blairsville, a medical pregnancy center that was founded to help women in crisis, will be our guest on #EXtremeCarolina. Listen in as she shares how she came to the area and this job in particular.
June 26, 2021
S2E15 - Stacie Ledford
S2E15 - Stacie Ledford
June 19, 2021
S2E14 - Jamey Lutz
S2E14 - Jamey Lutz
June 12, 2021
S2E13 - Dave Coffaro
He says failure is a “research and development” opportunity. Strategic leadership advisor Dave Coffaro visits with #EXtremeCarolina this Saturday to share his insights about “Leading from Zero” to earn relevance with those around you. #podcast
May 8, 2021
S2E12 - INKA Garden Patio Arts
With the idea that “love heals” and failure is something from which to learn, the founders of INKA find ways to give back to our local community organizations that serve others. 
May 1, 2021
S2E11 - Todd Cherches
BigBlueGumball CEO and cofounder Todd Cherches will discuss his NYC-based management consulting firm and explain how listeners can leverage the power of visual thinking on this episode of #EXtremeCarolina. #podcast #GreatStoriesGreatPeople
April 24, 2021
S2E10 - Terrie Magro
Fight to make a small difference that could end up being a big difference in someone’s life: The Michael Magro Foundation seeks to do just that. Listen in to this episode of #EXtremeCarolina to hear about it. @MagroFoundation #podcast
April 17, 2021
S2E9 - Lauren Gottlieb
“Self-confidence is unstoppable” says young leader Lauren Gottlieb, this week’s guest on #EXtremeCarolina. Listen in this Saturday as this wise-beyond-her-years young lady shares her passion for helping others.
April 2, 2021
S2E8 - Burel Ford
With over 33 years of experience in education, Burel Ford has a passion for helping others reach their fullest potential. Now a certified life coach, he shares his insights on this week’s #EXtremeCarolina episode. @fordburel #podcast #GreatStoriesGreatPeople
March 6, 2021
S2E7 - Justin Lee
“Sourcer, not sorcerer”: Meet Justin Lee, talent acquisition specialist at Milton Hershey School, where “every kid has a chance to be great” with a free education from this coed boarding school. #ExtremeCarolina @erque_J_lee  #podcast #GreatStoriesGreatPeople @miltonhershey
February 19, 2021
S2E6 - Florence Adu
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Florence Adu.
February 12, 2021
S2E5 - Catherine J. Hood
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Catherine J. Hood. With top talent on her roster of clients including TINK, FamousDex, Snoop Dogg's son Cordell, and many more, @cathyjhood - CEO of @pristineinitative - knows a thing or two about branding and raising awareness. Need a publicist? Tune in to hear what she has to say on this episode of #ExtremeCarolina!  
February 6, 2021
S2E4 - Ken Lizotte
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Ken LIzotte.  Ken Lizotte CMC, Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) of emerson consulting group (Concord, Massachusetts), transforms companies, consultants, attorneys, executives and other specialists into “experts with an edge” also known as “thoughtleaders.” By doing so, businesses and professionals can separate themselves from the competitive pack. Author of eight books and hundreds of published articles, Ken is a popular professional speaker at national conferences and company events, including leading seminars for Harvard University and the CEO Cub of Greater Boston. A Certified Management Consultant, he served as New England chapter president for the Institute of Management Consultants and is a co-founder of the National Writers Union. He’s been interviewed by Business Week, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Writer's Digest, CBS-TV, National Public Radio, Investors’ Business Daily and Financial Times. His flagship book The Expert’s Edge: Become the Go- To Authority People Turn To Every Time, published by McGraw Hill, explains exactly how to become a recognized “thought leader” in your field and industry. He is also pro bono president of the Board of Trustees of Thoreau Farm, the birthplace of Henry David Thoreau in Concord Massachusetts.  Website:
January 30, 2021
S2E3 - Chip Bell
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Chip Bell. Chip R. Bell is a world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, writing over 650 articles for many business journals, magazines, and blogs.  In 1989, with his co-author Ron Zemke, he invented what is now practiced universally as customer journey mapping. In 2005, he created the now patented practice of customer forensics. He has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, CBS, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, ABC, NPR Radio and his work has been featured in Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, Success, CEO Magazine, and Entrepreneur.  We are glad to have Chip on the show!
January 23, 2021
S2E2 - Samantha Hurley - Young Harris College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Samantha Hurley. Samantha is in her 4th year as the Young Harris College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach. She is originally from Bucks County, PA. She started her coaching career at Roanoke College where she was their assistant for three years. From there, Samantha went on to Mercer University to be their assistant coach, later becoming the head women's coach at Young Harris College. She lives in Young Harris with her fiancé Andrew and their dog Leo. We appreciate Samantha coming on the show!
January 16, 2021
S2E1 - Emmitt Hayes
S2E1 - Emmitt Hayes
January 9, 2021
S1E33 - Nicholas Benjamin
S1E33 - Nicholas Benjamin
January 3, 2021
S1E32 - Chris Martin
S1E32 - Chris Martin
December 27, 2020
S1E31 - Bill Hutcheson
S1E31 - Bill Hutcheson
December 19, 2020
S1E30 - Tim Radford
Tim is the owner of WKRK Radio in Murphy, NC. Learn how his commitment to WKRK for the past 31 years has created several other opportunities, such as allowing him to become the President of the Rotary Club, and how his dedication has helped others throughout the community and worldwide. 
December 12, 2020
S1E29 - Terrie Magro
S1E29 - Terrie Magro
December 5, 2020
S1E28 - Dr. Jarret Patton
S1E28 - Dr. Jarret Patton
November 28, 2020
S1E27 - Julie Kratz
S1E27 - Julie Kratz
November 21, 2020
S1E26 - Suzanne Bates
S1E26 - Suzanne Bates
November 14, 2020
S1E25 - Rick Disharoon
S1E25 - Rick Disharoon
November 7, 2020
S1E24 - Kevin Cottrell
S1E24 - Kevin Cottrell
October 31, 2020
S1E23 - Dr. Brad
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Dr. Brad.
October 24, 2020
S1E22 - Michael Haltman
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Michael Haltman.
October 17, 2020
S1E21 -Nadia Dean
This week, Michael talked with special guest Nadia Dean.
October 10, 2020
S1E20 - Julie Ann Sullivan
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Julie Ann Sullivan.
October 3, 2020
S1E19 - Lisa Turner
This week, Michael talks with special guest Lisa Turner.
September 26, 2020
S1E18 - Dr. Ruth Looper - English Professor at Young Harris College
This week, Michael talks with special guest Dr. Ruth Looper.
September 19, 2020
S1E17 - Kevin Grant - Anti-Bullying Book Author
This week, Michael talks with special guest Kevin Grant about his anti-bullying book series. His website is here -
September 5, 2020
S1E16 - Stan Johnson - Director of SEEED Youth Nonprofit
This week, we are joined by special guest Stan Johnson, director of the nonprofit SEEED in Knoxville, TN. Check out their website here -
August 29, 2020
S1E15 - Jocqueline Protho - Audio Book Producer
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Jocqueline Protho. Her website is available here -
August 22, 2020
S1E14 - Dr. Lepora Flournoy
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Dr. Lepora Flournoy. Her website -
August 15, 2020
S1E13 - Jane S. Goldner
This week, Michael is joined by special guest Jane S. Goldner. There is a special giveaway happening, be sure to listen closely! Jane's website -
August 8, 2020
S1E12 - Tom Henschel - Executive & Leadership Coach at Essential Communications
This week, Michael speaks with special guest Tom Henschel, Executive & Leadership Coach at Essential Communications.  Find out more about Tom here -
August 1, 2020
S1E11 - Robby Martin
 This week, Michael speaks with special guest Robby Martin. 
July 25, 2020
S1E10 - Jason Foss - Life Coach and Author
This week, Michael speaks with life coach and author Jason Foss. This discuss how he got his start as a life coach, as well as his most motivating pieces of advice. You don't want to miss it!
July 18, 2020
S1E9 - Maria Britt - Retired General
This week, Michael talks with retired general Maria Britt and her story of what it was like to work up the ranks as a woman. Maria provides insight to her views on leadership, as well as some fantastic words to live by. Tune in, you won't want to miss it! Maria’s website is here -
July 10, 2020
S1E8 - Dr. Lois P. Frankel - Author and Keynote Speaker on Leadership for Women
This week, Michael interviews Dr. Lois P. Frankel, an amazing author and keynote speaker on Leadership for Women in the workplace. She has worked for 40+ mega-clients, including: BP, Boeing, Pepsi, MasterCard, and Microsoft. Michael and Dr. Frankel discuss how she left her job to start her own business, the process of becoming a successful writer and speaker, what drives her passion, and more. Dr. Lois P Frankel's website is here -
July 4, 2020
S1E7 - Marnye Young - Narrator & Audio Sorceress
This week, we are joined by special guest Marnye Young, Narrator at her company Audio Sorceress. Marnye has done narration for the New York Times, USA Today, and multiple best selling audio books. In this episode, Michael and Marnye discuss her approach to recording books, her path to becoming a narrator, as well as some "foul" language about her family's chickens. Marnye's Website -
June 26, 2020
S1E6 - Shawn Van Dyke - Construction Business Coach
This week, we are joined by Shawn Van Dyke from the Built to Build Academy. Michael and Shawn discuss his path to becoming a construction business coach, his work as an author, as well as the most valuable advice he has received throughout his career.
June 20, 2020
S1E5 - Dr. Jeana Conley with Cherokee County Schools
This week, we are joined by superintendent of Cherokee County Schools, Dr. Jeana Conley. Michael and Jeana discuss the impact of the COVID-19 closure, the incredible lunch delivery program via yellow buses, as well as possibilities for school in the fall. Cherokee County School's Facebook page can be found here -
June 15, 2020
S1E4 - Tony Chang with Nolan Transportation Group
This week, we are joined by Tony Chang of Nolan Transportation Group. Michael and Tony discuss his experience moving from China to the US as a child, learning English and attending college, as well as why truckers are so essential to keeping supplies moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the link to "If" by Rudyard Kipling -
June 6, 2020
S1E3 - Michelle Santana - Childhood Sexual Abuse & Mental Health Writer
This week we are joined by Michelle Santana, author of Tell it All My Son and To Hell and Back: AND THE HEALING POWER OF FORGIVENESS. Michael talks with Michelle about her story of surviving childhood sexual abuse, family mental health, as well as her advocacy for everyone to speak out on these tragedies.  Michelle's books are available below:
May 31, 2020
S1E2 - Mary Ricketson - Local Author & Counselor
This week we are joined by Mary Ricketson, a local author and counselor here in Cherokee County, NC. Michael discusses Mary's path to becoming who she is today, her involvement and support of local women's help organization REACH, as well as some of her upcoming publications.
May 24, 2020
S1E1 - Stephanie Johnson with Clay County Health Department
This week we talk with Stephanie Johnson from the Clay County Health Department in Hayesville, NC. We discuss the main points that the Health Department wants the public to know about the virus as well as Stephanie's journey to being involved with public health.
May 5, 2020