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#MESS - Most Extreme Sport, Sales

#MESS - Most Extreme Sport, Sales

By Ken Jokisch
We talk about sales like we talk about sports. Will cover offensive strategies from prospecting to closing the deal. Defensive prowess of overcoming objections. Special teams which includes our support staff. No team sport would be complete with plenty of practice/training so you can continue to improve your skills
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Day 4 - $1,500 in Residual Income Reached!!!
On this episode we cover this past week of launching a new product to build a residual income. Follow along and make sure you listen to Friday's episode so that you can hear within one week of launching a new product, prospecting, following up, booking meetings, sending out proposals, the actual money that is brought in. Most importantly, you get to see for yourself what it takes to build a residual income.
January 10, 2020
Prospecting Day 3 - How one call 10x my business!
On today's episode you're gonna hear about how one call was able to nearly 10X my business. This is what it's all about, pick up the phone and call somebody because you never know where that's going to lead. That is why we are in the Most Extreme Sport, Sales #MESS. We don't know what we don't know. If you do not pick up the phone, you will never know what you can achieve in the most extreme sport! Now go make something happen!
January 09, 2020
Day 1 - Prospecting
You are going to be apart of a journey where we not only build a product but launch it in the wild, on-board clients and grow our companies residual income in 2020!  In today's game, we had 8 red zone opportunity for a total 23 points, with a possible total score of $9,660 for the year!!! Welcome to MESS, the Most Extreme Sport, Sales!  
January 06, 2020
2019 Sales of the Union
When you're in sales or you run your own business you have to look back every year, quarter, month and week and evaluate: What went right, what went wrong and what you can do to improve. So on this episode we're going to cover our last year or what I like to call the Sales of the Union. 2019 was our kick-off and or inaugural year in business. I launched this Digital Business Consulting company in January of 2019 and have scored 7 deals. That's signed contracts, money in the bank!!! Not conversations or quotes. With a business model based on digital consulting. I get to recruit prospects in different industries, all with the same needs, to grow in the digital space. We built website’s for construction and real estate development firms, developed and launched software for a public relations association, and even worked within the cryptocurrency market. So 7 deals landed our 1st year in business, these are our sales for the year. With out those 7 deals or wins, we would be having a much different conversation.  But it’s not what we did last year but what are we going to do this year to grow our company close 14 deals. Our pricing levels range from $35/mo for Hosting to $2,000/mo for consulting. We were blessed to have more big deals than small deals, but it’s the small monthly payments that is the true fuel for our company. So this year we are going to push harder in the first quarter to bring up our monthly residual income with Hosting and SSL Services. What can you provide to your clients and or customers to start building up residual income? This is what I love about playing in the infinite game of business, best articulated by Simon Sinke.... check spelling We can call our first year in the game a SUCCESS!!! We can show that every month we brought in more money than we paid out, we can show that our owned assets have gained in value, and we can show a growing network of customers and contractors that are providing us with referrals, so a pipeline to new business along with a solid reputation. What can you show from the past 12 months? Write it down! When you're in sales or own a business, you have to sit down and actually spell out what you did this year, this quarter, this month and this week. Then you have to ask yourself, What can we do better, and can we avoid so you don't lose more than you win on any particular deal or waste time. Now go make something happen!
January 02, 2020
#MESS - Straight Talk
If you want to own and operate your own business or enter the world of Sales, then you need to know the realities and understand the rollacoaster you are about to get on. The Sales profession is an extreme ride and not for everyone. Think of it like the signs at amusement parks, “This tall to ride” in Sales, it reads more like, "You have to be this crazy to succeed" because like Sports, Sales is a mental game. You have to be able to lose a deal and bounce right back because your livelihood is on the line. I hope you find these insights useful. If you’d like to discuss your sales techniques or just have someone to talk to during your ride on the rollercoaster, reachout to
December 15, 2019
#MESS - Here's the WHY
Thank you for listening to this episode. Here we explain what we do and WHY we do it. We dedicate each show to You, Salespeople! So, please follow along and let us know what topics you'd like to cover or guests you'd like to hear from in the Most Extreme Sport, Sales!! 
November 30, 2019