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Eye on Icon

Eye on Icon

By Fez box & Iconographer
ICON community members Fez and Iconographer take time to break down recent news and provide analysis on exciting topics relating to the ICON blockchain ecosystem.
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Eye on Icon - Let's Talk ICE!
In this week's news episode, we spend a good amount of time talking about the ICE announcement and what it means for the future of ICON. Then we run through the other latest news including ICONFi's latest promotion, updates from Balanced, and more!
June 18, 2021
Eye on Icon - ICE & Balanced Community event
In this special episode Scott Smiley, Lisa and Peter from Balanced chat to the community about all things Balanced. Given the timing of this community event we take the time to ask Scott about all things ICE!  If you missed out on the live session, this is the episode you need to listen to!
June 16, 2021
Eye on Icon - OMM on the Horizon & the ICONist is back!
On this week's news episode, we talk about the latest updates from OMM and Balanced, the return of the ICONist, the launch of Stash, and all the latest ICON news!
June 10, 2021
Eye on Icon - OMM Interview 2021
In todays episode we sit down with Daeki from OMM. We ask Daeki all about OMM and then deep dive into how the bridge integration will work.  He talks through the signup process via Bridge  and how users will move funds from their bank account to OMM.  He shares valuable insights about listing new assets on OMM and what are some of the risks involved.  He breaks down the omm token and finally talks through what late challenges the project has faced  and when we can expect OMM to launch.
June 7, 2021
Eye on Icon - Icon dev updates, Band, Balanced and more!
In this episode of Icon's weekly news we cover market sentiment, Balanced, Band, Epicx, Utrade, Icon dev updates and more!
June 3, 2021
Eye on Icon - Icon Asset Management interview 2021
We sit down with Icon Asset Management and find out what they are about. They break down how they started, what their goals are, future plans for the AUM and Icon asset management.  They answer a lot of questions asked by the community and we get a surprise late drop in guest! This is a must listen.
June 1, 2021
Eye on ICON - 5/7/21 - State of the market, ICON 2.0, a new wallet, and more!
On this week's episode of Eye on ICON, we do another chat about the state of the market, discuss Min’s ICON 2.0 update, talk about the new Reliant node wallet, and touch upon the latest news from ICON’s DeFi ecosystem.
May 27, 2021
Eye on Icon - Parrot 9 Interview 2021
In this episode we sit down with Lisa and Peter from Parrot 9, they talk to us about all the dapps they have helped create in the Icon ecosystem. What you will learn is how much time and effort they take to ensure everything is perfect. Balanced is a perfect example of that.  Find out what they feel is essential for any UI/UX company needs to know to get started in the blockchain space.
May 25, 2021
Eye on Icon- Clubhouse Balanced chat edition
In this special episode of Eye on Icon community member Donnie Crypto organised for Parrot 9 and Scott from balanced to jump in an exclusive clubhouse chat with anyone who wanted to join. Everyone got the opportunity to fire off any questions they wanted answers to about Balanced. It was such a great conversation we all felt everyone who missed out needed to listen to this. Tune in to learn about plans for Balanced! 
May 21, 2021
Eye on Icon- Weekly News-20-05-EP-26
On this week's episode of Eye on ICON, we spend a good amount of time conducting some "group therapy" regarding the crypto markets before getting into the latest news from Min Kim, EPICX, Balanced, and more!
May 20, 2021
Eye on Icon- Preprs-Interview- EP25
Today Corey joins us on Eye on Icon and talks about Catena's site Preprs Tune in to learn why Catena chose this to be their first project to work on.
May 16, 2021
Eye on Icon-Weekly news-13-05-EP24
Eye on ICON - Weekly News Roundup (and exciting news from EPICX!) On this week’s episode of Eye on ICON, we bring back nBlaze to give us an update on EPICX (and he delivers some exciting news!). But first, we break down the latest news including updated stats on Balanced, an update on the latest MetrICX release, the launch of PREPrs, a rundown of some new CPS proposals, and other topics! Links: Evaluating BALN: How the Balanced token stacks up to other DeFi Balanced Stats by Brian Li Balanced Charts by spl3en MetrICX 2.0 Announcement Michaël van de Poppe interviews Min Kim PREPrs EPICX Telegram group - A must Join!! 
May 13, 2021
Eye on Icon- Weekly News-05-05-Ep23
This week me and our surprise co-host talk through all the latest news on Icon, there is a lot of news! Then hear the tale of how a prep team that has been around since Icons early days banded together, including the birth of our very own token tech guy. NFT Moon mission cards Relaintnode Beta testing form Project nebula NFT raffle
May 5, 2021
Eye on Icon- Weekly news 28-04 Ep22
On this week’s episode, we start out with a discussion about the launch of Balanced -- both the pros and the cons -- and also try to address some of the more frequently asked questions people have been asking. Then, we run through other news including the latest addition to ICONFi, the Project Nebula airdrop, the IAM token sale, Piconbello’s new DAO, and other topics! Band oracle article Balanced price chat Telegram room
April 28, 2021
Eye on Icon- Vibravid Interview-Ep21
Today we sit down with Alex from Vibravid, he tells us where his inspiration for Vibravid came from. We learn what Vibravid is and how it's going to integrate with the Icon ecosystem!
April 23, 2021
Eye on Icon - Weekly News breakdown - 21-04 Ep20
We cover all the latest news across Icon in this week's episode, including some CPS funding requests. Then we continue our Balanced discussion and talk some basic strategies you can use on balanced.  
April 21, 2021
Eye on Icon- NFT Bazaar interview- EP19
In this week's episode of Eye on Icon we chat to Dusty and Cali from spartan node, we talk NFT Bazaar, LDX token and many other things the team is working on, including things they should not have mentioned!
April 17, 2021
Eye on Icon- Weekly News breakdown- 12-04
On this weeks news episode, we talk about the latest news from Seoul, updates on ICON’s NFT platforms, and run through some of the newest CPS proposals. Then we walk through Balanced, answer some frequently asked questions, and get excited for the launch of this platform! Soel news -
April 14, 2021
Eye on Icon- Bounty cat interview- Episode 17
In this week’s interview episode, we chat with Brandon of the Foundry Box Media P-Rep team! We talk about their most notable project, BountyCat, as well as hear a bit about the process of developing on ICON. BountyCat: A New Way to Incentivize Promotion and Marketing Bounty Cat - About - Home
April 9, 2021
Eye on Icon- Episode 16- Weekly news breakdown 05-04
During this weekly news roundup, we talk about the release of ICONSAFE, the iAM token sale, the latest exchange listings, the NFT Bazaar beta, and other news. Then we do a deep dive into the huge BTP news from this week! ICON Streaming Data Platform BTP announcement
April 5, 2021
Eye on Icon - ICONbet & Sportsbook interview - Episode 15
In this episode Paolo and Geo dude join us to talk about ICONbet and Sportsbook, this episode is so jam packed with information! Here are some of the things we cover: Topics in no particular order: ICONbet - what is it? A great overview for anyone new to Icon Sportsbook - A fantastic overview about this new platform, if you wanted this broken down to understand what it is and its potential, then you will love this podcast! Poker - ICONbet poker coming soon, need i say more?  Referral program & Sponsorship - this is exciting! Eye on Icon related news here too. ICX paid out to TAP holders - Stats Volume in 2020/2021 - Stats Transactions on ICONbet - who doesn't love amazing stats  Bridge - what's bridge doing with ICONbet?  COMP tokens - they break it down for us. New games - So many being built here. And so much more, jump in and get listening.   
March 31, 2021
Eye on Icon- Weekly news-28-03 episode 14
In this weeks episode, we discuss news from the two NFT platforms coming soon, the outcome of the first wave of CPS approvals, the BTP update, and the rest of this week’s ICON news!
March 28, 2021
Cps Spotlight - Project Coda
On another episode of our CPS Spotlight series, we dive into 'Coda', the music-based NFT project put forth by the Tempo P-Rep team. We had an insightful and fun interview with musician Drew Forde (of the Tempo team) and long-time ICONist Brian Li, who is helping consult on the project. If you're interested in NFTs, music, or ICON, you won't want to miss this one!
March 22, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 12 - Weekly News - 19-03
On this week's news breakdown, we run through the Project Nebula airdrop, the news from Balanced, the newest pair on uTrade, and all the rest of the latest news. Then we go into a deep dive on the latest news from Seoul about ICONLOOP. Show Links - Orbit bridge Tutorial.
March 19, 2021
Eye on Icon- Episode 11- Project Nebula
In this episode we chat with the team behind another exciting ICON application: Project Nebula! Learn more about the gameplay, NFTs, and what’s in store for the future. We also get a special sneak peak into some new content so be sure to listen!
March 17, 2021
CPS Spotlight - MetrICX 2.0
We are introducing CPS Spotlight, a new segment highlighting the numerous CPS proposals through interviews with the author of each proposal. To kick things off we spoke with Andrew Burns about the proposal for MetrICX 2.0. Learn more about the popular app, it’s origins, and the exciting stuff in store for the future.
March 13, 2021
Eye on Icon- Episode 9- Weekly News round up!
In this episode, we run through the latest ICON news and give our analysis on developments such as the latest AMA with Scott Smiley and Ricky Dodds, the recent FUD to hit from Korea, new token initiatives from leading P-Reps, a chat about some of the CPS projects to come forward thus far, and several other topics! Links: RHIZOME Wire breakdown of Dodds/Smiley AMA SpartanNode announces their NFT Bazaar ICON Asset Management podcast with Corey Costa Introducing the Equality Exchange The ICON Defi Guide: Part 5— Stable Asset Trading and the Equality Exchange ICON name service coming soon
March 10, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 8 - Equality interview.
On today's show, we experiment with a new format and dive into an interview with Kevin Newby (aka Radiofriendly) and our own ICONOGRAPHER about their recently announce DeFi project, the Equality Exchange. Learn about how the project came about, how it works, and when we can expect it to launch! Telegram: Twitter: Whitepaper: Equality Whitepaper 1.0.pdf
March 9, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 7 - Balanced
On this week’s episode of Eye On ICON, we run through the latest news including ICONbets newest game, Markus’ interview with Crowdfund Insider, and the latest ICON Foundation development report. Then, we interview Scott Smiley of ICX Station and Balanced to get his thoughts on ICON, BTP, Balanced, and other cool stuff happening in the ICON ecosystem. This was a great interview full of all sorts of new information for ICONists, so be sure to give the entire episode a listen. Show Notes: ICONbet releases War Markus Jun interview with Crowdfund Insider BitHumb to offer staking rewards for ICX holders Sesameseed to transition to a new distribution schedule Feb 2021 ICON Development Roadmap Update ICON Live with Drew Forde and Trevor Bumgarner (Tempo)
March 2, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 6 - Lossless Lottery
On this week’s edition of Eye on ICON, we run through the latest news including the Balanced Airdrip announcement, the ICON audit fund, Binance becoming a P-Rep, the beta launch of Project Nebula, and the latest development from Paycoin. Then, we interview Edouard Lavidalle, Co-Founder of Stakin, to learn about the new version of the Lossless Lottery and get a preview of their DeFi farming protocol. Notes: Balanced Airdrip Announcement RHIZOME WIRE - The innovative marketing approach of 'Airdrips' ICON launches audit fund Danal Fintech to Support Retail Bitcoin Payments Stakin Lossless Lottery ICON Live #1 with Brian Li (RHIZOME) and Corey Costa (Catena) Spartan Fund is for the Children. | by Spartan Node ICX | Feb, 2021
February 24, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 5 - The Future of EPICX!
In this week’s episode, we run through the latest ICON news (and talk price action!) before conducting our first ever guest interview with nBlaze from ICON Midos and the creator of EPICX, the gamified trading platform launching soon on ICON. This was a great interview that got us both even more excited for the release than we previously were, so be sure to give the whole episode a listen! EPICX Channels: Telegram Twitter EPICX Development Updates (includes game descriptions and screenshots) FutureICX v2.0 monthly report #1 FutureICX v2.0 monthly report #2 (EPICX) EPICX (FutureICX 2.0) report #3 News Links: ICONPLUS collaboration with Hashoshi Binance now offers ICX staking! METX trading competition now live ICON Pinas gets the word out to 350k+ Filipinos ICON Spartan Node launches Proof of Momentum
February 15, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 4 - Iconthereum!
In this week’s episode, we cover the latest ICON developments including MyICONWallet becoming the primary ICX wallet, ICONFi’s successful launch, Citadel’s staking platform, and Ricky Dodd’s AMA with WhiteBIT. We then delve into ICON’s potential approach to marketing over the coming months and the ways in which ICON’s development parallels that of Ethereum. Links: ReliantNode and ICON team up to make MyIconWallet the go to wallet for the ICON network ICONFi ranks as the 3rd most popular Finance App hints at their cross-chain mobile app Ricky Dodds AMA with WhiteBIT
February 9, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 3 - CPS breakdown
In this week’s episode of Eye on ICON, we run through the latest ICON news including the launch of ICONFi, the latest development update, a new ICONbet game, the launch of Catena, some good news for ZenSports, and the return of community AMAs. Then we dive into the soon-to-be-launching Contribution Proposal System (CPS) to explain its history, how it will work, and the immense promise it brings to the ICON ecosystem! Links: ICONFi launches ICON Development Roadmap Update — January 2021 ICONbet launches Plinko Catena Announcement ZenSports Gains Access to Colorado Sports Betting Market Through New Casino Bringing Back Monthly AMA initiative CPS CPS Proposal Paper ICON Community Forums - Contribution Proposals [RHIZOME Wire] The upcoming Contribution Proposal System
February 2, 2021
Eye on Icon - Episode 2 - STO breakdown
In this episode of Eye on ICON, we run through some of the bigger news item of the past few days including the Stash beta test, the latest P-Rep conference call, Min and Ricky’s STO article, a new Mineable video, the launch of the SEED Swap and the addition of TAP on uTrade, and the recent interview with Orbit Bridge. During the second part of the episode, Iconographer does a deep dive into what ICON’s up to in the realm of security tokens and why it’s bullish for ICON. Show Notes: Stash’s Beta test announcement by ReliantNode The first P-Rep meeting of 2021 [YouTube] Min & Ricky’s STO Article Mineable’s Latest Video Unifi Protocol: A Bridge Between ICON and the DeFi Economy ICON expands its DeFi Ecosystem through Orbit Bridge integration, bringing many ETH assets to ICON! [YouTube] ICON may be cooking up something big with STOs
January 26, 2021
Introduction to: Eye on Icon
In the inaugural episode of “Eye on ICON”, Fez and Iconographer take time to discuss the format of the podcast moving forward, breakdown just what ICON is trying to accomplish from a big picture standpoint, and then spend time discussing a handful of the various projects coming online in the near future. Show Notes: ICON 101 - Part 2: ICON’s Genesis ICON Master Roadmap Guide to DeFi on ICON Why the Orbit Bridge integration is bullish for ICON How to use the Orbit Bridge - Tutorial
January 19, 2021