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EyeTea Johnny

EyeTea Johnny

By EyeTea Johnny
Welcome to the Anchor channel of "EyeTea Johnny" from ToC Tech, where all things within the realm of technology are open for discussion. Given how in this day and age technology is almost in every aspect of life, whether it be IT (which will be the main focus on this channel), IoT, entertainment, gaming, medical, sports, industrial, consumer, careers, jobs, politics, news, etc. etc. etc. John will try his best at diving in on topics at hand within technology.

(ToC == TimeOut Corner) ;
(Twitter == @eyeteajohnny)
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EyeTea Johnny and learning Python
EyeTea Johnny is learning Python come join and learn. On YouTube: ToC Tech with EyeTea Johnny
February 11, 2020
EyeTea Johnny Updates and Info
EyeTea Johnny has been gone for a while but has finally returned. It has been a good year. From continuing to study, going to DEFCON and enjoying the weather. Enjoy the return episode and info on updates.
August 25, 2019
Learn new things to prepare for the future
In this new podcast EyeTea Johnny goes over things he had been busy studying that include: Linear algebra @khanacademy; Java, statistics and AI programming with python @udacity; Android firebase development @udemy
December 14, 2018
Lets ToC work from home with Gary McNeely
In this podcast EyeTea Johnny once again teams up with Gary McNeely for a lengthy cast discussing working from home.
September 28, 2018
Lets ToC IT Expo's (IoT and ComVault) with Gary Mcneely
Lets ToC IT Expo's - @iottechexpo and @commvault - with Gary Mcneely In this episode EyeTea Johhny hosts Gary Mcneely as the topic of IT Expos are discussed. Gary talks about the upcoming ComVault Expo ( that he is for sure going to attend that will be held in good o'l Nashville, TN @visitmusiccity (an actual Boom City that has been rapidly gaining plenty of business opportunities with no foreseeable end to the constant growth). With other big companies attending such as @Cisco, @MIcrosoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise @HPE, @Amazon and many others it should be a good showing and good experience. EyeTea Johnny talks about an IoT Tech Expo ( that is coming up that will be held in Santa Clara, CA (Sillicon Valley). Unsure if he will be able to attend but will be trying to make sure he can do everything he can to go. And also with many big companies showing such as @IBM, @Cisco, @arm, @ubuntu and many more.
September 25, 2018
Lets ToC The Future of Industries
In this latest Episode of ToC Tech @EyeTeaJohnny (The Mad Scientist) discusses possible advancements that may happen in certain Industries because of the advancements in Technology. More specifically the Medical Industry. EyeTeaJohnny also goes over a recent story about Doctors in Australia requests for help which led to a certain type of capsule from scientists being created. Scientists from @RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
August 29, 2018
Let's ToC live IoT, IT and Tech podcasts with the community
EyeTea Johnny mentions Vendors and or vendor products such as: @Cisco, @JuniperNetworks, @Dell, @ExtremeNetworks, @Brocade, @Gimp, @Photoshop, @Apple, @Android as examples to explain learning via online platforms.
August 29, 2018
Lets ToC Vendor Products in IT Training and Jobs
In this Podcast EyeTea Johnny goes over ways certain online learning platforms private companies may give training and have courses that are based around certain vendor products. Vendors and or vendor products such as: Cisco, Juniper, Dell, Extreme Networks, Brocade, Gimp, Photoshop, iPhone, Android are used as examples with certain scenarios.
August 03, 2018
Lets ToC various ways to learn new skills in Technology
In this episode Eye Tea Johnny goes over ways that one can go about to learn new skills not only in technology but also other industries. Mentioned platforms below: ; ; ; ; ; ; ( - search devnet and or learning network)
July 28, 2018
Lets ToC IoT and IT in Business
EyeTea Johnny explains how he believes companies are leveraging tech to better their customers and also employees. Examples using companies such as McDonalds and CocaCola are used to attempt in explaining one of the many IoT possibilities.
July 20, 2018
Recap - Let's ToC IT (jobs and learning) with Gary Mcneely
In this first podcast EyeTea Johnny recaps being a guest on Gary Mcneelys channel. We discuss how I got into IT, college vs. going your own route and briefly go over IoT.
July 15, 2018