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The Eymbr VVytch Saga

The Eymbr VVytch Saga

By Eymbr Grace
The Eymbr VVytch Saga follows a family of humans torn apart by tragedy, a clan of assassins who discover a powerful necromantic weapon and an empire who wants nothing more than to rule over the continent of Valcyla. With war looming on the horizon Eve, Lilith, Aries, Syrya VVyrn, Fevra The Exile and Nasha Vera must choose whose side they are on. Will the world be saved from chaos or will the powers of dark magic consume everything?

This show is narrated by an android named R0-S3 and was made entirely with text to speech engines. It has been rated for mature audiences, discretion advised.
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The Potion
This show is rated for mature audiences. Viewer discretion advised.   During a long and stressful alchemy experiment Syrya, a young Sol Elvyn causes a fire in the Chapel Of Creation. Not wanting the priest, Father Haith to find out about her mishap Syrya lies and covers up her mistake. The second character short of The Eymbr VVytch Saga
August 7, 2020
The Fox And The Dream
This show is rated for mature audiences. Discretion advised Vera a well trained and high ranking assassin finds herself alone in the forest just outside of her home where she experiences a dream that will impact her life in a profound way. The First character short of The Eymbr VVytch Saga
July 9, 2020