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Stephan Freezy is getting fabulous with you on Fabutude while delivering interviews with special guests, discussion on trending topics, and more. Check it out!
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OUT In Las Vegas at EDIT
Troy Patruno, the owner of the new EDIT Las Vegas, is no stranger to fashion and retail. He has worked in   the New York fashion scene and has even worked in some notable retail stores here on the Las Vegas Strip, including stores inside the Forum Shops. Troy had always been conceptualizing, "I had had this concept in my   brain for a long time and some of which had even made it to my pad, you know   I'm a yellow pad kind of person, and some of it made it to my legal pad. After sketching, planning, and waiting for the best moment, Troy shared, "a year later in 2021 I felt that this was the time."  From the conceptualization until now, Troy has undergone some major creative and development spirts that have inevitably lead him to open one of his handcrafted dream stores, EDIT Las Vegas.  Click here to watch the interview and see the full description: Click here to learn more about the owner of EDIT, Troy Patruno:
May 8, 2021
Getting To Know Troy Patruno
Troy Patruno is a native New Yorker who moved to Las Vegas for the first time in 1998. He originally got here two months before the Bellagio opened! Back then, people would invariably tell him how much Las Vegas had changed up until that point.  Troy has always had a passion for fashion. Troy says, "being around New York at the time, living there, it exposed me to the bigger picture of fashion and retail."  Troy's passion inevitably leads him to have a dual major in college, taking accounting and finance. His goal was to discover "how could this creative product be a viable 'dollars and cents' kind of business and how do those things connect." Click here to see the full description: Click here learn about Troy's store, EDIT Las Vegas:
May 8, 2021
Norman J. Liverpool IV from Over The Top Living Joins Stephan SirFreezy
Norman J. Liverpool IV, an Entrepreneur, and Speaker, is a dedicated professional with a passion for spreading awareness for the LGBTQ+ Community and the issues that this community faces. He is also the creator of a signature mentor-ship and coaching program designed for the LGBTQ+ Community, Over the Top Living. Norman was born in California and raised in Chicago. He moved to Las Vegas 13 years ago. Stephan  talks with him about the younger years and how they lead him to Las Vegas when he was 21. Join them as Norman shares his experience of his BIG "coming out" to Vegas!  He has done it all hunny starting all the way back to when Krave was in Planet Hollywood! All this time in a place away from where he grew helped him realize the meaning of friendships and relationships in Las Vegas preferring quality over quantity.  Like Norman's Grandma Evalyn says "I'd rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies."  Listen or watch the interview at 
October 22, 2020
"Rare Breed" - KNINE Feat. SirFreezy - Host of Fabutude
Stephan SirFreezy, the host of Fabutude is born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas! Check out this song to get to know him a bit more!  SirFreezy is getting fabulous with you on Fabutude while delivering interviews with special guests, discussion on trending topics, and more. Check it out! KNINE Feat. SirFreezy - "Rare Breed!" Interact with SirFreezy by visiting, and by listening to each release, liking, commenting, following, subscribing, and sharing. References and more info at By: Kris O'Neil - Feat: Luk3 Dic3 - With: Stephan SirFreezy -  
April 6, 2020