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On Board: An HR Podcast

On Board: An HR Podcast

By Factorial HR US
We're interviewing Human Resources leaders for solution-oriented deep dives into today's most pressing HR challenges. Rather than offering general advice, each On Board episode will address a particular problem People Teams are facing. We'll cover all things HR: recruitment, DE&I, employee engagement, culture, HR metrics, and more— so stay tuned.
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Managing Unlimited PTO
In this episode, Kylie Grant speaks with Tiffany Castagno, CEO and Founder of CEPHR LLC, about unlimited PTO, when and how organizations should implement the policy.  Key Action Points: Organizations need to figure out whether or not unlimited PTO is a policy that works for them and their teams. When managed and implemented effectively, an unlimited PTO policy can have its advantages, which often depends on what type of organization it is, the industry, the employee values. Tiffany and Kylie cover the key components and the importance of structure in an unlimited PTO policy along with the necessity of considering company culture during the process. 
April 15, 2022
Building a People Team from the Ground Up with Daniel Illes, VP of People at Vinted
In this episode, Beau Brooks speaks with Daniel Illes, VP of People at Vinted, about when scaling organizations need to start building a People Team, how to create it, and how to ensure its success. Key Action Points: You need to understand the business you're working for so that you can better help the organization set strategy and vision for HR. While building your People team, avoid looking for "unicorns" who are experts in all things. You want to hire the right people but don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Take care of your workplace and recruitment first because they are in many ways the cornerstones or benchmarks of the organization. With about 30 employees, a company needs to start thinking of its People Organization as an independent function.
December 19, 2021
Employee Development Strategy at Gong
In this episode, Beau speaks with Jeremy Stover, head of L&D at Gong, and Emily Cody, Director of Employee Communications at Gong. They explore how Gong's employee development strategy is key to its mission, vital to retaining talent, and important to creating culture. Key Action Points: - Learning is a key part of your strategy. Make sure your leadership team is committed to making employee development essential to your organization. - Build a plan to equip managers and your people to participate and dive into learning and development initiatives. That means not just making L&D opportunities available, but making a plan to really get people involved. - Use your mission statement as an opportunity to steer your organization's focus. Make development goals visible to the entire organization. - Listen to your team. Find ways to support them and bring them together. Connect with Jeremy Stover and Emily Cody via LinkedIn.
November 26, 2021
(Un)learning in HR with Laura Mazzullo
In this episode, Beau and Laura dig deep into the changing recruitment landscape. How are candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters reimagining what it means to find a "good fit?" Key Action Points: - Create workflows to ask better questions of candidates. We're seeing an important shift from "Why should we hire you?" to "In what ways is this organization a good fit for this candidate?" - Redefine what "fit" means to an organization. Specify what's important to your organization and get alignment across your team. - Train team members continuously. Build a safe space where HR leaders can acknowledge any weaknesses and grow. - Be bold. Go to leadership in the organization to enact the changes you know are necessary. - Don't judge your previous practices. Acknowledge what practices are no longer serving you but don't waste mental energy punishing yourself. We're all growing together.
November 08, 2021