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UJ Ramdas, Jayson Gaignard and Chris Plough On Partnerships and Burning The Ships

An episode of The Fail On Podcast with Rob Nunnery - Fail Your Way To An Inspired Life

By The Fail On Podcast
We share inspirational stories of entrepreneurs trying, failing and eventually winning.
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Following Your Passion and Learning to Promote Yourself With Roddy Chong
On today’s show we welcome Roddy Chong. Roddy is an accomplished Asian American violinist and speaker known for his high energy performances with many of the music industry’s most recognized acts. Roddy has toured with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Shania Twain and Celine Dion and he has performed for audiences all around the world. He has…
December 25, 2017
Building an Email List and Always Pushing Forward With Shanda Sumpter
Our guest on today’s show is the wonderful Shanda Sumpter. Shanda is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and lifestyle specialist and the founder of Heartcore Business, a multimillion dollar enterprise. During our talk, we discuss the tactics Shanda uses to overcome a negative mindset and the importance of mentorship for building a business. Shanda presents a…
December 18, 2017
Healing Deep Traumas and Discovering Your Big Lie with Jordan Axani
Jordan Axani is a marketing strategist focused on digital authenticity and well-being. He was once the focus of the most viral, human interest story in the history of the internet. More on that in a bit. Jordan is currently a writer and key note speaker addressing marketing strategy and personal development. On today’s show we’ll…
December 11, 2017
Using Business For Social Impact and Ditching Your Corporate Job With Adrienne Dorison
Adrienne Dorison is a business consultant, podcast host and the founder of Good Businesses Do Good and The School of Self- Mastery. Through her work, Adrienne helps entrepreneurs and businesses get profitable while maintaining a commitment to helping others. After paying off a $48,000 student loan in just six months, Adrienne quit her corporate job…
December 4, 2017
Nerds Helping Nerds Get Fit With Steve Kamb
Steve Kamb is a fitness instructor, publisher and writer, best known for promoting Superhero Workout Regimes and the paleo diet at his website Nerd Fitness is now a booming business and worldwide fitness community dedicated to helping nerds and desk jockeys level up their lives and their fitness. Steve is also the author of…
November 27, 2017
How To Turn A Selfie Into $250,000 With John Romaniello
John Romaniello is a New York Times bestselling author and one of the most highly regarded experts in the fitness industry today. He has written for a myriad of publications, ranging from Men’s Health to Fast Company, and is also the author of hundreds of articles and dozens of digital products. He’s also an angel…
November 20, 2017
How To Grow Any Business With A Bestselling Book With Rob Kosberg
Rob Kosberg is a marketing and brand building expert and the founder of Best Selling Publishing. He’s a bestselling author and a syndicated radio show host that has also done over $250 million dollars in negotiated real estate transactions. Rob now specializes in helping his clients become the go-to experts in their respective fields. Through…
November 13, 2017
Making The Impossible, Possible With Steve Sims
Steve Sims is the founder of the luxury concierge company, Bluefish. Ever wanted a private underwater submersible tour of the Titanic? Or maybe a private dinner in the Sistine Chapel with a performance by Andrea Bocelli? Or maybe you just wanted to be married in the Vatican by the pope? Steve is known for being…
November 6, 2017
How To Grow Your Failure Muscle To Build Success With James Swanwick
James Swanwick has gone from being a celebrity interviewer to an anchor on SportsCenter for ESPN. He is the author of ‘Insider Journalism Secrets’, and has sold millions online through various digital and physical products. James is helping people create amazing habits, sleep better and make money online. He is also the founder of Swanwick…
October 30, 2017
4-Step Formula To Becoming World Class With Craig Clemens
Craig Clemens is a direct response copywriter with over one billion dollars in sales. Yes, billion with a B. Craig is currently the cofounder of Golden Hippo Media, a media company focused on bringing sustainable health and wellness to people all over the world. Craig got started writing copy for Eben Pagan’s program, Double Your…
October 23, 2017
Acting Faster Than Your Inner Critic With Stephen Christopher
Stephen Christopher is the founder of Seequs Digital Marketing. Seequs is a web marketing agency based in Denver that helps companies grow through online marketing. Before Seequs, Stephen also started several financial businesses and today, uses his personal business experience to help other companies and business owners develop through online marketing. Today we’ll be hearing…
October 16, 2017
How To Be Your Most Influential Self With Sharí Alexander
Sharí Alexander is a persuasion expert known for bringing the “dark arts” of influence into the light. She’s a speaker, writer and trainer, revealing powerful secrets behind conversational influence. She teaches persuasive triggers and techniques currently used by CIA field agents, hostage negotiators, con artists, trial attorneys and many more. Her mission is to put…
October 9, 2017
Using Data To Make Millions And Avoid Failure With Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant is a serial entrepreneur who has collected over seven million leads in various industries. He has scientifically tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas, generated tens of millions of dollars online and built his dream international lifestyle. He’s known by his peers as “the mad marketing scientist.” Matt’s constantly testing new radical ideas inside…
October 2, 2017
Turning Anxiety & Overwhelm Into Strength With Tim JP Collins
Tim JP Collins is the creator and host of The Anxiety Podcast and is known as “The Breakthrough Anxiety Coach.” His life’s work is dedicated to helping people who struggle with stress, anxiety and panic attacks and he draws from his own personal experiences to help coach others on overcoming their stress and anxiety. In…
September 25, 2017
How To Stand Out, Be Yourself And Start A Business With Michael Gebben
Michael Gebben bypassed college and started his own video production company at the age of 19. Since starting his first business, he has done video production for successful entrepreneurs all over the world including Richard Branson, Tony Robins, Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, Derek Halpern and many more. Michael has an inspiring story to tell…
September 18, 2017
Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable With Clay Hebert
Clay Hebert is a crowdfunding genius, a marketing strategist and the creator of the Six-Word Intro. As one of the world’s leading crowd funding experts, Clay has helped over 150 entrepreneurs, and raised over $50 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Clay has trained senior leaders at fortune 500 companies, with clients like Accenture, Pfizer,…
September 11, 2017
Authentic Connections In The Air With Nik Tarascio
Nik Tarascio was born into the family aviation business. While we were probably picking our noses, Nik was working on airplanes by the age of four. He received his pilot’s license by the age of 16, was flying Lear jets by the age of 19 and, today, is the CEO of Ventura Aviation. Nik is…
September 4, 2017
The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster With Cameron Herold
Today on the podcast we have Cameron Herold, Founder of The COO Alliance. Cameron is known around the world as The Business Growth Guru. Cameron was groomed as an entrepreneur as a kid. By age 21, Cameron had 14 employees, by age 35, he had already helped build his first two 100 million dollar companies, by the…
August 28, 2017
Dan Demsky On Why You Should Start Anything
Dan Demsky is currently the co-founder of Unbound Merino, the ultimate travel hacking clothing brand and one of my favorite companies on the planet. But before we find out more about Unbound Merino and how they raised $360,000 in their crowd funding campaign, we get an entertaining inside scoop into Dan’s entrepreneurial business journey. From…
August 21, 2017
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Purpose with Dan Martell
Dan Martell is a Canadian entrepreneur and an experienced angel investor who has invested in over 33 companies. Dan is the founder of, co-founder of Flowtown and founder of Spheric Technologies. He has also been a mentor at 500Startups, GrowLabs and He believes “you can only keep what you give away,” and is…
August 14, 2017
Building An 8-Figure Business In 9 Years With Matthew Bertulli
Matthew Bertulli is the Co-Founder and CEO of Demac Media. Demac Media is a digital commerce agency that Matthew has built in the last nine years, and today, is now an eight-figure business with nearly 100 employees. Matthew is also the Co-Founder of Pela Case, a six figure – soon to be seven figure – E-commerce…
August 7, 2017
Dragon’s Den, Bootstrapping and Scaling With Diana Goodwin
Diana Goodwin is the founder of Aqua Mobile, which is an on-demand at home swim school service, the largest of its kind in North America today. Diana is an accomplished entrepreneur and a thought leader on boot strapping businesses to seven figures. She has been featured in a ton of publications including Forbes, Success Magazine,…
July 31, 2017
Bootstrapping A Digital Agency to 7 Figures And Beyond With Dev Basu
Dev Basu is the founder of Canada’s fastest growing digital agency, Powered By Search. He is a polymath who wears many hats – CEO, author, professor, public speaker, startup advisor, investor, amateur chef, and travel hacker. Dev helps companies double or triple how fast they grow through world class marketing. Over the last 10 years,…
July 24, 2017
Why A Successful Exit Was A Complete Letdown With Corey Wert
Corey Wert is the founder of Digital Blue Moon, a boutique digital agency in Toronto that is disrupting the outdated multi-vendor model. He has also started, grown and exited Free Flow Marketing back in 2014, a successful digital agency focused on providing services to only Fortune 500 companies. Corey sits on multiple boards and is incredibly…
July 17, 2017
How To Start A Business Working For Free With Nicholas Kusmich
Nicholas Kusmich is best known as the World’s Leading Facebook Advertising Strategist and for having the highest ROI’s in the industry. He works with A-List clients including top thought-leaders, NYT Best Selling Authors, Inc 500 and fast growth companies creating advertising campaigns that convert. He specializes in using his proprietary Contextual Congruence methodology, which creates…
July 10, 2017
The Simple Way To Crush Your Dreams Via Mentors
Chris and Eric Martinez are the twin brothers behind the Dynamic Duo Training brand. They are the co-authors of the bestseller, The New Era of Fitness. Also known as the “Dynamic Duo,” they have quickly become the leading authorities on health, training, nutrition, and lifestyle in the fitness industry. They provide world class trainings and services…
July 3, 2017
Overcome Fear And Create Your Dream Life
Jonathan Goodman is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker and one of the most influential and well-respected guys in the fitness industry. He is the founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center (the PTDC) and the Online Trainer Academy. He has sold tens of thousands of copies of his books including non-fiction, children, and the first-ever…
June 26, 2017
Finding Blessings In Failure And Choosing The Positive
Nick Unsworth is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of Life on Fire. Through Life on Fire, Nick helps teach ambitious entrepreneurs how to make more money and work less doing work they actually love. Nick sold his first business by 30 years old and has coached over 2,500 people to learn to do the…
June 19, 2017
How To Remove Fear And Why Chasing Money Will Destroy You
Re Perez is an entrepreneur, speaker, and brand builder. He has built an inspiring business called Branding For The People. They bring Fortune 500 branding to small and medium-sized businesses. He is an inspiring entrepreneur and has really unique insights on getting started in business and creating a life full of impact. In today’s show we’re discussing the…
June 12, 2017
Trim The Fat, Elevate Your Network And Eliminate Startup Risk
Andy Drish is an entrepreneur, a speaker and co-founder of The Foundation. He helps people create the mindset and skills needed to create software businesses without upfront risk and absolutely no business idea. His company, The Foundation, has been absolutely crushing it over the last five years. They have success stories from students that have gone…
June 5, 2017
UJ Ramdas, Jayson Gaignard and Chris Plough On Partnerships and Burning The Ships
Today, we have a crazy episode from inside a jeep in the Bahamas with three rotating guests. First, there is UJ Ramdas, co-founder of Intelligent Change and the co-creator of the Productivity Planner and the hugely popular Five Minute Journal. Next, we have Chris Plough who you became familiar with in Episode 011. Chris built,…
June 1, 2017
Overcoming Extreme Adversity To Creating A Life Of Fulfillment
Chris Plough is a big time adventurer and explorer. He founded a company called MavenWire, which became an eight figure global consulting and hosting company before selling it. Chris is someone that has always really intrigued me. He is always doing really interesting things and going on new adventures. He is known for leaning hard…
May 29, 2017
Keeping Customers Versus Acquiring Customers And Why No One Is Talking About It
Joey Coleman is an entrepreneur, an incredible speaker, and founder of Design Symphony and the creator of The First 100 Days Methodology. Joey transforms businesses by helping them turn customers into raving loyal fans in the first 100 days. We’ll be discussing how the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of…
May 25, 2017
Building ClickFunnels And Getting Partners That Love Doing What You Hate
Dylan Jones is an entrepreneur and cofounder of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels has grown into a massive, massive online success allowing anyone to create sales funnels online with just a few clicks of the mouse. Their goal this year is to hit $100 million in revenue up from $30 million a year ago. We’ll be discussing how…
May 22, 2017
Quitting A Successful Real Estate Business To Create a Life of Impact & Fulfillment
Giovanni Marsico is the founder and president of Archangel Academy and the Gifted Entrepreneur, which is a coaching and mastermind organization that shares marketing, innovation, and revenue generating strategies with big-hearted entrepreneurs all around the world. Giovanni’s dream is to solve the world’s biggest challenges like poverty and hunger by empowering other gifted entrepreneurs who…
May 18, 2017
Philip McKernan On Why It’s Impossible To Fail Pursuing Your Gift And How To Uncover Your Calling
Philip McKernan works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. As a speaker he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to name a couple. What separates Philip from…
May 15, 2017
Ben Greenfield On Making $48K In 7 Days In His First Online Launch And Balancing Hyper-Productivity With Family Life
Ben Greenfield is an entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of the book, Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life.  Ben was named in the Top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. He’s a biohacker constantly looking to increase human performance by thinking outside the box. I’ll be talking to Ben about…
May 11, 2017
Sol Orwell On Building & Stepping Away From 7 Figure Businesses And Failing Nonchalantly
Sol Orwell is an entrepreneur and business developer most known for his work as the cofounder of He was recognized as a 2014 Game Changer by men’s fitness and profile by Forbes as a seven figure entrepreneur. He’s also on the fitness advisory board for Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ll first be talking to Sol about…
May 8, 2017
Cole Hatter On Tragedy, Finding Strength Against All Odds and Partnering With Tai Lopez To Help Millions
Today, we’re chatting with Cole Hatter. Cole is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, philanthropist, and creator of Thrive: Make Money Matter Conference. Cole started his life with a dream to become a firefighter, which he did. However, by the age of 21 he was in a tragic accident. He had to learn how to walk again, learn…
May 4, 2017
How AJ Jacobs Documented Failure & Became A New York Times Bestselling Author
Today, we get to learn from none other than A.J. Jacobs, a four time New York Times bestselling author whose work combines memoir, science, humor, and a dash of self-help. A.J. Jacobs is not only an author, but also a journalist, lecturer, and human guinea pig. He has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, and…
May 1, 2017
James Altucher On Losing 9 Million Bucks And Coping With Failure
Today, we get to learn from none other than James Altucher, author of self-published bestseller Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, and Live the Dream, along with his most recent bestseller, Reinvent Yourself. I’ll be talking to James about how to bounce back from some of life’s toughest challenges and struggles, what losing nine million…
April 24, 2017
Why Jayson Gaignard Bought 4,000 Books From Tim Ferriss When He Was Dead Broke
Welcome to the first episode of The Fail On Podcast, where we believe that if you desire to create the life of your dreams then embracing failure by taking urgent and bold action is the only way. Today, we get to learn from none other than Jayson Gaignard, a super connector, the creator of MastermindTalks,…
April 24, 2017
Fail On! Your Safe Place to Take Action and Fail
Welcome to Fail On, a podcast based on the belief that the only way to create your dream life is by taking urgent, bold action and embracing failure. Links Mentioned In Today’s Episode: – Subscribe and leave a rating & review to be featured in an upcoming episode! – Like our FB page to stay…
April 24, 2017
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