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Creativity of Love

Creativity of Love

By Faith Connections
We all find ourselves struggling with the reality of COVID-19 compressing our individual lives, and amplifying our collective struggles. Ahead of Holy Week in 2020, Pope Francis called us to “make a gesture of tenderness towards those who suffer...even if we are isolated, thought and spirit can go far with the CREATIVITY OF LOVE.”
So what does the “creativity of love” look like for a Canadian young adult? How can we “prepare a better time in these days”? We’ve chosen to take some time to listen to some unique perspectives and ask how we can be beside each other, in love, patience, and action.
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Creativity of Love - Buen vivir
This episode on "Buen vivir" concludes our Creativity of Love series, where we’ve asked ourselves this summer how we can actively “prepare a better time in these days”. Faith Connections’ Program Coordinator, Erika, closes out our thoughts on how to move forward, how to take our next steps by looking at the "Buen vivir" concept with Fr. Greg Kennedy, SJ, Spiritual Director at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, ON, and author of Reupholstered Psalms and the children's book,  Amazing Friendships Between Animals and Saints.
August 19, 2020
Creativity of Love - Just Transition
We’re continuing our Creativity of Love series, asking ourselves how we can actively “prepare a better time in these days” and be beside each other, in love, patience, and action. Faith Connections focused this episode on exploring what a “just transition” is, with three guests that offer us very different and unique perspectives. Firstly, we chat with Sr. Sue Wilson, Office for Systemic Justice for the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada, and Leah Watkiss, Ministry Director, Ministry for Social Justice, Peace, and Creation Care, about what some of their ongoing work has been and all the different elements of “justice” that it encompasses. We then chat with Lliam Hildebrand, Executive Director and Chairman of Iron & Earth, to learn more about what the economic reality is for workers in one of Canada’s most important industry, Oil & Gas, and the potential a just transition holds for everyone. Lastly, we look at the impact of these issues on some local youth, with Miranda Baksh, Co-Founder of Community Climate Council. We hear about how young people local to the Toronto area are bringing up the rear, so to speak, with their forward thinking, advocacy, and action. For more information about our Speakers and to learn about our Virtual Town Hall, please visit the Facebook "Creativity of Love" Event page 
July 29, 2020
Creativity of Love - Stepping on to the Radical Path of Reconciliation
Faith Connections sits down with Elder Tom Dearhouse to learn more about how non-Indigenous Canadians can begin their journey into this key issue.
July 01, 2020