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Our messages from our weekly services.
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Just Reach One
Join in as Pastor Gary encourages us to start sharing the gospel with one person, and see how God will birth a fire in our heart for more. 
February 26, 2020
The Art of Joy | Speaker: Lay Pastor Jevaughn Huggins
Sometimes we allow the state of lives to dictate our pursuit of Christ-likeness, and that's not the formula God has prescribed for our lives with Him. Join us Lay Pastor Jevaughn Huggins looks at the life of Paul for the secret of joy and true contentment.
February 18, 2020
Kingdom First (For Singles) - Sermon Plus Prayer over Future Marriages w/ Lady Brittany
Single and not sure what you should be your primary focus during this season of your life? Do you find yourself consumed with the idea of being in a relationship more than you are concerned with getting to know God? Do you like your singleness is a curse from God more than a gift from God? If so, this is for YOU! Join Pastor Gary as he jumps into what you need to be focused on in your singleness as a believer.
February 11, 2020
The Sifting of our Faith
The perfect message to hear if you feel like your in a season of testing. Join in as Pastor Gary sheds some light on what may be going on in your life. 
February 4, 2020
Living in a world of Uncertainty
Pastor Gary thought it was fitting given recent tragedies to address the magnified uncertainty of life. Joining us Pastor Gary shares both truth and hope from the word of God. 
January 29, 2020
Here on Earth - Part 3 | Speaker: Lead Pastor Gary Knighton
Listen in as Pastor Gary shares from the word of God about being unapologetically Christian while being highly relational with unbelievers. 
November 22, 2019
Here on Earth - We can help reduce suffering | Speaker: Lead Pastor Gary Knighton
Listen in as Pastor Gary shares how we can help reduce suffering through our own living and ministry efforts. 
November 12, 2019
Here on Earth - Helping Others in their Pain - Speaker: Lay Pastor Jevaughn Huggins
Listen in as Pastor Jay shows us can comfort people in their pain and do so for the glory of God! 
November 5, 2019
Oct. 22, 2019 - A Real Love V.2 | Live Q&A Panel Discussion | Panelist: Lady Brittany, Pastor Gary, and Aaron St. Louis
Listen in as our Pastor, 1st Lady, and guest panelist poet, Aaron St. Louis answering questions from the congregation about love, relationships, and marriage. Be Blessed!
October 23, 2019
Oct. 20, 2019 - Sunday Bethel Night Service | Speaker: Bro. Brendon Brown
Listen as Brendon gives our student message from Psalm 23:1-6. Be Blessed! 
October 23, 2019