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Faith Born

Faith Born

By Randy Sweeney
Learn how to live a more blessed life through God. He loves you and has so many great things planned for your life! Stay motivated on your journey as we discover God's great love for each and everyone of us.
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Bonus Episode: Get Rid of Anger
You maybe like me an anger gets the best of us sometimes. But we can learn to let go of it and say no more when we let God take control of the situation. Can you let go of your anger?
March 7, 2021
Our Devotion to God
We know God loves us and we love him, but what does it truly mean to be devoted to God? How do we live our lives devoted to God each and everyday? Find out here on this episode.
March 7, 2021
God Is Love, We Are Love
How much does God love us? What does God promise us if we love him and others as he loves us? Find out on this episode the love of God and his son Jesus Christs role in what true Christianity looks like.
March 7, 2021