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Adulting from A Non Early Riser

Adulting from A Non Early Riser

By Falanafoto
I'm an artist/entrepreneur, mother, and can't tell you a thing about this adult thing. I want to cover topics on balancing/building this artistic practice, relationships, art, and the luxury of sleep.

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Sacred Sensuality: reclaiming your power. Chat with a goddess and friend on juicy topic.
Convo with Nicole Pemberton of, The Goddess Moves, we speak about what happens when women express their sexuality and how they embrace part of themselves when they have a photo session with me. Enjoy!
May 05, 2020
Does age have something g to do with how you view your sexuality and sensuality? πŸ’«πŸ‘‘πŸ†πŸ‘
How do you express your sexuality and sensuality? πŸ’«πŸ‘‘πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ’¦βœ¨πŸ’« ✨
March 01, 2020
Energy Vampires πŸ¦‡βš‘
Those that need to get left, why we hang on, best ways to keep your cup full and how to move forward. Nicole is a Embodiment Goddess Coach, Dancer, writer, facilitator and all around fantastic human being. She sits down with meπŸŽ™οΈ sharing her expertise on the topic and what's she up to in this 2020 edition!
February 20, 2020
Stormy but chance of orgasm in the forecast? πŸŒ§οΈβ˜”
Relationships... πŸŒ§οΈβ˜” Navigating terrain that hasn't been explored for quite some time, but working on self care and orgasm (or lack thereof) discussed.
October 28, 2019
Digging into deeper theme S2: listener's response to Epi 9, "Conquering Space."
Listener brings up an interesting point. Check out Epi 9, "Conquering Space." To catch up.
September 02, 2019
The REAL value of art. Season 2 Ep. 1
Art making house calls but can't get proper bank for artists (emerging or otherwise).
August 26, 2019
Conquering space: Dear lioness are you strong enough to claim it? Ep. 9\u000A
This episode looks at women's need to take up space. The pendulum has swung harder than ever before in the female space. β™€οΈπŸ¦
July 12, 2019
Exorcising the Self Saboteur Ep. 8
We all have dealt with it at one point or another. This episode addresses self sabotage, the impostor syndrome and how to work through self doubt.
November 04, 2018
Save space for creative parents in coworking spaces. EP. 7
Save space for creative parents in coworking spaces.
September 26, 2018
Creating with Clutter?? Ep. 6
Creating with a cluttered mind is hard to do. Hitting the reset button is needed but can the tried and true such as routine, help or hinder the creative process?
August 15, 2018
Behind Closed Doors Ep. 5
Finding the time to get MINES. Privacy? HA Sex? HA HA Adulting given to you raw!
July 08, 2018
Reiki that Shit. Ep. 4
This speaks to passion project opens doors, and the healing power of community and the transfer of energies that surrounds sisterhood.
June 11, 2018
Allow me to re-introduce myself. Ep. 3
Authenticity and evolution of self. The many sides of you, embrace your brand of " different", there's power in that!
June 10, 2018
Balancing, building, and a question. Ep. 2
How do you manage it all?
May 26, 2018
Intro Ep. 1
Intro-I try my hand at parenting, building my artistic practice, topics of the day and the luxury of sleep.
May 21, 2018