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Falling Together

Falling Together

By Falling Together
Journalist Sally Brockway charts her spiritual journey and speaks to likeminded folk along the way
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Colour Therapy with Ysanne Lewis

Falling Together

Colour Therapy with Ysanne Lewis

Falling Together

Colour Therapy with Ysanne Lewis
Did you know that pink can calm down prisoners and too much green in the home can make you indecisive? Find out more about how colours influence you in this fascinating podcast with astrologer, timing expert and colour therapist Ysanne Lewis. 
September 17, 2019
It's all in the timing...
Sally Brockway interviews astrologer and timing expert Ysanne Lewis. Using astrology, she can tell you the best day to get married, when you should launch your new business and when it's time to carve out a new path. Ysanne has travelled the world speaking about the rhythms and messages in nature and the cosmos. She has clients from all walks of life and has written a book called The Time Catcher, which you can order here:
August 7, 2019
Wow PR School meets Kay Ribeiro from Heat magazine
Sally Brockway interviews journalist Kay Ribeiro who is the Features and Books Editor at Heat magazine. She also freelances for health and wellbeing titles. Tune in to find out what makes her pay attention to a press release, what drives her mad and why there are certain PRs she pays special attention to. A really useful podcast for anyone who wants to reach out to the UK press as part of their PR and marketing drive. 
July 19, 2019
Meet psychic medium Nicky Huntingford
Journalist Sally Brockway interviews Nicky Huntingford, a former dress designer who works as a psychic medium. She practices from her home in South West London and has clients from all walks of life. "They are not all kooky women with lots of time on their hands," she explains. Business people come to her for regular advice before making big decisions and she also teaches meditation and mediumship. Nicky says we all have spirit guides, but they struggle to get through to us in this modern day and age because we are so preoccupied with our mobile devices. Apparently, life is a lot easier when we allow our spirit guides to help us - that seems as good a reason as anyone to switch off the phone and be still for a moment. You can find out more about Nicky on her website here -
April 9, 2019
A year of spiritual coaching - meet my mentor.
Journalist Sally Brockway speaks to her spiritual coach Marion Young who talks about how she went from an unhappy, sick kid to a mentor who has helped thousands in her work. She explains the importance of meditation and stillness and reveals that all her clients whether young, old, rich or poor, experience the same inner struggles.
March 19, 2019
A year of spiritual coaching - two months in.
Journalist Sally Brockway talks about her decision to work with a spiritual coach for a year and explains how the process is going two months in.
March 9, 2019