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Fan Girl Hour

Fan Girl Hour

By Lia R Dugal
Each episode, one lucky guest gets to gush about all the ways they love their unique fandom! From Beverly Hills, 90210 to Doctor Who, and so many things in between, we can't wait to hear your craze!
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Fan Girl Hour

Why Theta Loves All Things Whovian!
My guest for the first episode of FanGirl Hour in 2022, the 13th episode, (lucky!), is my good friend, Theta Eisenberg!  He shares how he came to be a fan of all things Whovian & we discuss our mutual admiration, we share our favorite doctors new & classic, and he shares what he has gained from being a whovian! Thanks for listening! 269993075_408417494405145_1253908122011729686_n.jpg
January 17, 2022
All things Kennedy.
My guest this week is my good friend, Jacqui, aka Kristen Diana Laura Jacqueline Pollock (Kristen Long Name Girl).  She shares her great love of the history of America's very own royal family, The Kennedys, a slice of history that is truly beloved yet mired in controversy and sadness.  Join Jacqui and I as we delve deep into the family, their beliefs, their loves, and their lows.  (Links from the discussion coming soon.) Corrections: **After her 2nd husband died Mrs. Onassis went into publishing, not after her 3rd husband died, Mrs. Onassis never remarried after Mr. Onassis died in 1975 **Black Jack Bouvier was known as Black Jack because of the darkening of his tan that he would get in the summertime ***Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was Mrs. Onassis full name (including married names)
December 14, 2021
On this episode of FanGirlHour, I Interview my friend & fellow creator, Richard Jensen, about his strongest influence for his writing, "COMEDY!"  We discover some similarities within our love for comedy, including our mutual liking of Will Ferrell.   Richard Jensen FanGirlHour Richard Jensen is a Writer/Director at Celtic Ray Filmworks. For the last couple of years, he’s been making comedy shorts using a stripped down production model similar to Robert Rodriguez. His short “The Heroes of the War on Christmas” was in Los Angeles at The ACME Comedy Theater. Another short, “Glengarry Glen Styx” received third place at the 2’nd Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival. And his short “Cuck!” Won Best comedy short at the Oregon Short Film Festival.  He has also been a cinematographer for the Cafe-Girl, Inc web series “TimeKeys” as well as "Catatonia Of The Fairies",  and sound recordist for Dan McCloy’s film “Beach Blanket Frankenstein”.  And he was a credited co-writer of “Crowd Sourced Sketch Show: The Pilot”.
November 28, 2021
Glamour Dave Lives Long & Prospers
In this episode of FanGirlHour, I talk with my good friend, David "Glamour Dave" Nienow who shares with me his love of all things Trekkie!  We chat about the best parts of his having this fandom, most memorable moments, and some of the fascinating ways he has made it a part of his life personally.   Hope you enjoy! Listen to the end to find out how you can be a guest on the FanGirlHour! Facebook:@glamourdave Instagram:@glamourdave Twitter:@glamourdave Patreon:@glamourdave Website: My first YouTube channel:
November 15, 2021
Why Michael wishes he was an Addams!
In this episode, I chat with my partner, Michael Meyer, as he shares how he came to love The Addams Family & all the reasons why, plus some historical facts about the show & story's origins. Thanks for listening! 
October 22, 2021
What scares West?
In this episode, I talk to my good friend, West Christy, about his love of horror stories and how that has shaped him as a creator. He shares a lot about the various types of horror stories he likes and how he found this passion. The links mentioned in this episode are: The facebook page for the thriller film, Guilt, written by & to be directed by West: The facebook page for the One Person Cast podcast:
October 08, 2021
In this week's episode, I chat with my longtime friend and fellow SNLie fan, Lee Lancaster, about our mutual love of all things SNL.  We talk over the happy moments, how it shaped his life & personality, and fondly remember those whom we have lost in the "where were you" type conversation. Also, its the 7th episode, I keep saying the 8th throughout this episode.  Silly me!  Thanks for listening. 
September 28, 2021
In Honor Of Norm
This week I take a look at another one of my fave fandoms, Saturday Night Live.  I talk about how I came to love the show, all that that encompassed during the time I was at the height of my craze, and how it still has made an impact in my life and art to this day.  This episode is dedicated to the late great comedian, Norm Macdonald. 
September 21, 2021
Wait, which one is better?
This week, I compare and contrast the similarities and differences of two popular teen shows of the nineties, attempting to answer the age old question, which is better, Saved By The Bell or Beverly Hills, 90210?  You decide.  
September 13, 2021
Stephanie Loves Markie!
This week I welcome my very first guest on the Fan Girl Hour, my new friend, Stephanie Grimley.  She and I chat over our mutual love for the best tv show ever, Night Court, and she shares how specifically Markie Post influenced her life and career.  We commisserate over the losses of our beloved celebrities and honor their memory and the difference they made in our lives.  The photo image for this week's podcast is the signed copy of Markie Post's headshot that was sent by Markie to Stephanie.  Hear more of the time Stephanie got to meet her hero in this week's podcast.  Find Stephanie Grimley at: IG: @steffistar79   Twitter: @StephanieGrimle
September 07, 2021
The bearing of my soul
In this episode, I reflect on the passage of time, the reason for loving Night Court, for how it inspired me then and in this new phase of life. 
August 09, 2021
I'd still dance with you!
Today's episode looks at the second and third episodes of Night Court from the first season.  I discuss the uniqueness of the show, go deeper into the magic of Harry Anderson (Harry Stone), and reveal more why I have a deep connection with the show!
July 27, 2021
It would be an honor to call you "Hawwy"
The official first episode of the Fan Girl Hour.  In this episode, I discuss the idea for the Fan Girl Hour and what my desire for the progression of the podcast would be.  I delve into my all time favorite show, Night Court, and reflect on the reasons why it is so important to me! 
July 20, 2021