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By Fanny Gerloven Chico
With each step we head off on our journey and I had it all filled with obstacles, shenanigans, failed comedy, heart break and of course passion. Wrote a Podcast about it, want to hear well here it goes.. Welcome to my Fannytasticlife! Yes!!!
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Fannytasticlife, to Nudzh or not to Nudzh...


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Fannytasticlife, Seizure Awakening and Awareness!
Self discovery to healing from seizures.. The struggles and the road to recovery while learning about my condition Catamenial Epilepsy (CE) and great resources on this journey of Fannytasticlife!
September 15, 2020
Fannytasticlife, every woman is a Wonder Woman!
"...She needed a hero, so she became one..." Wonder Woman. I have always admired her and she inspires many for her journey. Let's discuss how every woman is Wonder Woman on this journey of Fannytasticlife!
September 14, 2020
Fannytasticlife, Never forget 9/11.
On September 11, 19 years ago our country faced a terrorist attack were many people perished and are still suffering today from illness related. I discuss the healing and my story on this journey of Fannytasticlife. #neverforget
September 11, 2020
Fannytasticlife, what is up? (Short)
This is a mini post to remind you that YOU are important to me and my Fannytasticlife journey! Love your messages of encouragement and feedback as well as topic ideas. It is appreciated many blessings. Thank you!
September 11, 2020
Fannytasticlife, to Nudzh or not to Nudzh...
We are talking about nagging from the levels of annoyance to the artistry of it on this Fannytasticlife!
September 10, 2020
Fannytasticlife edification sacrifices.
We all taught that we must have education in our lives from when we are young. My journey was not easy but I am stronger now because of the journey for my education in this Fannytasticlife!
September 8, 2020
Fannytasticlife, Back to school challenges.
Summer said: bye bye. Fall came in with a big "hello" and an overwhelming amount of challenges. Let's talk about it, the challenges, perspectives foundations and managing them all while maintaining a Fannytasticlife!
September 8, 2020
Fannytasticlife, never say die!
Yes, you know I had to go there... time to talk about the 80's!!!! I am bringing you IMDb top 100 teen 80's movie countdown but with a twist, a Fannytasticlife twist; for sure! Here is the Fannytasticlife top 25 of top 100 teen 80's movies, yes!!!! Enjoy!
September 4, 2020
Idioms I adore.
I never met an idiom I didn't enjoy. We use them all the time and I over use them on this Fannytasticlife!
August 28, 2020
Accent de jour
I may be a lot of things but my accent well that is another story, learn about it here on my Fannytasticlife!
August 26, 2020
Fannytasticlife one day at time.
Taking a moment to share the value of family and life. Reviewing the journeys that we all face. Analyzing the dram for you, transcribing and presenting it all tied in a blue box and white bow with a little Lowa' East Side (LES) charm while enjoying my Fannytasticlife!
August 26, 2020
August 25, 2020
August 25, 2020