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Episode Thirteen: A True Story with Heart, Baby with Shawn-Caulin Young

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Fan Wonderland covers all genres from Cosplay, TV & Film, Comedy, Music, Sport, and more.

Fan Wonderland was created as a safe place for LGBTQIA+ friendly fans to express themselves, be themselves and have their voices heard by our guests and bridge the gap between fans and our guests.

Fan Wonderland is a safe space for all fans regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race and it's something we pride ourselves on in ensuring this never changes.
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More places to listen

Episode Fourty Seven: Following My Bloodline with Jess Hitchcock
Fan Wonderland welcomes their first Indigenous artist and upcoming talent, Jess Hitchcock. Jess chats to TJ about the inspiration behind each track on her debut album Bloodline, the inspiration behind the album cover and it’s title track, as well as touring with Kate Miller-Heidke, going to Eurovision, and more. Strong Content Warning: Potential Trigger Warnings for extreme mental health discussion, Infrequent Coarse Language Jess Hitchcock Link (Physical CD, Tour Dates, etc): Episode Cover Designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Jess Hitchcock
July 13, 2019
Episode Fourty Six: An Artistic Unicorn with Queenie Chan
Fan Wonderland welcomes artist Queenie Chan and chats Archie comics, Queenie’s rise to popularity and her new non-fiction series based on historical powerful women, as well as fan art and much more. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images provided by Queenie Chan Queenie Chan Link: 
July 12, 2019
Episode Fourty Five-A Journey Of Pride with TJ & Shawn-Caulin Young
 Fan Wonderland invites guest host Shawn-Caulin Young to interview TJ about publicly coming out. Content Warning: Frequent Coarse Language & Potential Trigger Warning for discussion of gender, discrimination of LGBTQIA+ people, and infrequent (twice) alluding to potentially triggering terms for some members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Podcast Cover Designed by TJ/Fan Wonderland Cover Art by @DesignsByBronte on Instagram
June 26, 2019
Episode Fourty Four-A Journey In The TARDIS with Ginoodle
Fan Wonderland chats to artist Ginoodle and discuss Thasmin, her favourite shows and ships to draw, how they learnt to draw, and what inspired the name Ginoodle and much more. Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language (Ginoodle is British, what'd you expect?) Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images provided by Ginoodle Ginoodle Link:
June 25, 2019
Episode Fourty Three: All Hell Breaks Loose with Lesley-Ann Brandt
Fan Wonderland chats to fan favourite actress from hit Netflix show Lucifer, Lesley-Ann Brandt, about Mazikeen, Lesley-Ann’s Women’s Health cover and more. Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language Lesley-Ann Brandt Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Images Provided by Lesley-Ann Brandt
May 24, 2019
Episode Fourty Two: A Velvet Innuendo with Chasing Velvet
Fan Wonderland welcomes back our favourite duo Chasing Velvet to chat about their new single Innuendo, the inspiration behind the single, covering songs and many Chasing Velvet puns. Innuendo is available for purchase and streaming now on all streaming and music platforms Content Warning: Frequent Coarse Language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images provided by Chasing Velvet Chasing Velvet Links Website:
May 11, 2019
Episode Fourty One: Praise Lucifer! It's SeedsOfLily!
Fan Wonderland welcomes Lucifan artist SeedsOfLily on Twitter) to discuss the Season 4 trailer, ships, Lily’s amazing realistic art, weird requests and her shot to fame in the Lucifans community after the initial Fox cancellation. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images provided by SeedsOfLily SeedsOfLily Links Twitter: Instagram: Store:
May 11, 2019
Episode Fourty: May The Guardians of The Force Be With You Forever with Forever Song Cosplay
Fan Wonderland chats to talented cosplayer Forever Song Cosplay about cosplay, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, building cosplays, dream cosplays and more. Forever Song Cosplay Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
May 4, 2019
Episode Thirty Nine: A Lesbian Unicorn with Marti
Fan Wonderland chats to our first openly queer guest and talented artist BlackEyedMarti, about art, fandom, ships, and being noticed by Paramore and so much more. As well as what inspired her to begin drawing and what inspires her now, as well as advice for listeners wanting to learn. Podcast Cover Designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images provided by Marti Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language Marti Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Shop:
April 26, 2019
Fan Wonderland discusses Taylor Swift’s new single and music video “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco TJ welcomes new host Liv (@xkcafyt on Twitter) to discuss the reactions, cameos, theories surrounding ME! and pull apart the music video on release day. As well as watching YouTube recover from being broken by so many views. We also deviated a little to Avengers: EndGame very briefly so you’ve been warned. But mainly much discussion of rainbows, unicorns and women in suits. Taylor Swift Website: Content Warning: Infrequent coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images are all copyright of Taylor Swift ME! streaming now on all music platforms
April 26, 2019
Episode Thirty Eight: A Kickass 5 Foot Firecracker with Sonalii Castillo
Fan Wonderland talks to the kickass woman who inspired Fan Wonderland to be created. TJ & Sonalii discuss The Outpost, CSI: Miami, award winning film Mamba and Sonalii’s award winning web series Voodoo Vanessa, as well as Sonalii’s photography and much more. Content Warning: Frequent Strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Sonalii Castillo Episode Notes: Sonalii’s fire alarm decided to randomly beep on us about 4 or 5 times around the 24 minute mark. While we would normally edit this out, it consistently managed to beep as Sonalii was talking about relevant topics that we were discussing therefore we made the decision to leave it in as you can still hear what Sonalii is saying despite the beeps. Sonalii Castillo Links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Sonalii Castillo Website: Photography Instagram: Photography Website: Voodoo Vanessa Links: Voodoo Vanessa Website: Voodoo Vanessa Web Series: Voodoo Vanessa Facebook: Mamba Links: Mamba trailer: Mamba Instagram: Mamba Facebook:
April 4, 2019
Episode Thirty Seven: A Heartless Captain with Kevin McNally
Fan Wonderland talks to veteran actor Kevin McNally TJ & Kevin discuss Kingdom Hearts 3, voicing games, his time on The Outpost and more including lost episodes of Dad’s Army, radio dramas and of course Pirates of the Caribbean as well as upcoming projects. The Outpost is available to purchase on iTunes, and DVD & Blu-Ray Kingdom Hearts 3 is available on Xbox One & Playstation 4 for purchase now Das Boot is streaming now on SBS On Demand in Australia Designated Survivor is streaming now on Netflix Content Warning: Infrequent coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by IMDB Kevin McNally Links: Instagram: Twitter:
April 1, 2019
Episode Thirty Six: Kerri Me Gently with Jade Eshete
Fan Wonderland talks to fan favourite of Dirk Gently and star of upcoming film Bruce!!!, Jade Eshete. TJ & Jade discuss Dirk Gently and a potential Season 3 as well as Bruce!!! Content Warning: Strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Eden Marryshow/imdb Jade Eshete Links: Instagram: Bruce!!! Links: Website: Red Band Trailer: Instagram:
March 3, 2019
Episode Thirty Five: Becoming A Heartfelt A-Hole In Wonderland with Eden Marryshow
Fan Wonderland talks to actor, director, producer and writer Eden Marryshow. TJ & Eden discuss Eden’s upcoming film Bruce!!! As well as detailing his other work including Jessica Jones Season 2. Eden also details the emotional and heartbreaking journey into how he began acting and how Bruce came to be. Bruce!!! releases in cinemas March 15, 2019 (session times can be found at the Bruce!!! film website below) Content Warning: Strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Eden Marryshow Eden Marryshow Links: Instagram: Bruce!!! Links: Website: Red Band Trailer: Instagram:
March 3, 2019
Episode Thirty Four-Sydlena, A Gay Icon & The Awkward Human with Isabella Gomez
Fan Wonderland talks to rising Netflix star Isabella Gomez about her role as Elena in groundbreaking hit Netflix show One Day At A Time. TJ and Isabella discuss key moments from Seasons 1-3 such as the no makeup episode, episodes covering #MeToo, anxiety, LGBTQIA+ first times, Latinx representation and so many more topics the show covers; including how One Day At A Time helped both TJ & Isabella learn to use pronouns for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. We also took the most fan questions we’ve ever had so far and Isabella answered them.  Major Spoilers contained for Season 1-3 of One Day At A Time Content Warning: Strong Coarse Language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Isabella Gomez & Netflix Isabella Gomez Links: Instagram: Twitter: Watch One Day At A Time: Episode Side Note: There’s a "scratching" noise in the background at times. That’s Isabella’s amazing hair hitting her mic. There's simply a lot of fabulous hair. What could we do?
February 22, 2019
Episode Thirty Three: Hellbent on Wonderland with S.A. Bradley
Fan Wonderland talks to their first fellow podcaster and author of Screaming For Pleasure, S.A. Bradley. Covering everything from Oculus to Braid to Doctor Who to One Day At A Time get ready to learn a lot about the horror genre and its references to current culture from S.A. Bradley. S.A. Bradley runs bi-monthly podcast Hellbent For Horror which has been Rondo nominated as well as praised by master director Guillermo del Toro. Content Warning: Strong coarse language, sexual references, brief mention of rape in a horror movie context, detailed gore, horror themes Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by S.A. Bradley S.A. Bradley Links Website: Instagram: Twitter: Order Screaming For Pleasure here:
February 14, 2019
Episode Thirty Two: Who I Am In This Galaxy with Rei Kennex
Fan Wonderland chat to multi-talented actress, singer and cosplayer Rei Kennex. TJ & Rei discuss songwriting, building cosplays, what inspires Rei’s cosplays and more. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Rei Kennex Instagram: Twitter: Top of the Universe Music Video: Music: Episode Notes: There is some occasional clicks, static and “hurried” audio from 36 minutes onwards which we’ve tried to clean up as best as possible but was out of our control. However we’ve left the audio in for conversational context for those that wish to listen through it.
February 12, 2019
Episode Thirty One: A Mysterious Mermaid Tale with Natalee Linez
Fan Wonderland talks to rising Siren star Natalee Linez. TJ and Natalee discuss how Nicole came to be, how Natalee got the role of Nicole, life on the Siren set, her dream roles and more, including answering a fan question. TJ & Natalee also discuss how the film & TV landscape is changing with shows like Siren, Wynonna Earp & Braid. Spoilers contained for Season 2 of Siren Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Natalee Linez Natalee Linez Links: Instagram: Twitter:
February 12, 2019
Episode Thirty: A Deep Dive Into Climate Change with Daron Dean
Fan Wonderland talks to talented actress, curve model and Twitch streamer Daron Dean. TJ & Daron discuss Daron’s Twitch Show, body positivity, campaigns by major brands like Nike & Gillette, as well as STEM, Hulu series Shrill, and climate change, including its impact on both the US wildfires and the recent Tasmanian fires. TJ & Daron also discuss how both US and Australian governments continue to ignore the impact of climate change. Also discussed is anxiety and depression and how One Day At A Time has begun to destigmatise mental health and so many other topics. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Daron Dean Daron Dean Links: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Watch Daron talk about ‘The Pressure to be Pretty’ here: Read about Daron as ‘More Than A Model’ here:
February 12, 2019
Episode Twenty Nine: A Braided Mindf**k with Mitzi Peirone & Sarah Hay
Fan Wonderland talks to Braid Director, Writer & Producer Mitzi Peirone and Braid star Sarah Hay. TJ, Mitzi and Sarah discuss how Braid came to be, becoming the first film to be funded by cryptocurrency and how Mitzi and the cast dealt with the backlash surrounding it, as well as how a young director like Mitzi has an approach that is exciting and unique. Mitzi discusses her film, directing and writing style and why Mitzi approached Braid “differently” to most other films and what Hollywood would consider “normal”. Mitzi also discusses how she cast Madeline Brewer, Sarah Hay and Imogen Waterhouse, and Imogen’s completely insane performance in Braid compared to her work on The Outpost. Sarah discusses how she prepared for her role in Braid, as well as her previous roles such as working alongside Natalie Portman in Black Swan, as well as working with Mitzi on Braid. Braid has a limited cinematic release in the United States and is being distributed globally by Blue Fox Entertainment. (Currently only available for purchase in USA & Russia as of February 5, 2019) Content Warning: Strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Mitzi Peirone Screener for Fan Wonderlands’ viewing provided by Blue Fox Entertainment Braid Links: Instagram: Website: Purchase/Watch Braid (US & Russia only): Green Band Trailer: Red Band Trailer: Mitzi Peirone Link: Instagram: Sarah Hay Link: Instagram: 
February 5, 2019
Episode Twenty Eight: Cats, Sharks & A Cosplayer with Yung Shark Cosplay
Fan Wonderland talks to talented cosplayer, special effects makeup artist and actress, Yung Shark Cosplay TJ & Yung Shark discuss Yung Shark’s cosplay, issues the cosplay community deals with, the difference between a genderbend and a crossplay, how to learn self makeup application, building a cosplay, how she got her name Yung Shark and more. We also discuss different cosplayers as well as indie movies and a rather weird music video Yung Shark has worked on. Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Yung Shark Cosplay Yung Shark Cosplay Links: Instagram: Vampyras Psychedelikas Trailer: Turbo Gatto Music Video( aka That Weird Cat Video that was discussed):
January 29, 2019
Episode Twenty Seven: A Free Spirited Puddin' with Francesca Root-Dodson
Fan Wonderland chat to Gotham fan favourite, Francesca Root-Dodson about becoming Mommer/Ecco and her film Free Spirit, which Francesca wrote, directed, produced and starred in. TJ & Francesca discuss the craziness of the final season of Gotham, as well as some of Francesca’s other roles. Francesca also details how she got into character as Ecco as well as answering fan questions. Major spoilers contained for Season 5 episode "Ruin" Content Warning: Strong Coarse Language.  Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Francesca Root-Dodson Francesca Root-Dodson Links: Instagram: Website:
January 25, 2019
Episode Twenty Six: An Acting Masterclass with Lisa Gormley
Fan Wonderland, for the very first time, sits down, in person, and talks to Australian actress Lisa Gormley about her work on Home and Away, teaching aspiring actors, and upcoming comedy Early Retirement and more. TJ & Lisa also discuss why she loves teaching acting workshops locally and working on local projects rather than Hollywood projects. Lisa also answered some fan questions as well. Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language.  Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Lisa Gormley Lisa Gormley Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Acting True (Acting Workshops) Link: Facebook:
January 24, 2019
Episode Twenty Five: An Earpin' Burden with Varun Saranga
 Fan Wonderland talks to Wynonna Earp fan favourite actor Varun Saranga about Wynonna Earp, Workin’ Moms, and Burden of Truth. TJ & Varun discuss Varun’s work on Wynonna Earp, the support of Earpers, his hopes for Jeremy in Season 4 and how his life has changed since Wynonna Earp, and much more including Varun jokes, his India travels, singing Jeremy and LGBTQ+ representation in Wynonna Earp. And as always we took some fan questions which Varun answered. Content Warning: Strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Varun Saranga Varun Saranga Links: Instagram: Twitter:
January 23, 2019
Episode Twenty Four: A Godless Return with Shawn-Caulin Young
Fan Wonderland talks to our first returning guest Shawn-Caulin Young about his role as paedophile Ted LaGrange in HBO hit show True Detective, how he approached the role, the reception to Heart, Baby since our last chat and Shawn’s upcoming short film based on a true story, Stand Still. TJ & Shawn also discuss Shawn’s work on Godless, Case 347 and Shawn method acting every role he has. Content Warning: Infrequent Coarse Language, Brief discussion of paedophilia (concerning his role on the TV series), Mild/Major spoilers are contained for True Detective Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2 Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Shawn-Caulin Young/Platform PR Shawn Links: Instagram:  Facebook:  Twitter: 
January 20, 2019
Episode Twenty-Three: A Cursed Australian with Tristan Barr
Fan Wonderland talks to Australian, actor, director and producer Tristan Barr about upcoming Horror-Comedy Cursed and his award winning film Watch The Sunset. TJ & Tristan explain the often confused difference between producing and directing as well as a certain special guest showing up in the intro short for Cursed and the extra mile the marketing team has gone for the series. TJ & Tristan also discuss how and why Australia is still lagging behind in the arts industry, channels not taking risks and how Tristan and his team are trying to change it.  Also TJ continues to tease 2019 Fan Wonderland content in discussing digital content with Tristan. Content Warning: Contains Strong Coarse Language.  Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Tristan Barr Tristan Barr Links: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Cursed Links: (Suggested to watch in below order) Intro Pilot to main series with Special Guest: Cursed Pilot: Mentioned in Episode Links: Two Weeks Link (as mentioned in episode by Tristan):
January 13, 2019
Episode Twenty-Two: Aliens, Blood Sacrifice & A Rogue Spirit with Rosa Arredondo
Fan Wonderland talks to talented actress Rosa Arredondo about upcoming indie psychological thriller Bloodbound as well as her upcoming debut on Roswell, New Mexico. TJ & Rosa discuss the impressive indie cast in Bloodbound as well as working alongside talented newcomer Eden Brolin, scary stories from the set of Bloodbound and how indie films impact the industry. TJ & Rosa also discuss Rosa’s role in the upcoming CW show Roswell, New Mexico, how it differs from its predecessor and explains the fact it is less of a reboot and more of a ten years later alternate story. Content Warning: Contains mentions of sexual assault and strong coarse language Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Rosa Arredondo
January 13, 2019
Episode Twenty-One: A Motherforking Fairytale with Luke Guldan
Fan Wonderland talks to talented actor Luke Guldan about hit show The Good Place & CBS Original Tell Me A Story TJ & Luke discuss his dream roles, how he got into acting, his roles across The Good Place, LGBTQIA+ film Fluidity and Tell Me A Story as well as two more indie films Luke is starring in. TJ & Luke also discuss LGBTQIA+ representation in film and TV as well as Luke’s dream roles. Content Warning: Mild sexual references Mild spoilers are contained for The Good Place. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Luke Guldan/Status PR Luke Guldan Links: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
January 13, 2019
Episode Twenty: Friends From College with Jae Suh Park
 Fan Wonderland talks to talented rising star actress Jae Suh Park about hit Netflix show Friends From College and its sophomore season. TJ & Jae discuss her dream roles, how she got into acting, why she loves playing Marianne and the amount of improv in the show. TJ & Jae also discuss the film industry, how key scenes in the show happened, as well as filling in some scenes that ended up being cut from both seasons and more. Major spoilers are contained for Friends From College Season 1 & 2 and a mild trigger warning for a brief mention of a scene from Season 1. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Jae Suh Park/Icon PR Cover Image Credits: Photography: Ashley Frangie Makeup: Elizabeth Follert Hair: Felicia Rials Stylist: Veronica Graye Jae Suh Park Links: Instagram: Episode Note: There’s an overlap in the audio in some places that makes it sound like TJ & Jae overtalk each other which didn’t actually happen during our chat.
January 12, 2019
Episode Nineteen: Alice in Fan Wonderland with Alice Blake
 Fan Wonderland talks to Ukrainian based artist Alice Blake about her fan art, how she got started, and her advice for other artists as well as talking about multiple fandoms. TJ & Alice discuss  how Alice learnt to draw and what inspires her, and how she dealt with uncertainty about her style and how she overcame it.  They also discuss how fan art has been utilised within shows recently, Thasmin, Legends of Tomorrow, the consistent killing of LGBTQIA+ characters in TV shows, as well as how Doctor Who has changed for people who are deaf and blind by creating strong characters with actresses such as Ellie Wallwork and Sophie Stone and much more, of course including Alice in Wonderland. Mild spoilers are contained for Doctor Who (2005) episodes including New Years special Resolution. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Alice Blake Art Alice Blake Links: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Episode Notes: -TJ mentioned Series/Season 12 on two occasions. What was meant was the 12th Doctor’s Era with Peter Capaldi -The deaf actress in Doctor Who TJ mentioned was Sophie Stone .
January 10, 2019
Episode Eighteen: A Gifted Inspiration with Briana Lamb
Fan Wonderland talks to Briana Lamb about her cosplay, modelling and work on The Gifted as well as her work on over 50 different productions.  TJ & Briana discuss the horrific accident that changed Briana’s life, the outpouring of support surrounding it and her motivation and approach to life since.  Briana & TJ discuss how she got into cosplay, modelling and her role on The Gifted alongside Emma Dumont, as well as dealing with depression and anxiety . Briana also gave us some funny stories about her work on film & TV sets as an extra, a double and much more. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Briana Lamb Briana Lamb Links: Instagram: Facebook: Blog: Accident Blog Entry: WARNING: Contains graphic images and details of Briana and her accident and injuries. Reader discretion advised. Support Briana on Ko-Fi: YouTube: Table of Contents Intro, Accident & Cosplay: 0:00-31:53 The Gifted/Extra & Double Work: 31:53-1:23:54 Modelling:  1:23:54-1:45:18
December 31, 2018
Episode Seventeen: A Dead Man Walking with James Chen
Fan Wonderland talks to James Chen about his role as Kal on AMC’s The Walking Dead, as well as LGBTQIA+ indie film Fluidity and dive into James’ fanboy side, his love of Spider-Man and representation in the LGBTQIA+ and Asian communities or lack thereof. TJ & James discuss how James got the role of Kal, and much more. James & TJ discuss James’ favourite roles, stereotyping and miscasting across the LGBTQIA+ and people of colour communities being stereotypically cast or miscast in the film and TV industry. James also details the set and behind the scenes of The Walking Dead.There’s even a Walking Dead pun from James. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by James Chen/Status PR & IMDB/AMC James Chen Links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Fluidity Trailer:
December 30, 2018
Episode Sixteen: A Journey Round The Twist with Anjelica Bette Fellini
Fan Wonderland talks to Anjelica Bette Fellini about her breakout role on Fox’s The Gifted, as well as on Margot and upcoming coming of age film Sid Is Dead. TJ & Anjelica discuss how Anjelica got the role of Rebecca/Twist, her role in Sid Is Dead and much more. Anjelica & TJ reflect on Stan Lee’s impact on the Marvel family, her favourite Marvel characters, her reaction to getting a role on The Gifted, her dream roles and more. There’s also a brilliant joke from Anjelica about how she got into the role of Rebecca, but you’ll have to listen to hear it. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Anjelica Bette Fellini & IMDB Anjelica Bette Fellini Links: Instagram:
December 4, 2018
Episode Fifteen: Yikes, It's Tessa with Tessa Violet
Mild Spoiler Warning for Bad Ideas music video (if listening prior to it’s release on November 30): Fan Wonderland talks to Tessa Violet about her single Bad Ideas and it’s accompanying music video both releasing November 30 TJ & Tessa discuss Bad Ideas & the accompanying music video which Tessa was instrumental in creating as well as the Twitter love between Tessa & Bishop Briggs and her disbelief at Crush going past 24 million views and more. The episode is wrapped with TJ & Tessa revealing the debut of the music video for Bad Ideas. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Image Provided by Tessa Violet Tessa Violet Links: Website: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
November 30, 2018
Ascendancy (Anchor Exclusive)
Want to hear how Chasing Velvet sound? Check out Ascendancy from their debut EP Replay. Exclusively streaming only on our Anchor platform. All rights belong to Chasing Velvet. Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Image & CV Logo provided by Chasing Velvet
November 15, 2018
Episode Fourteen: Chasing A Velvet Replay with Chasing Velvet
Fan Wonderland talks to talented Australian duo Chasing Velvet about what inspired the name “Chasing Velvet”, their fans, what inspired their music and their hopes to eventually do a national tour and more. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Replay EP streaming on Spotify now and available for purchase digitally on iTunes or a physical copy on Chasing Velvet Website. Ascendancy is available to stream exclusively on our Anchor channel. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Images provided by Chasing Velvet
November 15, 2018
Episode Thirteen: A True Story with Heart, Baby with Shawn-Caulin Young
STRONG CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains strong language, discussion of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, substance abuse and homophobia and may be triggering for some listeners. If this episode affects you or affects someone you know please seek the appropriate support. Fan Wonderland talks to Shawn-Caulin Young about his role as transgender female inmate Crystal in award winning biopic Heart, Baby. TJ & Shawn discuss how Shawn came to be cast as Crystal and how Shawn transformed himself and his daily life and lived as a transgender woman to prepare for the role and the horrific experience and reality of what the transgender community deals with on a daily basis. This episode brought both Shawn & TJ to tears during the recording. The episode is entirely unfiltered, unedited and raw. It's a confronting, real, and honest interview. Heart, Baby has a limited release in New York November 16, 2018 with a wider release expected globally. The episode wraps with TJ & Shawn discussing what to expect from Shawn in True Detective Season 3 being released in 2019. Heart, Baby Links: Heart, Baby Trailer: Heart, Baby Website: Shawn Links: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Images Provided by Shawn-Caulin Young/North of Two
November 15, 2018
Episode Twelve: A Fearless Joey with Joey Djia
Content Warning: This episode contains discussion of suicide surrounding what inspired Joey to write So Don’t as well as the stigma surrounding mental health. Fan Wonderland talks to Joey Djia about her life since X-Factor and her rise to stardom. TJ & Joey discuss how there’s beginning to be artists talking about mental health in their music as well as the creative process and inspiration behind some of Joey’s tracks from her early years to her debut album Enough and how Joey has grown since X-Factor. Joey’s debut album Enough is available now. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Image Provided by Joey Djia Joey Djia Links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: YouTube:
November 2, 2018
Episode Eleven-Foxie, Ronnie, and Rock & Roll with The Hots (Exclusive EP Track List Reveal)
Fan Wonderland talks to born and bred Aussie rockers here to bring the world a female-fronted rock revival. With powerhouse vocals and an all or nothing attitude their self-titled debut EP crashes together the sounds of a Carrie Underwood country track with true rock and roll vocals. At just 23 front woman Foxie Kelly has the vocal power of a seasoned veteran who has been in the industry for years. Foxie & Ronnie discuss how social media is now part of the artwork when it comes to creating albums or EP’s, Foxie’s Twang, and in a Fan Wonderland World First Exclusive, Fan Wonderland reveals the track list for the EP as The Hots explain track by track what each song is about and the process behind it. Foxie talks about satisfying the “little Foxie” inside Foxie by performing at the ARIA’s one day soon, as well as Foxie & Ronnie’s experience in the industry Full of Aussie banter, Hot and Rock & Roll related puns, and sharing stories this is the debut of The Hots you shouldn’t miss. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Image Provided by The Hots/Photography by Tony Mott The Hots Links: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Pre-Release EARLY ACCESS (With Free Shipping Internationally for November 2018 only): Follow the link and sign up to Pre-Release get the password to buy and receive the EP Bundle early.
November 2, 2018
Episode Ten: A Look Behind The Lens with Peter Coulson
Fan Wonderland talks to multi-award winning AIPP Australian Photographer Peter Coulson about what inspired him to begin photography, talks expectations that are taught or told to photographers & models and how our thought process around those really needs to change. Peter discusses his process for creating images, his process for uploading new images, working with light, his cameras, his inspirations, Kate Moss and more. Part interview-part educational podcast-part discussion, this is an episode that if you’re a model or photographer you shouldn’t miss. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Image Provided by Peter Coulson/Koukei Studio Peter Coulson Links: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram: Twitter: Website:
November 1, 2018
Episode Nine: A Journey Through The Black Light with The Ting Tings
Fan Wonderland talks to Grammy nominated band The Ting Tings ahead of their fourth studio album, The Black Light, releasing October 26, 2018. Katie & Jules break down their upcoming album The Black Light track by track with TJ, the creative process for each track and what inspired each track and what we can expect from their fourth studio album. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Cover Image Provided by The Ting Tings The Ting Tings Links: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Website:
October 24, 2018
Episode Eight: Please Have Mercy! with Lucie Pohl
Fan Wonderland talks to The Last Germinican and Nutella superfan Lucie Pohl. Lucie’s most well known role is as the voice of Mercy in mega hit game Overwatch as well as Rixxa Fluxflame in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Lucie also has a career as a comedian with shows like Hi Hitler & Cry Me A Liver and Apohcalypse Now. Lucie joins Fan Wonderland to discuss her career from Red Dwarf to Overwatch as well as her comedy career. Think you know Mercy? Think again. This is a podcast full of crazy stories from Lucie signing a live baby, to Lucie randomly singing in the episode, dubbing Khloe Kardashian in German, to her love letter to David Hasselhoff she wrote when she was 8 which she read to us that takes a really concerning turn. We also discuss politics and comedy in the current global political climate, Mercy in Grand Theft Auto and more. Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Lucie Pohl Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Want a taste of Lucie's comedy?
October 21, 2018
Episode Seven: Snow, Zombie Apes & A Killer Puppet with Aleks Paunovic
Fan Wonderland talks to fanboy and “noodles don’t cut it” actor, Aleks Paunovic. Aleks is best known for his roles as Julius on SYFY’s Van Helsing, Julien on CW’s iZombie, wrestler Gunner Lawless, a skinwalker and Sean’s friend on the hit CW show Supernatural, or Winter from War For The Planet Of The Apes to name just a few of his roles. Aleks joins Fan Wonderland to discuss Van Helsing, indie film Puppet Killer and TNT’s upcoming TV adaptation of Snowpiercer based off the 2013 film and the graphic novel. While Aleks will return to chat about Snowpiercer in full once press starts for the show, Aleks was able to give us his characters’ name and a bit about the series. Aleks also chatted to us about his time working on Supernatural alongside Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki, fanboying at getting to work with Sir Anthony Hopkins and quite possibly the funniest reason for getting into acting and more. All capped off with a brutal roast of host TJ. From seriousness, to comedy to puppets and F-bombs this episode isn’t for the kiddies. So get your zombie & vampire survival kits ready and hide your puppets as you’ll never look at a puppet (or Elmo) the same way ever again. Puppet Killer Trailer: Photography by Aaron RT Smedley Podcast Cover designed by Fan Wonderland Aleks Paunovic Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
October 17, 2018
Episode Six: A Scarlett K.O. with Courtenay Taylor (Worldwide Exclusive)
Fan Wonderland talks to superhero and voice acting powerhouse Courtenay Taylor in a worldwide exclusive first interview to discuss her role as Scarlett in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 as well as Courtenay's work on OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes and the recent Crossover Nexus episode. We also had a special guest do our intro and wrap, so hunker down with your controller and your ears and listen to a funny, brilliant lady talk about her voice work and her dream roles and so much more. Photography by Leslie Alejandro (Courtenay)/Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (Scarlett) Courtenay Taylor Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Website:
October 13, 2018
Episode Five: A Walk Among Vampires & Bootlegs with Adi Shankar
Fan Wonderland talks to talented producer Adi Shankar about Castlevania in a podcast that ruins everyone's childhood TV show entirely after Adi points out a blatantly obvious point that changes everything we ever thought we knew. He also keeps secrets like Marvel prevents spoilers so don't expect juicy spoilers from Castlevania or Assassin's Creed, but we got some laughs and interesting information from Adi in the short time we spent with him about his Bootleg Universe and upcoming hip-hop film Bodied. Adi also chatted about working with Karmin on the music video for "Didn't Know You" and a potential reunion with Qveen Herby. Adi's Bootleg Universe is streaming now on YouTube:
October 10, 2018
Episode Four: A Thousand Honest Voices with Jon Bailey
Fan Wonderland talks to voice acting legend Jon Bailey. Jon is known as Epic Voice Guy, a character he portrays across multiple roles particularly in Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers. Jon has used his voice for companies and studios like 2K (X-Com, WWE) and Hasbro (Transformers) to doing voice over for the Breaking Bad TV series. Jon has done voice work which totals in the thousands of voice acting jobs. Jon joins Fan Wonderland to talk about his work on games and Honest Trailers and how he came to be Epic Voice Guy. He can be found at and both on his own YouTube channel (EpicVoiceGuy) as well as Honest Trailers.
October 9, 2018
Episode Three: A Wild Vigilante with Rick Gonzalez
Fan Wonderland talks to Arrow star, Rick Gonzalez. Rick is best known for his series regular role of the vigilante Rene Ramirez aka Wild Dog on Arrow. His previous acting includes roles on Reaper, Blue Bloods, Mr Robot and Netflix film Deuces to name a few. Rick chats with Fan Wonderland about the upcoming Season 7 of Arrow, working with Lady Gaga, Mr Robot, set life on Arrow and family and more.
October 9, 2018
Episode Two: A Murderous Dance With Luke Jennings
Fan Wonderland talks to author Luke Jennings about Villaneve end game, Luke suggests there’s a bit of Villanelle in everyone, talks about his passionate fans and post Codename Villanelle series plans and so much more. The best part? It's spoiler free! The sequel to Codename Villanelle, titled Killing Eve: No Tomorrow is set to be released October 2018 via Amazon and is available for pre-order now. Credits: released October 2, 2018 Interviewer: TJ Guest: Luke Jennings Producer: Fan Wonderland Graphics/Cover Art: TJ
October 3, 2018
Episode One: Being A Villain with Philip Brodie
Fan Wonderland talks to Philip Brodie about his work as Everit Dred on CW's The Outpost as well as his work on Harley & The Davidsons miniseries, Mythica, The Musketeers & Merlin, as well as upcoming film Behind You with his The Outpost co-stars. Philip also answered some pre-submitted fan questions as well as answering some burning questions about The Outpost. Mild Spoilers for Viewers not up to Season 1 Episode 6 of The Outpost onward. Credits: Released: September 18, 2018 Interviewer: TJ Guest: Philip Brodie Producer: Fan Wonderland Graphics/Cover Art: Fan Wonderland
October 2, 2018
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