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The Story Untold ZW

The Story Untold ZW

By Farai Mudzingwa

Zimbabwean stories of entrepreneurship and creativity
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Inside NATAi NATAi with Cheryl Nyasha Johnson
Inside NATAi NATAi with Cheryl Nyasha Johnson
Cheryl Nyasha Johnson is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur making her mark in the #fashion industry. She is the founder and creative director of NATAi NATAi - a locally made Zimbabwean women’s fashion brand with a focus on fun, day to night pieces that accentuate the feminine physique while maintaining a great sense of style and sophistication. In this episode, we go Inside NATAi NATAi and talk about Cheryl's journey. Who she is, why she decided to start a business. We also discuss some of the challenges and joy of entrepreneurship along with how Cheryl balances being an entrepreneur with her duties as a mother and wife.   Thank you for watching, and thank you Cheryl for graciously allowing us to bring this story to the world. Special thanks go out to Vanessa and Munashe whose voices are heard in the intro sequence of this episode.   For more updates on NATAi NATAi:  HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE STORY UNTOLD?  Buy us a coffee:  For more updates, follow us on these platforms:  Facebook (LIKE):  Instagram (FOLLOW):  TikTok (FOLLOW):  YouTube (SUBSCRIBE):  Blog posts, Story Untold Podcast & more  Music:  * Ketsa - Empty Playground (  * Nkosi - Going Home (  YouTube Music Library:  * Cheel - Lazy Walk
September 18, 2021
Inside the Drone Profession with Tawanda Chihambakwe
Inside the Drone Profession with Tawanda Chihambakwe
#TheAfricanDroneProfessional #TawandaChihambakwe #TheStoryUntoldZW Tawanda Chihambakwe is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur who is making his mark in the #drone industry. He is the Founder of Precision Aerial - a drone service & consultancy startup serving the southern African region. Chihambakwe is also the Director of Zimbabwe Flying Labs - the local chapter of a global drone and robotics organization called #WEROBOTICS that uses technology for social and humanitarian impact.  Lastly, Tawanda is a best-selling author. Drone Professional 1 & 2- books that he co-authored with other leading drone professionals from all over the world have both achieved bestseller status on AMAZON USA and AMAZON UK in several Aviation categories.   In this episode, we go Inside the Drone Profession and talk about Tawanda's journey- how he came to discover drones and decided to pursue this opportunity full time. We also discuss achieving the elusive work-life balance as an entrepreneur. Lastly, we talk about the opportunities in the drone industry and what Tawanda is doing to ensure that the next generation can grab these opportunities.  Thank you for watching, and thank you Tawanda #Chihambakwe for graciously allowing us to bring his story to the world. How can you SUPPORT THE STORY UNTOLD: Buy us a coffee: Follow us on these platforms:  Instagram (FOLLOW):  TikTok (FOLLOW):  YouTube (SUBSCRIBE):  Follow Tawanda Chihambakwe:  Recorded, edited & distributed by Babyboy Media   #Zimbabweanentrepreneurs #entrepreneurs #zimentrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #zimcreatives #zimcontent #zimcontentcreators
August 11, 2021
Inside Animation with Pious Nyenyewa
Inside Animation with Pious Nyenyewa
Pious Nyenyewa is the Studio Lead at Alula Animation - a Zimbabwean animation studio that was established in 2018. It was created for the purposes of entertainment, to give viewers and the clients a good quality product on their screens. Alula Animation Studio offers family viewed animation movies & commercials.  On the 17th of June it was announced that Pious Nyenyewa would be making a film to be featured in Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire a Disney+ Original (anthology of animated films) set to premiere in late 2022. Whilst we didn't discuss that project in this conversation we spoke about everything leading up to that... Big thank you to Pious for allowing Babyboy Media to share his story with the world.  We wish you the best on Mukudzei (Adventures of Muku)...   Follow The Story Untold ZW on your favourite platforms: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: All our links: For more on Alula Animation:
July 06, 2021