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Farming 4 Profits

Farming 4 Profits

By Noah Nasiali-Kadima
Do you want to start farming? Do you want to transform your farm into a business? Join & learn the What, Where, When & How of farming as a business.
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Grow Potatoes for Profits
How to grow potatoes in hot climates. Is irrigation the solution to potato farmers? How much does it cost to grow potatoes per acre?
February 23, 2021
Africa Farmers Intro
The making of Afarmers
February 22, 2021
The Jobless Agronomist
Agronomists guide farmers on how to fight diseases, crop management, improve quality & increase yields. #Agronomy #Zerohunger #Smallholderfarmers
January 31, 2021
Millionnaire Farmers: Fact or Myth
Can farmers really make millions from farming only? Listen and let us share. What are the secrets?
January 26, 2021
You can be in the kitchen and not eat (Part 1)
If you are a farmer, you know how everything has been preset for us from tractor costs to seed prices to farm labor to prices of farm produce at the market. How can you make sure you can produce and sell your produce as and when you need to sell? By selling, I mean selling profitably?
January 26, 2021
Market: How to sell your farm produce
Farm produce prices How to market my farm produce Which are the best markets to sell your produce?
September 17, 2020