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Fat Guys²

Fat Guys²

By Fat Guys Squared
I bet you wish this was all a dream but its not we became real life boys making pappa scratch his head before he sent us to bed. That right this is FAT GUYS SQUARED the podcast where we don't care what the topic is we will rip it apart and make it into a rip roaring conversation between everyone. So come join us weekly for the best variety show on the web. FAT GUYS SQUARED
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Sunday Funday
Today we talked about the nostalgic games we used to play. And much much more
January 27, 2020
Grab a Snack and Sit Back We Live
You find about men and how they feel towards there truck. Why you dont answer the door in a towel and much much more
January 20, 2020
01/10/2020 Its a New Year!!!
Back after the holidays WOOHOO Also Email us at
January 14, 2020
12/2/2019 College & Stuff
Who likes college? Who hates school? Who is right? & Who is wrong? Find out on Fat Guys Squared. Also Email us at
December 08, 2019
11/23/2019 Why Is This A Christmas Movie?
What makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie you can find out here on Fat Guys Squared. Also Email us at
November 27, 2019
11/16/2019 Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Do you like Liars? Can you deal with Liars? Take a listen tell us if you agree. Also Email us at
November 18, 2019
11/9/2019 Foodies
FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! Did i mention we talked about food. Also Email us at
November 12, 2019
11/2/2019 Politically Incorrect
So we are finally back and we come back with a bang one of the most controversial topics out there. Come check it out. Also Email us at
November 05, 2019
07/01/2019 Bubba Biceps In the House
Who better to learn about fitness from then the Special Guest himself Joey Bubba Biceps. Also Email us at
July 02, 2019
06/17/2019 Lady Friends
This week we talk about our lady friends and why they kinda love us..... Also Email us at
June 19, 2019
06/03/2019 Anxiety The Final Frontier
This is the last installment of the anxiety series, and we have added guests involved in this one OH BOY. Also Email us at
June 03, 2019
05/20/2019 Anxiety Part III
Follow the bread crumbs to finish the trilogy Also Email us at
May 22, 2019
05/13/2019 Anxiety Part 2
Why we are screwed up part 2 Also Email us at
May 14, 2019
05/06/2019 Anxiety Part 1
What scares the shit out of us and how we deal with it Also Email us at
May 07, 2019
04/29/2019 Summer Bikini's
Summer is coming up and fat guys must be prepared. See what we got in stored this summer Also Email us at
April 29, 2019
04/15/2019 Eating Shit
Nate speaking folks i am an idiot. I thought this would be fun i thought this would be a delight god i am stupid. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS OKAY!!!! Also Email us at
April 15, 2019
04/08/2019 Birthday Sex
Big birthday plans lets find out if we party like rock stars. Also Email us at
April 09, 2019
04/01/2019 Facebook and stuff!!!
Nate blew up facebook say what!!!! listen in to find out why. Also Email us at
April 02, 2019
03/25/2019 The Saga Continues....
The saga of Vegas trip continued we alk about how much money he won the damn red rocks hot MM's and so much more. Also Email us at
March 25, 2019
03/18/2019 Las Vegas Baby!!!
Nathan decided to take a trip to Vegas with his father and we discussed how  snoring and people jumping off the hotel made it quite hard to sleep Also Email us at
March 19, 2019
03/11/2019 Live Crying in the shower
Our First show back we talked about baby head and skin head shows, David Allen Coe and Nate crying in the shower. Also Email us at
March 11, 2019
03/04/2019 Back Baby!!!
We are back just letting you know we didn't die of cholesterol yet. This is the shows new format, and what to expect from it. Also Email us at
March 04, 2019
01/24/2019 And Boom Goes the Dynamite
Another pre recorded Show this weather is just kicking us in the nuts this episode we talk about anything and everything. Also Email us at
January 24, 2019
01/20/2019 This Is What We Call An Italian Sub
This show was put together on a whim, tried to make it work through mother nature. Oh yea... We also talked about some weird shit. Also Email us at
January 21, 2019
1/17/19 The RI Man Meat Sandwich
This is one of the pre Recorded Episodes For when Nate goes away. Dont worry there will be more. In this episode we talk about the ri man sandwich my ugly man wife at the mall and much more. Also Email us at
January 16, 2019
01/13/2019 A Night Of Blue Balls
We talked about Blue Man Group Comics, things that are going to be in the upcoming shows. Also Email us at
January 13, 2019
1/10/19 Still making it hard to completion
This podcast is continued from Sunday due to difficulties with the show streaming. Also Email us at
January 10, 2019
01/06/2019 Getting Hard To Make It Look Bigger We Ensure It
First day back for us, oh and it was interesting. We talked of Diets which included a taste testing where we melted off Fates taste buds... Fun right. and talked of how Christmas went. Because of some minor technical difficulties at the end, stay tuned for Thursdays podcast where we will show the second part of the episode Also Email us at
January 07, 2019
12/20/18 Random questions from the box
Last episode of the season we will return. January 6th     https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
December 20, 2018
12/16/2018 Sucking On My Candy Cane
We started off with the PC side of Christmas and end up with Nate wearing Lingerie stay tuned to the end.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
December 16, 2018
12/06/2018 Stories And Stuff
Stories about the dark subjects of the world. Join us if you like to hear about secluded tribes that kill everyone. And pizza   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
December 06, 2018
12/02/2018 We Facebook official!!!
So this week on fat guys squared we have our first episode on Facebook, oh yeah people we are a big deal. We had some new stories, we dug deep into Nate's past in Nate's corner, and we interacted with listeners. All and all i think it was a good day.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at FatGuysSquared@gmail.comxxxxxxxxxxxx
December 03, 2018
11/28/2018 Not Prepared
This is what happens when you don't prepare.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 29, 2018
11/26/2018 Love the Noodles
This week on fat guys squared Black Friday the Terrible, Weekly sexual Position, question of the week, and so so so much more.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 27, 2018
11/21/2018 You Love What!!!
So you lived through the hate. Now embrace the love on the great GOBBLE GOBBLE day.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 22, 2018
11/18/2018 You Hate What???
With all the holiday fun happening this week, we talk about 25 Things we hate.... OR do we???   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 19, 2018
11/11/2018 Worst Thanks Giving
Do you want to hear about the true history of Thanksgiving well neither did Nate but i told it any way. Nate has a new Nate's corner and the question of the week blew his mind this!!! https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 15, 2018
11/11/2018 Thank You Veterans
This week on fat guys squared, we went through some amazing not fat guy friendly sex positions, paid honorable respect to the our Vetarans. Heard an interesting date story in Nates Corner, and of course question of the day.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 12, 2018
11/07/2018 Grandmas Fudge!!!???
This week we discuss our families ability to speak above each other and make sense of all of it. Super Volcano's and Dating Apps   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 08, 2018
11/04/2018 Sex Dolls 2.0
Sex dolls, the great Dusty McPherson, True happiness in Nate's Corner and don't forget the never ending question, Is She A Hooker???   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 05, 2018
10/31/2018 Halloween Spooktacular
This ghostly show has to do with tattoos, Halloween safety, and did i mention Nates corner if you haven't heard about it. you will want to join us.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
November 01, 2018
10/28/2018 Costumes And Everything
So this week on fat guys squared we talked about insane asylums, weird tattoos, and did i mention i looked like a baby pimp and pat looks like a crackhead version of Bob Ross.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
October 29, 2018
10/24/2018 Pats Truth
This episode was to show the back story of the Pat the 2nd member of Fat guys squared, boy does this explain everything.   https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
October 25, 2018
10/21/2018 Infinite Dab
Jerk guys, played a few games with the crowd talked about the upcoming changes. Fortnite dance moves and what is wrong with the kids today. God soon enough we are gonna go from Fat guys to Old Fat Guys AHHHHHH!!!! https://www.fatguyssquared.com Also Email us at
October 22, 2018
10/17/2018 Nates Truth
This episode of Fat Guys Squared shows the back story of Nate the great, where he came from his up bringing and why the man is the way he is. Hope you enjoy. Also Email us at
October 18, 2018
10/14/2018 Sick As Hell!!!
This week on Fat guys Squared. Spam calls, Eating Candy.... A band by the name Boys on wheels, eating more candy..... Basement stories at The store Amazings. And a fun game of mad libs. But of course more candy. Also Email us at
October 15, 2018
10/17/2018 Tell Me How You Feel!!!
From talking about doctor visits to holidays are near so assholes beware!!!. Pat rant on assholes on the road. Did he say Bob Ross??? and finally what would you do situations. Also Email us at
October 11, 2018
10/07/2018 Fat Guys² Pat Pussy!!!
This week on Fat Guy Squared we went from Pat giving me his first pussy too deadpool to a quick game called would you rather..... Too a night club called "The Church"..... Also Email us at
October 08, 2018
10/03/2018 Fat Guys² Real Sex Dolls???
This Episode of Fat Guys Squared we talk about Halloween, College and Sex dolls.... How did we get on to that topic And closed it with woman with tattoos. Also Email us at
October 03, 2018
9/30/2018 Lets Make A Porno
This week on Fat guys Squared we found out about Nate's secret past??? You dont want to miss it Also Email us at
October 01, 2018
9/23/2018 He said What!!!
9/23/2018 This week on FAT GUYS SQUARED. We break down worst dates and marriage along with kids and black Friday. With the occasional conversation with our audience. Thanks to them Bigfoot and ice cream got brought into the mix. What more could you want from a couple of Fat Guys Also Email us at
September 24, 2018