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Analytics-Driven Strategy: LinkedIn Live Seasons

Analytics-Driven Strategy: LinkedIn Live Seasons

By Fatema El-Wakeel, MBA, CMA
Welcome to The Analytics-Driven Strategy podcast hosted by Analytics-Driven Strategy Evangelist, Data and Analytics practitioner and knowledge volunteer Fatema El-Wakeel, MBA, CMA. I create the right strategies and ecosystems for successful Data and Analytics transformations.

As a practitioner across EMEA, I will chat with authors in Data and Analytics and share evidence-based advice and thought-leadership on how to utilise Data and Analytics in businesses. We will cut through the confusing information that we find online.

Podcast live videos: LinkedIn, Youtube @fatemaelwakeel
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LinkedIn Live: How To Successfully Use Artificial Intelligence In Business?
This LinkedIn live coffee chat was with the Dean of Big Data Bill Schmarzo, we applied the great sentence in his book "If you want to change the game change the frame" to AI In this episode, Bill Schmarzo and I discussed AI, Leadership in Analytics, Orphaned Analytics and more. AI is an environment that is continuously learning and adapting, how we think about building Analytics in the AI world is different from the current world. Listen to this episode to know how can be prepared for that.
September 9, 2021
LinkedIn Live: The 3 Main Data and Analytics Organisational Models
Choosing the right Data and Analytics model for the organisation is similar to choosing the right structure for a house. The organisational structure needs to be robust, solid and suitable for future changes. In this session, I cover the different structures the organisations can choose from as well as their variations. I also discuss the pros and cons as well as the uses for Centralised, Decentralised and moving through the Hybrid model.
August 12, 2021
LinkedIn Live: Why is Storytelling Critical in Analytics?
Overview: Data & Analytics goes from Data Governance, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Visualisation and more. It is a very rich topic that goes through Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive, through all that you need storytelling. We deal with different stakeholders and we have to deliver the message. In this chat, Matt and I will be discussing storytelling and how it empowers Data Analytics. Introduction:  Matthew Luhn, the former 20-year Pixar storytelling expert, is a writer/director and definitely a creativity expert. He was the youngest Simpson Animator and inspirational animator on Toy Story.  Fatema El-Wakeel (Analytics-Driven Strategy Evangelist), more than 10 years of experience creating the right strategies and ecosystems for successful Data and Analytics transformation.  Topic: Why is Storytelling Critical in Analytics? Book: "Storytelling with Data" - Personally, this is my go-to book in storytelling Chat: Matthew Luhn (Storytelling/creativity expert and Author) and Fatema El-Wakeel (Analytics-Driven Strategy Evangelist) Date: 3rd June 2021
June 27, 2021
Analytics-Driven Strategy LinkedIn Live Launch
Kicking-off LinkedIn Live Series You can watch it online on LinkedIn: or YouTube:
June 27, 2021