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By Jody Sedrick
Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? In my weekly podcast, we explore the adventures, challenges, triumphs, sorrows, and the fun of being a dad.

I am the father of 6 kids. My wife and I had four and then God blessed us with 2 more through adoption. I think I have a unique perspective and experience to help fathers become the best dad possible.

I also love to interview other men trying to be great dads, step-dads, adopted dads, granddads, and foster dads. Let's help each other become the best men, husbands, and dads possible to leave a legacy that will endure.
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194 - Push it aside, bury your emotions and be a man - the thoughts that are destroying men
We are taught as men to “man up”, “push it aside”, “be a man” and so many other phrases that have taught us to push our feelings aside, to bury them deep. Unfortunately that burying of emotion has cause men to retreat, lash out, become abusive and are the largest percentage of individuals to commit suicide. We have to do better about teaching our boys and men to acknowledge their feelings, give them a space to express what is on their heart, and teach them how to productively deal with those emotions. This week I want to dig in to some of my thoughts and experiences with men, my family, and mental health. Show Highlights: 0:00 Intro 2:30 Let’s talk about men’s mental health 3:30 Following the impression to reach out to friend 8:00 Creating a safe place for men to embrace and share their emotions 11:00 The news of the death of my uncle 16:00 Who will walk with me? 23:00 Take a moment and think of one person Mentioned in this podcast is my book “Learn To Dance With the Currents of Life; When You Feel Like You’re Drowning” I invite you to purchase it at Amazon Barnes and Noble On my website: Host Jody Sedrick
September 26, 2022
193 - How Am I Going To Save My Relationship with My Wife
This week I explore some thoughts from conversations that I had with three different men who are struggling to save the relationship with their wife. Some of you have awakened to the seriousness of your situation and are wondering how you will ever rebuild what is on the edge of being lost.   Embrace the process of fixing as well as the process of healing. Show Highlights: 0:00 intro 02:00 is it worth working for the relationship with you wife 06:00 We have a fantastic relationship except in the bedroom 08:00 Allowing her space to heal 14:00 Be patient with the healing process 17:30 How long does it take to heal your relationship 20:00 Man enough to say I’m sorry and I love you Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
September 19, 2022
192- There's Hard And Then There's Dad Hard
This week I sit down with my nephew Sedrick Call and discuss a comment he made about his dad; "There's hard and then there's dad hard" Host: Jody Sedrick  https://jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
September 12, 2022
191 - Shuffled between Grandma, Mom and then my dad
This week I sit down with Deandre Carter and explore working through not having a dad, expectations, and demanding greatness from yourself. Show highlights 0:00 Intro 2:00 Demanding greatness of ourselves 7:30 Parenting his daughter when she lives in a different state 10:45 - Discovering his manhood being raise by his Grandma and mom 13:00 Like a puzzle; grabbing pieces of men to become the man he wants Guest: DeAndre Carter Demand Greatness Ready to Win Mastermind  Host: Jody Sedrick https://jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
September 05, 2022
190 - "I wish I Had a Dad"
This week I explore three experiences that I had this week that I re-emphasized to be the power of being present as a father. Being engaged at every age of your child creates a foundation of success for them. It builds independence, confidence and a willingness to go after their dream.  Let's see if these three experiences have relevance to you. 0:00 Intro 2:40 My son Zayne moving to Oceanside with his girlfriend Hayley 6:00 Losing sight of our vision 8:00 Being a Safe place for your kids 10:00 UVU Parent banquet - Showing up when you don’t have to 23:30 wake surfing with Cynsha - “I wish I had a dad” Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
August 22, 2022
189 - Sex, Intimacy, and Unity With Your Wife
After a number of conversations with different men who are struggling with the most important relationship in their life — the relationship with your wife. RJD The Imperfect Gentleman and I dig in depth to sex, intimacy, and unity with your wife. Show Highlights: 03:00 going from a relationship to being room mates 05:00 How do men have the conversation about sex in their marriage? 13:00 Coming home from work and sitting down 18:30 Getting married for the wrong reason 25:00 “I don’t care about that” 29:00 Loving yourself to love her Guest: RJD The Imperfect Gentleman Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
August 15, 2022
188 - Overcoming big challenges in your life
This week I had a four conversations with men working through significant challenges in their life ranging from marriage difficulties to serious health challenges with children. How do you face these challenges? How do you work through them when you're not sure you're making the right decions to change things?  I've come to the realization all challenges stem from three core areas. Recognizing these can help you overcome challenges and turn them into blessings for you and your family. Intro: Conversations with three men 3:00 Life flight and RoadTrip to SLC 5:00 Three areas of challenges that hit us 9:00 Dealing with who I was yesterday versus who I am today 12:00 God entrusting you with challenges 16:00 “I love us!” 19:00 Frustrations and expectations Host: Jody Sedrick
August 08, 2022
187 - "I Almost Committed Suicide" - A Son's Story
I know we've been having some really heavy but needed conversations. After my last episode where I talked to my son Christian about how dealing with attempted teen suicide in our family my good friend and mentor Shon Hart reached out to me. He wanted to have both of us on his podcast "A Father's Heart".  The conversation with him and co-host Cole Williams exposed things I didn't even know occurred with my son and his own feelings of considering suicide. This conversation made me realize I can't be everywhere so I have to build a family where we can all rely on each other. This is just an important topic and a great conversation that I had to share with you guys. Show Highlights:  Jody and Christian's story on overcoming suicide  How do we help men take off the mask?  What did you need?  Never be afraid to spend time with people Full video episode on YouTube at If you need help or want to talk please reach out to me! Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick
August 01, 2022
186 - The Ripple Effects of Suicide and Attempted Suicide on A Family
Suicide and attempted suicide can affect a family in ways that you can't imagine. It can also provide opportunities for coming together as a family, self-discovery, and growth. I sit down with my son Christian Sedrick and we explore his experience, insight and moral code that he's set as a guiding light for his life. I know this is a heavy discussion but hope that the conversation will help you and your family through a dark time. SUICIDE & CRISIS LIFELINE: Call 988 Host: Jody Sedrick jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
July 24, 2022
185 - Sucker punched by the loss of a loved one to suicide
Sucker punched by the loss of a loved one can propel you through a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Today I share some thoughts on how you can push through the hurricane? Host: Jody Sedrick jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
July 18, 2022
184 - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty For My Kids
This week I sit down with Luis Guevara Jr. an immigrant from Venezuela and his two sons. I ask them how their dad is doing as a dad and what they would like to see their dad do.  Their answer may surprise you.     We also explore Luis' journey coming to America and building his dream of breaking the cycle of poverty.   Guest: Luis Guevara, Jr. Extreme Detail Handwash  Host: Jody Sedrick jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
July 11, 2022
183 - I Don't Have a Father Figure to Emulate, What do I do?
This week is another Man 2 Man episode where I get together with Antoine Browne Jr. and Sean Knauff.  We dig into the challenge that many men face of not growing up with a father figure in their home. Perhaps their dad was absent, abusive, struggled with addiction, or other reasons either way they are looking to be the best dad while trying to figure it out. Tap in, share this episode, and send us your comments so we can go in deeper to help us all be better men, fathers and husbands Guest: Antoine Browne Jr. Sean Knauff Host: Jody Sedrick FathersFyre
July 06, 2022
182 - "Yeah, I Wanna Be a Dad, but I would do this differently"
I had hoped to have this conversation for Father's Day, but you know how life escapes from you. Today I sit down with my son Ashton and talk about being a dad.  We explore:   Why he wants to be a dad and what he's looking forward to being a dad.  What he thinks is important for a dad to do in the family and with his kids  Can you take this dad? What he would do differently than I did  His key recommendations for dads  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode. It was great for me to hear his thoughts and insight.   Have a GREAT day!   Jody Sedrick FathersFyre Get my book on Amazon  "Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life: When You Feel Like You’re Drowning"
June 29, 2022
181 - 5 Guiding Principles I learned from My Dad - Father's Day Tribute
In honor of Father's Day and inspired by a conversation with Shon Hart I thought I'd share 5 Stories and Principles, I learned from my dad. 1. If you want it, work for it! 2. Don't settle for less than your best 3. Hold yourself accountable - Own your mistakes! 4. Make your relationship with God a central focus of your life 5. Your wife is pre-eminent, the Queen, of your life. I'd love to hear the guiding principles your dad instilled in your Happy Father's Day to dads everywhere
June 19, 2022
180 - Two Dads Discuss The Tragic Shooting In Uvalde Texas, It Comes Down To a Family Issue
This week I sent down with Sean Knauff to explore the tragedy of the Uvalde Texas Shooting. I wanted to dig deeper into some discussions I've had with my children and my own thoughts I've had in regard to the real issue behind these tragic, tragic events. This is sincerely heart felt and hoping our thoughts and conversation give you something to think about and bless your family. Join us as we explore how we as men and fathers can have a more involved and impactful role in our families that will ripple across our communities. (sorry for the audio being a little noisy but hope you can listen through it)
June 06, 2022
179 - My wife knows me, my flaws, my strengths, and that's why our marriage works
This week I had the opportunity to sit down Doug Reid. We explore his decision to break the cycle of not having a present dad and being fully engaged with his kids. We also discuss the power of letting your wife really know you to create a strong relationship Show highlights: Breaking the cycle of having a distant father Making time for your wife and kids through regular date nights The fun of evolving discussions with your kids as they get older Creating an environment of discovery Just because you got married doesn't mean the work isn't done My wife knows me and that's why our marriage works His advice for dads Guest Doug Reid Icon Rocklear Host Jody Sedrick www.jodysedrick.comInstagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
May 30, 2022
178 - How a man treats his mother is how he'll treat his wife - Crappy Boyfriends pt2
The feedback and comments from last week's episode "Crappy Boyfriends Make Crappy Husbands" as absolutely incredible. In fact, I reached out to one of the men who commented, Paul Appolonia because I wanted to explore deeper his comments. So what better way to dig in deeper than asking him to be a guest and explore his experience with his wife setting the bar for how she expected to be treated.   Show highlights: His wife setting the stage for how she expected to be treated  Working to not bring the abuse he experienced in his home as a child  Him and his wife's decision to adopt instead of having children because they say that there are so many children who need parents Letting your kids grow wings  Letting your kids embrace the reality and beauty of being adopted  Don't have secrets in your home  Learning to show and express our love to our kids   Guest: Paul Apollonia   Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle 
May 23, 2022
177 - "Crappy Boyfriends Make Crappy Husbands"
This week I had an amazing Sunday hanging out with my son. We talked about his desire to create his own business, to be a dad, telling his friends they are crappy boyfriends, and what it takes to care for you girl. Drop in for some wisdom from my son Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
May 16, 2022
176 - 1st Gear Parenting WILL NOT Work For A Strong Willed Child or A Child With Trauma
This week I have the pleasure to sit down with James Kelso and talk about his family’s seven-year journey to foster care and ultimately adoption. We explore how 1st Gear Parenting WILL NOT work for a strong-willed child or a child with trauma and expose your heart Show highlights” Life getting exponentially louder with more kids Living with a competitive family and a “goofball” family James and his wife’s journey in deciding to adopt Not feeling equipped to raise a girl God preparing his heart to adopt My family feels complete now Bringing children with trauma into your home Parenting an extremely strong-willed child Guest James Kelso TikTok: @jameskelsomusic Instagram: @Jameskelsomusic Host: Jody Sedrick FathersFyre Instagram @jodysedrick Website: Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
May 02, 2022
175 - Dad Don't Judge Yourself Out of The Lens of the Past
This week I have the opportunity to escape to Los Angeles to spend a weekend by myself on my son's sailboat. I specifically came to spend some time writing my second book. It has been a great escape to write, ponder, research, reflect, walk on the beach, and pray. In my musings, my thoughts kept coming back to a man who I have mad respect who I've tried to have as a guest on the podcast. For personal reasons, he has been reticent to do that. I think because he's not happy with some of the decisions he made earlier in his life and the impact those have had on his previous marriage and kids. I think we often judge ourselves out of the lens of yesterday which obscures and distorts our vision of who we truly have become. Today we explore thoughts around this because Dad you are doing better than you give yourself credit. Host: Jody Sedrick FathersFyre Instagram @jodysedrick Website: Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
April 25, 2022
174 - Dad You’re Missing Out!
This weekend I had the PHENOMENAL opportunity to go down to Lancaster, CA to watch my son’s first music concert. What an incredible opportunity to see him perform. It was a moment of triumph for him to realize a dream. I love what he said after the concert, “It went exactly like I imagined it would! I’m so glad you came!” I had a profound experience watching him and other performers. I had a unique experience with a comedian that made me reflect on the POWER of a dad being there to watch their kids tap into their gifts, no matter their age. I explore some thoughts from our conversation with the intent to help you look inward to make sure you’re not missing out on moments with your kids. Many of you dads are missing out because you’re too busy, too focused on things that aren’t really that important. Join me this we as we explore the topic “Dad You’re Missing Out!” Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick   Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
April 19, 2022
173 - Daddy Daughter Pedicure Time - setting aside the stereotypes of manhood and spending time with your daughters
Men don't miss moments with your kids because they don't fit your idea of manly. You might even think the activity is downright "girly". Yes, I've played dress-up, had tea parties, and most recently had a full pedicure with my daughter Cynsha. What interests your kids may not align with your traditional idea of masculinity but I promise you that if you set aside your pride, and embrace the experience, you will have an amazing experience. Plus you actually might enjoy that which you've previously thought is "girly". Most importantly you will create an opportunity to connect with your daughter on an entirely new level. Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
April 13, 2022
172 - The Slap Felt Across The World - A discussion on Men's Mental Health
The Slap Felt Across The World We were all are surprised, taken aback, and mentally floored by the "entanglement" with Will Smith and Chris Rock at Academy Awards. Mike Lewis and I get together to talk about the hurricane of emotions many men are suppressing don't either know how or have an avenue to work through the mental stresses they are working through. We are told to "Buck up", "be a man", and "it's not that bad" but never taught how to deal with the very real emotions that everyone faces. Don't think this is a problem men account for two-thirds of all suicides. We need to have the serious conversation for men and their families. We'd love to hear your insight. Guest Mike Lewis Instagram: @mikelewisinc Men's Mental Health Legacy Journal Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
April 04, 2022
171 - Losing your identity as a dad and rediscovering it through your kids - Rob Sampayan
This week we visit with Rob Sampayan and explore his experience being a dad of baby girl. Wrestling with losing your identity and rediscovering yourself as you begin to share your passions with your kids Show highlights: In the throws of the terrible twos Being real with your kids and sharing stories of your childhood Being raised and surrounded by sisters and his mom as a young man How the dynamic of his police father and his mom affected his parenting Recognizing he was spending to much time at works Balancing being a business owner and making time for his family Losing your identity and the rediscovering it with your kids Learning patience and empathy His advice for dads; ask for help, out serve my wife Guest: Rob Sapayan RPM Detailing Instagram: @rpmdetailing707 Facebook: Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
March 28, 2022
170 - The Power of Words; Are Your Words Building Bridges or Tearing Down?
It's time for another Man 2 Man Episode with Antoine Brown, Jr. Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff.  Today we explore "The Power of Words; Are Your Words Building Bridges or Tearing Down?"   Dad's how are you speaking to your kids? Are you unintentionally tearing them down or are you being strategic in lifting them with words of affirmation and love?   Guests: Antoine Browne, Jr. Mike Lewis Sean Knauff   Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick  Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
March 23, 2022
169 - Deciphering How To Be A Man and A GREAT Father
This week Kean Moore is my guest on FathersFyre. We explore his amazing and eye-opening first six years with his wife, becoming a dad, and balancing his wife getting her PHD, starting his business, and starting a family Balancing the crazy dynamic of building a business, going to school, and having a kid Being the oldest son and having to take care of kids Deciphering how to be the kind of dad you want to be Googling how to be a man and a father How are you doing as a father? Where ever you are be present Being open with your feelings in a productive manner Many couples lose themselves to caring for their kids His advice for dads Guest: Kean Moore Lavish Detailing & Coatings Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
March 14, 2022
168 - Giving Your Kids The Freedom To Put Themselves in Circles of Success with Richard Hutchins
This week I visit with an amazing father, husband, and business owner, from England, Richard Hutchins. We explore giving your kids the freedom to pursue, explore and conquer their dreams. Working and building businesses with his wife Recognizing there will be tough moments and working through them Giving each other time apart Knowing when to talk to your wife and when to carry the load Teaching your kids to go after their goals and earn it Giving your kids real world experiences (leaving school and home at 14) His advice for fathers; talk to your kids, spend time with them Richard Hutchins The Leather Repair Company Instagram: Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
March 07, 2022
167 - Working Through Loss and Tragedy In Your Family with Andrews McAngus
This week I sit down with Andrews we explore the challenge or the loss of his mother-in-law the first year of their marriage and how that set the tone of working together through their 15 year marriage. Personal invitation to escape with your wife for a night or weekend Embracing being silly and fun together Working through dark seasons of your life as a husband and wife Using your trauma to help others have hope and a blueprint for their challenges Teaching your kids to embrace and manage their feelings Guest: Andrews McAndrews TikTok @gottahavefaithmc Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
February 28, 2022
166 - Breaking the Chains of Addiction, Abuse and Divorce - with Erik Allen
This week I corner Erik Allen host of The Erik Allen Show. We explore the path of his challenging childhood, working through drug and alcohol addiction to carve out a successful marriage with Coming from a broken home and defending his mom at 13 Breaking the chains of addiction, abuse, and divorce The biggest challenge of being a dad - is being patient Making time for family Date your kids Letting our kids see you improving Guest: Erik Allen Instagram: @erikgallen Host of @TheErikAllenShow Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Make sure to check out my book on Amazon "Learn To Dance With The Currents Of Life When You Feel Like You're Drowning" #dads #mma #podcast #ntrepreneurs #worldchanges #successminded #edmylett #bradlea #jimtherookie #kenshamrock #tapout #dancaldwell #addiction #divorce #commitment #singledad #adoption #adopted #divorceddad
February 22, 2022
165 - Watching my dad, buck naked, take care of my mom, I realized how much he loved her
This week is Valentine's Day and it also happens to be my 33rd Wedding Anniversary on the 18th of February. YEP.... Can you believe she's stuck with me that long? All I know is 33 years later and I still feel like a newlywed. This week I thought I'd talk about some experiences with my dad and some things I've learned over 33 years to not just capture love but build lasting true love. Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick   Make sure to check out my book on Amazon "Learn To Dance With The Currents Of Life When You Feel Like You're Drowning"
February 14, 2022
164 - Overcoming That Underlying Fear We Have As a Dad And Helping Our Kids Grow
This week my good friend Paul Cain joins me to explore the challenges of being a dad of an only child, managing online time in an online world, and overcoming that underlying fear of being a dad.   Parenting an only child  Being a dad who's on the road a lot  The challenges and opportunities of living in an online dominant world  Being a dad can be the most rewarding and saddest experience of your life  Constantly having an underlying fear  How to wrestle with the underlying current of fear that we men may have  Allowing our kids to do dangerous things in safe spaces   Guest Paul Cain   Car Brite  Host Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodySedrick
February 07, 2022
163 - Some Times I Gotta Step Out of Myself and Be The Dad Not That Military Mindset - Ty Watson
Today I visit with Ty Watson a Navy Corpsman and proud dad of two girls. .We explore The challenge of being a dad while serving in the Navy Recognize that your wife is creating a regimen in the home and support what she has built The power and blessing of having a strong relationship with his wife Allowing our kids to ask questions Putting unrealistic expectations on your kids Learning to dad the way each of your kids need to be dad Growing through transitions As much as I want to be a perfect dad I’m not Guest: Ty Watson TikTok - .The_Doc Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
January 31, 2022
162 The Battle To Be Vulnerable as a Dad, As a Man
This week is another Man 2 Man episode of FathersFyre.  We explore the battle for men to open their hearts while balancing the expectation of being a man - strong, support, and understanding.  It can be a real challenge when we've been taught to buck up and be a man. How do we allow ourselves the freedom to share the feelings of our heart without fear of feeling like we're going to be taken advantage of by our significant other?  Join us as we explore what it means to be a man who has a warrior mindset and yet makes those he love feel loved, safe, and confident.  Guests  Antoine Browne Kingdom Ministries Facebook:   Sean Knauff TikTok - @seany_the_kid Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
January 24, 2022
161 - Tearing Down The Walls Around Our Heart So We Can Be Better Men
This week I explore some personal thoughts as I’ve been reading the book “Battle Cry - Wagin and Winning The War Within”. It’s given me the opportunity to look inward. I find that a lot of men have been conditioned, taught, and encouraged to suppress their feelings. We have a world of men who want to open their hearts but are not sure how — that if they do that they will be perceived as weak, unmanly, or that it will be used against them. I explore some of my thoughts and pull a clip from my interview with RJD The Imperfection Gentleman to help us look at the walls we’ve built around our hearts and how we can be to tear those down to create a true connection with our kids and wife. Ep 33 The Father Wound Pt 1 - Garrett Kroon Ep 34 The Father Wound Pt 2 - Garrett Kroon Ep 155 - You Want To Be A Perfect Dad But You’re Emotionally Stunted Battle Cry - Jason Wilson Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
January 17, 2022
160 - A Super Hero Blueprint For Being a Great Dad with Terry Harden II
The greatest give you can give your kids is your presence! This week I visit with Terry Harden II who is having a blast being a dad.  He shares is a blueprint for being a dad. No matter what’s going in my life they deserve a present father The best moments you can have is just playing with your dad “I Love You” - What we say to our kids has power! How the pandemic brought us together We have family meetings with the kids so they can express how they’re feeling Letting your kids have a voice in the house and in the world The journey of losing 195 lbs Struggling with our purpose There is no blueprint to being a great dad other than being present Terry Harden Instagram: @justadopedad @dopeblackdadsllc @mybroaintheavy Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
January 10, 2022
159 Moving passed desire, self doubt, and discovering purpose - a discussion with my daughter Cynsha
Happy New Year! This week I have a special guest to kick of the new year. My daughter Cynsha joins me to explore my contemplations on the difference between desire and purpose.   Show Highlights:  Great news for Cynsha as she's heading into 2022  We discuss the difference between desire and purpose  Who am I becoming and what am I trying to become  Driven by goals - a step in the right direction  Better to be driven by purpose and build goals that align with that purpose  Sometimes we stop progress because we are too worried about perfection  Being comfortable with who you are  Fear and being blinded by little mistakes instead of celebrating our successes  Outgrowing your circle of friends  Cynsha's advise for dads   Guest: Cynsha Sedrick YouTube - Instagram -   Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick Order my book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Fell like Drowning" - Paperback and Kindle
January 03, 2022
158 - Spiritual Leadership - Is Dad Stepping Up or Not? And Should He?
Time for us to have another Man 2 Man episode where we will explore spiritual leadership in the home. Why is it hard? What is holding men back? How do they tap into their own spiritual strength? Guests: Brad TikTok: @altarnatemediabrad YouTube: Antoine Browne Kingdom Ministries Facebook: Sean Knauff TikTok - @seany_the_kid Mike Lewis Website: Host Jody Sedrick YouTube: Instagram: @jodysedrick
December 28, 2021
157 - 30 Days To Salvage A Failing Relationship
This week I felt impressed to share some thoughts about how to salvage a failing and dying relationship.  Men we need to return to our first love, that season in our life where we actively sought the love of our lady, when we went out of our way to serve her, to make her feel special.  I invite you to take a 30-day Challenge to recapture and reinvigorate your relationship.   30 Days to go out of your way to serve your lady. It doesn't have to be fancy it just needs to be consistent little things to show her you are the man you professed to be.   Ideas  Helping with dishes  Doing the laundry Cleaning the house  Taking the kids for an evening  Letting your girl escape into a book, workout at the gym or night with the girls  Writing a note of appreciation Biting your tongue when you want to say something unkind   If you do want to give her flowers or do something like that please save it for the 30th day.;)   Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick My book: "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like You're Drowning"
December 20, 2021
156 - Can You Stand The Beauty and Heat of A Relationship Forged in Love and Adversity?
The past couple of weeks has been amazing for me and my wife. You see everything we do, the time we spend together, work out, go out on date nights, play with the kids, take mini-vacations together.  It looks good and believe me it is good! But what you don’t see or couldn’t see is that our relationship was forged not only in the love that you see but it was forged in crisis, forged in adversity.  This week we explore some of those refining seasons and how they helped our marriage.   Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
December 13, 2021
155 - You want to be a perfect dad but you're emotionally stunted
Gents - This has to be one of my top five interviews of the year. RJD The Imperfect Gentleman and I have a raw discussion about the expectations of being a real dad. We explore how trying to sweep things under the rug can leave land mines for our kids to trip over. Can you be real with yourself? Do you recognize areas you need to level up? And do you give yourself the grace to go through the process? Show highlights: The genesis of his work with men as "The Imperfect Gentleman" Let’s take perfection out of the discussion and talk about progress Talking out loud to myself to help other men become kings Embracing the process of becoming a man Emotionally stunted men because we don’t allow them space to feel emotions The challenge of skipping emotional steps Sweeping things under the carpet Why do we immediately go to anger? You can’t check in on those who you have not checked on I'd love to hear you struggled with reconciling your own expectations with giving yourself room to grow as a dad. Books mentioned: Battle Cry - Waging and Winning the War Within Author Jason Wilson Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning Author Jody Sedrick Guest RJD The Imperfect Gentleman Instagram: @rjd.imperfectgentleman The Imperfect Gentleman Podcast Uniquely Confident Podcast Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
November 29, 2021
154 - Happy Thanksgiving - "I hated the holidays"
Hey Gents,  First of all THANK YOU for your support and riding this crazy journey called Fatherhood with me.  I just wanted to share a couple of thoughts on this Thanksgiving with you.   I hope you have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving and are able to create some memories even if it's not exactly on Thanksgiving Day.  I truly love you and thank you for helping me be a better husband, father, and man! Cheers, Jody Sedrick
November 26, 2021
153 - Own Who You Are And Own Who You've Been As A Dad!
This week I reflect on two conversations that I had last week. These conversations have made me look inward to see where I may have fallen short and how I can improve as a father and husband.  The two conversations center around Owning where you are today as well as owning who you used to be that has led to a trail of destruction and pain. The danger of not sharing your feelings — keeping them bottled up until they explode. I'd love to hear your comments. Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
November 16, 2021
152 - Make Time For Your Kids and Business Will Continue to Happen
Today I sit down with a fellow entrepreneur, Dustin Jackson, and we explore the challenge of being an entrepreneur and a dad. In addition, we explore the challenge of working through the pain of his dad leaving when he was a kid and then coming back into his life, becoming a step-dad to three boys, and then having his own daughter with his beautiful wife.  Show highlights: What it’s like being an entrepreneur and a dad Instantly becoming a dad when he married his wife who had 3 kids Do your step kids feel like your kids? What did it take to make them yours? Being a dad who coaches his kid's sports How did he work through the pain of his dad leaving the family Choosing to do it right The joy of being a girl dad What he’s learned in the process of being a dad Guest: Dustin Gill EZN Auto Detail @dustinzn Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
November 07, 2021
151 - The “American dream” of a traditional family is a fantasy
We often look at the idea of family. When in reality man families are messy. They come together differently, they work differently based on your unique dynamic, and yet when we dig into each other we create a beautiful kaleidoscope of family. This week I visit with Tyler Cucchi and explore what it means to not be a traditional dad. A fiance, a dad, a provider, and a goofball Meeting his fiancé at 21 who already had 3 kids Coming into a 13-year-olds life and trying to be a positive role model Being born into a world with two dads; my dad and stepdad Learning the language of both dads; a sports dad and car dad The “American dream” of a traditional family is a fantasy The beautiful messiness of family Doing a one-year, three-year, and five-year plan for your family. Parenting each child differently Guest: Tyler Cucchi Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
November 01, 2021
150 - Feeling Helpless When Your Kid is Sick
It can be really heart-wrenching when your kid is sick. You can be left feeling helpless especially in more serious or long-lasting illnesses.   Today I visit with Wil Fossett to explore his recent experience of his daughter having RSV and how he and his wife worked through that experience together. 🤨We explore feeling helpless (yes dad's feel helpless sometimes) 🤢Trusting others with different skills 😉Giving wife space and tag-teaming to care for a sick child 🥴Tips to work through the feeling helpless and finding hope through the process Guest: Wil Fossett Instagram: @wilfossett Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
October 26, 2021
149 - Being a single dad is tough, but when it’s important you make it happen!
This week a long-time listener, Bobby Barnard, joins me to share his story of being a single dad. He shares how it hasn't been an easy journey. In fact, sometimes it's been an ugly challenging journey. In his words, "When it's important, you make it happen!" Join us as we explore Challenge of being in the military; both being deployed and odd shifts It's easy to just give up on a marriage The challenge of being a single dad - the first two years being in two different states When it’s important you make it happen The challenge of being labeled the “Disney Land” Dad and having to fight for time with the kids Growing up with a split family and watching the example of his parents Moving to be closer to his kids and the unexpected demands of his ex-wife Managing your heart and reactions when you’re ex is being difficult Working through the ugly side of divorce The adventure of teaching his daughter driving His recommendations for dads Guest: Bobby Barnard Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
October 18, 2021
148 - 15 years old and surprise you're a dad - What now?
This week I visit with Andy Van Order owner of Andy’s Auto Care +. We explore his amazing story of becoming a dad at 15 and manning up to take care of his son. No, it wasn’t easy but he dug in and not only did what was required to raise and support his son but to become the man he is today. Join the conversation as we explore Being the dad of 7 kids Having a kid at 15 years old Made it a goal of being a better dad than mine Not having the support of peers and his mom Facing the stage where half the kids are out of the house and half are still at home At that time his mom was dealing with depression so working through the challenge of having a kid by himself The goal of getting off government assistance When he was single was at the point of never getting into a relationship again. When he finally met his wife - committing to being in it for the long haul Key things he and his wife have done to make it 15 years Praying together as a family Dynamic of being a dad with such a range of kids’ ages. Be present - relish every moment even changing the diapers Showing love, taking kids out separately Guest Andy Van Order Andy’s Auto Care + Facebook - Instagram - Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
October 11, 2021
147 - Dad how are you tackling discipline?
Welcome to another Man2Man episode of FathersFyre. This week we explore discipline. What is discipline? How do we discipline our kids? Does one thing work for all kids? How do we tap into teaching as part of discipline?  How do we discipline ourselves to not go overboard? Join me, Antoine Brown, Sean Knauff, and Mike Lewis explore a topic that can be really challenging as a dad. Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick New Book: Learn to Dance With The Currents of Life - When You Feel Like Drowning
October 04, 2021
146 - Five Principles to Be A Great Dad!
Hey Guys, Sorry for being out for the past three weeks. I was done hard with COVID Pneumonia. But I'm finally among the living now. I had a conversation earlier this week that made me ask myself, "what are some key principles to being a great dad?"  I've come up with 5 that I think is a great place to start. Join me as we explore five principles to be a great dad: #1 Your kids need YOU. You are what they need. Be present. Be engaged. Be Involved. #2 Develop empathy and perspective for them as children. This is the first time they've faced certain challenges give them space to go through them. #3 Explain the why? Not just cause I said so. #4 Be the dad you would want. What kind of dad would you have wanted?  Start by being that dad then grows from there. #5 Show your kids that you love them.  Related to this show them that you love their mom. If you have a baby momma show your love, respect, and honor. Your kids will emulate how they see you treat their momma. I'd love to hear some of your guiding principles.  Send me a DM or email. Also make sure to check out my new book "Learn To Dance With The Currents of Life - When you feel like you're drowning" at Thanks for joining me every week! Jody Sedrick website: Instagram @jodysedrick
September 27, 2021
145 - "My heart is not impenetrable…I just show emotion differently"
Another Man2Man episode of FathersFyre. Tonight we explore theme, “My heart is not impenetrable…I just show emotion differently” Does dad really have feelings? If he does, why doesn’t he show them? And how can we tap into our emotions to truly connect with our kids and our wife? Guests: Antoine Browne Wil Foset Sean Knauf Host Jody Sedrick
August 31, 2021
144 - Patience, Gratitude, and Tapping Into A Higher Power Has Made The Difference Have a New Baby
This week I visit with Joey Riggle owner of Rising Sun Detail.  He is a new father of a beautiful, 5-month baby girl.  We explore the following: What has surprised him about being a new dad Making the decision to have a kid Working through the challenge of getting pregnant Managing being a dad, making time for his family, and running his own business. The two tips that he thinks are important for dads.  Guest Joey Riggle Rising Sun Detail Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
August 23, 2021
143 - "Some of These Kids Are Trying To Save The Heartache Before It Would Happen" - Adoption & Foster Care
I'm super excited to have Michael Quintock for the second episode of FathersFyre. He recently adopted his third child, a newborn baby girl, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about the challenge and fun of adoption. Me naively asking my brother if adopting a child you feel like they are yours A lot of people asking that question and me learning the answer for myself—adopting our two kids Working through the attachment process of adopted children Bringing a baby into the home versus older children Working through regression and providing a safe place for your adopted kids Working through a child’s fear shown by their bad behavior to protect themselves - trying to save a hear How come newborn babies smell so good Showing affection as a dad Link to previous episode “Ep 104 Adopting Two Boys and Being a Foster Dad to 9 Kids” Guest: Michael Quintock TikTok @Michael.quintock Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram @jodysedrick
August 16, 2021
142 - "Dad I Need You to Dream with Me"
My guest this week is my daughter Cynsha and her friend Vera who is visiting our family from Denmark this week. We explore a daughter's perspective what dad's need to do to be a great dad. Show highlights: The first time they met - “just so you know my friend is black” The difference between how race is viewed in Denmark versus some of the States How do I as a dad teach love for all people? Being away from the family as a foreign exchange student Expecting the worse from your parents when bad things happen Ways dad can respond to help their kid through the challenge What keeps you up at night as you look towards the future The biggest word you can learn is “I can!” Reminding your kids that you love them Host: Jody Sedrick website: email:
August 09, 2021
141 - You Are Your Kid's Foundation - 7 Things To Teach Them
As you know if it's summer and family is in town we are on the lake wake surfing and tubing. This week my daughter asked me if I wanted to try wake surfing with her standing on my shoulders.  Short version - we tried and succeeded. Long version I got thinking about how we as dads serve as a foundation for our kids. This led me to ponder seven key foundations we need to provide and build in our kids. Join me as i explore these 7 things you need to teach them to give them a solid foundation. Build a personal relationship with God. Mom (your wife) is the Queen of your world and is pre-eminent in the family. Solid work ethic. Education and learning are critical. That they see and feel that you are present and invested in them. Home is a safe place You are grounded and connected by love I'd love to hear your perspective. What would you add to the list? Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
August 02, 2021
140 - "Even When You're Home You're Not Off"
I'm super excited for you guys this week. This is the first time I've ever had a guest on the show that has had twins.  We explore his journey of getting married young, working through job challenges and having 5 kids. Come join the conversation Show highlights: Getting married at a young age Advice from his dad that made all the difference Blending two family cultures into one What was it like having the first and second kids? Working through losing his job, moving in with his in-laws as a young married couple Real power stepping away and creating your own family What was it like having twins? My wife telling me “Even when you’re home you’re not off!” Guest: Carlton Johnson Jr.
July 26, 2021
139 Working Through The Challenge of Being Deployed and Being Dad
This week I'm SUPER excited to have my brother Mike Sedrick as my guest. We explore the challenge he and his family have experienced when he is deployed on military assignments.  Many families experience this challenge so I thought it'd be great to sit down with him to hear some of the things they've done before, during, and after the deployment. Thank you to all of you men and women who serve our country! Host Jody Sedrick
July 19, 2021
138 - When I heard "We're going home, I always felt peace!" - I Want to Create That for My Kids
Hiram Lopez owner of HTL Detailing joins me to talk about his experience of being a dad. We touch on the challenge of having 5 different baby mommas and how he's had to work to make time for each one of his kids while balancing dynamic relationships and his detailing business. Guest Hiram Lopez HTL Detailing Host: Jody Sedrick Get your Dad Swag at
July 12, 2021
137 - Intimacy In Your Relationship & Teaching Your Kids Sexuality
Time for a Man2Man episode of FathersFyre. We are having the conversations that are needed but maybe a bit uncomfortable to confront.  Join me, Antoine Brown, Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff as we explore "Intimacy In Your Relationship & Teaching Your Kids Sexuality" This can be a very hot and divisive topic as we explore everything from the effect porn has on a relationship to what true intimacy entails.  Tap in, learn and share your insight by sharing comments to this episode on my YouTube page Guest: Antoine J. Browne Instagram: @toinesplace Mike Lewis website: Sean Knauff TikTok: @seany_the_kid Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram:   @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick Contact me at
July 05, 2021
136 - From "Your Son only has 5 minutes to live" to Running a Marathon with My Son
This week my guest is Jeff Lopes author of Entrepreneur Dad” and host of the podcast “Jeff Knows inc.”. He share's his family's amazing, "Lifetime Movie" worthy, experience with his son. We explore the lessons learned from the moment he heard "You're son has 5 minutes to live what do you want to name him?" to training and running his first marathon with his son to his daughter asking to dance competitively.  Tap in for the next 45 minutes you are sure to learn something to ignite the fire within you to be a better dad! Rushing to the hospital with his wife who was pregnant 31 weeks You’e son has 5 minutes to live Dedicating 3 - 4 hours a day helping him Celebrating every little win Setting long goals and working together Running his first marathon Living in the moment and being truly present Being open to direct or indirect learning Creating an environment where your kids without disabilities can approach you and feel a key part of the family “Dad can I do competitive dance?” Jeff’s recommendations for every dad Guest: Jeff Lopes Jeff Know Inc. Author of Entrepreneur Dad Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow by Gregory Keck (Author), Regina Kupecky (Author)
June 28, 2021
135 - Happy Father’s Dad 2021 - DECIDE to Be The Dad You Really Want to Be
Happy Father’s Day! I hope you had a fantastic weekend with your kids and family celebrating father’s day. I thought I’d share a few thoughts about leveling up as a dad but also giving yourself grace to grow, grace to move through the process. The importance of DECIDING to become a good dad. You can change the cycle. You can create a new legacy. Be the change you would like to see in your family. Host Jody Sedrick FathersFyre
June 20, 2021
134 Autism Has Put Such A Beautiful Dynamic On Our Family
This week Joe Kimball owner of Kimballs Hands-On Detailing joins me to discuss the genesis of the Joey Kimbal Humanitarian Detailing Award in honor of his son Joey who is autistic. We explore the beautiful dynamic that having a son with special needs has brought to their family.     Join us as we discuss  The Southern Detailers Conference and awarding the first recipient the Joey Kimball Humanitarian Detailing Award  The impact this award had on the attendees of the Southern Detailers Conference  Working together and running a family-owned business  • Recognizing when I'm not at my best as a dad  Impressions from Women's Panel   Missing his daughter's 16th birthday (with permission)  Stepping back and letting your son shine  Joe's recommendation for THE MOST IMPORTANT Thing you can do as a dad   Detailing Companies or Suppliers mentioned in this podcast Detail Lex, Glassparency, IGL Coatings, Frontline Shine, East Coast Detailing   Guest Joe Kimball Kimballs Hands On Detailing   Host: Jody Sedrick FathersFyre
June 14, 2021
133 - From Grads to Heroes on this Memorial Day Weekend.
This weekend I want to take a moment to congratulate my daughter Cynsha and the rest of the 2021 Graduating Class. GREAT JOB and CONGRATS. I also want to take a moment to express my love, respect, and admiration for you men who have served or continue to serve in the military, police, fire departments, law enforcement, and early responders. We truly owe you a debt of gratitude.  I also want to invite you to participate in the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Join me every day as we take on the challenge to get fit for Fathers Day Every day you need to 30 minutes with your kids 30 minutes of exercise (walk, jog, bike, lift weights, etc.) 30 minutes of personal development (podcast, read) Keep a gratitude journal for 30 days. ( Record at least 3 things that you are grateful for each day No Alcohol  Super simple.  Go join the FathersFyre and Push The Pace Academy Facebook group to join us. Host: Jody Sedrick
May 31, 2021
132 - Seven Things a Dad Should Teach His Daughter or Not - Round 2
This week I grab two of my kids, Ke'ilani and Ashton to explore "Seven Things a Dad Should Teach His Daughter". We explore their perspective on each item on the list I pulled from Instagram and discuss whether they should be included in the things you should teach your daughter. If you remember had this same discussion with Cynsh a couple of weeks ago. You may want to hear check out what she had to say as well. It's always a great discussion when I get my kids involved so enjoy. If you're curious here is the list we are discussing Here is the list of seven things: Sharing Cooperating Listening Follow Directions Make Eye Contact Use Manners Respect Personal Space I think you are going to enjoy this discussion. Plus, I get "thrown under the bus",  Guest: Ke'ilani Sedrick and Ashton Sedrick Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
May 24, 2021
131 - An Eye Single To Your Wife
Mike Lewis, Antoine Browne, and Sean Knauff join me this week for another episode of FathersFyre Man2Man edition to explore something that has been weighing heavily on my mind - having "An Eye Single To My Wife".   Are you true to your wife in your heart and your eyes? Does she truly have your heart? What do your kids see when they watch you interact with their mom? What do others see when you are outside of the home. We go deep and explore what it truly means to have "An Eye Single To Your Wife" Guest: Antoine J. Browne Instagram: @toinesplace Mike Lewis website: Sean Knauff TikTok: @seany_the_kid Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram:   @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick Website: Contact me at
May 17, 2021
130 - How Can Dads Create an Environment for Our Wife to Find Joy In Motherhood? - Mother's Day Edition
Today my good friend Wil Fossett the Millenial Mentor joins me to explore several questions that I've been pondering. These questions are inspired by it being Mother's Day this week and also conversations I've had with Sean Knauff about men stepping up in the home. Questions on my heart How can dads create an environment for our wife to find joy In motherhood instead of them feeling like they are carrying the entire load? How can we make our wife feel truly appreciated? How do we create an environment where she can thrive and tap into her natural gifts? How can we emulate a pattern of service a dedication that our kids can see? How come we stop pursuing our wife and making her the full intent of our heart? Come join the conversation.  Mothers we truly love you!  thank you for all you do for our families!!!
May 10, 2021
129 - Seven Things A Dad Should Teach His Daughter - or Not
This week my daughter Cynsha joins me to explore an Instagram post that I found that highlighted "Seven Things A Dad Should Teach His Daughter". We explore her perspective on each item on the list and discuss if they are something you should definitely teach your daughter or not.   Here is the list of seven things: Sharing Cooperating Listening Follow Directions Make Eye Contact Use Manners Respect Personal Space I think you are going to enjoy this discussion. I know I did. Guest: Cynsha Sedrick Host: Jody Sedrick website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
May 03, 2021
128 - NCAA and D1 Dreams - A few thoughts on the journey
Hey gents, This week I celebrate as well as pull some lessons learned from my daughter Ke'ilani's journey to play D1 Volleyball for Utah Valley University. Host: Jody Sedrick Contact or follow me at: Email: Instagram: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick
April 21, 2021
127 - "Are You Man Enough" - Guest Matt Storm
This week I set down with Matt Storm host of "Are You Man Enough?" to explore being a dad. We talked about so many points of being a dad it was difficult to pinpoint a title. Come join the conversation I guarantee you will learn something from this episode Show Highlights: 2 1/2 training for his black belt with his daughter Facing challenging moments as a family - The tone you set makes a difference Putting your kids in situations to help them push out of their comfort zone You have to give it a season Is this a feel or a fix? The biggest “A-Ha” he’s discovered being a dad Embrace the different phases of being a dad Raising your kids to fly Setting priorities for your family; God, Wife, Kids, Career You get to "opt-in" or "opt-out" every day Creating a new legacy Guest: Matt Storms Director GBO Instagram: @mattstormofficial Clubhouse: "Are You Man Enough" Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Website:
April 12, 2021
126 - Easter Week - How has being a man of faith affected your parenting?
In honor of Easter Week, I sit down with Antoine Browne,  Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff to explore "How has being a man of faith affected your parenting?"    We open our hearts and talk about our own relationship with God and how that is motivating us to become better fathers and husbands.     I would love to hear your comments on how being a man or woman of faith has affected your parenting, your life.   He is risen!   Happy Easter! Jody Sedrick
April 05, 2021
125 - Eyes To See Clearly As a Dad
Let's face it you will inevitably face tense conversations with your kids, where you will not see eye to eye. You may have noticed this more as your kids moved from pre-teen to teen to young adult. It's easy to slide in "I'm the Dad" mode, or dismiss what they bring to the table, to not see their perspective, to see that they are becoming individuals in their own right.  How we navigate these conversations is critical to fostering a safe harbor of conversation, it can also shed light on our own need to grow, evolve, and become better as a dad and even as a man. Join me as I explore 5 areas that will help you develop Eyes to See, Eyes to Understand, and Eyes to Connect Take time to listen - Shut your mouth and even shut the voice in your head that is chomping at the bit to respond Share your experiences so that they gain a better understanding of why and where you are coming from. It's hard to connect or follow guidelines when you don't understand why.  Be open to receiving and becoming more than you are today. Be a guide and explore with them. Just because "you know" doesn't mean you know. Always, always lead and end with love I would love to hear your comments. If you have an experience you would like to share please reach out to me I would love to have you as a guest! Host: Jody Sedrick email: website:
March 29, 2021
124 - When Does The Healing Begin as a Dad, a Son, and A Child?
This week I have been pondering a question that a father posed on Clubhouse. He asked, "When does the healing begin for me as a dad, for me as a son, and for my own children?" It has been a question that I've wrestled with. I've come up with 7 things that I hope will help you in your own journey to healing and healing the hearts of the ones you love.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this important question 7 Suggestions discussed in this show: Give yourself grace Recognize your situation may be computed by divorce, addiction, working to much, and other issues Just because you are ready doesn't mean they are Lean In  Lean in but recognize when it's time to give space Yes, you will mess up - Own it! Don't Give Up Check out "Are You Man Enough?" every day at 9:00 am CST. If you would like to help us with the InvolvedDad Coaching Program please reach out to me and I'll help you get started. Host: Jody Sedrick Website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
March 22, 2021
123 - Taking a Child Centered Approach to Being a dad - Nikko Sadlowski - Part 2
This week Nikko Sadlowski joins me to talk more about his work with families who are facing the reality of having a child with autism and families who are struggling just to connect with each other. We also explore the power of taking a child-centered approach to parenting. The saddest part of his journey losing his friends because they were tired of him always talking about autism The difficulty of finding empathy and understanding for families who have special needs children Working with different men and trying to figure out how to connect in a way that helps them grow Helping fathers who say “I want to be a good father but I didn’t have a good role model” Parenting each kid differently and discovering who I am as a dad Taking a child-centered approach to being a dad Letting your children guide you to discover their interest and gifts You don’t have to parent the way I do, or Nikko, find your parenting style as you listen to others Recognize what you are really good at and lean into those strengths. Lean on your spouse or friend who has the gift you don’t Guest: Niko Sadlowski Instagram: @theapparently Website: Author of “The A Word” Amazon Link Host: Jody Sedrick Website: Instagram: @jodysedrick email:
March 16, 2021
122 - Empower your children by being your true self - Authenticity, Vulnerability and Identity as Dad
This week I meet with Robin Seeger, another international guest I met on Clubhouse. Today we explore finding your own identity as a dad. We also explore the power of being truly authentic and vulnerable with your wife and kids. The blessing of Clubhouse and the forum for us men to share and explore being a good dad and husband We men tend to put on masks instead of showing our true hearts Being truly authentic with your kids not only with your words but the things that you do Letting your kids see your vulnerability and letting the family walk with you through your pain Facing the question “What could I have done more?” And changing it to “What can I do now?” Allowing ourselves the same grace that we give other men Owning your mistakes and apologizes Learning to listen and meet our kids where they are Learn to be in the moment Find your own identity as a dad Remember self-care is critical - You can’t feel someone else’s cup when your’s is empty Guest: Robin Seeger Instagram: @sacredrebel Clubhouse: @truthwarrior Host: Jody Sedrick Website: Instagram: @jodysedrick email:
March 08, 2021
121 - I think Your Kid May be Autistic - Facing the “A” Word Pt. 1 with Niko Sadlowski
FathersFyre is now international! I'm so excited. This week I have my first international guest from Scotland, Niko Sadlowski. He and I sit down to have a candid discussion about his experience as a dad learning that his son is severely autistic. He shares how he navigated the initial news to embracing the opportunity to travel the world with his son despite autism. Show highlights: The “A” Word - Autism Started writing his book not to write a book but to wrestle with his journey as a father A child can change every motivation of our heart and help us become a better man and father Crushed by the news of his son being autistic, got drunk, then decided to take action Having someone come up and say “I think your son has autistic” can initially be devastating but can help us take action How does someone talk to us and we not get offended and go in defensive mode The reality of being a dad of a kid with special needs We need to slow down and embrace the moments that we have with our kids and set aside expectations Embrace your child’s disability and still experience life within his capabilities Traveling to Morocco with his son - a UNIQUE experience The perception of other people about your experience Navigating the dynamic of one child with autism and one without Sometimes you just gotta have the extra sweet or stay up late Proud to be the embarrassing dad Guest: Niko Sadlowski Instagram: @theapparently Website: Author of “The A Word” Amazon Link
March 01, 2021
120 - How long is the honeymoon phase? 32 Years and Still Going!
This week Judie and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. It has been an AMAZING journey. Yes we've had our ups and downs but we've stayed committed and worked at keeping our relationship alive. I thought I share a few thoughts on what it takes to make a relationship last. Show Highlights: Talking to Judie about someone who we know that got a divorce and now on the market again How come that person didn't put the same effort into the old relationship as they are in the new one? "Why didn't they do that with me?" Invitation to reignite your relationship by having a weekly date night, writing little love notes, flowers when it's not a holiday Our conversation at the Sweet Shoppe -"Do you have a friend that could be my Sugar Daddy?" Facebook question - "How long is the honeymoon phase? How you treat your wife is a reflection of your most important relationships It really is simple you just have to be consistent in the simple things Host: Jody Sedrick email: website:
February 22, 2021
119 - Dialing for Dad - Where Are You Dad? - James Jackson
This week is a heartfelt, candid discussion about growing up as a young man without a father with my good friend James Jackson. Show highlights: Stronger when we are walking with men who will help become better men, dads, and fathers James desperately looking for his dad as a young man - Dialing for Dad Where is the dad that should've been in my life? Where is the dad that I want in my life? Looking for a father figure to help him know how to become a man Wanting to become a teacher to be the surrogate father figure he never had but wanted? Navigating the challenges of having a broken home to take care of the family with water, gas, etc. Tapping into the village to get help On a  lifetime treasure hunt to identify and integrate the best characteristics of manhood he saw. Seeking divine guidance to help his sons tap into their natural gifts instead of what you want envision. Teaching your kids to have a relationship with God. Doubting what can offer as a dad? Simplify your approach and give yourself grace It's ok to be vulnerable. It could be an opportunity to learn together Don't be so hard on yourself and embrace love! If you would like to participate in the Involved Dad Mentoring program please contact us at Guest: James Jackson Involved Dad Host: Jody Sedrick 208-890-3399
February 15, 2021
118 - Being a Single Dad, Co-Parenting While Tackling Anxiety and Depression with Fernando Merida - Dad Lives Matter
This week I visit Fernando Merida founder of Dad Lives Matter we explore the crazy dynamic that many men are facing being in a relationship, becoming a single dad, then Step-Dad while confronting anxiety and depression. It's a crazy juggle but possible when you put your kids first. Show highlights: His TikTok channel focuses on talking about being a single dad, co-parenting, anxiety and depression Going through being a divorced dad, single dad, co-parenting Being a single dad Being a dad enables you to love at a level you’ve never loved before Committing to never talking bad about my ex - my kid’s mom When you put the kids’s first everything works out Breaking down the walls with his step daughter Managing co-parenting - it is a BIG, BIG Deal. Put the kids first and recognize that you are not always right. Working as a team Working through anxiety, depression. Our expectations are not reality Men don’t know when to ask for help Going live every day on TikTok at 5:30 pm PST Building communities for men to connect Guest: Fernando Merida Dad Lives Matter TikTok @dad.lives.matter Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Website:
February 08, 2021
117 - Dad Don't You Dare Clip The Wings of Your Child - Help Them Soar!
My man Wil Fossett and I met on Friday night to go a little deeper on a picture he posted earlier in the week of a man clipping the wings of his child while his wife looked on. When he posted the picture he asked, "What does this picture say to you?"  I'm telling you this picture hit me hard and it lead to some very thought-provoking conversations and mediation. This what I posted to his original question: "It literally makes me cringe! Why? My first thought is don't hurt that child. Don't you dare cut his natural gifts? It makes me think of how many parents, how many dads, are trying to cut their kids in their image instead of seeing the gifts God gave them and teaching them to tap into their gifts so they can truly fly - to truly soar. Why clip their wings when their wings are precisely what is needed to lift someone else up.  Your job as a parent, in particular a dad, is to teach them correct principles so they can then govern themselves and tap in, in a way that God intended. Can you imagine what would happen if the parent taught him principles of flight - lift, thrust, drag, weight? He could truly soar in a way your limited mind can barely imagine. And yet, if you can see his potential and place him in a position that he can learn and tap into his gift, oh who will he become? Who will he bless? We need to give our child a safe place to stretch his wings, to try them out, to discover what can be done so he can soar the way God intended. Dad, DON'T clip those wings!" And on a related note don't dare clip the wings of your beautiful wife!  This is the audio from our Facebook Live on Friday. We had a couple of video streaming challenges. I've tried to splice it together for reposting so you don't have to wrestle through the start and stopping,  I wanted to capture the essence of our conversation because I think it is so important.  We'd love to hear your thoughts! Guest Wil Fossett Millenial Empowerment
February 01, 2021
116 - The Man Card - Revoked, Relinquished or Redefined
The week is a Man2Man episode of FathersFyre. Antoine Browne, Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff join me to explore "The Man Card" and if it is revoked, relinquished or redefined when you get married. You know it's going to be a funny, raw, and a very real conversation about what it means to be a man. Guest: Antoine J. Browne Instagram: @toinesplace Mike Lewis website: Sean Knauff TikTok: @seany_the_kid Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram:   @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick Contact me at
January 25, 2021
115 - 25 years of Marriage - “How I felt then was only puppy love!”
Men your kids are watching how you love, care, and serve your wife. This week I share a couple of very personal experiences with my dad in which he not only told me how much he loved my mom but showed me that she was the Queen of his world. Are you in continual pursuit of your wife? Do your kids see you make your wife THE priority in your life? Or has your attention waned or turned to other things? When you were first starting pursuing her years ago you put all of your energies into proving you were the one. Is she the interest of your heart? Is she still the queen of your life? Perhaps the reason your relationship has stagnated is you’ve stopped pursuing her with all your heart. Fathers is there an urgency in the way you love, serve, and care for your children and your wife? If you are divorced, do you treat your ex with respect and courtesy especially in front of your children. Remember men your kids are watching. Are you living a pattern of love that is worthy of emulation? Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick “How I felt then was only puppy love” (TM)
January 19, 2021
114 - Having The Tough Discussions With Your Kids Surrounding The Capitol Riots - Shon Hart
This week my mentor, coach, and good friend Shon Hart join me on FathersFyre,  We discuss how we are navigating the tough discussion with our family about the breach of the Capitol and the blatant double standard of how differently black protestors are treated from white protestors.   Join us as we explore: Facing our own hurt, anger, and frustration Tabling our initial reaction so that we can respond productively and bring healing to those we serve Being authentic, raw, and open with our children Listening to their pain, anxiety, and fear Acknowledging "What if?" and moving to "What now?" Creating a refuge for your children, wife, and family in you Guest: Shon Hart Involved Dad Website: Instagram: @shonhart_ Host: Jody Sedrick FathersFyre Website: Instagram: @jodysedrick
January 12, 2021
113 - Stepping Up To The Role of “Super Dad” with Wil Fossett
You are the Super Hero in your child’s life are you present? Are you creating an environment that your children will thrive especially your “Ronin” Child? Join me and Will Fosset as we explore what it means to be a Super Dad. No, you don’t have to have Super Powers. In fact, you have precisely what your child needs if you recognize with great power comes great responsibility.  Show Highlight Taking concepts of heroes and helping the young men see the hero in themselves His dad was his true hero because he showed up My dad, water and 20 miles to go Number 1 think you want to teach your daughters Being raised with 3 sisters and developing Ronin Culture Parenting a “Ronin” child - letting him run with his decisions but being there when needed Learning your child’s love language Change occurs when your kid’s adore you Connecting with each child in what they are passionate about Creating an environment for true connection Concept of 7 seconds that can make or break you Sometimes you gotta play stupid to allow your kids to think through their decisions 3 Things you must do as a dad; Be present, Be Authentic, Communicate Ben Parker’s advice “With great power comes great responsibility” Wil Fossett Facebook: Millenial Empowerment Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick Website:
January 04, 2021
112 - Dad Are you Hiding in Plain Sight?
This week I share the latest episode of our monthly Man 2 Man discussion. I meet with Antoine Brown, Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff and we explore how we as dad's can be hidden in plain site in our family. Is providing for the family enough? Hiding behind work and projects? Shutting down and avoiding the discussion Getting your man card pulled? What is the real man card For the most part men are just not mature. Struggling with your wife telling you what to do or giving you direction Why do men have to be pushed to become who God intended them to be and their wive hopes for? Acting like your paying attention but your not You can receive direction from a personal trainer, manager, team member but not receive it from. your wife. Recognizing she is trying to elevate us Sucking it up as a man and providing more than financially for your family Serving with out expecting something in return What should be the qualifications for "The Man Card" Guest Antoine J. Brown Mike Lewis ( Sean Knauff Host: Jody Sedrick IG: @jodysedrick TikTok @jodysedrick
December 28, 2020
111 - How Did My Relationship With My Dad Affect My Relationship with my Kids?
Merry Christmas! This week I meet with John Bolden author of the book 18 Principles for Manhood. We explore his experience being a preacher's kid and how that has influenced his experience as a father. Show highlights: His experience with his father who was a preacher Getting kids up early to work with him like his dad did with him How did his relationship with his dad affect his relationship with his kids? Recognizing that his dad didn’t have an example of being a father and he was doing the best he could His dad showed humbleness always showing forgiveness You have to be willing to say “Kids, I got it wrong. I apologize. Let’s move forward” There is no playbook for each kid, and if there were the playbook would be different Working with kids who don’t have a dad in the home. When the resolve their relationship with their dad their gets back on track for them The Father is a key pillar in a child’s life His experience of being a dad Having different conversations with his 16-year-old daughter versus 9-year-old son Going shopping with your daughter to get some daddy-daughter time Slowing building the relationship with his daughter by showing she could trust him (he doesn’t say step daughter) Recognize your son is watching dad His tips for being a great dad; Be trustworthy and communication Guest: John Bolden Website: IG: @johnbolden365 Hosts: Jody Sedrick Website: IG: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick
December 21, 2020
110 - Be An Advocate & Fight for Your Child - A Discussion on Autism with Joe & Joey Kimball
This week I visited with my good friend Joe Kimball and his son Joey. They recently launched a new award to promote Autism awareness for the automotive detailing industry. I asked Joe if he'd share his experience as a dad. We explore his family’s experience with autism and how they have rallied around each other both at home and in their family owned business. Show highlights The significance of the family sweatshirts with the autism ribbon Using their business as a platform to support autism education and causes “Go Home” - Joey’s favorite catch phrase Trying to figure out how to help his son Joey develop and grow Be an advocate for your child and be willing to fight and search for answers for your kid Balancing the needs of all of your kids - Recognize each brings something unique to the family Doing things as a family - going to each others events and making it a family event The dynamic of having a family owned business with everyone involved Joey Kimball Humanitarian Detailers Award Joe Kimball’s tips for being a dad; Be a part of your children’s life Guests: Joe and Joey Kimball Kimball’s Hands On Detailing Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick Clubhouse: @jodysedrick
December 14, 2020
109 - 10 Ways to Maintain Hope In Times of Crisis!
One of the listeners of the podcast reached to me and asked if I could talk about "How To Maintain Hope in Times of Crisis". I've thought a lot about his question and come of with 10 ways that I think can help.  10 Ways to Maintain Hope In Times of Crisis Believe that things will get better. Cling to that belief Take time to meditate and pray. Write down impressions Keep a gratitude journal. Allow your self-time to rest but don’t allow yourself to stagnate Get to work and be productive Do something for someone else Look for lessons; did you discover your tendency to be impatient, unkind, or hot-tempered Laugh. Some days are so challenging the only medicine is laughter. Laugh Talk to a trusted friend. Choose to be happy Remember Hopelessness is the enemy of peace
December 08, 2020
108 - A Year of Change; Pregnant, New Career, New House and a New Baby - Kelton Flinders
This week I meet with Kelton Flinders who hosts a phenomenal TikTok and Instagram channel for DIY Dads. We explore his passion to teach and share DIY tips and his new adventure of being a dad to a baby girl. Show Highlights: DIY - Easier way to carry a car seat ( How has having a newborn disrupted and changed your life? Learning to handle a”fragile” newborn What has absolutely surprised him having a new baby How has having a baby affected his relationship with his wife? A year of changes; pregnant, new career, bought a house, had a baby Things he’s learned as a new dad His motivation behind his DIY channels - his dad dying when he was 12 years old Spending as much time as possible with his children when they are young A small moment of tribute to his dad who passed away. The impact of his birth father on his life. Guest: Klinton Flinders TikTok @klintonflinders Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick
November 30, 2020
107 - A Moment of Thanks From Me
On this Thanksgiving week episode, I want to take a moment to express gratitude for the opportunity for a dad. I also want to give a special tribute to a number of people and perhaps you will glean a few lessons that will help you in the process. Thank you for joining me every week. I truly enjoy the opportunity to talk about being a dad and try to find lessons in the journey that will help all of us become better men, husbands and fathers. Thank you for listening and Happy Thanksgiving! Jody Sedrick Instagram: @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick
November 24, 2020
106 - Sending My Baby Girl to Day Care - decisions, decisions
This week I visit with Cameron Foster author of the blog Supportive Fathers. We explore his experience as a dad of a high energy, into everything 2-year-old daughter. This is the first time we've explored daycare on the podcast. So many things to consider when entrusting someone else to watch your littles, not to mention it's crazy expensive.   Are you in the midst of terrible twos or happy you are past those days? Join us as we explore: Fun with a high energy, into everything 2-year-old Considerations and tips for deciding between home child care are center childcare When you get home leave work at work The driver behind his blog Things men really struggle with as husbands and fathers Taking the "mental load" of your wife Make sure to check out Cameron's blog. Guest: Cameron Foster Supportive Fathers Website: Instagram: @supportivefathers
November 16, 2020
105 - Stepping Up As A Dad In The Home - Man2Man Episode
For the past couple of weeks, I've been pondering the importance of us men "Stepping Up As A Dad In The Home". I invited get Antoine J. Browne, Mike Lewis, and Sean Knauff to explore this critical theme on Facebook Live and to share on the podcast.   Join us as we have a candid discussion about how we can be better husbands and fathers in our home and not leave everything to the wife. Guest: Antoine J. Browne Instagram: @toinesplace Mike Lewis (We had to excuse due to his wife getting Covid-19. Please include them in your prayers) website: Sean Knauff TikTok: @seany_the_kid Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram:  @jodysedrick TikTok: @jodysedrick Contact me at
November 10, 2020
104 - Adopting Two Boys and Being a Foster Dad to 9 Kids - Michael Quinton
This week I have my first guest who is a foster Dad. We explore his personal journey of wanting to be a dad but not knowing how to be part of the LGBT Community. He shares how he considered surrogacy, foster care, and finally adopted his two nephews after getting a call from his nephew. Becoming a foster parent and the impact he’s had on children coming in and out of his home. Show Highlights: Mom played both roles of Mom & Dad when his Dad wasn’t around due to addiction His experience with Dad told him what to do and what not to do as a dad You can break the legacy of a bad dad Always wanting to be a Dad but not sure how it was going to happen to be part of the LGBT community Considering surrogacy and foster care and finally adopting two of his nephews Going through separation and divorce while adopting a child The wild ride of fostering 9 children who have never had a father Kids who have never had a father figure in their life Going from married dad to divorced dad, to single dad and being an adopted dad Helping foster children feel like they have a safe space Guest Michel Quinton Quintock_fam Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: TikTok: @jodysedrick Email:
November 02, 2020
103 - Walking Your Daughter Down The Aisle - Chad Sedrick
Wedding bells are ringing! This week my brother Chad joins me to explore what it feels like to walk your baby girl down the aisle. This week we celebrated the wedding of his daughter Alex to the love of her life Kegan Barnes. Join us as we explore that big step in not only your daughter's life but yours as well. Show highlights: The feeling of walking his baby girl, Alex, down the wedding aisle Trusting her choice in a man Appreciating how his new son-in-law pursues his daughter What did he counsel his daughter and future in-law as they decided to get married? Continuing to be in hot pursuit of our wife Wondering what I could’ve done better in raising my daughter My dad’s advice to Judie and I when we decided to get married Dad taught and showed us his sweetheart, our mom, was preeminent in his life Chad’s 3 tips for dads; Be an Example, Spend time with your kids, Be there for them. Guest: Chad Sedrick Instagram: @Chad_sedrick Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: TikTok: @jodysedrick Email:
October 27, 2020
102 - Men It's Time to Step Up As Husbands - Sean Knauff
Men are you ready for some candid, in your face discussion? Today I meet with Sean Knauff, another dad from TikTok. We discuss the need for men to step up and take an active part in the family the role as dad and partner with his wife. We need to be better husbands if we hope to have a better family life. Join us as we explore how we can be better husbands and thus better dads. Time for us men to step up and be great husbands Starts with a conversation with yourself Tens of Thousands of women comments about the frustration with their husbands You’ve lost the pursuit of your wife User our tiredness as an excuse to stop trying Just because your home doesn’t mean you are engaged Do stuff with your kids and your wife - spend time with them Kids need both mom and dad Spending too much time on videos games or other activities Be willing to fight for your marriage Guest Sean Knauff TikTok: @seany_The_Kid Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: TikTok: @jodysedrick Email:
October 19, 2020
101 - We’re Having A Baby! Time To Step and Be a Man! - Ben Borden
“We’ve having a baby?! Oh! Now it’s time to step up and be a man!“. Another TikTok Dad, Brian Borden joins me this week to explore “The Journey of Being a Dad”. You may catch a theme here as he loves sharing his journey of being a dad on TikTok and Instagram. Join us as we explore Starting out with the idea of The Dad Journey We’re having a baby?! What has surprised him most about being a dad Managing crazy schedules and still making time for each other Communication is KEY in your marriage and with your kids Don't take little things for granted Reach out to other dads for advice Know that you're not alone Not everything is easy, embrace every aspect of the journey good and bad Guest Brian Borden TikTok @thedadjourney Instagram @thedadjourney #beinspired
October 12, 2020
100 - A Mother's Perspective On Being a Dad - Judie Sedrick
It's hard to believe this is our 100th episode of FathersFyre, In commemoration, I thought it would be cool to get the mother’s perspective on being a good dad so I invited my wife Judie Sedrick to be my guest.  Join us as we have some fun, laugh, reminisce, and explore: Memories about her dad An arranged marriage She didn’t realize her dad was old until kids asked he was her grandpa He was a quiet dad Incredible work ethic If it was time for WWF wrestling he would just change the channel Lessons for dad Important to learn how to communicate with your kids and wife Balance duties of the home Be fully present Setting up a regular date night with your kids Don’t demean or talk down to your wife Be equal partners Be empathetic and listen without commenting Be open and recognize your kids are growing Trust extended family to be a sounding board for your kids Guest My BEAUTIFUL wife Judie Sedrick Instagram: Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: Email:
October 05, 2020
99 - Juggling Kids, Careers & Dedicating Time For Your Wife
We all know life can be a never-ending barrage of activities, helping kids with homework, soccer, dance, work and still working to keep the relationship with your Queen fresh. This week I hosted a Facebook LIve edition of FathersFyre with my guest Mike Lewis, Antoine J. Brown and Daniel. Gill. Join us as we have some laughs and serious talk about how we can truly be present for the Queen of our life and our children Guest Mike Lewis Website: Instagram: Facebook: Antoine J. Brown Facebook - Instagram: Daniel Gill Intagram: Facebook - Host Jody Sedrick Instagram: Email:
October 02, 2020
98 - Seeing the World Through The Eyes of Your Kid - Guy Palumbo
This week I visit with artist and musician Guy Palumbo. We explore seeing the world anew through the eyes of your children, treating them as equals, and celebrating and encouraging creativity. Sitting on the edge of the tub coaching your kids to poop Sharing his life as dad via TikTok - reliving moments, loving the sound of his kid's voices. Living in a time when we can easily capture moments with your kids Incredibly refreshing to see the world through the eyes of your child Talking to your kids about the tough things going on; COVID, Racism, etc. The genuine honest response of children Lucky to be fathers at this time - we can be familiar and have a relationship with our kid Never talk down to your kids. Treat them like your equal Talking to kids in a way that the reconsider their actions - Skateboarding into traffic Celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of the youth today. Encourage your kids to pursue their passions My dad taking the leap to go to nursing school with 8 kids It’s ok to not know what you’re doing as a dad. It’s part of the adventure Tips for dads; Be PRESENT in their lives. Treating your kids as humans Guest Guy Palumbo TikTok @guypalumbo Host Jody Sedrick Instagram @jodysedrick TikTok @jodysedrick Email:
September 28, 2020
97. “ A Dad’s Experience with Suicide pt 4." - Anxiety, Depression & Abandonment with Bobby Berg
This week Bobby Berg host of the StudentFyre Podcast joins me to explore anxiety, depression, and feelings of abandonment. We explore the backdrop for his most recent Instagram posts addressing anxiety and depression. I asked him if those feelings were related to his lack of experience with his dad. He responded, "Absolutely!" Join us as we explore not only how he worked through his own feelings of abandonment but how he is helping his students through similar feelings. Show highlights My daughter’s story is also my story The story around his Instagram Post about anxiety and depression Helping his students work through feeling anxious Working through their feelings with them Communicate via the method your kid feels comfortable rather than the method you would prefer Building walls over time to protect ourself Being truly vulnerable and connecting on a personal level Be willing to be the punching bag or sounding board your kid needs Two keys to helping yourself through anxiety & depression; being truly honest with yourself, communicate the way they communicate, allow yourself grace to step out to take care of you, be willing to open the dialogue. Guest: Bobby Berg - StudentFyre Podcast Instagram: @bobbyberg TikTok: @bobby berg
September 21, 2020
96 - Deciding to be a Dad Through Open Adoption - with DZNR Dad
This week I meet with DZNR Dad (Danny Vandenberk) to discuss his choice to become a dad through open adoption. We explore how he’s worked diligently to make sure his son feels loved, valued and special - that he wasn’t abandoned. Show Highlights: His decision to be a dad and adopt a beautiful son Their decision to do an open adoption Working through abandonment issues with your children Things he’s done to create a strong bond with his son and be open about the adoption Can you love an adopted baby as much as bio-baby? What he’s doing to help his adopted son feel that he was not abandoned The power and importance of being 100% present Teaching his kids to be loyal and honorable Guest Danny Vandenberk DZNR Dad Instagram: Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: TikTok: @jodysedrick Contact me at
September 14, 2020
95. A Dad's Experience with Suicide - Pt 3
Originally I wasn't going to do a part 3 of "A Dad's Experience with Suicide".  However, after a conversation with a listener about his own experience with depression and his failed suicide attempt and a conversation I had with my daughter I thought a third episode was needed.  Join me as we discuss the challenge of bottling up all of our emotions, not giving ourselves kudos, and abandonment issues that can lead to depression, anxiety, and potentially suicidal thoughts We also explore this signed that your loved one might have abandonment issues Cycling through relationships Sabotaging relationships Needing constant reassurance Separation Issues Fear or dislike of being alone If you need to chat about you or a family member please send me a DM or email me at Have a blessed day Jody Sedrick
September 08, 2020
94 - A Dad's Experience with Suicide Part 2
The outpouring of comments, support, and questions for last week's episode of "A Dad's Experience with Suicide" has motivated me to create a follow-up episode.  I thought I'd share some practical tools that we've put in place to protect not only our loved one struggling with suicidal thoughts but also ensure the safety and well being of other members of the family. A few highlights: Purchasing safes to house medications and knives Working out every day with my wife Ladies retreat for my wife Early morning devotionals - personal and with a trusted friend Working with other men fixing stuff or driving like a mad man with my buddy Recognize everyone deals with problems differently and give them grace Sharing of the poem, Roar! that I wrote Gratitude Journal If you have any comments or have personal experiences you would like to share please reach out to me at or direct message me on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.
September 01, 2020
93 - A Dad’s Experience with Suicide Pt. 1
Events have occurred this week that have pushed me to share some very personal experiences and thoughts about suicide. Many families are faced with teens, younger children, mothers, and even fathers who wrestle with suicidal thoughts and related mental health issues. These thoughts are very personal and have debated what to share for some time as I want to be respectful of my own family members but also the seriousness of the issue.  I truly hope something that I share with you today will be of help to you and your family. If you need a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a heart to pray with please give me a shout. The Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255 You may also find these two videos helpful Like a Broken Vessel: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Thank you for listening and please share with someone this message might help. Have a BLESSED day! Jody Sedrick
August 24, 2020
92 - Creativity and Parenting with Dave Conrey
This week I visit with artist Dave Conrey. We explore fatherhood as a creative person and artist. Does it lead to creativity as a father or is it ingrained in who you are? And do you have to be an artist to be a creative dad Creativity is in the expression Summer camp - Minecraft creative and engineering Activity and Fortnight to get the body moving Fostering the creative side into the things your kid is interested in Exposing your kids to opportunities so they can discover and develop there own gifts Putting your fears and dreams aside to allow your kids to explore his own interests Lean into your kid's interest without putting to much pressure Being the son of a single mom “You come by it honestly” - Making sure you own it “I may not be perfect, but I do love you perfectly” Looking forward to the teen years Guest: Dave Conrey Website: Instagram: TikTok: @davemakesthings Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: Contact me at
August 17, 2020
91. Walking With the Courage of a Lion - When You Don't Feel Courageous
You know how my wife always gets me thinking.  Earlier this week she asked me "How come you don't cry and get emotional like me?"  I've thought a lot about her question and my response to her. (No I'm not telling you. You have to tune in to hear the answer) I thought this would be a great discussion so I reached out to 3 men brave enough to have an honest discussion about how we face the challenges in life and share how we are feeling with our wife. I'm really excited to explore this topic with Antoine J. Brown Mike Lewis and Rick Kolb. Guest: Antoine J. Brown Mike Lewis Rick Kolb Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: Contact me at
August 11, 2020
90. Bonding, Big Dreams, Fights and Becoming a Family - An Interview with my daughter Jessica Sedrick
This week I have a surprise guest, my daughter Jessica. While sitting in the kitchen wrapping up work, Jessica came up to me and said “Dad, let’s do a podcast together”. Seizing the opportunity sit down with Jessica I grab the mic and we have an impromptu, fun and intimate discussion. Doing nails and eyebrows is a bonding opportunity to be together Exciting things happening in Jessica’s life - signing with a modeling agency Devon helping Jessica pursue who dream of being a model Pursing her dream of being a model and almost giving up on her dream Singing, playing and supporting each other as a family Excited to graduate High School - but some of the fears in her heart Her love to talk with me or Judie 2020 craziness and looking forward to 2021 Senior year How Corona helped her get through her Junior year Having 3 incredible best friends. Fighting with Dad. Learning how to talk to each other and love each other. Dad always asking “Who loves you?”. Opening up to your parents when you want to do everything by yourself. Learning how to trust when your heart was broken Jessica’s advice for dads. LISTEN to your kids Guest Jessica Sedrick Instagram: Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: Contact me at
August 03, 2020
Ep. 89 Jesse Belnap - Everything is PINK and fun as Girl Dad!
This week I corner another dad sharing his adventures on TikTok. Jesse Belnap and I explore the fun and surprises of being a dad to little girls. Yes it can be a lot of pink but it is A LOT of fun too. Show highlights: Hopping in a “kiddy pull” Being the father of two girls Coming down to your kid’s level Trying to put yourself in their shoes when your kids are hurt Parenting each child according to their unique personalities Letting your daughter do your nails and hair - getting passed the uncomfortable Connecting with your kids on things they love How much fun doing the little things can be with your kids Doing something out of our comfort zone. Just be a kid again Helping your kids pursue their dreams Kids open up when you share what they are interested in Capture the small moments. Guest Jesse Belnap TikTok: on.the.go_fitness Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: Contact me at
July 27, 2020
88 - Opening The World to Everybody - Ryan Grassley
We're going on an adventure with Ryan Grassley.  We explore opening the world to his friend Sam who has cerebral palsy, teaching kids to include everyone, and navigating this crazy adventure called fatherhood.  Join me and my guest Ryan Grassley who is the CMO of Extreme Motus and on a mission to make nature wheelchair accessible and working hard to be a great dad. Show highlights: His adventures with his friend Sam The power of inclusion Teaching your kids how to talk about people who are disabled. Taking his children on his adventures with his children Putting children in an environment where they can ask question Surprised at how long it takes to get out of the door with kids Some of the challenges he’s experienced being a dad Kids’ exposing your worse characteristics and weaknesses and how we can become better fathers. His tips to be a great dad Guest Ryan Grassley Extreme Motus Host: Jody Sedrick Instagram: Contact me at
July 20, 2020
87. Power Struggles and Investing in Your Kid's Interest with Mr. Chazz Lewis
This week we visit with Mr. Chazz Lewis.  He is passionate about working with young children and helping them discover learning and who they are as little humans. We explore overcoming powers struggles with kids and investing in their unique interests and gifts instead of your dreams.  Show Highlights: How he got started working with kids in education Parents initial skepticism of having a man as a pre-school teacher Working hard to bring the fun of learning to kids Daddy Time = Fun Time Learning how to be involved in the teaching and modeling of your kids The challenge of guarding your emotions when little kids are all emotions Taking those same lessons of validating emotions into other relationships Moving from emotion to logic Foster and facilitate your kid's interests, not your dreams Letting Jessica do my nails The anger of perfectionism - Be a improvenists You are not only raising your children by your children’s children Connect with Mr. Chazz Tik Tok: TickTeachTock Patreon: GetVokl:
July 13, 2020
86. HOME! Dad What Are You Doing to Create "Home"?
What a phenomenal action-packed, fun-filled, family celebration of 4th of July, graduations, and taking my daughter to down to UVU to kick off another semester of college and D1 Volleyball. After a full day of flying stand by and walking into my home, I drop my bags by the door, walk into our bedroom kiss my beautiful wife and then collapse on our living room couch.  The peace and serenity of home envelop me and I think "It's so good to be home!". Have you felt that? Do you feel that when you come home? Laying on the couch, basking in being home I asked myself what am I doing to make it feel like home for my wife and kids.  When they come home do they feel like it's good to be home? That it's good to be with Dad not just mom? That it's good to fall into my arms. Join me as we explore what we are doing or not doing to truly create a home.
July 07, 2020
85. There Is No Playbook for Being a Dad - Shane Leketa AKA Liquid Shano
Sit down. Grab a cup of Joe or hot chocolate and join me as I visit with Shane Leketer AKA Liquid Shano on TikTok and host of the podcast Coffee Talk. Show highlights: How we connected on TikTok The importance and power of truly connecting with people His morning Cup of Joe to motivate and share an inspirational message Being the father of a 15 year old Blending what his experience with father and grandfather and mixing in his own personality to become a great dad Investing in a hot tub gave him an unexpected surprise Teaching your kid to drive and trusting them to take the next step Learning to bend and flex as a husband and father. The importance and power of being vulnerable as a father Connect with Shane TikTok @liquidshano Podcast - Coffee Talk with LiquidShano1973 YouTube - Thank you for tuning in every week. I also invite you to join my private FathersFyre Facebook Group where we have open, heart felt discussions as meant to help us grow.
June 29, 2020
84. Juggling Twins and Spreading Positivity With Joe Atang
My guest this week is a new friend that I’ve made via TikTok. Every morning he hosts a “Virtual Hugs” show on TikTok where he visits with people and gives them a message of love and positivity while managing 18-month-old twins. Watching him juggle his kids and a live show I had to have him on as a guest. Show Highlights His love for people How he came up with HI! and Virtual Hugs Juggling two twins while hosting his show Kudos to his beautiful bride to Courtney His experience as a new dad - SURPRISE you are having twins Kids mimicking us as parents Juggling kids and keeping a relationship with your wife strong Communicating with kids and enjoying every phase of a child’s growth Putting your wife on a pedestal The power of your example His tips for dads Connect with Joe TikTok @joeatang Instagram @joeatang YouTube A Cup of Joe Atang Thank you for tuning in every week. I also invite you to join my private FathersFyre Facebook Group where we have open, heart felt discussions as meant to help us grow.
June 28, 2020
83. Have We Become Moral Monsters? A Father's Questions
This week my heart has been weighed down by the events, we've witnessed since the murder of George Floyd. My heart and mind have been turned to our own experiences with the judicial system over the past 18 months.  I must admit that my assumptions and naivety have been jolted into a new reality. These combined with what we've witness over the past couple weeks has caused me to ask the question, "Have we become moral monsters?" In our anger, frustration, and anger have we lost our humanity. Have we lost sight that we are all growing? We all stumble. That we all need grace.  I hear the call with for justice. But our calls for justice really have morphed into demands for punishment.  When did we lose the importance and power of mercy?  I hope this episode causes serious reflection. I hope it causes you to look inward. I hope it helps you become a better man and father. If we can't be honest with ourselves, our own biases how can we ever help our children to become more? I'd love to hear your comments. Your friend, Jody
June 19, 2020
82. You Gotta Make Time For your Kids - Chuck Hill
This week my guest is Chuck Hill. He is the father of 6 children. He also works with men and young boys to help them develop the tools they need to be great men and fathers.  Join us as we explore: Raising 6 children Making time to play with your kids Chuck changing his work schedule so he could be truly present with his kids. Establishing a date night & consistently making time for your wife. Making the commitment to be a great father and dedicated to his wife I also want to extend a personal invitation for you to join our FathersFyre Facebook Group. If you have comments or would like me to discuss a topic please reach out to me at or
June 15, 2020
81. SpeakFyre Round Table - The Impact of George Floyd
The entire SpeakFyre family got together to discuss the impact of the murder of George Floyd on Facebook Live on Sunday, June 7th.  We explore the tough conversations going on in our homes and work. We have a candid discussion about how we are talking to our family. The struggles we are addressing. What conclusions are we coming to? And the ultimate question how can we be the instrument of change? Make sure to check out the entire team every week on their individual podcasts. Aisha Thomas - InternalFyre Michael Gingras - LeadershipFyre Sean Brasfield - YoungFyre Bobby Berg - StudentFyre Neil Legend - ChampionFyre Thank you for joining me every week on FathersFyre. I also invite you, men, to join my private Facebook Group called FathersFyre. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out to me at or Have a great week.
June 08, 2020
80. How do we have the difficult discussion with our kids about George Floyd?
This is a special episode of FathersFyre. I’ve gathered 4 men who I respect to discuss the recent murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. I wanted to have a diverse group of men who we could have a discussion about how we are having the difficult discussions with our kids about the murder we all witness as well as the ensuing protest and looting across many cities across the country. My guests are Damon Rich, Rick Kolb, and Nate Furlong. This was originally broadcast life on Facebook Live. I have published it on YouTube, Anchor.FM and other major podcast platforms. Please join us as we have an open, candid, and very raw discussion.
June 02, 2020
79. How I'm Answering Your Kids Questions about George Floyd
This week has been extremely challenging in the face of the murder of George Floyd. Ive had many discussions with my own children as we all try to reconcile the horrify murder that we witnessed. I thought I’d share some tips on how you can answer the questions that are searing your children’s hearts and help them come to a place of peace, resolution and action.
June 01, 2020
78. Final Day of Mother's Day Tributes with Renny Doyle
The final day of Mother’s Day May Tributes.  This has been such a phenomenal experience. I enjoyed hearing what other men have to say about the women in their lives. The one thing that is undeniable is that you ladies are the key difference in the world. Thank you for your love and dedication to each one of us and especially your families Today’s messages from my friend Renny Doyle Happy Mother’s Day and I hope every single day you’re treated like the queen you are!! 
May 31, 2020
77.. Healing vs Hate/Not White vs Black - it’s EVERYBODY vs RACISM
Healing vs Hate/Not White vs Black - it’s EVERYBODY vs RACISM - My wife Judie and I went on Facebook Live, TikTok and Instagram to express some of our thoughts surrounding the murder of George Floyd. Our hearts are heavy at what is happening in our country right now. We’ve had many late-night discussions about George Floyd and the ensuing riots and wanted to share some of our thoughts. Know that we love and stand with you! Let’s be the change we want to see in the world and then lead people to the change.
May 31, 2020
76 - 29th Day of Mother's Day Tributes
Happy 29th Day of Mother's Day May Tributes One of the greatest blessings of my life is to have been blessed with is a significant diversity of people. What I've seen, witnessed and felt is the women from all countries and cultures have the universal gift and characteristic to bring out the best in us and to truly love and see who we are. Thank you to all of you AMAZING women from all around the world who have touched my life. I am a better man because of your love. And Mom Peralta I love and miss you!! Today's message of love comes from Alejandro Bonilla Happy Mother's Day!
May 30, 2020
75 - 27th Day of Mother's Day Tributes - Neil Adams
27th Day of Mother's Day May Tribute Whether you're a mom of 1, 3 or 10 you have the incredible gift of caring, nurturing, encouraging, juggling, managing and most importantly making a home truly beautiful. Thank you for everything you do to make life wonderful even amid what to you may seem utter chaos. You truly are a blessing. Today's message of love is from Neil Adams. Happy Mother's Day!
May 28, 2020
74 26th Day of Mother's Day Tributes - Sean Brasfield
Happy 26th Day of Mother's Day May Tributes My message is to both you and the men today. Men we need to do a better job of helping our wife around the house. Yes, you need to put on an apron, fold the clothes, clean the house, help with the kids and anything else to help your beautiful lady make your house a home. Don't just be partners be EXTREME partners fully committed to your lady. Ladies, let the guys help you. They may not do it perfectly, it may not be the way you do it but let them share the load. I tell you when you truly become a tag team life can be so much easier. Thank you for everything you do to make your home a home. Today's message of love is from your brother, your friend, Sean Brasfield Happy Mother's Day!
May 26, 2020
73. Day 25th of Mother's Day Tributes - Des Morris
25th Day Of Mother's Day May We are in our final week of tributes. On this Memorial Day we want to give a shout out to all of you ladies who have served or continue to serve in our armed forces. I'm proud to say my mom is Navy vet. You are my hero. We truly appreciate your dedication and service to preserve our freedom. Thank you! Today's Mother's Day Tribute is from Des Morris Happy Mother's Day!
May 26, 2020
72 Get Inside Your Kid's World to Connect - An Interview with Damon Rich
This week I corner Damon Rich. This week we explore his experiences as a father. We also delve into how he broke the cycle of not having a dad who was present and then being blessed with a phenomenal stepdad who set a new example and inspired him to be a great dad. Show highlights: The danger of measuring yourself against other dads The importance of being truly present with your kids Softening our rough and tough demeanor to connect with our kids The importance of going into your kid’s world and creating a connection Recognizing each child is different so you need to parent differently Giving your kids space until they are in a good place to discuss problems You can’t spank your kids for everything. You need to learn to teach more than discipline Teaching your kids to think through consequences Allow kids the opportunity to think through challenges and allow them to make the choice The power of having your kids write an essay as part of the discipline Your true legacy is what you do with your children How he broke the cycle of not having a dad Check out Damon at Marriage Refresh Instagram: @damonrichspeaks Thank you for joining me every week as we explore fatherhood and how we can be be best fathers, husbands and best men possible. I invite you to join my FathersFyre Facebook Group for men only. Have a great week!
May 25, 2020
71. 24th Day Of Mother's Day Tributes - Julian Gibson
Happy 24th Day of Mother's Day May What do you think of when you hear the word "Home"? I don't know how you can think of "Home" without thinking of Mom.  You ladies have the amazing gift of making any place, even any situation home when you are near. Thank you for making us feel at home. Today's message of love is brought to you by my friend Julian Gibson. Happy Mother's Day!
May 25, 2020
70. Day 23rd of Mother's Day May Tribute - Michael Gingras
Happy 23rd day of Mother’s Day May! Today’s extra special because it kicks off Memorial day weekend. I want to give a special tribute to all the ladies who have served or continue to serve in our military, police, fire department or other frontline careers. Your selfless dedication and commitment to us is inspiring. We want to thank all of you ladies for having such a huge impact on every aspect of our life Today’s Mother’s Day tribute comes from Michael Gingras Happy Mother’s Day!
May 23, 2020
69. Day 22 of Mother's Day Tribute from Bobby Berg
Happy 22nd Day Of Mother’s Day. Today we want to give a special tribute to all of you single moms, aunts, and grandparents said step in to really make a significant impact on a young child’s life. We know that Sundays are truly challenging but you rise to the Occasion and make all the difference! Today’s message of love is from my good friend Bobby Berg Happy Mother’s Day! 
May 22, 2020