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Saying the Unsayable

Saying the Unsayable

By Fatima T
An SFF podcast where I talk about the stories behind the stories with the people who bring them to us.
Discovering Great SFF with Editor Cavan Terrill
Editor of Fusion Fragment magazine Cavan Terrill talks about running a magazine, what he looks for when selecting works for publication, his ethos behind boosting his authors, the magazine's unique Twitter personality, and why editors and writers alike might sometimes compartmentalise our literary selves from our public personas. Check Fusion Fragment out on Twitter @FusionFragment, or go to and check it out! Its unique flavour and aesthetic is a treat for any fan of scifi-tinged SFF! Sound edited by Mushba Said
May 13, 2022
Subversive Speculative Fictions with author Nadia Shammas
Storyteller Nadia Shammas talks in this episode about her journey as a writer. We talk about connected storytelling, and how she goes about challenging cultural hegemony with her wonderfully subversive storytelling. The conversation was especially fun for me in what we managed to cover! From speculative fiction and its range in what it can capture, to cuisine and Palestine, to immigrant families and imperialist policies and how they impact young people growing up. Listen all the way to the end to see what she recommends. In this episode we discuss: her short story "The Center of the Universe"  Read here: Graphic novels "Ms. Marvel Stretched Thin"   and "Squire." Find Nadia here: and on Twitter @Nadia_Shammas_  Many thanks to sound editor: Mushba Said 
April 24, 2022
Examining Classism Through the Lens of SFFH with author M. H. Ayinde
Future Worlds Prize winner M. H. Ayinde explores how the elements in her creative works navigate justice and classism, quests and automatons, hope and dystopia. We talk about art in the apocalypse, standing up to consumerist societies, the human instinct for compassion and how society can teach us to lose empathy. We touch on colonialism and how the relics of Benin City inspired one of her stories. Most importantly, Ayinde reveals how she reflects these issues by going beyond tropes in her writing. We also dive into writing craft — plotting vs pantsing, how she used lucid dreaming for inspiration for one of her stories, and perspectives on how to view time spent writing as a parent. (Since recording this episode with me Ayinde has gone on from being on the shortlist of the Future Worlds Prize to winning it). Find more about her here: and follow her on Twitter @MHAyinde Stories discussed can be read here:  Many thanks to sound editor: Mushba Said
April 08, 2022