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Episode 004: Don't Put Your Biz at Risk

An episode of Faviola the CEOHustler

By Faviola Valencia - Aranda
Biz Coach and Interpreter Trainer; Do you need help to START, GROW and DECIPHER YOUR BUSINESS and CAREER?
Get all your Biz and Interpreting Tips and Information to help you with your Biz & Interpreting Career; Learn the Do's and Don'ts about the Biz World; startup, sales, and marketing strategies, processes, procedures, planning, etc as well as how to use your skills to Become an Entrepreneur and Interpreter!
👉I'm a POWERFUL // STRATEGIC // BRAVE // PERSEVERANT CEO, who makes things happen - no matter what - and I'm always in control; "I’M A GET S*** DONE, CEO! #TheCEOHustler time to #Bos
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Episode 014: Accepting assignments.
Accepting assignments: What to do and what you should ask before accepting an assignment. Don't put yourself, LEP's or Businesses at RISK! Ask the right questions before you accept an assignment.
April 3, 2019
Episode 013: Monday Biz Tips
Get Your Free Biz Tips and learn more about how to start your business using the same steps and processes I've used throughout my 19 years in business.
February 15, 2019
Episode 012: Selfcare and Motivation
When your feeling down, sick, tired, in pain...Get up and fight for what you want and #bossupandrise
February 15, 2019
Episode 011: Business Compliance
Start Your Business with the right Steps, Processes, and Procedures...AVOID RISKS, AVOID LITIGATION...Learn more
February 15, 2019
Episode 010: Become a Professional Interpreter
Learn more about how to Start Your Career as a Professional Interpreter and Entrepreneur.  It takes more than just speaking a second language to start your career.  Learn more about the industry, what it takes and how to start.  Learn More.
February 15, 2019
Episode 009: Market Out Reach
Why it's important to create processes and procedures. Why it's important to know how, when, where to market your services. Why providing great services will bring repeat business. Learn more.
February 15, 2019
Episode 008: Build Your Business doing what you Love
Welcome back! I'm so happy you are here and ready to learn why it's important to start your business the right way. Avoid the headaches, the struggles, the challenges running a business. As a professional interpreter who's been in business for over 19 years and built a business from the ground up, I know the challenges and struggles businesses face when starting your business.
February 15, 2019
Episode 007: Start Your Biz the right way!
Social Media frenzy and the struggles online.  Why starting your business the right way, but more importantly building your business the right way! STOP going here and there trying to download this and that and just going in circle. Learn how to Start Your Biz the right way, building your Biz from the "Ground Up" using proven methods that STILL WORK!
February 15, 2019
Episode 006: Be Your Own Boss
Why it's so important to Start Your Own Business with the right steps, processes and procedures.  Build your business from the "ground up" with the right processes and procedures...AVOID the "Headaches, litigation, stress, etc"
February 15, 2019
Episode 005: Inside Secrets of former CEO and Business Owner
Why Start and Grow Your Biz With Me. I have over 18 years of Biz experience. I'm your One-Stop-Shop for all your Business needs, from Interpreting and Translation Services to Interpreter Training courses for aspiring Bilingual individuals to aspiring Entrepreneurs who have a skill, product or service and want to Start or Grow their Biz...But Wait!!! I'm not done...I have years of life experience that once you get to know me you will see that your problem is something that I may have already gone through - yup! I say that with confidence because that is what everyone who knows me tells me...LOL...Not done yet!!! Need inspiration and motivation with your Health and overall Fitness - yup! I can help you too!!! So you see why I'm your One-Stop-Shop ;)
August 30, 2018
Episode 004: Don't Put Your Biz at Risk
Don't Put Your Business At Risk because you failed to do things the right way! Yes, many businesses are being sued because they failed to: Get a Business License, Business Insurance, Have Processes and Procedures in place, failed to have the material in more than (1) one language, yes simple things that could have been avoided and prevented. So, if you are in business, want to grow your business and in place, then don't forget to sign up on my website...I offer one-on-one sessions, training, coaching, mentoring, step-by-step processes to help you Start and Grow Your business. Evite problemas y demandas procure tener todos sus documentos, processos en orden para evitar una demanda contra de usted y su empresa...Necesita ayuda con su negocio, no se preocupe y comuniquese conmigo, yo estoy disponible y le puedo ayudar a resolver sus problemas empresariales.
August 22, 2018
Episode 003: Small Business Compliance
Business Compliance checklist: Ensure that your business is in compliance to avoid lawsuits and fines. Get compliant with my step-by-step checklist. Learn more on my website: faviolavalencia.com Entrepreneurship is very rewarding but it can also be a nightmare...Yes, a nightmare so starting your business, freelancing or entrepreneurship roadmap is so important. Do things right now and avoid the headaches later. Be Compliant and Start Your Own Business, Interpreting Career, Entrepreneurship journey on the right path. Stay tune for more...Want to contribute to my podcast, send me a message.
August 16, 2018
Episode 002: Why Me, Faviola the Interpreter and Entrepreneur
Are you a #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #startup looking for #freetips information, guidance on #howtostartyourbiz well, you are at the right place with the right "peeps - me" :)  So, why me? I've been in business for over 18yrs...Build my Mill Biz from the Ground Up...Helped 1000s #StartTheirOwnBiz as #professional #interpreters #translators and #entrepreneurs and I can help you Start or Grow Your Biz! I love to research, train, learn and everything I learn I share with you...So, yes I'm saving you all the "Going Here, Goin There"...I'm your Go-To-Gal for all your Q&A's, Your One-Stop-Shop for all your Business needs! Oh, did I mention - I'm also #bilingual and a professional interpreter and translator who loves helping individuals and businesses "Break the Language Barrier in Communication" and I can help you or your Biz tap into the Hispanic Market!
August 15, 2018
Episode 001: Welcome to Faviola Valencia, THE CEO Hustler
Welcome to Faviola the CEO Hustler.  Who I am, What I do and How I started.  So, here's a little about me and what I do and provide. Stay tune to learn more about How to Start Your Own Biz!
June 6, 2018
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