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PWC Connections: The Podcast

PWC Connections: The Podcast

By FAYPWC Communications
PWC Connections: The Podcast debuted Sept 2019 and we want listeners to subscribe to our FREE podcast and download the latest episode for a quick, fun, and of course, informative inside look into Fayetteville PWC. We’ll discuss hot topics, answer your questions about your utility services, and speak with the experts you want to hear from the most about things that matter to you!
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PWC Connections: The Podcast (18th episode) - Some of the Best Water in NC

PWC Connections: The Podcast

PWC Connections: The Podcast (18th episode) - Some of the Best Water in NC
PWC is a proud, chartering member of the Partnership for Safe Water; which was developed jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency, American Water Works Association, utilities, and other water organizations. The Partnership strengthens the relationship of the government, utilities, and water organizations to continue working together to ensure the quality of public drinking water. In 2000, PWC was the 1st to receive this award in North Carolina and has earned the Director’s Award again this year. The Director's Award has been maintained by PWC for 20 years, an honor achieved by less than 200 water utilities across the country.  Chris Smith, PWC Water Resources Treatment Facility Manager, sat down with us in "The Bucket" to discuss the award and how PWC meets or exceeds current regulatory practices.  
November 20, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (17th episode) - FYIs for November 2020
Before the holidays arrive and we close out the year, Your Hometown Utility wanted to be sure to share and discuss some helpful customer tidbits. So in this edition, hosts (Courtney and Lamont) chat about Time-of-Use Winter Peak, Community Solar, new Customer Call Center hours, 2021 Connected to Conservation Calendars, the new CEO and more. This is a good ole conversation of good information. Get connected!
November 6, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (16th episode) - Incentive Programs
PWC offers incentive programs to our residential and commercial customers to encourage efficient, cost-effective utility usage. Whether it's an energy-efficient washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher, or refrigerator (or all four), PWC has a helpful incentive program for our customers to save on their bill. Maureen O'Conner from our Customer Programs Department joined us in "The Bucket" to give the scoop on the incentive programs currently in place and what's coming in the future. For more information on PWC Incentive Programs, visit our website today!
October 23, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (15th episode) - Energy Awareness Month
October is Energy Awareness Month, an opportunity to promote the importance of energy for our sustainability and environmental well-being. Chad Groves from our Customer Programs Department joined us in "The Bucket" to discuss on conservation tips, thoughts on ENERGY STAR appliances, and common inefficient habits that usually drive your energy costs up! Tune in for some insight and "awareness" on energy use.
October 9, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Mini-sode 14.5) - 2020 Best Employers in NC BONUS
The microphone stayed LIVE and the conversation continued with Portia Daniels (Information Technology) and Zach Hall (Electrical Engineering) on the experience of working at PWC. With the recognition from Business North Carolina as one of the Best Employers in NC for 2020, we decided to share our thoughts and opinions on PWC as an employees. Join us briefly in "The Bucket", because what you hear may definitely surprise you.
September 30, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Mini-sode 13.5) Storm Preparation BONUS
We kept the conversation with PWC Electric Field Supervisor Britten O'Quinn and 2nd Class Lineman Marshall Jackson going a little longer after our episode about storm prep tips and safety. Listen to some "hot mic" dialogue on what it's Really like being in the field.
September 18, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (14th episode) - Business NC 2020 Best Employers in North Carolina
With today’s competitive business environment, organizations have to go above and beyond in order to recruit and retain top talent. In Business North Carolina’s 2020 list of Best Employers in the state, Fayetteville PWC was recognized as one of the companies in the Large Employer Category that is thinking outside of the box to offer creative perks in addition to compensation and a benefits package to maintain a thriving workforce. Portia Daniels (Information Technology) and Zach Hall (Electrical Engineering) joined us in "The Bucket" to discuss what makes PWC one of the best places to work in North Carolina.
September 11, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Episode 13) Storm Preparation / Preparedness Month
Fayetteville PWC have aggressive and proactive emergency response plans, ready to implement when faced with a hurricane or other disasters. Our crews are always prepared to swing into action, as soon as it's safe, and work around the clock to restore service. We sat and chatted with experienced PWC Electric Field Supervisor Britten O'Quinn and 2nd Class Lineman Marshall Jackson about storm prep tips, safety, and their various experience as lineworkers. 
September 4, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (12th episode) - Adjustments During COVID-19
General Manager/CEO David Trego sits down to chat about how PWC responded during COVID-19 for our customers and employees, the recent electric rate decrease, and what customers need to know about Executive Order 124.
May 6, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (11th episode) - Annual Water Treatment Changeover
Each March, PWC  temporarily stops adding ammonia to its water treatment disinfection process.  The NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources requires all water systems that add ammonia to their drinking water to discontinue its use for a one-month period annually. Angela Hillis, PWC Water Resources Senior Treatment Plant Operator, joins us in "The Bucket" to discuss the water treatment process, changeover, and that time the Cape Fear River was very angry.
March 5, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (10th episode) - Cease the Grease & Keep Wipes Outta' Pipes
Improperly disposing of grease, fats, and oil can causes sewer back-ups and flooding that ruin personal and public property. In this episode, PWC Water Resources Collections Systems Inspector Thomas Shuman joins us in "The Bucket" to discuss how customers and us as citizens in the community can do our part to prevent such damage by following guidelines for proper food and waste disposal:
February 13, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (Episode 9) - Home Efficiency Audit Program (HEAP)
Bring energy and water-saving solutions to your home with an efficiency audit! PWC electric customers have the option to receive a personalized home efficiency audit. Home Efficiency Audits point out areas for home improvement such as insulation, leaky ducts, HVAC systems, hot water heaters, toilets, and more that do not meet energy saving standards and contribute to high utility costs in the home. Hear about some of the benefits of our Home Efficiency Audit Program from one of our conservation specialists, Chad Groves. Visit our website for more details on HEAP:
January 29, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast (Episode 8) - The Building Business Rally
Alexandra (Lexi) Hasapis, PWC Local Vendor Procurement Analyst, joins us in "The Bucket" to kick off the new year and discuss the upcoming Building Business Rally (BBR) on January 30th. Get more info on the BBR and other local business activities at
January 14, 2020
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Episode 7) The 2019 Year End Review
We give a month-to-month recap of Fayetteville's Hometown Utility in 2019. 
December 27, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Episode 6) Power Supply Contract w/ CEO David Trego
PWC reached an agreement with Duke Energy Progress (DEP) that is expected to result in over $300 million of savings for PWC customers. We chat with PWC General Manager/CEO David Trego to get more insight on the amended agreement that will provide both savings and long-term power supply stability for the next 22 years.
December 20, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast (Episode 5) - Dickens' Holiday 20th Anniversary
Deborah Mintz, former Executive Director of the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, sits down in the "Bucket" to discuss the early days of the event, PWC's involvement, and how Dickens' Holiday has grown into a true Fayetteville tradition. More info on Dickens:
November 21, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast (Episode 4) - Time-of-Use Winter Peak Hours
Katie Mehan, PWC CSR, joins us to chat about TOU Winter Peak.  
November 8, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast (Episode 3) Community Solar!
Get the inside scoop on Fayetteville PWC's Community Solar Program! PWC's solar farm is a large-scale, ground-mount solar array, and the first of its kind in North Carolina. Our municipal community solar farm offers PWC electric customers a shared renewable energy option and an alternate to rooftop solar. Enroll in the Community Solar Program and help provide cleaner, greener power for our community. {Episode guests: Jon Rynne, COO-Electric Systems}
October 14, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Episode 2) Discussing the Benefits of Electric Vehicles
September 14-22, 2019 has been designated at National Drive Electric Week! So PWC is joining in to heighten awareness of about the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles as well as highlight the availability of EVs and local charging stations. EVs are reportedly fun to drive, less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, and better for the environment. Are you considering going electric? Before you do, get connected to this episode! {Episode guests: Denise Bruce, Sustainable Sandhills & Laurie Shrauger, Fayetteville PWC}
September 20, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast - (Episode 1) Chatting w/ CEO David W. Trego
We kickoff our 1st episode of the podcast with Mr. David Trego. In this episode, Mr. Trego shared some insight on the different types of electric utilities, benefits of being a public power provider, what it means to be locally owned & operated, some of his favorite music jams, and why Friday the 13th is actually lucky for him!
September 13, 2019
PWC Connections: The Podcast TRAILER
Brief overview about PWC Connections: The Podcast ... coming soon
September 3, 2019