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FDIC Podcast

FDIC Podcast

By speaking with thought leaders and experts in finance, the FDIC Podcast aspires to untangle the myths and mystery of the banking world, and to shed light on how every family can become part of the financial fabric of this country.
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The Role of Minority Banks

FDIC Podcast

Driving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Three words are increasingly becoming part of our national conversation —diversity, equity and inclusion.  FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams and Nikita Pearson, Director of the FDIC’s Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, discuss how to turn these aspirational words into something tangible to benefit those historically disconnected from our banking system.
May 10, 2021
Special Series: "Banking on Innovation"
Today, it's no longer a question of whether to innovate —Innovation is a fact of life. In the first episode of a special series of the FDIC Podcast, FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams and Chief Innovation Officer Sultan Mehgji discuss how innovation can drive a safer, resilient and more inclusive financial system. 
April 14, 2021
Banking Down on the Farm
The agricultural sector is a big piece of our nation’s economy and the fortunes of farmers are also tied closely to the health of the global economy. FDIC Researchers John Anderlik and Rich Cofer take us down on the farm to understand the ups and downs of farming and the farm banks that serve this sector.
March 16, 2021
Looking Back on 2020
Last year was a year most of us would gladly forget. The global pandemic turned our personal and economic lives upside down —but how did our banks fare and how did our banking system hold up?  Pat Mitchell and Meg Hanrahan, two senior FDIC financial analysts, look back on 2020 and how our nation’s banks navigated the storm.
March 2, 2021
Reimagining America’s Banking System
Technology is transforming the banking landscape, offering both opportunities and challenges for banks, regulators and consumers. FDIC’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer Sultan Meghji looks at how artificial intelligence and quantum computing are fundamentally reshaping our banking ecosystem.
February 16, 2021
The State of the Nation's Community Banks
There are more than 5,000 banks in the U.S. and while some may be household names, most are smaller institutions offering capital and financial services within their communities. The FDIC’s Diane Ellis and Shayna Olesiuk explore the just-released 2020 Community Banking Study which looks at the state of the nation’s community banks and the critical role they play in our broader economy.
January 25, 2021
Community Banks and the Paycheck Protection Program
During the current global pandemic, how are the nation’s community banks performing in extending credit to struggling small businesses through the Small Business Administration’s  Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? The FDIC’s Diane Ellis and Angela Hinton discuss new evidence that reveals the deep roots community banks have into the nation’s small business sector.
November 19, 2020
How America Banks
We bank very differently than we used to. Rather than visiting a bank teller, most U.S. households are banking online or using their personal electronic devices. In this episode of the FDIC Podcast, economist Karyen Chu discusses the results of the FDIC’s 2019 ‘How America Banks’ Survey.
October 21, 2020
Keeping Up With Technology
There is a technological wave sweeping over our banking system, changing how banks operate and even how we bank.  In this episode, Brandon Milhorn discusses an FDIC effort to promote the adoption of new technology as a means to ensure everyone can participate in the financial life of this country.
September 21, 2020
Understanding Your Credit Score
What's in a number? When it comes to your credit score, a lot! The FDIC's Leonard Chanin examines what goes into your credit score and why it matters so much in your financial life.
August 24, 2020
The Role of Minority Banks
Alden McDonald, President and CEO of Liberty Bank, an African American owned and managed bank, joins us to talk about the critical role of Minority Depository Institutions in our nation’s banking system and how they serve the financial needs of communities of color.
July 23, 2020
The State of Banking
Against the backdrop of the global public health emergency, Chairman Jelena McWilliams discusses the state of banking in the United States, and the efforts of the FDIC and other regulators to ensure banks are best positioned to aid in the nation’s economic recovery.
June 20, 2020
Introducing the FDIC Podcast!
By speaking with thought leaders and experts in finance, the FDIC Podcast aspires to untangle the myths and mystery of the banking world, and to shed light on how every family can become part of the financial fabric of this country.
June 20, 2020