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Fear Less U™

Fear Less U™

By Lain Lee
We all experience fear. Rational or irrational, fear is very real to the person experiencing it. But fear is like a wild beast, and when you fight against a wild beast, backing it into a corner, it doesn't submit or relent. Instead, it fights against you harder, because it's just trying to survive! So instead of "conquering" our fears, what would it look like if we instead sought to understand them. Because if we seek to understand your fears more, we can learn to fear "fear itself" less.

Welcome to Fear Less University™. Let the class begin.
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Fear Less Minute Ep. 03 - How to Outperform Your Fear
If you’ve been following me, you’ve heard me say at some point that “Fear is your strength”! This isn’t something I just came up with overnight, and I’m definitely not trying to be one of these motivation culture gurus you see all over social media! Fear is my “magnificent obsession”, something that I have been pouring hours of understanding into over the past 8 years (so far). And as I always say here on the podcast: Fear is my passion, curiosity is my nature, and understanding is the gift I seek to share with all who will listen! So here it is: the abridged, Cliffs Notes version of my 3-step methodology for Outperforming Fear! For more content like this from me, Coach Lain, be sure to follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube!
April 29, 2022
Fear Less Minute Ep. 02 - 3 Facts About Fear
In order to be able to outperform your fears, you have to first understand them. “Fear” is a word used as an umbrella term to describe everything that makes us uncomfortable. And motivation culture will tell you that you can conquer your fear through sheer willpower. The truth is, fear doesn’t ever leave us. It cannot be killed or conquered. Because fear is an essential part of our lives! We need to change our relationship with and understanding of fear in order to OUTPERFORM our discomforts and performance anxieties! And in order to do that, we must seek understanding! Here are three basic, but ESSENTIAL, facts about fear to help get you started along the journey of understanding your fear!!! For more content like this, be sure to follow me, Coach Lain, on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube!
April 27, 2022
Fear Less Minute Ep. 01 - 3 Myth-Conceptions About Mental Blocks
“You DO NOT have a mental block!” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said this, I’d be a rich man! But it’s not just a saying, and it’s not something I say without backing it up with thorough research! But since most have the attention span of a goldfish, I’ve condensed my years of research and empirical study into a quick & easy-to-digest 60-sec lesson! It’s time to BUST THESE MYTHS!!! For more content like this, be sure to follow me, Coach Lain, on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
April 25, 2022
Fear Less University - Episode 38: The Fear of Ridicule In Entrepreneurship ft. Jeff Bogensberger
Jeff Bogensberger is an MBA qualified experienced Business Executive currently the CEO and Founder of EduCellar. His career path includes teaching English language classes in Korea, management consulting, as well as senior executive positions in both start-ups and larger organizations across the USA, Canada, and Australia. His company, EduCellar, is a community focused on positivity, personal growth, and shared learning. In this episode, we discuss the events that lead up to Jeff’s creation of EduCellar, and how his personal history with fear played a role. We discuss fear within the context of the professional setting. We talk about how the fear of ridicule from others, a fear that is seemingly ingrained within our culture, can keep you in a state of arrested development. And finally, we talk about the importance of rhetoric in the workplace, and how empathy and emotional sensitivity can help others perform optimally. --- Be sure to subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts, and leave us a rating & review while you're there! You can learn more about EduCellar on their website, or by following them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!
June 23, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 37: The Fear of Taking a Leap of Faith ft. Brittany Caldwell
Brittany “Britt ” Caldwell knows a thing or two about what it takes to stop chasing your dreams, and finally just GO GET THEM! She is a Dancer, Dance Teacher & Choreographer, Cycling Instructor at CycleBar, and Athlete Performance Specialist. To add to her many other titles, talents, and credits, she is also a dancer for the Honeybees, the official dance team for the Charlotte Hornets of the NBA. She is South Carolina born and raised currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Carolina & a Masters in Exercise Science Focused on Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation. In this episode, Britt opens up about her past struggles with fear, and how the decision to leave her cushy job in corporate America to pursue what she refers to as a “passion chase”, led her to realize what she was truly placed on this earth to do! We talk about just how important support from your parents is during those times of dynamic change and purposeful displacement. We talk about the relationships between belief and fear, and how fear has both hindered and pushed her as a dreamer, a dancer, and even now as an entrepreneur. And finally, we discuss how sometimes, God is just waiting for us to make a move and get out of His way for us to receive the guidance and blessings He’s stored up for us. It’s like my grandfather Lain used to say, “Sometimes you have to get off your knees and hustle.” Britt is a fun-loving, genuine spirit who was a blast to sit down and talk with! We’ve since become good friends and supporters of one another from this interview, and I guarantee you’ll be inspired by her joviality, her wisdom, and her genuine zeal for life! --- Be sure to subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts, and leave us a rating & review while you're there! Follow Brittany on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and check out her program, PerformX Dance, on her website!
April 16, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 36: The Fear of Facing Your Future ft. Charlotte Kemp
Charlotte Kemp is the Futures Alchemist, a futurist keynote speaker who works with organizations to co-create preferred futures. She is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, as well as the Deputy President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. Charlotte is also the author of a number of books, including ‘Futures Alchemist’ which presents a narrative of how to use her Map, Compass, and Guide model to navigate unknown futures. In this episode, we discuss what being a “futures alchemist” actually is, and how being able to interpret signs and symbols of the future can lead to desired outcomes. We talk about how you can outperform your fear of the future by taking agency over it, and how using her “Conscious Futurist” model can help you break your cycles of failure and fear, or what Charlotte calls, the “Nostalgia Narrative”. And finally, we discuss how facing your future involves being vulnerable, learning from, and reconciling with your past. I hope you’re ready to look to the future because where we’re going, we don’t need roads! So strap in as we blast off to 88mph and dive into the future with the one and only, Charlotte Kemp! ---- Be sure to subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts, and leave us a rating & review! And follow Charlotte on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram!
April 16, 2021
Fear Less 5 Guestisode - Ep. 2: Using Our Fear as a Sign of Good Versus Bad
Why is it that our culture teaches us to fear being afraid? The fellas from The Mindset Podcast are here to help you shift your perspective and reprogram your response to discomfort! Anthony Valenzuela and Gabriel Russo are the hosts of The Mindset Podcast, a show dedicated to helping people from every walk of life take their mindset to the next level, focusing on positivity and optimism.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their new merch!!! Fear Less U listeners get a discount by using code "FEARLESS" to grab 20% OFF your first order!!!
April 16, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 35: Embracing the Fear of Vulnerability ft. The Zimmermans
Garrett & Chelsea are a husband and wife team, ICF Relationship Coaches certified through Empowered Couples University. And if one thing is evident from the very moment you speak to them, it’s that their admiration, love, and genuine respect for one another has helped them outperform and persevere against life’s many challenges. Raising a blended family is never easy, but together they have gained an appreciation for the strength, understanding and resilience required in blended families. And through their own trials and tribulations, they seek to help others understand that while it's not easy creating meaningful connections with all of life’s moving parts, histories, and difficulties, it is possible! Their truest passion is working with couples who desire to have a deeper, more fulfilling relationship, where both partners feel united to take the actions necessary to make them stronger and more passionate about what matters most to them. Their cornerstone: believing in the power of vulnerability, acknowledging your partner's past, and the power of a positive mindset. You can't control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it. In this episode, we discuss the fear of vulnerability and all of the challenges that it brings. We talk about the challenges of raising a blended family, and how being vulnerable with both themselves and one another truly helped Garrett and Chelsea outperform their fears and get to a new level of love, respect, and understanding with one another. We discuss why being vulnerable is such a tricky thing for most people to embrace and get on board with, and how a lot of our defensiveness as sensitive human beings comes from the associations we develop throughout our lives. If allowing yourself to open up to new possibilities and relationships has been a challenge for you due to your lack of willingness to being vulnerable, then prepare to get SUPER uncomfortable! Because we’re about to dive heart-first into the deep end of discomfort and learn what true vulnerability can do for your love life, your career, and your overall performance! _____ Be sure to follow The Zimmermans and their couples counseling practice, Transformed Couples Coaching, on Instagram.
March 27, 2021
Fear Less University - Guestisode 01: How to Recognize When You're Stuck in a Pattern of Fear - A Fear Less 5 with Lee Hopkins
How do you know when you're stuck in a pattern of fear? Why is it important to be able to recognize when your fear isn't a new problem, but a recurring one that you have allowed to become habitual?  Patterns of Possibility transformational coach, podcaster, and Fear Less U™ guest Lee Hopkins kicks off our guest host "Guestisode" series with advice on how to recognize when you're stuck in a pattern of fear.  Be sure to follow Lee on Instagram and check out his courses on his website, Patterns of Possibility.
March 24, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 34: Fear and Surviving the Arena ft. Christabel
Christabel is the host of the Surviving the Arena Podcast whom I had the pleasure of meeting through another friend of mine, Cassandra Rosa. Since this interview, we have connected through Instagram supporting each other’s various endeavors and entrepreneurial pursuits, and even though it’s been remotely through the pandemic, she is a genuine spirit I am delighted and honored to call a friend. Inspired to motivate people to make their dreams into realities and help them start living the lives they have always wanted, Christabel focuses on taking people with her as she embarks on a journey of self-growth and discovery. Having spent years volunteering abroad and finding her purpose in helping those in need, Christabel has the desire to help others take back control of their lives and overcome their pasts so that they can find and live their purpose as well. She is a faith-driven, academically-minded, travel-obsessed woman, looking to make her mark on the world and her local community. This is one of those feel-good episodes, you know the kind where you grab a good book, maybe a blanket, or if you’re in the car, you just put the ride on cruise control because you’re about to listen to two first-time friends just having an engaging conversation. Christabel’s spirit and energy are so supportive and edifying, I know you’ll have just as much fun listening as I did speaking with her. ----- Be sure to follow the Surviving the Arena Podcast on Instagram and Facebook, and support the show by subscribing! 
March 19, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 33: Fear and the Healthcare Mindset ft. Daniel Tribby
When Daniel Tribby first started out as a healthcare provider and business owner, he had no idea about the differences between the two. He made every mistake possible in starting a practice because he hadn’t taken into account who he needed to become, or what he needed to learn in order to be a successful business owner. After struggling to get it right and wasting money paying people who he thought could get it right for him, Daniel decided to turn his shortcomings into strengths. By learning what it means to be a business owner, including all of the intricacies of running a business, he began to see changes in himself, how he interacted with his team, and how much this influenced the growth of his practice. So who is Daniel Tribby? He’s a certified athletic trainer specializing in physical rehabilitation for athletes. He holds specialty certifications in concussion treatment, ergonomics, and neuromuscular control. He is the co-owner of a regenerative medicine practice and physical rehabilitation practice in Orlando, FL. His book, "Unf**king Private Healthcare: The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice" helps healthcare providers unearth the skills necessary to become the leaders their practice needs, build the team they need, and provide the service their customers need! In this episode, we very candidly discuss what it means to unf**k your healthcare business mindset. We discuss how fear and ego play a role in the healthcare industry. We talk about how fear can help push private practice owners toward their greatness as both healthcare professionals and small business owners. And finally, we talk about how gaining clarity along his own journey towards his duality as an entrepreneur and patient-first physician has helped him build another business as a leader for other healthcare professionals on how their private practices should be run! Daniel is a charismatic, straight-shooting, no-nonsense dichotomous doctor who I had a great time talking with, and I know you’ll have a great time listening to! ----- Be sure to follow Daniel Tribby on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and grab his book, "Unf**king Private Healthcare: The Playbook on Owning Your Dream Practice" today on Amazon!
March 12, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 32: The Fear of Speaking Your Own Truth ft. Ashely-Ann Pereira
Ashley-Ann is a book coach and founder of The Studio Press. She is the author of The Key to Happiness: A Journey to Embracing My Story and an award-winning speaker. With her signature program Unleash the Author Within she is helping coaches and speakers write impactful memoirs and self-help books. In this episode, we dive DEEP into the “fear of speaking your truth”, and what that concept means. We talk about Ashley’s personal struggles with fear and not understanding it, and how she’s used these defining moments to formulate her own methods of outperforming fear through storytelling. We discuss the relationship between and misconceptions within the concepts of fear and love. And finally, we talk about why telling your story truly matters. If you’ve ever struggled with confidence or courage, this is the episode for you! Through Ashley’s openness and vulnerability, we get a master’s course in the importance of telling your story in order to outperform life’s most crippling fears! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and leave us a rating & review wherever possible! Thank you for listening! ----- Ashley-Ann Pereira Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter
March 05, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 31: Fear and Self-Domination ft. Natsune Oki
Natsune Oki is a self-mastery enthusiast and renowned deep thinker. She is the author of The Game of Self-Domination and the host of LifeUpEducationTV. Having built her life up from nothing multiple times, Natsune has not only gone on to finish her college education with degrees in Business and Economics, but she’s worked with hundreds of innovators, entrepreneurs, and next-generation thinkers. In this episode, we discuss the concept of fear and how it’s viewed in Japanese culture. We talk about how the game of “self-domination” can help you find beauty in the sometimes monotonous and exhausting process, as well as why she refers to it as a game in the first place. We talk about Natsune’s personal relationship with fear, and when she stopped viewing it as a negative experience, and began embracing it as a positive one. And finally, we talk about “self-mastery”, what got her into this field of study, and how challenging your reality helps you find and embrace your true self. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, and make sure you follow our guest Natsune Oki as well, @lifeproductiontv on Facebook and Instagram. If you're listening on Apple Podcasts, please leave us a rating and review as we continue our mission to help touch the lives of the masses, helping them to understand more and in turn, fear less! ----- Natsune Oki Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Amazon
March 05, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 30: Fearing My Way Through It ft. Reggie Calhoun Jr.
Reggie Calhoun Jr. has a lifetime of experience with discomfort. As an army vet, student-athlete, and now serial entrepreneur, he has made a living from learning to be comfortable with discomfort! Heck, going to 4 different high schools in 4 different states in 4 years will do that to a person. But Reggie’s successes as he puts it are the cumulative sum of his experiences with failing, and with his foundation, The RPA College, he seeks to instill the same mentality into the hearts and minds of student-athletes around the country. In this episode, we discuss how Reggie has learned from a lifetime of experience with discomfort, how fear is actually a motivator, not an inhibitor. We discuss why he doesn’t believe he has ever “failed”, and why as an army vet, athlete, Big Brother, author, and speaker, he has adopted the mindset of “Fearing My Way Through It”. We talk about how people don’t actually fear what they say they’re afraid of, but instead, the discomfort behind their fear. And finally, we discuss his foundation, The RPA College, and what it means to do things, “The RPA Way”! Be sure to follow the Fear Less U™ on Instagram and wherever you're listening, please take a moment to rate and review our show! ---- Follow Reggie Calhoun Jr. on Instagram and be sure to check out The RPA College, and his new book, "Build Your Sportspreneurship Empire: The RPA Way", out now on Amazon!
February 19, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 29: The Fear of Yesterday ft. Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright is many things, and all of them are rooted in love. During our conversation, there was such a presence of calmness and gratitude that was incredibly tangible. It’s a quality you don’t find in too many people anymore. She is a certified Self Love Coach and breathwork facilitator who specializes in helping women heal their anxiety holistically. Stevie has spent the last several years healing herself to go from disconnected, anxious, and playing small, to completely owning her power and now helps other women do the same. Stevie offers high-level coaching to individuals and groups. Her new program, The Breath Channel, is a monthly membership site where members will have access to breathwork videos, bi-weekly breathwork workshops, coaching calls as well as a Facebook community of other like-minded people passionate about healing work. In this episode, we discuss the fear in the context of our pasts, and how the fear of yesterday can hold us back from appreciating and marveling in the joy and gratitude of TODAY. We talk about the relevance of pain and irrationality of struggle, and how pain, like fear, can be used to propel you forward into greatness as the “portal to our power”. We talk about retraining our responses to past trauma and learning to be present with and in our discomfort. And we discuss Stevie’s personal childhood trauma, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that immediately thrust her into the spotlight, but left her with a disempowered childhood. You guys, grab yourself a warm drink and your favorite blanket because I guarantee you there is nothing more comforting and insightful than the conversation you’re about to listen to. Every word Stevie shares is full of love, warmth, comfort, and wisdom, and just having the opportunity to share a mental space with her was a tremendous blessing. I know that if you jump into these next 90 minutes with an open heart and mind, you too will leave fulfilled and blessed. _____ Follow Stevie on Instagram: @steviewright_ and @steviesings1 Subscribe to The Breath Channel
February 12, 2021
Fear Less University - Episode 28: The Fear of Friday the 13th - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
Ah, Friday the 13th. A day the most superstitious avoid like the…well, you get the idea. From avoiding the barber to skipping the 13th floor, to avoiding giving birth altogether, the superstitious avoid tempting the fates carefully on Friday the 13th. Certain numbers attract dark superstitions — from the “Mark of the Beast,” to the “Devil’s Hour” at 3 am - but the number 13 may be the darkest of them all. Maybe you’ve worked in a building with no 13th floor — or maybe you’ve avoided the 13th floor yourself. Maybe you’ve read of people whose obsession with the number tormented them. Those with a crippling, persistent, irrational psychological fear of the day suffer from what is known as “Paraskevidekatriphobia”. It’s also referred to as “Friggatriskaidekaphobia”, with the prefix “Frigg” meaning “Friday” in Norse, and “triskaidekaphobia”, which is the fear of the number 13 in general. That’s right, there’s an actual clinical disorder for one’s irrational fear of Friday the 13th, with over 20 million Americans and many others worldwide suffering from the disorder. And apparently, if you’re able to pronounce the name of your phobia, you will cure yourself of it forever. But we at The Fear Less U know better, because we profess that it’s not about conquering your fears, but being present with them, questioning your comfort with them, and exhausting your understanding of them in an effort to outperform them. Today’s Fear Less 5 is all about Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or “Friggatriskaidekaphobia” and outperforming the fear of Friday the 13th!
November 13, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 27: The Fear of My Own Brain ft. Lauren Boyd
November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, a cause that is near and dear to my heart. This is mainly because someone who is near and dear to me has epilepsy. So to support her and the cause of epilepsy awareness, I could think of no one better to interview for today’s episode than my very special guest, my amazing baby sister, Lauren Boyd. In this episode, we dive DEEP into what epilepsy is and the different types of seizures those who suffer from epileptic episodes can experience. We talk about Lauren’s history with her disorder, and how she has learned to listen to her own mind and body better in an effort to outperform it. We tap into Lauren’s incredible knowledge as she dispels some of the misconceptions of epilepsy. And finally, we revisit the events of our younger years that led to her finally being properly diagnosed with epilepsy. You guys, this episode was SUCH A SPECIAL TIME for me! Not only did I get to interview my baby sister, but I got to talk with her openly about a disorder she’s lived with for more than a decade for the first time as adults. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she’s become and her strength, resilience, wisdom, and poise continues to inspire me on a daily basis! Get ready to experience inspiration on a whole n’other level.  If you'd like to learn more about epilepsy, seizure first aid, or how to raise awareness during Epilepsy Awareness Month, visit today. Be sure to follow Lauren on Instagram and check out her stomping grounds, dance company Sac Dance Lab, as well!
November 06, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 26: Fear of Uncertainty ft. Cassandra Rosa
Cassandra Rosa is an intuitive life coach and clarity creator who believes the key to achieving your dreams starts with creating clarity. She helps millennials find the clarity they need to create their dream life and business. In her coaching practice, she loves to teach her clients how to clear what’s holding them back, define their purpose and vision, and define action steps to make their dreams a reality. She’s focused her best practices into a new award-winning book which was recently launched, called Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams. In her book, she teaches you to clear what’s holding you back, connect with your true purposeful life, and co-create momentum to make it a reality. She shares inspiring stories from her own life experience navigating through her Now What? Moments and takes you on a journey to clear your mind and energy field, connect with your dream life, and co-create your dreams. In this episode, Cassandra shares her “Three Keys to Clarity”, which she has learned from her life experience leaving the corporate world and creating her thriving intuitive life coaching business. We discuss how the Fear of Uncertainty in her own life led her to become an intuitive life coach, and what her most memorable “Now What?” moment was in her own life. And finally, we talk about how you can outperform your “monkey mind” and step into that next stage of greatness in your life, simply by seeking clarity and getting out of your own way! I’m so excited for this one you guys! Get ready to experience transformation, inspiration, connection, and, most importantly, clarity! Be sure to follow Cassandra Rosa around the web: Website Instagram Facebook Purchase her new book, "Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams" Also, be sure to subscribe to the Fear Less U™ Podcast and leave us a rating & review! Help me touch the lives of millions suffering every day from crippling fear, helping them to understand more and in turn, fear "fear itself" less!
October 30, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 25: The Trifecta of Fear ft. Danielle Gray
Danielle Gray - multi-passionate entrepreneur, Wilhelmina fitness model, speaker, and the founder of Train Like A Gymnast, understands firsthand what it’s like to have high expectations for yourself. She knows that with her proven processes for mindset shifts, you can accomplish anything when you break it down into the smallest steps possible. She has created a way to make health and fitness comprehensible, enjoyable, efficient, and effective. She is also a certified personal trainer with specialties in bodyweight training, nutrition, kettlebells, pre and post-natal exercise, as well as a former Junior Olympic gymnast, judge, and coach. In this episode, Danielle and I discuss the fear of failure many athletes develop out of a desire to be perfect, and a combined fear of judgment from coaches, parents, and teammates. We talk about how her own pursuit of perfection was holding her back and how a fear of failure and judgment led to her mental and emotional fatigue. We discuss how fear has impacted her development on a personal, professional, and athletic level, and what led to her seeking out her next thing to truly find her purpose in life! And finally, we discuss how your story cannot continue unless you are willing to turn the page. You guys I am so excited to bring this interview to you! I admire and look up to Danielle as an entrepreneur and multi-potentialite, and know that you’re going to be just as inspired listening to her talk as I was interviewing her! Be sure to follow Danielle Gray around the web: Instagram (Danielle Gray) Instagram (Train Like a Gymnast) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Also be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a rating & review! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram as well!  ---- Want to support the podcast? Become a patron and help us to continue to be able to produce future episodes! You can also leave us a voice message for a chance to appear on a future episode!
October 23, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 24: The Many Faces of Fear ft. Coach Oriana Guevara
Coach Oriana Guevara is an experienced Life & Personal Performance Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, Business Consultant, Speaker, and Author. She is committed to Supporting Entrepreneurs and Executives in their Personal Growth, Professional Expansion, & Inter-generational Legacy-Building. She specializes in supporting men and women to UP-Level and become agents of change in their lives, relationships, businesses, careers, and communities. As an intuitive guide, her work is transformational because of its foundation in Emotional Release & Energy Healing. In this episode, we discuss the many Faces of Fear and how you can start identifying, TODAY, which faces your fear takes in different phases of your life! We discuss how the brain is designed for surviving and not thriving, and why this can hold us back from outperforming our fears of judgment and being seen. We talk about the problematic nature of the narrative of “fearlessness” and why the idea of being fearless is dangerous, and why we desperately need to disrupt this narrative. And finally, Coach Oriana shares her personal advice for both men and women on how they can use their fear to step into their greatness as entrepreneurs and successful members of society. I am SO EXCITED to share this interview with you because I found in Coach Oriana a like-minded friend who truly understands the benefits of being present with your fears in an effort to better understand them. This is a long one so you guys grab some popcorn & an energy drink, or save this one for a long drive because this episode is jam-packed with so much actionable advice you have to listen to the WHOLE thing to truly get the entire value Coach Oriana shares!!! Be sure to follow Coach Oriana on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and to order her new book, The Brave New Masculine: Liberating Men to Heal, Restore, and Strengthen their Relationships with Women on her website at!
October 16, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 23: The Fear of the Pivot ft. Nate Rose
Nate Rose is not your average rap artist. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Nate Rose is a hip-hop artist & creative mogul often referred to as the "James Bond" of rap for his debonair demeanor and emphasis on intellect. He has a diverse background ranging from business finance to digital media marketing and production, and is the recent owner of a new production company, 12 Bishop, with co-owner David Piersaul. In this episode, we discuss fear in the context of “the pivot”. The term “pivot” has become a buzzword referring to a significant business change -- ranging from mild to dramatic. A pivot is usually intended to help a business recover from a tough period, or survive after experiencing new competition or other factors that make the original business model unsustainable. COVID-19 has helped us all realize how we might need to pivot our business models and practices, especially those of us like myself and Nate who are self-employed entrepreneurs. Nate also shares some prudent financial advice with us, and emphasizes how this time in isolation and staying at home is the best time to not only reflect on your choice of vocation, but figure out what your next step will be in adjusting to “the new normal” in this post-COVID world. You guys, as a huge Nate Rose fan, I can’t tell if I was more excited conducting this interview or sharing it with you now! But regardless, get your ears and mind ready to receive this dose of wisdom from the "James Bond of Rap" himself, Nate Rose. You can find Nate Rose's music here on Spotify, and follow him on Instagram @naterosemusic.
October 09, 2020
Fear Less University - Episode 22: Fear in Uncertain Times ft. Kevin Bracy
Kevin Bracy, otherwise known as Coach Greatness, is a renowned speaker, author, motivational entertainer, facilitator, trainer, keynote speaker, group fitness instructor, and friend, and has been inspiring, motivating, and leading crowds of adults and children alike for well over 20 years! He has delivered thousands of presentations ranging from High School gymnasiums to closing keynotes at corporate sales rally's to kicking off Character Combine events to hosting live internet broadcasts with over 460,000 college students in virtual attendance. He has written two books (and co-authored six more) on a variety of subjects, including leadership, motivation, greatness, achievement, and change. He has also released scores of audio programs on these and other ever-relevant and life-changing topics. His newest book, Scared Great: Steer Your Fear Towards Your Greatness, is directly in line with what this podcast is all about - co-existing and being present with your fear in an effort to better understand and perform in spite of it. In this episode, we talk about what being “Scared Great” actually means. We discuss how you can accomplish the daunting tasks in your life by winning THIS day. And we talk about how fear is being used for good and not so good purposes during the time of COVID-19, and how you can use that to steer your greatness! You guys I am SO excited to finally present you with this interview, this is a big one featuring one of my real-life heroes, and I know he will soon be one of yours as well! You can find Kevin anywhere online @iamkevinbracy, and you can purchase his book, Scared Great: Steer Your Fear Towards Your Greatness, right now on Amazon!
October 02, 2020
Fear Less University - Ep. 21: Fear and Fame ft. Kiara Nowlin
Kiara Nowlin is a world-class gymnast & tumbler, repeat gold medal winning international athlete, multi-year Cheerleading World’s Champion, cheerlebrity, and bourgeoning fitness guru! She has flourished in three similar but very different worlds, first as a gymnast, then as a cheerleader on multiple teams including the world-famous California All-Stars Smoed, and finally serving on the Acrobatics & Gymnastics team at Baylor University. She has appeared on Ellen and the Steve Harvey Show and is the living embodiment of a world-class athlete and human being! I explain all about how I know of her in the interview, but we met officially through Instagram and have quickly developed a professional kinship that is going to lead to numerous other projects coming up here in the future! Beside being the hardest worker in the room, Kiara is one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet! Her experience and phenomenal tumbling ability get her noticed, but it’s her moral code, her strong familial foundations, and her “be the hardest working person in the room” work ethic that by far gets her through the door! In this episode, we talk about the pressures of being a "cheerlebrity", and what it’s like to be in the public eye. We discuss the misconceptions among people about naturally gifted athletes and the amount of work that actually goes into developing and maintaining their skill. And we talk about, in great detail, the role that fear has played in her development as a world-class athlete, both as a motivator and reminder of how she needs to push herself to be HER absolute best! With all of this, and so much more, you guys DO NOT want to miss this episode!!!
February 12, 2020
Fear Less University - Ep.20: 3 Tumbling Misnomers - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
In this Fear Less 5, Coach Lain walks us through 3 misnomers that are frequently used in coaching cheer and tumbling vernacular that need to be addressed and should be changed immediately! Rhetoric plays a HUGE role in performance psychology and getting athletes to perform as intended. Whether you're a athlete, coach or parent, this episode is for you! Grab a seat and get comfy, this one is a little longer than five minutes, haha!
February 12, 2020
Fear Less University - Ep.19: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Experiencing Fear - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
In this Fear Less 5, Coach Lain walks us through 3 questions you can ask yourself to help you get as specific as possible with your fear, in an effort to better outperform that fear! Grab a pen and pencil, and let's get specific!
February 12, 2020
Fear Less University - Ep.18: Dear Judges - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
"Dear Judges" is an open letter from the athlete, for the athlete. Seeing you for the athlete you are is not the job of the judges, it's your job as the athlete. You owe it to yourself to show and prove, and perform to your fullest potential. You work too hard not to! So get after it!!!
June 07, 2019
Fear Less University - Ep.17: Change Takes Time - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
Failure is a necessary part of every success story. More specifically, REPEAT failure!This Fear Less 5 is a tribute to those relentless in thier journey and quest to succeed, to persevere through each failure, learning from each and every shortcoming. "Ever try? Ever fail? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail BETTER." ~ Samuel Beckett
May 31, 2019
Fear Less University - Ep.16: Fall Seven, Rise Again - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
Failure is a necessary part of every success story. More specifically, REPEAT failure!This Fear Less 5 is a tribute to those relentless in thier journey and quest to succeed, to persevere through each failure, learning from each and every shortcoming. "Ever try? Ever fail? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail BETTER." ~ Samuel Beckett
May 24, 2019
Fear Less University - Ep.15: Using Fear to Domin8 Your Day
I hope you guys are ready for a dynamic, passionate episode, because with this week’s guest, you seriously have no choice but to be motivated!Dwight Taylor Sr. is more than a professional communicator, he is a vessel through which a greater purpose flows! I’ve known Dwight for almost 15 years, and he is the same person today that he was back then, except now he has 15 years of wisdom & experience to back up the passion that fuels his mission!Dwight Taylor Sr. is best known as “The Encouragement Expert” because of his genuine heart to help, serve and encourage others to live their life to the fullest. He is a Best Selling author, TED-talker and award winning professional communicator who has been seen and heard on SHOWTIME, FOX, CBS, BET, ESPN and JUICEtv.His first book, Domin8 Your Day came out in 2017 and was endorsed by the Godfather of Greatness, Les Brown. His second book, Domin8 Your Day (Student Edition) came out in January of 2019 and immediately climbed to the #1 Best Seller spot on Amazon!In this episode, we talk about fear in the context of being able to dominate your day, and how better understanding your fear and the WHY of your fear can empower you to embrace your greatness! We talk about how understanding your fear can help you make decisions and moves that help you to dominate every single day of your life! We talk about the importance of being comfortable with discomfort. And we talk about how greatness is already within you, you just need the encouragement and confidence to embrace it and let it out!I hope you all are ready because this is a DYNAMIC episode! Dwight’s vulnerability and heart are two things that allow him to not only shine bright, but also incite dynamic change in the lives of everyone he comes in contact with!
March 01, 2019
Fear Less University - Ep.14: Fear of the Friend Zone ft. Steph Ganowski
Happy Valentine's Day from Coach Lain and The Fear Less U!Aaaaah the "friend zone"! Everyone knows what it is and dreads being placed inside it! For most guys, it means the death of any hope of a romantic relationship. But riddle me this: if being your partner’s best friend is something most mature, long-term couples strive to achieve, why is being friended at the beginning of the relationship so dreadful? And why if being in a romantic relationship wasn’t meant to be anyway, do we forfeit any possibility of friendship out of fear of the being friend zoned? Why for some guys is the friend zone only reserved for those deemed asexual, unattractive or who identify as homosexual? And why is the friend zone for many guys a direct correlation to the caliber of their manhood or masculinity? Back to help me in this exploration is my friend Steph G, creator and host of the What I Love About Men Podcast, and Men’s Relationship Expert. We don’t get to answer ALL of these questions, but we do explore MANY of the complex aspects of this very male-centric phenomenon! In this episode, we try to define what the friend zone is and why so many guys fear it. We explore the difference in value that men and women place on friendship. We discuss the importance of actually being your partner’s friend and why it’s important for us to start teaching young men the significance of friendship in their early relationships, and why being friend zoned is a deal breaker for so many guys! And much much more!Whether you’re a guy or girl, single or dating, in a committed relationship or just friends with benefits, or maybe you know someone in a bind that really needs to hear this, this is an episode that everyone can benefit from!
February 14, 2019
Fear Less University - Ep.13: Fear, Fitness and Food - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain ft. Igor Litvak
This Fear Less 5 features a segment of a previous episode that was edited out, not solely for contextual reasons, but more so for the purpose of having the very valuable information presented be able to stand on its own as a solo round.Igor Litvak, data analyst, financial trader, and Paleo fitness & wellness enthusiast, talks about diets, focus and eating well. Why is this on the Fear Less U you ask? We actually discuss how a fear of failure is why many diets fail, and how you can outperform this fear with a few simple tweaks to your routines and mentality.
November 23, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.12: After Thoughts, Vol. I
You know the interviews don’t actually end with my guests and I saying goodbye! Oftentimes, I’m on the phone with them for another 10-15 minutes after the actual interview has ended, with us talking and reflecting on the things we just finished talking and reflecting on! Haha! But it’s a great time to finish up our time together. I want all of my guests to know just how much I appreciate them and to know that it’s not just about what they can do for me and this show, but what I can hopefully do for them as well!So, this episode, I thought it’d be fun to share some of the post-interview moments, the “after thoughts” if you will, of myself and my guests! This is “After Thoughts, Vol. 1”, featuring Eric Thompson, Ozay Moore, Aida and Stephanie Ganowski.
November 16, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.11: Fear and Love ft. Stephanie Ganowski
I kinda hate saying this simply because I’m sure this is going to happen often as this show continues, but this was probably my most FUN interview so far! Stephanie Ganowski, aka Steph, was such a blast to interview and I truly hope you guys have as much fun listening as I did conducting!So who is Steph Ganowski? We actually met on Instagram, which is yet another reason why I LOVE that platform! She’s a relationship and intimacy coach who focuses on men, giving them the tools they need to gain massive confidence in the dating world! So yeah, this one is for the fellas or the fella in your life, whether that’s your hubby, your boyfriend, your son or nephew, or maybe even your best friend! Everyone has something tremendous to gain from this episode!!!We talk about 4 dating fears that are specific to men. We briefly discuss Lewis Howes’ “Masks of Masculinity”, and which masks Stephanie finds to be most common among her clients. Steph also gives you fellas listening some etiquette advice for pursuing women online or on social media without seeming like a stalker! And before Steph outlines 3 actionable bits of advice, we discuss common dating “myths”, one of my favorite things to discuss! I think what makes this episode so awesome is that approaching “emotional blocks” from the standpoint of fear is somewhat of a new insight for Steph’s teaching, so we really got to learn a lot from each other in this interview!
November 09, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.10: The Fear of Money ft. Igor Litvak
My good friend and financial expert Igor Litvak joins us on this episode of The Fear Less U to discuss money. Why is it that money is so emotional? Why is it that we have such a hard time talking about it with our spouses, families, and ourselves? Why are we so afraid of this artificial, man-made construct that we allow it to ruin our day, our mood, our marriages, and our lives? Why do we fear money? In this value-loaded episode, we talk about WHY we as humans have such a hard time talking about money, with our families, our spouses, our kids, and ourselves. We talk about how money is EMOTIONAL and why it’s important for you to understand that concept! We talk about 6 money MYTHS that keep you in a place of fear when it comes to money!!! Finally, and this is the part you’ll FOR SURE want to stick around for - Igor drops 3 actionable steps you can take TODAY to help you better understand your fears about money and outperform those fears!
November 03, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.9: Facing My Fear ft. Aida
Back in June of this year, I was invited to speak at an event about fear - not just how to help athletes outperform their fears but how to help parents and coaches better understand what their athletes are going through. While there, I made a new friend by the name of Aida. You’ll hear all about how we met in this episode, but just know that our encounter truly blessed my day and touched my heart! If I had to give Aida a title as an expert in some field, it would be observation, introspection, and forgiveness. She is a testament to what the power of forgiveness can do to your life, and how learning what truly matters in your world helps you focus your love and your pursuits. But even beyond that, she’s learned to better understand herself, which has helped her to better understand her fear. By doing so, she’s better able to lead her daughters by example, showing them how to outperform their fears on a daily basis. We talk about how it was only when Aida was tired of being a victim that she began exceeding the expectations of those who sought to put limitations on her life. We talk about drawing strength from adversity, and how she feels her gift is being a vessel that connects people, helping them find each other. And we talk about how getting to keep her daughters in her life is what inspires her to keep going every single day.
June 08, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.8: Fear of Failure ft. Ozay Moore
In this episode of the Fear Less U, I had the good fortune and honor to interview one of my oldest friends, someone who I’ve always held in high esteem because of his gift of eloquence, his heart for service, and his humility. Ozay Moore, formerly known as Othello of the Lightheaded Crew, is in my opinion one of the most gifted artists of our time! A lyricist, poet, emcee and now teacher and agent of change in his community, Ozay and I talk about being willing to learn in order to overcome. We talk about intentional branding & why it’s such an important thing to be conscientious of. We talk about finding balance in every area of our lives and how everything is a matter of perspective. And finally, we talk about how you do more extraordinary things when the stakes are high and what you’re doing is done for others.You guys get ready because there is only one Ozay Moore and his heart is so unique!
June 01, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.7: Choose This Day - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
This week, Coach Lain gets a little passionate, as he shares his call to action with all who are allowing fear to dictate their lives, fill their hearts with doubt and curse their minds. There is no such thing as a perfect time, so the best chance you'll ever have to step into your destiny is RIGHT NOW! Just because we focus on understanding our fears here at Fear Less U, doesn't mean we can't get "in-your-face" passionate about it! This is a call to movement, a proclamation of greatness, a fight song to fearing less and doing more!Grab a towel, this one is gonna want to make you move!!!
May 26, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.6: Fear Myths - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
You voted and we listened! This week I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked what they wanted to hear on this week’s podcast, and this was it: Fear Myths! On this episode of the Fear Less U, Coach Lain explores 3 common myths about fear and puts them to the test! I’ve hand-selected 3 of the most common and most damaging myths that I commonly come across about fear that need to be immediately busted!This Fear Less 5 is dedicated to busting some of the most damaging misconceptions of fear out there! So pencils up, it’s time to separate fact from fiction. This, is Fear Less U’s “Fear Busters”!
May 19, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep.5: Fear of Failure - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
In this week's Fear Less 5 solo round, Coach Lain touches on the concept of "atychiphobia", or "the fear of failure", and how the lack of being able to remain consistent can contribute to what keeps you from starting in the first place.
May 04, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep4: Faith and Fear ft. Blaze Davis
What lies at the intersection of faith and fear? How does one influence, inform, strengthen or weaken the other? In this episode of Fear Less U, I talk with Blaze Davis, father, husband, creative, and Live Stream specialist at YouTube (as well as coffee & pizza connoissuer) about the relationship between faith and fear. We talk about where Blaze gets his cool and unusual name from, and how his grandmother’s foresight into the man he was meant to become, encouraged him to embrace his destiny. We discuss how faith and fear are similar, and how you can use your fear to strengthen your faith. And later, Blaze shares with us his amazing story of being on YouTube campus when tragedy struck that fateful day, and how faith AND the fear of missing out moved him to action!You guys get ready to be educated by insight, inspired by experience, and moved by emotion as Blaze shares his testimonies with us today.
April 27, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep3: 3 Ways to Get Over A Mental Block - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
This episode is dedicated to every tumbler dealing with a mental block! Coach Lain gives you 3 proven methods he's used to help his athletes work through their blocks and gain a better understanding of their fear.
April 20, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep2: Fear of Hearing No - A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain
Too often, the thought of rejection keeps us from taking a leap of faith and venturing into the unknown. This can keep us from taking chances that might lead to us fulfilling our dreams. If we can inoculate ourselves against the fear of rejection, if we could get used to hearing "no" so often that it became familiar, we wouldn't fear the seemingly impossible. Coach Lain shares a pivotal moment from his childhood where he learned firsthand that no one person or thing is inaccessible and that "no" is the worst thing that could happen when taking a chance.
April 13, 2018
Fear Less University - Ep1: Fear-Stronger ft. Eric Thompson aka The Tumble Chef
In this, our inaugural episode of Fear Less U, I talk with Eric Thompson, aka "The Tumble Chef" about what it means to "Fear Stronger". We talk about how you can use fear as an indicator that you're about to push past your limits. We discuss whether fear is greater than love, and whether or not that's a bad thing. And later, Eric opens up and talks about the greatest thing that fear ever taught him, and how (as a father) he's learned the importance of allowing your children to experience fear for themselves.Get ready, take shelter, because the knowledge bombs are dropping this entire episode!
April 06, 2018
Fear Less University™ Trailer
We all experience fear. Rational or irrational, the fears that we experience are very real to the person experiencing them. And yet, so many of us experience similar fears to one another. That’s why there are so many phobias out there! But in our fast-paced culture, where we are inundated with “how-to” posts from motivational influencers and mindset masters, we rarely take the time to define and truly understand our fears. Celebrities and gurus tell us that our fear is “a poison”, further instilling within us the instinct to react negatively to our fear, to be afraid of being afraid. And so we use the term “fear” as a blanket to cover the gist of what we’re experiencing because getting specific with our fears is too uncomfortable and leaves us feeling too vulnerable. But what if we actually took the time to get uncomfortable on purpose, to be vulnerable with ourselves and others, and deconstruct the “WHY” of our fear? What would we be able to do? The Fear Less University is an exploration into the heart of our fear, an attempt to discuss, dissect, and examine some of life’s greatest fears. Each episode, I bring on a special guest who lends their special wisdom, life experiences, and expertise to help me dig deeper into a different fear. From doctors to relationship coaches, rap artists to life coaches, world-class gymnastics champions to the entrepreneurial mom just trying to do right by her daughters, the list of guests continues to grow as we dive further into the mind of fear! Join us as we journey together to discover novel methods of OUTPERFORMING FEAR for everyday people! Because, if we can seek to understand our fear more, we can learn to fear “fear itself” LESS! Welcome to the Fear Less U, now let the class begin!
April 05, 2018