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The Fearless Woman: How to Recover + Rebuild after a Divorce or Breakup

The Fearless Woman: How to Recover + Rebuild after a Divorce or Breakup

By Revi
Revi Goldwasser is Passionate to Empower Women. After leaving her husband of a 20 year marriage, Revi went into a downward spiral facing fear + the unknown of what her life would be as a Divorced mom of two teenage boys. The shock + trauma of coping with the “loss” of her identity as a married woman sent her on a powerful self discovery journey + deep introspection into the meaning of life, love + freedom of self expression. That was 5 years ago. Today she is a Fearless Women who will empower you to do the same.

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#11:MONEY and 3 powerful mindset resets around MONEY
So many women (and men too) have multiple blocks when it comes to money - and I do too by the way! I am sharing today 3 powerful mindset resets when it comes to MONEY that has truly transformed my life and how I view money, see money, feel it and have it.   It's amazing how your emotional state of money will absolutely affect money in your life.   More soon! Revi Goldwasser Founder - Fearless Woman Join my Facebook Group:
November 29, 2021
#10 - Are you Addicted to Toxic Love
If you are a woman that finds yourself time and time again being with men who make you feel badly, who put you down, you are mean to you, who don't support you, and even though you know this is not right, you make up excuses for it, you say it's your fault and not his, you think you are being overly dramatic about it, and so on. This has to stop.  Being addicted to this type of Toxic Love takes you as a Fearless Woman to realize why you are doing this and most importantly how to stop it. Its not pretty but it sure is worth it because YOU are worth it. Join our Facebook Fearless Woman Group for more empowerment and support - For more info and free resources check out our web site:
September 26, 2021
#9: How to Love Yourself - Learn 3 powerful ways on how to fall madly and passionately in love with YOURSELF!
Hello my Fearless Woman! It is amazing to me to see how many women do not love themselves. And I so relate as that was my story my whole life! It was only when I left my husband after a 20 year marriage did I finally realize how I did not love myself and vowed that from this moment on I would fall madly in love with me! And boy oh boy did my life change when I started doing this.   This podcast I share 3 powerful ways to start loving yourself.  And to gain more empowerment join my facebook group HERE!  Every week inside the Group I do a powerful LIVE to build you up after a divorce or breakup and we have an intimate and private community of like minded women who are working on recovering after a breakup or divorce. Remember - you are worth it! xox Revi
January 31, 2021
#8: Are you Fake? Why Women Do This and How to Break the Cycle
If you are FAKE then you must be EXHAUSTED! Learn from this podcast why you show up as fake, who are the two people who lose out big time, and the one PIVOTAL mindset shift you can do to show up as the real Fearless Woman you were born to be. Letsgooo! Subscribe to the Tribe: HERE Revi Goldwasser, Founder The Fearless Woman UPCOMING:  The Fearless Woman Transformation Program: From Divorce Breakdown to Finding True Love - join the wait list - program goes live in March 2021!  Wait List HERE:
January 10, 2021
#7: A Fearless Woman Who Has Worth Lives by These 3 Mantras! You're Worth It ! 2021 Goals and Beyond!
A woman of worth IS a fearless woman. My whole life I was searching how to feel more confident, more secure, more happy, and find love.  The solution came clear to me after I left my husband after a 20 year marriage.  It came down to three very powerful mindset shifts that I live and breathe by every day, and will do so forever.  They are: 1. Put Yourself First 2. Don't be afraid to be Alone 3. Never compromise or negotiate your feelings or emotions to be with a man. HELL NO! To learn more, join the tribe HERE ( To join my live transformation program get on the wait list HERE:  ( to get on the wait list. We will launch a live program towards February 2021 so get on the wait list to be notified. It's an 8 week LIVE zoom coaching transformation program to empower and inspire every single woman who has gone through a debilitating break up or divorce to know her worth, become a fearless woman and find true love. You are worth it! Revi Goldwasser, Founder The Fearless Woman Tribe
January 02, 2021
#6: Dating After Divorce: Are you attracting a Predatorial Man? Here is why!
Hello my Fearless Woman! Dating after Divorce is scary! But here is a big aha moment - if you don't do the work on yourself and think that the problem is all on the guy, then you are missing out on a huge piece of the puzzle - which is YOU! How do I know this? Simple: 2nd marriages end up in a divorce rate of 75%! That is insane. It's bad enough with first marriages at 50% rate - now it goes up by 50% on 2nd marriages? WHY? Easy answer - you as the woman think the issue is the guy. NOPE - the issue is YOU. That's the cold hard truth. And I speak truth as my goal is for you to be a Fearless Woman and not pretend anymore but rather own up to you.  See when we are the same, then you better believe we will attract the same type of man. But when we change.... you won't believe the magic that happens! Join the Tribe - your life will never be the same again! PROMO - Black Friday 2020 - $ 99 to get my entire 25 Video eCourse inside the Fearless Woman Academy that will change your life forever.  You are worth it. xox Revi
November 22, 2020
#5: Dating After Divorce: Attach to the WHY and not the GUY
If you are a divorced woman starting to date again, watch out! You may be so needy for a man's love that you will attract a predator! This podcast addresses some good mindset techniques on how to date after divorce and make it all about you and never about him. ******* Announcement: The Fearless Woman Transformation Program is going LIVE on Oct 5th, 2020 @ 7pm EST. To learn more go to:
September 21, 2020
#4: How to Find True Love after a Divorce?
Hello My Fearless Women!  When I went through my divorce and left my husband after a 20 year marriage, my life fell apart. I was devastated, heartbroken, in shock, dazed, confused, and so afraid of so much. My biggest fear though was that no man would want me and no man would ever love me. BOY was I so wrong! Ladies, I am here to tell you, with utmost certainty, that you will absolutely find true love and have it BUT something must happen first to you before you can truly find real and healthy and true love. Listen to this Podcast to learn what that is. I did this and today I can tell you that I have a boyfriend that I often have to poke a few times to make sure he is real.  This Podcast will reveal something to you that is so mind blowing you have never even thought of looking at "real love" this way. Join my facebook tribe at: if you are a woman who is in the middle of a Divorce or has been divorced but still coping and recovering. We gotchu! UPDATE: We are launching our Fearless Woman Transformation Program next month! Get on the wait list now and learn more about this incredible 6 week LIVE Life Coaching Immersion in a group setting on Zoom where we meet for once a week for 6 weeks in a row for 2-3 hours each session with other women who are just like you and me and we dive deep to release the Fearless Woman you were born to be!  Learn more here:   This is a one of a kind program that you have never experienced in your life. Learn more on this web site and get on the wait list to get the e-mail when we open the program to our tribe. Onward and upward we go! The Fearless Woman Mantra is #MMI - Me Myself and I - you come first - for the rest of your life. Why? Because you are worth it! Revi Goldwasser, Founder The Fearless Woman
August 11, 2020
#3: What's Your Love Language - and YES - it DOES exist!
Gary Chapman wrote a best seller book called: The 5 Love Languages. To me this should be required text book reading in high school or college. If we just knew and understood this about ourselves I believe that a lot of fighting would be eliminated.  Check out this podcast to learn what YOUR love language is and drop me a note to tell me what it is! Join our tribe: to get notified of our new episodes.
May 09, 2020
#2: Dating After Divorce - The Dangers of Dating Right After a Divorce
Dating after a Divorce is exciting and scary at the same time. Although the idea of meeting a new man sounds amazing, I can tell you from my own experience that this is the MOST dangerous thing you can do - especially right at the beginning. Listen to my podcast to learn why! Join my tribe: to get updates on our next new podcast episodes.
May 09, 2020
Introduction - The Fearless Woman Podcast - How to Recover and Rebuild After a Divorce
This is the Introduction to the Fearless Woman Podcast. The break up of any marriage is difficult if not heartbreaking. The key here is to learn how to rebuild and recover and in this podcast I reveal the very basic foundation to help you begin your journey of transformation into becoming a Fealress Woman. Join our Tribe: to get notified of new podcasts and more!
May 09, 2020