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Feast of Torches

Feast of Torches

By Azaizall
“Much like us, magic has grown and thrived. From knowledge passed from our grandmothers, to circles of found families and seeking something more.
Here we will catch glimpses of the past, seeing how they made their way to the present, and where they can go in the future. Though we thrive on the moonlight, it is the fire of wisdom that we seek to ignite.

Welcome to the Feast of Torches.”
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Magical Texts
On today's episode we will be discussing Magical texts and how they've influenced the craft throughout history.
April 05, 2022
Magical Growth
After another Hiatus, Feast of Torches is back. In this episode we get a little update on my life and the development of the merch. as well as my thoughts on Magical Growth and advancing your magical practice. 
February 21, 2022
All About the Ego
In this episode of Feast of Torches we shall be feasting upon our ego's. I discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the ego. Also a brief talk on ego death. Music: 1) Rosalita By The piano says (Dani Rosenoer) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Music provided by 2)Phantom by Lyvo Music provided by
December 08, 2021
Spirit Communication
Welcome to the Feast of Torches, on today’s episode we will be feasting upon the topic of Spirits and Spirit Communication, Now during this time of Samhain as the veil’s have thinned. A lot of people seem to have this understanding that oh now that the veil’s have thinned i can get some of that spooky ooky and while this is true to an extent. The Spirit’s are available to us all year round but during this time it may be easier to bring these entities forth. In this episode we learn a bit about different types of spirit's how to best commune with them and building that relationship. Recommended Books 1)Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in A World of Spirits by BJ Swain 2)Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn 3)Witch’s book of Spirit’s by Devin Hunter 4)The Secret’s of Solomon by Joseph Peterson 5 Consorting with Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies by Jason Miller which is a title I’m very excited about and will be getting released in May 1, 2022. So be on the lookout for that! THE PARRYS - LIVESTREAM $10.00 10/30/21 @ 8:00pm
October 30, 2021
Christianity & The Craft Part 2 Ft. Tony Sosa & Veles
On Today's Episode we are joined again by the great Tony Sosa and also our dear friend Veles in the continuing discussion of Christianity while we Feast upon the corpse of St. Paul because and say it with me "Fuck St. Paul!!"(T-shirts may or maynot be made at some point). The night was filled with Wine and a tad of the devil's lettuce which if you listen closely you may hear a whisper of divine some point...maybe....might have been us... might have been tony's bong.... we may never know.
October 17, 2021
Christian Influence in the Craft with Tony Sosa
On today's episode we are doing what all witches have dreamed of and that is Feasting upon the Christians...I'm just kidding...or am I? Mwahahaha...anyway The Almighty Tony Sosa joins us today as we discuss Christianity and it's influences on the craft both positive and negative. You will also get to witness some of our hilarious banter and possible mental breakdown over Janet Farrar's "The Witches of Wexford, Ireland" (Video will be linked below). We also discuss, The relationship of the pentagram in Christianity(along with a random tangent by Sir Sosa), The role of Women within Christianity and Witchcraft, The Concept of Sin, and not wanting to work magic for yourself out of guilt and much more. P.S. Don't mess with the devil's lettuce right before(and during) a podcast, for you will lose track of time and also thoughts. Hymn to Hekate Soteira "The Witches of Wexford, Ireland"
September 12, 2021
Elements of the Wise with Ivo Dominguiz Jr.
On this episode of Feast of Torches we are joined by the Amazing Ivo Dominguez Jr. to talk about his newly released book Elements of the wise. I'm sure from previous episodes you can tell I sure do love me some element's and in this episode we discuss their importance in your craft, What is an elemental?, How to interact with them in our everyday lives outside of the craft, building your relationship with your tools and how they can enhance your connection with the elementals and also what exactly is a sub-element. Sticking with the theme of the season we also touch a bit upon The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a magical Tradition of which Ivo is one of the founders.
July 13, 2021
Voodoo With Lilith Dorsey
Welcome back everyone to the Feast of Torches. On my premiere episode of Season 2 of the podcast we are kicking of this season with a series of episodes i like to call Traditions of Magic. First up we are joined by the amazing Priestess and Author Lilith Dorsey. Join us as we discuss the beautiful religion that is Voodoo. Also be sure to check out Lilith's recently re-released debut book on the subject if you'd like some more in depth information. Voodoo and African Traditional Religion by Lilith Dorsey If you enjoyed the amazing poem at the beginning of the episode be sure to check out some of Lilith's other work at  
June 26, 2021
On the Season Finale of the Feast of Torches we welcome Eric and Alex two other High Priests in their own right to discuss and feast on the topic of Worship in the Craft. While we try limit the sass only so much can be done when you get the gays together. Listen along as we laugh, bring some assemblance of wisdom and i have a mild stroke while my brain tries to remember how to pronounce coincidence. Always remember "There is no part of me that is not of the Gods!" -Aleister Crowley Also check out Eric's Podcast : Music Credits: Pæræfæ'ri (Periphery) [Abandoned Theatre Version] by So I'm An Islander Stelle Stårmfloij (Quiet Storm Surge) by So I'm An Islander
March 08, 2021
We Conjure Thee Spirits of Earth
On Tonight's Episode, we shall feast with our Earth Elemental's. Opening with the Prayer of the Gnomes by Eliphas Levi we take a journey into ourselves to seek and understand our personal elemental of the Earth. Was this spirit of the classical Gnome variety or something entirely different. Be sure to let me know in the comments, i would love to hear about your journey's.  Music Credit's: Gaia by Nova Noma Music provided by Slow Days by KCFM Music provided by
February 18, 2021
Drawn to Shadow's: Dark Gods
On this next episode of Feast of Torches we shall feast upon "Dark" Gods, I bring to the discussion their involvement in witchcraft and some of my own experiences with mainly Hekate and Nyx. I also talk a bit about the influences of pop culture and how it's impacted how we view more chthonic entities and how social norms have effect how we as a multitude of communities view certain cultures to be "darker" then other's. 
January 27, 2021
The Mighty Pedestal Ft. Thorn Mooney
On Tonight's episode we welcome Youtuber and Author Thorn Mooney. Join us as we feast ironically upon this idea of author's in the craft being viewed as authorities in the varied witchcraft communities. We also discuss concept's of religion and how that play's into how we all learn as student's of the Arte. Also get a sneak peak at what we might expect coming from Thorn next book. Music Provided by Devil Never Cry by Luqet Music provided by Shallow by Luqet Music provided by
January 07, 2021
We Conjure Thee Spirits of Water
Welcome to Another episode of The Feast of Torches. Tonight we continue our journey with the elements, this time calling upon the spirits of Water. Traditionally the elemental for water is an Undine, but that's not necessarily true for everyone. I would love to hear from all my listener's what your experience was like and if it didn't work the first time, never hurts to try again. Trigger Warning For those whom have a deep fear of drowning or being submerged in water, i'm letting you know beforehand that this meditation features that so continue or not with that understanding! Music Credit's Symfoni A' Rændråfe (Symphony Of Raindrops) by So I'm An Islander A Magical Journey Through Space [Copyright Free/Free To Use] by Leonell Cassio Music provided by
December 17, 2020
Something Wicca This Way Comes
Welcome to another episode of Feast of Torches, tonight I answer some questions from all my lovely listeners about Traditional Wicca & NeoWicca. Just wanna give a big thank you to everyone that submitted their questions and I really appreciate the opportunity to hear me ramble on while I answer these questions, some of which were very intriguing. Going along the spectrum from discussing the importance of Gender Polarity within Wicca, How to find a group during the time of covid, Is Magic all in the mind and will Wicca last. I'm definitely interested to hear your opinions on the question's asked!   Also be sure to check out my new Patreon
December 03, 2020
Social Media & The Occult Ft. Wren
Welcome to another fabulous discussion here at the Feast of Torches, on Today's episode I'm joined by the Wonderful and Brilliant Wren of Hawkfire. Listen to us feast and discuss Social Media and it's impact on the occult & Witch Communities. We also discuss the importance of treating each other as humans and not everyone is our enemy. If you haven't listened to Wren's podcast Familiar Shapes yet get to it cause we just might be getting a second season!! For more Wren check her on these platforms! Familiar Shapes Podcast "I'm a scientific dude of science" t-shirts, mugs, and stickers (all proceeds for to Heather Freeman's other films and prints Wren Robin's Blog
November 13, 2020
We Conjure Thee Spirits of Fire
On this Episode of Feast of Torches join me as we journey once again with the Elementals. Today's episode will guide you on your way to meeting your personal Fire Elemental. Be sure to let us know in the comments how this worked out for you!
November 04, 2020
And Then There was Wine FT. Ashley of Seeking Witchcraft
On Today's Episode I am joined by fellow podcaster Ashley from the podcast Seeking Witchcraft. Where we will be feasting upon lots and lots of wine, discussing how I came up in the craft, what it was like telling my family, how me and Ashley met and some fun spooky ghost stories we've experienced. Be sure to check out Ashley if you haven't already at Seeking Witchcraft Podcast!
October 21, 2020
Ways of the Strix With Oracle Hekataios
On today's episode we welcome Oracle Hekataios as we Feast upon his upcoming book Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch. Join us as we learn about the ways of the Strix and how the practice of these Hellenic witches is brought into the modern day. Be sure to check out the book on Oct. 8th!
October 01, 2020
We Conjure Thee Spirits of Air
Join me on a Journey with the Elementals, On tonight's episode we will be doing a guided meditation and meeting your personal elemental for Air, so that you may understand who and what you are calling into your sacred space. Traditionally according to many past occultists the Elemental of Air is the Sylph. Was this true for you?
September 16, 2020
To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent
On this Episode we will be feasting upon the Elements and how they play into our craft and our mundane lives. I also give a sneak peak on some upcoming guided meditations i have planned for you guys to encounter your personal Elementals.
August 24, 2020
The Mask of a Witch
On this episode of Feast of Torches we will be talking about the Witch Identity and how the names we now refer to ourselves as has evolved over time.
August 14, 2020