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8: Los Angeles

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By Kevin Lawler
The Feasting Flyer Podcast is a resource for American culinary travelers. We discuss America's food and drink culture and provide tips and tricks to help travelers save money.
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The Feasting Flyer Podcast is a resource for American culinary travelers. We discuss America's food and drink culture and provide tips and tricks to help travelers save money.

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24: Motown, Philly, Back Again: Road Trip Report (Part 1)
In part 1 of a two-part episode, we talk about our recent 2,300-mile road trip that included stops in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and a small coal-mining community in Northeast Pennsylvania. We spent eight nights on the road, but thanks to Marriott and Hyatt points, our hotel stays were free. We explored a few of the best new restaurants in America, a 150-year old brewery returning to its roots, an old-school deli institution, and a few must-visit museums. Then, we sample a little too much of a regional moonshine-based concoction known as boilo.
December 3, 2019
23: Telling the Stories Behind Nashville's Food: an Interview with Dan Burkard
On this episode, we discuss Thanksgiving — one of the great days in American eating. Then, we talk to Dan Burkard — the man behind the @wickedtasty instagram account and the host of the Wicked Tasty Podcast. Dan moved to Nashville to launch his business and help tell the stories of Nashville's food and drink entrepreneurs. He joins us to talk about the early stages of his business, what he's learned so far, and what's next for his brand. Then, he shares some of his favorite Nashville food and drink destinations. Find Wicked Tasty online at: Website: Podcast: Instagram: Social Media Agency:
November 26, 2019
22: Urban Farms, Hydroponic Greens, and a Chicken Whisperer: an Interview with Susan Greutman
We kick off Season 2 with an interview of Susan Greutman, who co-owns and operates Sunchoke Farms — an urban farm in South Bend, Indiana.  Susan never expected to be running an urban farm, but when her husband experienced a sudden job loss, they turned their gardening hobby into a full-time, family business. Now, they are taking previously vacant lots in their neighborhood, and growing food for restaurants and local markets. In this episode, she talks about her farm's ability to grow a lot of food without the use of fossil fuels, protecting her crops from rabbits, her son "the chicken whisperer," how the farm is contributing to the revitalization of her neighborhood, and much more.  Find Sunchoke Farms online at:
November 20, 2019
21: Season 2 Preview
We preview the second season of the Feasting Flyer podcast, which will feature interviews with people working in food and travel. This episode offers a sneak peak into our conversations with urban farmers, podcasters, restaurateurs, and experts in points and miles. This season will also include discussions of money-saving travel tips, our best meals of 2019, and a report from a recent road trip.   Then, we introduce the first-ever Feasting Flyer podcast mini-series, which launches later this season. We explored America's Pierogi Belt, spanning from Chicago to Brooklyn with stops in South Bend, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and more. We attended Pierogi Fest, ran a pierogi 5K race, and watched people in pierogi costumes race around a baseball stadium. We ate a lot, and learned even more, as we tried to solve the mystery of why one city makes such a unique pierogi. 
November 13, 2019
20: Our Favorite International Destinations
In the final episode of Season 1, we discuss some of our favorite food and drink destinations around the world, and how we were able to use points and miles to book trips at almost no out-of-pocket cost. We discuss Argentinian steaks and red wine, food crawls in Spain, French castles, Southeast Asian street food, and much more.   Then, we offer a quick preview of Season 2, which will feature an investigative mini-series on pierogies, interviews with a diverse group of special guests, and updates on our upcoming travel.
September 26, 2019
19: Regional American Specialties and Our Favorite Food Crawls
We discuss some of America's greatest regional foods, focusing on places we haven't discussed in previous episodes. Our conversation takes us all over America — from Maine to Miami, Seattle to San Diego, the islands of Hawaii, and a whole bunch of places in between. We talk about farm-fresh pizza, seafood hubs on both coasts, unique doughnuts, sandwich crawls, burritos, barbecue, New Mexico green chile, Cincinnati chili, and much more. 
September 18, 2019
18: Listener Questions
In this episode, we answer questions submitted by listeners. We discuss the craziest items we've ever found on menus around the world and around the United States — including a delicacy called geoduck. Then, we talk about how we determine where to travel, how we take advantage of great travel deals, and what locations we would visit over and over again. We also discuss the new Apple credit card, our favorite breakfast dishes, the inspiration behind our restaurant, and trying to stay in shape.
September 11, 2019
17: Washington, DC
Do you have travel insurance? We discuss how a credit card's travel insurance perk allowed us to escape a massive snowstorm, and spend an extra few days eating our way around New Orleans (1:49). Then, we discuss the food scene in Washington, DC, including: 8:14 — A rapidly-changing restaurant culture 8:37 — A Subway for every kind of food 11:04 — The best Indian restaurant in America 12:13 — An iconic spinach salad 13:54 — Expanding beyond Chicken Tikka Masala 14:43 — Next-level Filipino food 15:52 — A casual and accessible restaurant from Chef José Andrés 17:09 — A pair of modern Caribbean places 18:33 — A Michelin-starred restaurant with live fire cooking 19:24 — Incredible happy hour pizza deals 20:52 — An Eastern Market speakeasy with good food 22:43 — Hamburgers, milkshakes, and french fries with herb seasoning 23:12 — Wild speculation about a fictional burger place 24:37 — DC institutions and the half-smoke 26:08 — Ranking the DC-area airports, including the most convenient major airport in America 27:26 — Neighboring states 28:27 — Memorials, monuments, and museums
September 4, 2019
16: Minneapolis
In this episode, we discuss Southwest Airlines, and how to take advantage of the generous change and cancellation policies it offers (1:50). We share how we use Southwest Airlines to bring more flexibility to our flight itineraries. Then, we discuss the food scene in Minneapolis, including: 5:12 — Bike lanes 6:18 — A monstrosity called hotdish 6:43 — Food "bound together" with cream of mushroom soup and topped with tater tots 7:11 — Ground yak, venison, and elk 8:02 — Misconceptions about Minneapolis food 8:13 — A stuffed burger called the Jucy Lucy (or Juicy Lucy depending on your loyalties) 8:34 — Burger safety 9:41 — Somali food 10:31 — Hmong food 11:48 — Eat Street 12:18 — Native American food, indigenous North American ingredients, and an exciting new restaurant on the way 14:08 — Our favorite Minneapolis restaurants 14:39 — Korean BBQ pizza 15:47 — "Technicolor Minnesota" decor and a brilliant wine by the glass policy 17:17 — A modern supper club 18:44 — A dim sum pastry brunch 20:25 — Incredible cinnamon rolls and croissants in an assuming neighborhood coffee shop 23:32 — Burger innovation 24:00 — Transit 25:04 — Minneapolis' musical legends 25:40 — Famous dogs
August 27, 2019
15: San Francisco
We share strategies for getting to Hawaii with points and miles (1:46), including a way to add a nearly-free stop on the west coast on your way to or from the islands.  Then, we discuss the food scene in San Francisco, including:  5:22 — San Francisco's greatest gift to America? 6:01 — The Mission burrito 8:24 — The components of a classic burrito, the inclusion of rice, and a few popular burrito hot spots 11:52 — Sourdough bread that started over 150 years ago 13:05 — A sourdough conspiracy theory? 13:38 — The 150-year old foods we'd be willing to eat 14:11 — A culture of great baking in San Francisco, including one of America's best croissants 16:06 — Coffee, one cup at a time 18:49 — Irish coffee 19:31 — The Bush Man's yelp reviews 21:52 — Dim Sum and soup dumplings 23:17 — Chinese food and a modern Chinatown restaurant called Mister Jiu's 25:28 — Beatnik-era writers and poets 26:25 — A Chinese food hall 27:05 — A wine bar from a 3-Michelin starred chef and other special occasion places 28:16 — Quick trips from San Francisco to Berkeley, Oakland, Napa, and other wine-producing regions 30:26 — Our Bay Area to-do list 32:45 — California wine 34:57 — An Alcatraz tour narrated by former prisoners 35:40 — TV shows and movies set in San Francisco
August 20, 2019
14: New York City
In this episode, we talk about positioning flights (1:54). We share the strategies that we use to take advantage of great airfare deals even when they aren't available from our home airport.   Then, we discuss the food in New York City, including:  6:31 — Bad pizza advice 8:21 — Inexpensive food 8:37 — Great slices of pizza 9:57 — Basically a spinach-artichoke dip on pizza 11:11 — What makes New York bagels better 13:28 — What other cities do wrong when making bagels 14:14 — Smoked fish 15:28 — A life-changing Upper West Side smoked sturgeon institution 17:29 — Pastrami on rye 19:13 — A dumpling crawl through Queens 21:39 — Overwhelming (and very delicious) dim sum 23:37 — Little Italy 23:59 — Bibimbap, dumplings, and barbecue in Koreatown 25:39 — The incredible diversity of New York's neighborhoods 27:02 — Special occasion meals 27:57 — A former "world's best restaurant" 28:41 — America's only Michelin-starred noodle bar 30:08 — A natural wine bar and an accessible tasting menu 30:51 — A neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn growing its own ingredients 34:25 — Scallion pancakes 35:04 — "A big ol' happy baseball" 35:43 — The best way to see the New York City skyline
August 6, 2019
13: Austin
In this episode, we talk about how to save money and earn airline miles on rental cars (1:44). Make sure you're using to get alerts when the price of your rental car drops (3:19). Then, we discuss the food scene in Austin, including: 6:35 — Breakfast tacos and what Austin does best 8:04 — The gateway breakfast taco 9:21 — Migas 10:02 — Our favorite Austin breakfast taco spot 11:27 — A merger of two Austin specialties 12:19 — A Barbecue hub 12:55 — The "gold standard" of Austin barbecue 14:05 — Waiting in a four-hour line that's actually fun 14:57 — Other Austin barbecue spots 15:39 — Brisket kolaches and "new school barbecue" 16:57 — A barbecue pre-order protip 18:04 — Innovative restaurants including a Japanese-Texan mash-ups, a masa-focused menu, and dinner dim sum 22:56 — A whole street of beer gardens and outdoor parties 24:33 — Ranch-to-table cuisine 25:27 — Day trips from Austin for barbecue and wine 28:17 — The most interesting food cities in the country right now 29:20 — Texas vocabulary 30:27 — "A top-tier taco destination" 30:53 — Beef ribs, because you've come this far
July 30, 2019
12: Charleston, SC
You've used points and miles to save a whole bunch of money on flights and hotels, but transportation to and from the airport can still be really expensive. We talk about how we save money whenever we land in a new city (1:50). Then, we discuss the food and drink scene in Charleston, including: 5:58 — What makes Charleston unique as a food destination 6:59 — Classic Lowcountry dishes and the "unofficial official dish" of Charleston 8:13 — The Lowcountry boil 8:58 — Restaurants serving the classics 10:55 — Modern restaurants obsessed with local ingredients 13:20 — As many hot little biscuits as you can handle 15:05 — Bad spelling 15:46 — One of the country's premier oyster scenes 17:55 — An emerging barbecue scene 18:28 — Carolina-style whole hog barbecue 18:57 — A Texas transplant smoking incredible brisket 20:07 — The best of the best in American regional barbecue styles 21:58 — The future of Charleston's food scene 22:47 — Hominy Grill's closure 23:56 — Our Charleston food to-do list 25:11 — "Grits central" 26:44 — Mignonette 27:46 — Dabbling in Hooch 29:41 — Ghost tours
July 23, 2019
11: Texas Road Trip Report (Part 2)
We have another bonus episode from our road trip through Texas, which included unique tacos in San Antonio and one last innovative dinner concept in Houston.  We discuss:  1:30 — "A necessary stop for the soul" 3:25 — San Antonio's riverwalk and The Alamo 4:10 — Painful memories from a minor league baseball game 4:59 — A helpful tip from some locals 6:00 — Cheap margaritas and albondigas 6:35 — Incredible Texas tortillas 7:22 — A bar in a former convent 8:05 — Carnitas for breakfast  9:06 — Note: We mention that Carnitas Lonja was named the no. 4 best new restaurant in America by Esquire Magazine. It was actually no. 10.   9:27 — A San Antonio puffy taco experience more than a decade in the making 10:21 — Check out the saved San Antonio story on our instagram page 13:40 — An Astrodome-themed brewery 15:13 — The most-anticipated dinner on our Texas itinerary 15:59 — A six-course "tour of Houston" 16:22 — A Nigerian-influenced steak and Szechuan peppers 17:11 — Texas wine and a growing wine region 19:18 — Overall impressions of Houston 21:32 — Upcoming episodes
July 16, 2019
10: Chicago
You may be able to get better deals on your domestic flights by using foreign frequent flyer programs. We share some examples of how we stretch our points by utilizing the loyalty programs of British Airways and Singapore Airlines (1:56).  Then we discuss the food and drink scene in Chicago, including:   6:51 — Chicago's iconic deep dish pizza 7:30 — Casserole? 9:05 — Our choice for deep dish 9:43 — The components of Chicago-style hot dogs 10:41 — Cash-only Italian beef with a uniquely Chicago condiment 12:14 — The proper stance for sandwich-eating 12:38 — "A real commitment" 13:13 — Arguably the best restaurant in the world 13:52 — Molecular gastronomy, floating food, and the aroma of the ocean 16:18 — Chicago's accessible restaurants and America's best restaurant neighborhood 16:54 — Bon Appétit's 2017 restaurant city of the year 17:00 — West Loop restaurant recommendations 17:41 — Some of the country's best fresh pasta 19:45 — Ordering an entire goat shoulder for a large group 21:33 — Saving room for dessert 21:59 — A restaurant that seats you in the kitchen 22:50 — Chicago's cult burgers, including a 5-hour wait for a table 25:28 — Getting out into Chicago's neighborhoods 25:51 — A farmer's market-inspired dinner that changes every week 26:32 — A weekends-only pop-up with seasonal donuts 27:50 — A small place for brunch or BYOB dinners 28:17 — The food of Macau, including a paella-esque mashup of Portuguese and Chinese food traditions 29:45 — Various neighborhood gems featuring Korean food, fried chicken, short rib beignets, and stunning decor 31:47 — The only Michelin-starred brewery in the world, and other restaurants making their own beer 33:33 — Grilled tortilla chips 34:50 — Our favorite airport restaurant 35:00 — Chicago's Mexican food scene, including outstanding carnitas 36:05 — Some places in Chicago we still need to visit 39:18 — Malort slogans 40:00 — Chicago's airports
July 12, 2019
9: Texas Road Trip Report (Part 1)
In this bonus episode, recorded in Austin, Texas, we discuss our road trip through the Lone Star state.  We discuss: 1:18 — Going to Houston on vacation 1:27 — The new "capital of Southern cool" 2:19 — How we booked our flights 3:12 — Goat, octopus, and Mexican squash tacos in Dallas 3:59 — Petra and the Beast 5:48 — Hustling from the airport to an incredible Houston restaurant 7:00 — How you can find our meal in our saved Instagram stories 7:59 — Barbecue: a Texas road trip essential 8:11 — A cohesive barbecue experience with Cajun, southwestern, and southeast Asian influences 10:02 — A hammock-filled beer garden 10:32 — Another two-dinner night 14:01 — An underground food hall with lots of Texas beers 14:30 — Queso 15:11 — Crawfish & Noodles 15:37 — Viet-Cajun 16:27 — Our server saving the day 17:30 — One of the most interesting restaurant concepts in America 20:47 — A growing brewery 22:22 — One of the best road trip stops ever 23:35 — Czech pastries 24:33 — Immaculate bathrooms 24:58 — A small town with the state's best barbecue (according to Texas Monthly's famous rankings) 25:40 — Our bad barbecue advice 26:04 — Free beer 26:28 — The most hated people in Texas
July 8, 2019
8: Los Angeles
We discuss flash sales and when it makes sense to book your trip on the spot and figure out the details later. Some of the best deals don't last long, but if you act quickly, you can save a lot of money on your next trip (2:21). We'll talk about how to make sure your impulse bookings are risk-free. Then we discuss the food scene in Los Angeles, including: 6:54 — Infamous LA traffic 8:17 — What is making LA such a hot food city right now? 8:55 — Food from all over the world 9:20 — The impact of rideshare on restaurants 10:05 — Strip malls 11:06 — Celebrity culture and the LA restaurant scene 12:21 — Our visit to Majordomo 14:32 — One night, two dinner reservations 15:15 — A great new Middle Eastern restaurant 16:21 — Fried pita with magic seasoning 17:18 — Reservations strongly recommended, no exceptions 18:15 — A hidden, but very influential, Italian restaurant 19:19 — One of my favorite places in America to eat breakfast 20:48 — "California cuisine" 21:50 — A tasting menu in a strip mall 23:00 — Non-alcoholic drink pairings 24:12 — Trend-setting LA restaurants 26:06 — Perhaps the most gluttonous burger ever 26:22 — America's premier Oaxacan restaurant includes a flight of mole 28:20 — A sandwich originally created in LA 29:33 — The country's first cult burger? 31:40 — Our LA to-do list 32:39 — "All of the taco trucks" 34:09 — Hiking and the Hollywood sign
July 2, 2019
7: Portland, OR
You may be able to redeem your frequent flyer miles to visit two destinations for the price of one. In this episode, we'll tell you how (2:30). Then we'll talk about the food and drink scene in Portland, Oregon, including: 6:39 — What stands out about Portland as a food destination? 8:24 — A doughnut place you've probably heard about 10:30 — Oregon beer and Portland's craft culture 12:34 — Street food 16:23 — Portland has real restaurants, too 18:52 — A "Portland weird" pizza place (with an amazing website) 20:37 — Special wings at Portland's most famous Thai restaurant 21:58 — Asian flavors 22:28 — America's best Thai food at a restaurant inside a restaurant 23:36 — A neighborhood restaurant among the city's best 24:10 — Brunch all day, every day 25:21 — Ramen 26:27 — America's premier ice creamery, which uses blue cheese, duckfat, and olive oil 28:53 — Great Portland restaurants 30:05 — Ordering everything on the menu at a semi-hidden, family-run Korean restaurant 32:17 — Portland as a national leader in the restaurant industry 33:33 — The world's first certified sustainable sushi restaurant 34:28 — Vegan Christmas trees 34:57 — Portlandia 36:41 — Oregon wine 37:12 — Entire grocery store aisles of Oregon beer 37:42 — Portland's airport carpet
June 25, 2019
6: Detroit
We discuss some very easy ways that you can earn more points and miles without flying and without signing up for credit cards. To learn about earning miles for shopping online, going out to eat, and using Lyft, click here for additional information on the Feasting Flyer blog. Then, we talk about the food scene in Detroit, including: 8:27 — Urban agriculture 9:42 — The growth of Detroit-style pizza 11:07 — What is Detroit-style pizza? 14:05 — A rundown of Detroit's pizza places 15:44 — Detroit's other pizza exports 16:54 — Coney Island in Detroit? 18:35 — Putting out a call to Feasting Flyer listeners 19:25 — Immigrant contributions to the Detroit food scene 20:00 — City of Dearborn 22:06 — Our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants in Dearborn 24:28 — Corktown 25:45 — A private Irish-American club 27:35 — A new slogan for the City of Detroit 28:37 — A castle (with a free shuttle!) in the city 31:30 — Suburban Detroit's outstanding restaurants 32:44 — Women leading the way in Detroit's food and restaurant scene 33:47 — Pie for breakfast 35:44 — One of America's best new chefs 36:55 — A butcher shop by day, restaurant by night 39:54 — Pizza chains 41:50 — Driving south into Canada
June 20, 2019
5: Nashville
We discuss credit cards with annual fees, how to make sure you're getting your money's worth on them, and whether or not it makes sense to keep airline-branded credit cards long-term (1:55). Then, we get into the food and drink scene in Nashville, including: 6:46 — Nashville hot chicken 8:09 — The origins of hot chicken 10:55 — The rapid growth of hot chicken around Nashville and the country 11:38 — Supporting the pioneers of Nashville hot chicken 15:18 — Meat and three 16:25 — Family-style Southern cooking 17:49 — A pre-dinner snack of fried chicken 20:50 — Nashville's real culinary geniuses 22:00 — Chefs from around the country flocking to Nashville 23:58 — A destination for Appalachian food 25:22 — Neighborhood restaurants 26:37 — Steak... from a cauliflower 27:44 — Appetizer pizza 31:52 — A fascinating hidden restaurant with a chef's counter 35:05 — A unique pizza ingredient 38:55 — Cowboy boots 40:19 — Girl power country music
June 17, 2019
4: Philadelphia
In this episode, we discuss transferable points (1:51) and why they are a must-have for anybody that wants to travel more often and more affordably. If you've ever found it difficult or frustrating to actually get value from your points or miles, you'll want to hear this.   We also discuss the under-appreciated food scene of Philadelphia, including:   8:58 — Cheesesteaks for breakfast 9:52 — The proper cheesesteak ingredients 10:45 — The best cheesesteaks in the city 14:29 — Cheez Whiz on ribeye steak 16:15 — Philadelphia's other favorite sandwich, the roast pork 18:05 — Tomato pie, Philadelphia's cold pizza 19:30 — "Break your teeth" hard pretzels 20:57 — America's best and most influential Israeli restaurant 22:31 — Shreddable lamb shoulder glazed with pomegranate 24:20 — Hummus 25:02 — Lebanese, Israeli, and Turkish wines 27:07 — A new Lebanese restaurant 28:00 — Lebanese IPA 28:19 — Philadelphia's next great dining neighborhood 29:31 — Barbacoa 31:40 — Beer brewer Ben Franklin 31:52 — Philadelphia Freedom 32:32 — The best mascot in all of sports
June 11, 2019
3: New Orleans
Welcome to the first full episode of the Feasting Flyer podcast.  In this installment, we introduce you to the bread course — a brief segment on points, miles, credit cards, and other travel deals (1:45).  We also discuss the food and drink scene of New Orleans, including: 7:23 — Where to eat in the French Quarter 10:00 — The original muffuletta sandwich 10:42 — Bellying up for oysters 12:07 — Po' Boys 16:54 — Legendary fried chicken 19:50 — Special occasion restaurants 23:40 — The New York Times article on modern interpretations of gumbo 24:20 — America's coolest wine bar 26:49 — A mind-blowing, vegetarian, collard green sandwich 29:18 — Vietnamese food 30:30 — Rapid fire questions 32:08 — Day-drinking and daiquiris by the gallon 33:30 — Voodoo tours and cemeteries
June 6, 2019
2: A 5,000-mile, 30-day first date
In episode 2, we introduce co-host Clare Mundy and discuss our first date — a 5,000-mile cross-country road trip that lasted an entire month. We share more about how the Feasting Flyer came to be and our goals for the podcast.
June 4, 2019
1: Introducing the Feasting Flyer Podcast
Welcome to the Feasting Flyer Podcast — a show about food and travel. We are here to help listeners travel more often and more affordably, and we're telling the stories of the incredible food and drink experiences around America.
May 30, 2019
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