Anchor's Features

Here are a few things that make Anchor different (and better) than the rest.

100% Free

We don’t believe in charging creators to make or store their stuff. We’re all about democratizing audio, which among other things means making sure it’s accessible to everyone - so Anchor is completely free to use. No storage limits; no strings attached.

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Be heard everywhere

When you first set up your podcast, we’ll automatically distribute it to major podcast platforms (including Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music) with just one click. (Or one tap, if you’re setting it up from your phone.)

Once your podcast is set up, you’ll be able to distribute future episodes everywhere your podcast is available without any extra work.

Recording, episode creation, and sharing all in one place

Capture all your audio with the Anchor mobile app or upload it from your dashboard at Combine as many segments as you want into an episode (e.g., your theme song, an intro, an interview with a guest, and some listener messages), without having to do any advanced editing.

Once your episode is live, use Anchor’s built-in tools to promote it: post to Facebook and Twitter, embed it on your website, and make a transcribed video. That’s it - you’re all done!

Smart shortcuts

Anchor’s full of innovative features to make your life easier. A few examples:

· If you’re recording on mobile, just lift the phone up to your ear to start recording. It’ll make you feel more comfortable recording out in the world (since you’ll look like you’re talking on the phone), plus it’ll take advantage of your phone’s built-in noise canceling so your audio will sound great as is.

· Got a guest or co-host who lives far away? You can record with them right from your phones for free. No time limit, and no country restrictions. All you both need is the app.

· Since you can access your full audio library when you’re building new episodes, you can easily re-use previous segments (like intros or theme songs) so you don’t have to go digging for them and reupload them every time. Easy!

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Collaborative, social audio

Anchor is the first podcast platform that truly makes it possible to interact with your listeners and make them part of the show. Some ways your audience can engage with your podcast:

Voice messages

Listeners can send voice messages in to your show any time. They’ll have up to a minute to respond, which keeps all of your messages short and sweet. Preview them privately, and add your favorites to your episodes. They’ll be notified that they made it on the show!


Anyone listening to your podcast in Anchor can applaud their favorite moments. Applause is persistent, so anyone listening later will be able to (optionally) hear the parts others enjoyed. It’s a great way for you to know, down to the second, exactly what’s resonating best with your audience.

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Automatic transcription

We automatically transcribe all short-form audio that’s uploaded to Anchor (anything under 3 minutes). When you want to promote your podcast on social media, generate an animated, transcribed video in the best format for each platform; we support square for Instagram, landscape for Twitter and Facebook, and portrait for Stories.

You can also edit the transcription, if you want to correct the spelling of someone’s name or if you only want to share a few seconds of the segment. And yes, you can choose from different color themes for your videos to match your podcast’s branding!

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Mobile-friendly podcasting

We think the real future of podcasting is in mobile devices. Everyone’s carrying around a powerful microphone in their pocket - why limit our audio to what happens in a soundproof booth?

With Anchor, you can fully launch, edit, and manage your podcast right from your phone. If you prefer to do it from your desktop, that works too - the important thing is having the flexibility to create audio from anywhere. Imagine how much cooler your food podcast will be when you can capture (and immediately share) a conversation with your favorite local grower at the farmer’s market!

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Our apps consistently average a 5 star rating on both iOS and Android. We’ve also been featured as an App Store App of the Day, and were named one of the Best Apps of 2017 by Google Play.

Straightforward analytics

Most podcasters just want to know which of their episodes are doing well, and whether their audience is growing over time - so rather than providing a ton of hard to read charts, we focus on communicating the most important information really clearly.

With Anchor, you can see things like your plays over time, how episodes stack up to each other, and which apps people are using to listen. If your listeners are using the Anchor app, you can even see who’s heard each episode, and where they applauded or commented.

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