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Tools designed for every podcaster.

devices showcasing Anchor app

Easy-to-use creation tools

Visual representation of a button with a microphone icon contained inside

Record from anywhere

Capture audio straight from your phone, iPad, or desktop computer using Anchor’s recording tools, compatible with most external microphones. Sync your recordings across all devices and access them anywhere.

User interface showing the ability to rearrange audio segments ordering inside an episode

Episode builder

Craft your episodes using building blocks of audio segments that are easy to visualize and don’t require any editing. Record your audio, arrange your segments, add transitions, and you’re set.

Folder containing audio and video icons representing the types of files you can import into Anchor to create a podcast episode

Import existing audio or video

Create your episodes anywhere and drop the audio files into Anchor. Convert video files into audio, and mix-and-match existing segments with audio recorded in Anchor.

Snare drum that is being played with musical notes around it

SFX & background music

Add a background track behind any recording and break up longer segments using Anchor’s library of transitions and sound effects.

Add tracks from Spotify

Insert full-length songs into your show and share your episodes to Spotify. Combine music and conversation to explore the full possibilities of audio. Learn more

Record with friends

Record remotely with guests or co-hosts, wherever they are in the world. Multiple people can join at a time from web or mobile—no app or account required.

Voice messages

Engage with your listeners by inviting them to leave you a voice message. Add your favorites to your next episode with a single tap.

Voice messages screen on Anchor app

Transcribed video

Transform audio clips into animated videos that are ready for sharing.

Available in 3 sizes to fit your favorite social platform.

Cover art creator

Generate custom cover art in seconds using images and fonts that will help your podcast look as great as it sounds. Read more about designing your own here.

cover art creator screen in Anchor app
Voice messages screen in Anchor app
cover art creator screen in Anchor app

Hosting and Distribution

Host unlimited episodes for free and get heard everywhere with a single click.

cover art creator screen in Anchor appAnchor is completely free— no storage limits, no trial period, no strings attached.Read why →

Hosting and Distribution

Host unlimited episodes for free and get heard everywhere with a single click.

Cloud with the Anchor logo inside of it

100% Free Hosting

We believe podcasting is a powerful medium that ought to be accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why Anchor is completely free—no storage limits, no trial period, no strings attached.

You own all of your content, you don’t need to monetize with Anchor in order to host your episodes, and we won’t ask for your payment info at any time. Because with today’s technology, you shouldn’t have to spend money to share your voice.

logos of distribution platforms available on Anchor

One-Click Distribution

Distribute your podcast to all the platforms you care about, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more.

It only takes a click to get heard everywhere. And if you prefer to manage your RSS feed and distribute your podcast yourself, we make it easy to do that too.

anchor application on multiple devicesAnchor is completely free— no storage limits, no trial period, no strings attached.Read why →

Straightforward Analytics

Actionable stats to help you track your podcast’s success.

All the stats, in one place

Track metrics from multiple platforms including unique stats powered by Spotify, all in a single dashboard. Measure overall growth, down-to-the-second episode performance, and manage your monetization without ever leaving the app.

analytic metrics graph

Episode Drop-off

See how far listeners are getting into each episode—and where they’re dropping off—so that you can plan your podcast around the content that performs best. Compare the average listening time across multiple episodes and learn which segments are keeping listeners engaged.

episode drop-off chart

Listener Demographics

Learn more about your listeners with insights that break down the aggregated age, gender, geolocation, and listening platform of your audience.

listener demographic chart

Get paid to podcast

The first podcast advertising platform for everyone.

Anchor Sponsorships
(available in the US)

Earn money every time people listen to your episodes using Anchor’s easy and optional monetization tools. Record audio ads in your own voice and choose where they go in your episodes. There’s no minimum audience size required. You decide the brands you want to work with and the episodes you want to monetize, meaning you have complete control over your content and can seamlessly blend promotions into your show.

Sponsorships ads are always recorded by you, meaning you have complete control over your content and can seamlessly blend promotions into your show.

Learn more →

phone displaying Anchor's Sponsorship tool

"We especially love using the Anchor Sponsorships feature. It's so easy to insert ad slots and we love that they're dynamic. It's such a seamless process and has made monetizing the podcast so much easier than we expected."- Alex and Christine Shiefer,
hosts of Beach too Sandy, Water Too Wet

hosts of the podcast Beach too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Listener Support

Add a button to your Anchor profile that lets listeners sign up for monthly donations to help keep your podcast going. They don’t even need an Anchor account to chip in.

Anchor Payments tool
We know podcasters are impacted by the world’s current circumstances, and we want to support everyone’s ability to earn money from their podcast. Beginning April 1, 2020, Anchor will be waiving its fee on Listener Support for six months. Creators who receive Listener Support payments during this time will get the 4.5% Anchor fee returned straight to their Anchor wallet through September 30, 2020.

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