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For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

By Eric Verdi
EACH Entrepreneur has ONE THING they do better than everyone else. We are looking for THOSE Entrepreneurs that stand out in their field. No, I’m not talking about each industry. I’m talking about a very specific tactic or strategy that YOU use that has helped you become a successful Entrepreneur. I want to share that tactic, your story with other Entrepreneurs to INSPIRE them to give them a blueprint. Because YOU are a SOMEONE. YOU are an EXPERT. Even if you don’t think you are, trust me, I KNOW you are and others will know too.
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015 | Jessica Osborn | How to Grow Your Business by Niche Marketing

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Verdi

025 - Lauren Brown - International Branding and Marketing Strategist shares how to Grow in a Global Economy.
Lauren Brown shares her wisdom on how to niche down and serve your community.  Her Branding and Marketing Strategies have helped numerous companies and brands increase their revenue. Lauren  is known in her community as a connector, event organizer, an  avid entrepreneur, a marketing maven and a seasoned digital nomad/  serial expat.  Lauren  graduated with honors from Loyola University in Maryland with a double  major in Spanish and International business. For the last 10 years  Lauren has built a career working in Startups in San Francisco and  throughout Latin America, while also launching businesses of her own.  Her specialties have been in sales and marketing, specifically social  media marketing for businesses.  Originally  from Massachusetts, Lauren has had many homes over the last decade  including San Francisco, Mexico City, Bogota, Medellin, and now  Santiago, Chile, where she has been residing for the last 3 years (7+  Years in total as an Expat in Latam). Online  businesses and social media strategies freed Lauren from the 9-5 life  and allowed her to live abroad and travel the world. As a result, Lauren  is now a coach for want-to-be expats, teaching mindset, business and  marketing strategies so that anyone can show up confidently online and  launch a successful business so that they can live and work from  anywhere. Lauren was recently published in Yahoo Finance as being one of  the top marketing coaches to follow of 2020. This September, Lauren is  launching Anywhere Entrepreneur, an online community for expats and a  podcast featuring stories of expat and digital nomad life. You can find more information about her coaching programs, podcast, and book at: you can also  contact her at and follow her on instagram
September 21, 2020
024 - Karen Joseph - Community Building Expert details how to build a Network Marketing Organization
In this episode of For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs Karen Joseph of SEVEN Networking joins Eric to discuss how to build a community through Network Marketing.  Today,  now more than ever you need a community to which you belong, have common interests, have connections! From Karen Joseph, founder of SEVEN, moved to Arizona from New York in 2006.  She has found her joy in the Valley of the Sun as she connects  entrepreneurs through SEVEN Networking. Karen is passionate about her  family, teaching, and building relationships. When they arrived in Arizona, Karen and her husband purchased a  franchise called Fast-teks On-Site Computer Services focusing on small  to medium-sized companies. Karen quickly discovered that social  networking would be the best way to not only meet people in her new  community, but to make connections for the business, and so SEVEN was  born on August 6, 2009. Karen has successfully expanded the SEVEN  Network outside the borders of Arizona and there are now chapters  available nationwide.
September 14, 2020
023 - Emily Ryan - Ideas and Strategies on how to Increase Your Profits Using Mailchimp
Emily Ryan joins Eric Verdi on For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs this week to talk all about Marketing, Branding, and Mailchimp Having been an Entrepreneur her entire career Emily brings a unique perspective and insight into how Mailchimp can be used to increase exposure, influence, and revenue in your business. From Westfield Creative was started by two sisters, Emily Ryan and  Elizabeth Bogh, who have been obsessed with technology from a very young  age. We grew up on beautiful Westfield Road, in  Charlotte, NC, where we were surrounded by computers (thanks to our  dad). Elizabeth then worked in IT in Seattle for many years and Emily  worked in startups in NYC and came from a creative background in theater. We love seeing how a clean, beautifully-designed email campaign can  grow a business or how a modern, responsive website can increase your  online sales. We have served a wide range of clients since early 2016.
August 31, 2020
022 - Tom Wedding - How using a company to generate business can increase your revenue.
Tom Wedding of talks about his journey from a street performer to an Entrepreneur who helps other business generate leads and thus new business. Tom's organization works on "Attracting Clients for Agency Owner." There is a subculture of Entrepreneurs who have systems and processes in place to help other businesses increase revenue through increasing and attracting new clients.  From building out a landing/webpage to running traffic on Facebook, Tom is helping companies and Entrepreneurs generate business. Enjoy this Episode where Eric Verdi interviews Tom Wedding.
August 25, 2020
021 | Greg Blake | How Copywriting can Impact Your Business
Greg Blake has turned from Construction to Copywriting a few years ago and has not looked back. It takes years of practice, research, and dedication to become a proficient copywriter and Greg has cut his teeth on some of the top projects nationally.  If you are a Entrepreneur or Business Owner and don't have an accomplished Copywriter helping you THEN you are making a HUGE mistake.  Greg is someone with experience and is growing as a Copywriter. Greg gives a walk-through of a recent piece that he did for Eric.
August 18, 2020
020 | Caitlin Strempel | Tips to Increase Your Revenues Using SEO
Caitlin joins us this week to discuss everything SEO. Caitlin's depth and breath of knowledge on SEO and how it can have a positive impact on your business.  Knowing how to properly position your business for optimization of SEO rankings is a key factor in getting eyeballs on your business and your brand. Enjoy this interview and check out Caitlin's story and services at And Caitlin's 'why' from her website: The moment I knew I wanted to start my own business happened during the hardest trial I’ve ever faced… We  went through five failed IUIs, 2 failed IVFs, 2 miscarriages, heard  heartbeats and lost heartbeats - but, we ended up getting our miracle,  our boy Wyatt. But when  he was two months old, the unthinkable happened. We had to rush our  baby boy to the hospital for heart surgery. If we hadn’t gone into the  hospital when we did, he could’ve gone into heart failure. And after he  survived that, Wyatt developed blood clots from the procedure that  landed us right back in the hospital for other complications, one  eventually leading to eye surgery. During  a portion of our multiple hospital stays, my husband had to leave us  and travel for work. That’s when I realized that I NEVER wanted to go  back to working a 9-5 desk job (or, let’s be real, a 9-9) EVER AGAIN. I  wanted to have the flexibility to be there for my family if I needed to  be, for however long they needed me. I wanted to spend life doing only  what I loved to do. And most importantly, I wanted to spend as much time  with my precious son and husband as possible. Thankfully, Wyatt fully  recovered and is a healthy, happy little boy! Through  that whole experience, I realized how much of a GIFT our lives really  are, and that if we’re healthy and alive, we have NO EXCUSE not to be  doing something great with our lives, NO EXCUSE not to be doing what we  love, and NO EXCUSE not to be changing people’s lives for the better!  And that’s what I hope to do by serving you.
August 10, 2020
019 | Cassandra Caruso | Your Brand MUST Match Your Voice... Secrets to Success
Your potential clients have MANY choices in choosing one product/service over another.  How do you stand out? Cassandra talks about 'speaking to your target audience' and having your Brand and Vision match your mission and purpose.  So many businesses fail to have congruence in all of your marketing. Cassandra specifically helps Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with the Brand! Enjoy this interview and check out Cassandra at   
July 29, 2020
018 | Katy Bellotte | How to Grow and Monetize Your Social Media
Katy Bellotte started posting to Social Media and, specifically, Youtube when she was 14 years old.  Her content was really just a conversation and documentation of her journey through life.  Her struggles.  Her challenges.  Her triumphs. Through her content creation of documentation she started to gain a following of followers who resonated with her Story. Now 10 Plus years later her following on JUST Youtube has grown to half a million followers and she is an 'influencer' who has learned how to monetize her content and following. Katy shares her tips and tricks for Monetizing your Social Media on her Interview on For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs. Find Katy on all Social Media, but make sure you follow her YouTube Channel - HelloKaty.
July 22, 2020
017 | Alissa Locke | What EVERY Entrepreneur should know about their Business [Money].
Alissa Locke is an amazing Entrepreneur who brings her wealth of knowledge to the Entrepreneurs and small business owners in the MOST important aspect of their business, the money. Alissa is a financially saavy person who has started her journey at Money Mentor Group - where she advises and helps us small business owners navigate through financial aspects of their business. You are going to LOVE this interview and the knowledge that Alissa has to share with you!!! Enjoy.
July 17, 2020
016 | Monique Poche | How to Increase Income through Copywriting
Monique Poche of joins us this week to talk about Copy, writing copy, ghost writing and her journey into copywriting. A unique skill to get people to buy your product or service just by words on paper/online, copywriting is a centuries old skillset that only a select few take the time to become experts. Monique is an integral part of my team and has worked with me on various projects including my last 2 books. Listen, Learn, Implement the strategies laid out by Monique.
July 8, 2020
015 | Jessica Osborn | How to Grow Your Business by Niche Marketing
Jessica Osborn knows marketing.  Jessica knows branding.  Jessica has built and developed a thriving brand in just 3 years of Entrepreneurship after years corporate marketing. Jessica took steps to start her business during the birth of her youngest child and decided to take the foray into Coaching other Entrepreneurs about 3 years and since she has been on a meteoric rise. Jessica has found her niche in helping Entrepreneurs, especially female Entrepreneurs, find the Niche in their particular business.  To find that small segment of consumers that will come to you, buy from you, and become LOYAL customers.  By teaching this to others Jessica's business has now exploded and she is helping others really define their business and their passion. You can check out Jessica at
July 1, 2020
014 | Paul Samakow | Helping Small Businesses Find their Voice
Paul Samakow, author of Step by Step Book has been using his years of knowledge and expertise from his own business to help other small business owner's find their voice in their business. "Stories Sell. Facts Tell" are words to live by for the small business owner.  The quicker you can get an emotional connection with you potential purchaser the quicker they will make the decision to buy from you/use your services. Paul, a successful attorney, loves the 'marketing and branding' aspect of business and thus has studied all of the best marketers and copywriters in history and has transformed his love of helping others to helping businesses find their voice. Enjoy this interview. Paul's quick bio: * Attorney Licensed in Maryland and Virginia, practicing since 1980 – 40 years * Practice Primarily devoted to representing injury victims * Additionally, provides consulting services for hundreds of business owners * Small Business Consultant for over 10 years * Author of 5 books, including Step By Step, Achieve Small Business Success
June 22, 2020
013 | Brad Axelrad | How to Build a Following and Grow a Brand on Facebook
Brad Axelrad is a Serial Entrepreneur whose most recent project is Wake Up Worldwide Events. Brad talks about awakening the Dragon and the 5 Phases that each of us go through in our own personal journey: 1- Imposter. 2- Scarcity. 3- Value. 4. Unheard. 5. Critics. Enjoy this Episode and check out Brad on various social media platforms.  Brad helped build a 15,000 + member Facebook Group and his expertise lies in gaining a following on Social Media/Facebook.
June 20, 2020
012 | Raichel White | Funnel Blueprint. How to Build a Funnel
Raichel White's life changed about a year ago with a 30 Day Challenge. Having a computer/software background Raichel is always finding ways to increase her love of tech by solving problems for her clients on the 'tech side.' After the One Funnel Away Click Funnels Challenge in Aug 2019 Raich's head was about to explode with the complex simplicity of Clickfunnels.  Raich has quickly learned the 'tech' of Clickfunnels and NOW is solving business owner problems by helping automate business with Clickfunnels. When you have a Passion, like Raichel then you will be a success. Enjoy this interview and check Raichel out at:
June 15, 2020
011 | Jill Chitty | Increase Leads and Income through LinkedIn
Jill Chitty is a LinkedIn Expert who helps Entrepreneurs and Business Owners create a steady flow of consistent, and predictable stream of leads from LinkedIn. Jill goes in depth on how to build a following on LinkedIn.  How to build a business on LinkedIn.  How to properly post and connect with others on LinkedIn. Her expertise is in connecting influencers, marketers, and helping business owners do what we all want.. INCREASE sales! This is a GREAT interview that you need to listen, and then watch as Jill walks through specific strategies. Connect with Jill on LinkedIn - Or her website -
June 2, 2020
010 | Kayla Dene' Slusher | How to Build a Brand by Blogging
Kayla Dene' Slusher has built a personal brand by Blogging/Vlogging and has some of the top companies in the US knocking on her door to market their products through her popular Blog - Kayla Dene Blogs - at Kayla started blogging a few years ago as she was a new Mom and wanted to be there for her daughter.  Little did she know that in just a few short months that the largest brands in the world would be flying her to New York and sending products on a Daily Basis. Kayla is a niche Content Creator and has come up with a blueprint that you too could use to grow your brand through Blogging.
May 28, 2020
009 | Angela Ostroff | Social Media Marketing
Angela Ostroff is the founder and CEO of Bearly Marketing 'your friendly social media agency' joins FEBE to give you a behind the scenes of how to properly market and brand yourself and your business on Social Media. Angela's team of experts can help guide and build your brand whether you are a Solopreneur or a small to midsize business.  Bearly Marketing is not just Angela sitting behind a computer making posts on behalf of her clients, it is a company full of professionals who specialize in different aspects of marketing across various platforms. This is where we really get into Angela's SuperPower of finding and curating talent to fit into the culture and brand of her OWN company, Bearly Marketing. There are many 'takeaways' from Episode 009, ENJOY!
May 26, 2020
008 | Cliff Duvernois | How to Grow a Podcast
Cliff Duvernois is a veteran of the Podcasting world and his most recent Podcast, Call of Leadership, is a must listen for any Entrepreneur looking to grow professionally. His motto, "Stronger Leaders Make Stronger Communities" is why he has been called to help others grow their own Podcast and Brand. Cliff, having recently finished a course, by John Lee Dumas shares tips on how to turn a Passion into a Profit. His 3 Step blueprint starts with: 1- Consistency.  Step 2 is to make the content about others.  And the 3rd Step is to Repurpose / Transcribe the content of your Podcast. Listen and Learn...
May 20, 2020
007 | Laura Wallace | How to Brand YOUR business to fit YOUR Vision
Laura Wallace of Worx & Co is an ALL sense an Entrepreneur and helps bring to life Businesses and Entrepreneurs by being a 'Brand Builder.' Laura's company has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and businesses find their voice.  With congruencey between the vision of the business and how consumers view your business you can have extraordinary success.  Just like the client that Laura helped grow from $600 in revenue to over $1M in annual revenue. You'll love how Laura talks about her client intake and 'Step 3' - the "VIBE Check!"  This fits her new LauraAura adventure. On top of everything, Laura also hosts a Podcast - The Gutsy Podcast.
May 14, 2020
006 | Tristan Ahumada | How to Grow A Community on Facebook
This episode we get to sit down with Founder and CEO of Lab Coat Agents, Tristan Ahumada, and discuss how to grow an online community on Facebook.   Tristan has a wealth of knowledge and gives a blueprint on how to grow a private community of over 120,000 members and how to cultivate this community on Facebook.  The Lab Coat Agents has been a passion project of Tristan and now is one of the most influential sites online today. If you follow the steps outlined in the interview you can grow your own community online.  To learn more about Tristan you can follow his Youtube Channel and/or sign up for his newsletter. Enjoy this interview.
May 7, 2020
005 | Danielle Buchen | Grow a Business from Zero using Leverage
Danielle Buchen is in all sense a true Entrepreneur as her passion is helping other business owners achieve success by being the support arm where Entrepreneurs struggle. Her Desire, Drive, and Dedication to helping others has, in turn, helped her business explode. In just one short year, while focusing on her customers, Danielle now helps many Entrepreneurs while also growing her business to 3 employees. If you are a business owner and need help, whether it be a Project Manager, a Operator, a transaction coordinator, someone to build operations and systems while you focus on what YOU do extraordinary, then you need a teammate like Danielle. Check her out at
May 4, 2020
004 | Tim Murphy | How to use Video Content to Inspire Your Audience
"Murph", Tim Murphy, is a serial Entrepreneur who has many hats from Builder, Investor, Podcast Host, Real Estate Agent, and his most recent passion project is helping other Entrepreneurs Inspire their audience through Video Content.  Murph has developed a 30 day fast start course to teach others how to use Daily Videos to help branding and marketing.  Check out the 30 Day Challenge at Murph's other passion is his family!  His daughter, Shay, has Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes and Murph and his family are big supports of finding a cure.  You will hear Murph's passion near the end of the interview.  To find out more about Shay and how to help head over to Enjoy this Episode.
May 2, 2020
003 | Jay Lieberman | Ready, Aim, Win Approach
Jay Lieberman has a unique perspective on investing and real estate having worked on all levels of real estate for years. This unique perspective led Jay to develop his Ready Aim Win Approach for investors.  The simplicity of vetting deals is one of the biggest hurdles that investors have.  Finding the right way to analyze potential investments.   Jay shatters the hurdles for this analysis and adds a funny antidote or two during this interview. Enjoy!
April 27, 2020
002 | Brandon DeVere | How to Start a Podcast from Scratch
Brandon DeVere host of the Learn for 2 Podcast joins For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs this week to give you the blue print and steps to starting your own Podcast. Truth be told I had Brandon join us prior to releasing Episode 001 because I had NO CLUE where to start.  I, literally, followed Brandon's advice laid out in this episode and within an hour had the first episode released. If you have a Story to tell and EVER wanted to start a Podcast, then you need to listen to this episode and Follow Brandon's advice. You can follow Brandon on Facebook or his website...
April 24, 2020
001 | Eric Verdi | 21 Days to Publish
In Episode 001 of For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs Eric Verdi gives and overview of the Podcast and introduces the format of how guests will be interviewed. Each episode will be a DEEP DIVE into the Entrepreneurs 'Superpower' and will give listeners and viewers a detailed walk-through of that one thing the Entrepreneur does VERY WELL. Eric's Superpower is 'The Three C's' - Consistent Compelling Content and the journey of the Three C's and how the content portion evolved leading to Eric's most recent book 'Secrets of the Three C's.' This journey has led Eric to develop a program to teach others how to Publish a Newsletter - the backbone of Eric's mid-6 Figure business - called 21 Days to Publish.  
April 21, 2020
Pilot Episode w/ Eric Verdi
Eric Verdi shares the Origin Story of 'For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs'. For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs – Tactics and Trainings from The World’s Best Entrepreneurs Do you have Story to tell? Are you an Entrepreneur with a specialized skillset? I believe that EACH successful Entrepreneur has ONE THING they do better than everyone else. We are looking for THOSE Entrepreneurs that stand out in their field. No, I’m not talking about each industry. I’m talking about a very specific tactic or strategy that YOU use that has helped you become a successful Entrepreneur. I want to share that tactic, your story with other Entrepreneurs to INSPIRE them to give them a blueprint. Because YOU are a SOMEONE. YOU are an EXPERT. Even if you don’t think you are, trust me, I KNOW you are and others will know too. To keep your knowledge to yourself is a disservice to all the blood, sweat, and years of hard work that made you a success. I’ve found that successful Entrepreneurs are the most giving, the most passionate, the most willing-to-help people that I’ve ever met. Maybe. Just Maybe your story, your specialized tactic or strategy will INSPIRE that person sitting behind a desk all day to take a risk, like you have, like I have. Maybe your strategy will get that struggling Entrepreneur over the hump. It could light that fire inside and give them the spark they’ve needed for success.
April 17, 2020