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By Robert Rolfe Feddersen
Interviews with record producers, craft beer brewers, rock-n-rollers and the like by gold selling singer-songwriter Robert Rolfe Feddersen.
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A quick thank you to all of my listeners and guests who have graced the FEDD HEAD Podcast! Thank you to WISE GUYS DISCOUNT LIQUORS for sponsoring the show. All kinds of great guests coming up soon!! Cheers and Beers everybody. C'MON NOW!!! 
November 26, 2020
RRF interviews GURF MORLIX (Standard Texas Time)
The best friend of outlaw country troubadour Blaze Foley, Gurf Morlix stands the test of time. Uncompromising, patient, and hoping for a vehicle that has a CD player. His newest recording "Kiss Of The Diamondback" is stellar as is his gentle commandeering of this interview. So kick back and sip on some Texas Tea my friends. It's the one and only GURF MORLIX!
November 19, 2020
RRF Interviews MICHAEL GOLDBERG (French Dip vs Rubin Sandwich)
One of my greatest friends, manager, and Rick Rubin's right hand man, MICHAEL GOLDBERG joins me on the 2nd episode of FEDD HEAD! We discuss dogs, music, beer, and the best kept secret at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Enjoy and C'MON NOW!!!
November 11, 2020
RRF Interviews STEVE ALBINI (Audio Tardigrade)
My very first episode of FEDD HEAD with recording engineer, poker champion, and punk rock icon Steve Albini. My Bulldog Jilly Bean snores throughout the entire interview, my guitar falls loudly to the floor, and the audio on my computer failed. However, Terri Ann saves the day by recording the entire show on her iPhone! So here it is, warts and all!! C'MON NOW!!!
October 28, 2020
FEDD HEAD Promo Trailer
This is a promo trailer for my brand new Podcast FEDD HEAD. Please share with your friends, family, and future FEDD HEADS. C'MON NOW!!!
October 20, 2020