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Supermanagers, brought to you by the team at, is the podcast for managers and leaders who want to become better at leading teams and organizations.

Aydin Mirzaee, CEO of, interviews world-class executives about the habits, thought patterns, and experiences that have helped them become the leaders they are today.
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Practice Over Performance: How to Train Your Team’s Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets (with Eugene Eric Kim, Principal at Faster Than 20)
In episode 54, Eugene Eric Kim tells us why we always need to be looking for our replacement and how impactful a person in power can truly be. Eugene Eric Kim is the co-founder of two change consultancies and has been able to work with thousands of leaders around the world… from C-level business leaders and social activists... to rocket scientists… and spies! Today, Eugene runs a training program called Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets at Faster than 20. In this episode, Eugene talks about why wanting to do more can be harmful and explains why specifics are crucial in goal-setting. Eugene also shares a practical one-minute drill for managers and leaders to practice flexing their listening muscles.
June 17, 2021
How to Build a Portfolio of Influence and Pay Attention to Potential (with Hareem Mannan, Head of Design & Group Product Manager at Segment)
In episode 53, Hareem Mannan shares how to build a portfolio of influence that can impact an entire organization and how to pay attention to potential rather than requirements. Hareem is the Director of Product Design and Group Product Manager at Segment. In this episode, Hareem shares her journey from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager and how that process was not a career upgrade, but instead a whole new role! You will also hear Hareem’s insights on how she embraces experimentation as a manager and switching her hiring approach led her to experience a game-changing unblocker! Tune in to hear all about Hareem’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
June 10, 2021
Manage Systems, Lead People: How to Multiply Team Strengths and Delegate Rigorously with Pat Kua (Founder, Tech Lead Academy)
In episode 52, Pat Kua shares how and why you should be multiplying others on your team (and what that means!) Pat Kua is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience and the author of the Level Up leadership newsletter. Today, Pat is the author of three books and runs the Tech Lead Academy, offering online training for technical leaders. In this episode, we talk about sustaining your role to avoid burnout and the difference between managing things and leading people. Tune in to this episode to hear Pat’s early management mistakes and what he has learned throughout his leadership career.
June 3, 2021
Growth & Graduation: Embracing Failure and Building Manageable Habits with Daniel Saks (President and Co-CEO of AppDirect)
In episode #51, Daniel Saks shares why it’s important to encourage failure and risk, and allow for others to share their lessons learned. Daniel Saks is the President and Co-CEO of AppDirect. He is also the host of the Decoding Digital Podcast. In this episode, Daniel also talks about what peak performance philosophy means and how your team members can perform at their best. Tune in to hear about Daniel’s productivity hacks and his habits that help improve cognitive capacity.
May 27, 2021
How Shopify’s President Builds Highly Effective Teams: Special Anniversary of Supermanagers with Harley Finkelstein (President of Shopify)
In our 50th episode of Supermanagers, Harley Finkelstein shares how he builds highly effective teams. Harley began his first company selling and designing t-shirts when he was just 17 years old. He pursued his law career and worked at a Toronto law firm before deciding to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. Today, Harley is the President of Shopify. In this episode, Harley shares how vulnerability is a super power and also talks about self awareness and delegation. Harley also discusses how he leaves breadcrumbs while recruiting and why you always need to be on the search for great leaders. Tune in to our 50th episode to hear from Harley Finkelstein!
May 20, 2021
Efficient One-on-Ones and Diligent Hiring: How to Become a Trustworthy Manager with Mark Horstman (Co-founder and Host of Manager Tools)
In episode 49, Mark Horstman shares how to become a trustworthy manager. Mark Horstman is the Co-founder and Host of Manager Tools, a podcast with more than 1500 episodes. With an impressive career history, Mark has been an Army officer, a sales and marketing executive at Procter and Gamble and has delivered his training in The White House. In this episode, Mark emphasizes the importance of being trustworthy as a manager... and how trust is measured by the quantity and the quality of your communication. Mark also shares why new positions should be hard to fill and having more one-on-ones will result in less management and more time in your calendars. Tune in to hear all about Mark’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
May 13, 2021
Ruthless Prioritization: Using Clarity, Intention, and OKRs with Amanda Goetz (Founder of House of Wise)
In episode #48, Amanda Goetz explains why you must ruthlessly prioritize your time and your energy. Amanda Goetz is the former VP of Marketing at The Knot and today she is the Founder of House of Wise, a luxury CBD brand for women. In this episode, we talk with Amanda about the importance of clarity and the necessity that is, Directly Responsibility Individuals for campaigns and projects. Amanda also explains her  “What by When” tactic for operational excellence... and why OKRs are crucial to the success of your team. Tune in to learn how Amanda ruthlessly prioritizes to stay in a state of flow and shares her Start, Stop, Continue framework for giving and receiving feedback.
May 6, 2021
Tigers, Paper Tigers, and Elephants: How to Run Pre-Mortems and Hyper-Efficient Meetings with Ross Mayfield (Product Lead, Zoom Apps & Integrations at Zoom)
In episode 47, Ross Mayfield shares how you can run meeting pre-mortems to ensure your time is spent efficiently. Ross is the Product Lead for Integrations at Zoom, and an expert in remote work with over 20 years of experience working with distributed teams. Ross shares how he experiments within his organization, like deciding on a vacation policy or even ‘how to be a manager’ through discussions and involvement of the company. We also dove into his hyper-efficient meeting tactics and why everyone should have a 15-minute reflection blocked out in their calendars. Tune in to hear how you can blend asynchronous and synchronous work and to learn about the deciding factors of when to even book a meeting.
April 29, 2021
Top 9 Books for Managers and Leaders | Aydin Mirzaee, CEO at
This week, we're taking a break from our usual format to share some exciting news, give you a sneak peek of what's coming on Episode #50, and share 9 book recommendations for managers and leaders!  Whether you're a first-time manager or an experienced leader, these 9 management books will help you lead with confidence and advance in your career. The Making of a Manager (Julie Zhuo) High Output Management (Andrew Grove) Radical Candor (Kim Scott) First, Break All The Rules (Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman) Mindset (Carol Dweck) The Manager’s Handbook (Alex McCaw) Who (Geoff Smart) Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg) Smarter, Better, Faster (Charles Duhigg)
April 22, 2021
Career Development for Leaders: Hype Docs, Mentors, and Happiness Index (with David Hoang, Product Design Director at Webflow)
In episode #46, David Hoang shares how you can develop your own leadership tree and why everyone needs a Hype Doc. David Hoang is a design leader, educator, and angel investor. David is currently the Product Design Director at Webflow and previously led Product Design and Research at One Medical. In this episode, we talk about balancing employee happiness while ensuring the greater good of the company… and how career conversations are crucial in hyper-growth organizations. Tune in to hear all about the different types of management, leader roles, and the difference between managing, coaching, and mentorship.
April 15, 2021
Welcoming Dissent: How to Build a Coaching Culture and Lead by Example with Russ Laraway (Employee Experience Evangelist at Qualtrics)
In episode #45, Russ Laraway shares how you can build a coaching culture and lead by example. Russ Laraway is a well-versed leadership expert who has over 20 years of leadership experience in positions at Google, Twitter and Candor Inc. Today, Russ is the Employee Experience Evangelist at Qualtrics. In this episode, Russ shares how companies can improve their diversity by ensuring that every voice is heard (including your own)... and how to create a team culture where you welcome dissent. We also talk about why leading by example never goes out of style and why you should know your direct reports dream job. Tune in to hear Russ’s knowledge of the power of feedback as coaching and how to measure leadership
April 8, 2021
Scaling Marketing Teams: How to Hire Athletes, Not Quarterbacks with Joe Martin (VP of Marketing and Strategy at CloudApp)
In episode 44, Joe tells us why hiring athletes, not quarterbacks, will help scale your marketing teams. Joe Martin is the VP of Marketing and Strategy at CloudApp - an instant video and image sharing platform. In this episode, Joe talks about the importance of one-on-one meetings... and explains how quarterly development conversations can be a better approach than yearly performance reviews. We also talk about Joe’s tips to write resumes that stand out… and the idea of “asynchronous weeks” – something that Joe and his team at CloudApp tried recently. Tune in to hear Joe’s insight on what it means to be a good manager and why transparency from above is important.
April 1, 2021
Psychologically Safe Teams: How to Individualize Your Approach and Lead Through Strengths with Alice Ko (Director of Marketing Communications at Procurify)
In episode #43, Alice Ko walks us through creating psychologically safe teams and shares tips on how you can individualize your approach to management. Alice Ko is the Director of Marketing Communications at Procurify. Alice is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach and a Chartered Professional Accountant - two career paths we discuss in this episode. We talk about the importance of creating psychological safety within your team... and why you shouldn’t use a blanket management approach. Alice also shares great acronyms to improve communication styles, such as RWR, TS and CATTE. Tune in to hear all about creating strong teams and efficient communication in a remote world.
March 25, 2021
Short Toes Welcome: Embracing Transparency, Iteration, and Asynchronous Workflows in a Remote World with Darren Murph (Head of Remote at Gitlab)
In episode #42, Darren Murph shares how remote work empowers people at work, and also in their everyday lives. Darren Murph is the Head of Remote at Gitlab - a company that is famously known for being one of the largest all-remote companies in the world. Prior to Gitlab, Darren was the Managing Editor at Engadget and the Director of Global Communications at Dolby Laboratories. He also holds a Guinness World Record as the planet's most prolific professional blogger! In today’s episode, Darren offers an inside look at life at Gitlab, their core values, and what it means to be transparent by default. We also talk about the concept of hiring to fill your weak spots and how, as leaders, we can unblock our direct reports and empower them to do great things. Tune in to hear how you can improve your craft as a manager and take remote learning to a whole new level.
March 18, 2021
Owning the Manager Role: How to Set Expectations and be “Super F*cking Clear” with Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale (founders of Raw Signal Group)
In episode 41, Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale emphasize what the manager title exactly entails and how to own the role. Melissa and Johnathan are founders of Raw Signal Group, best-selling authors of "How F*cked Up Is Your Management? An Uncomfortable Conversation About Modern Leadership" and editors of The Co-Pour. Before all that, Melissa has been a startup warrior, previously holding executive roles at Wattpad and Edomo … and was also Mozilla’s first Director of Global Public Relations. Johnathan, on the other hand, has built and operated entire organizations, all while helping improve diversity. He was previously VP of Firefox for Mozilla and CPO at Hubba. In today’s episode, they shared lessons learned from their early management mistakes and why setting expectations is one of the most impactful things we can do as leaders. Last but not least, Melissa and Johnathan explained how to help your team with burnout and “borrow from your future self”. Tune in to hear all about Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale’s management journey and the takeaways they learned along the way!
March 11, 2021
Introspection and Adjustments: Achieving the Impossible by Maximizing Learning with Simon Stanlake, SVP Engineering at Procurify
In episode 40, Simon Stanlake highlights the importance of fulfillment and trust within a team. Simon Stanlake is the SVP of Engineering at Procurify – the leading spend management and procurement software platform. Prior to Procurify, he was the VP of Technology at Hootsuite and the CTO at TradeBytes Data Corp. In today’s episode, we covered the difference between a charismatic leader and a great leader and which one Simon aspires to be. Lastly, we also explored why he holds back on sharing what needs to be done in order to maximize his team's learnings and why it’s okay to break things in order to ship features. Tune in to hear all about Simon Stanlake’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
March 4, 2021
The Remote Work Playbook: Global Hiring, Documentation, and Culture with Job Van der Voort, CEO at
In episode 39, Job Van der Voort helps us better understand the world of remote work. Job is the co-founder and CEO at and the host of the Remote Work Podcast – a podcast we recommend if you’re new to managing distributed teams! On today’s episode, we talk to Job about the difference between being a micromanager and a manager who values detail. We also explore the benefits that come with working remotely, and what happens to the marketplace of talent when location is no longer required. Last but not least, Job shared his perspective on the best practices that leaders should follow when hiring people in different countries. Tune in to hear all about Job’s remote work playbook and the powerful insights he has to offer! . . . Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
February 25, 2021
4 Steps to Remote Success: Hiring, Decision Making, Collaborating and Managing with Katie Wilde, VP of Engineering at Buffer
In episode 38, Katie Wilde tells us what hiring and onboarding look like for an all-remote team. Katie Wilde is the Vice President of Engineering at Buffer. As an Engineering Leader, Katie is guided by two missions: crafting productive teams and delivering a world-class software product. In today’s episode, we talk to Katie about her early days at Buffer and her experience working in a holacracy environment (a system where there are no assigned roles). We also explore the concepts of defined management and deliberate feedback – and the impact both things can have on our teams. Lastly, we talk about what hiring and onboarding look like in a remote company and the unique approach that Buffer takes with potential candidates! Tune in to hear all about GUEST’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
February 18, 2021
The Adventure of Leadership: Lessons Learned from Uncertainty and Discomfort with Jonathan Ronzio, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Trainual
In episode 37, Jonathan Ronzio explains why outdoor adventures and entrepreneurship are not so different after all. Jonathan Ronzio is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Trainual, a platform that helps businesses get systematized through digital playbooks. Jonathan is an award-winning storyteller and documentary filmmaker and has spoken on stages around the world about adventure, creativity, and the importance of getting comfortable with uncertainty. In today’s episode, we talk to Jonathan about how his outdoor adventures have influenced his leadership style – as well as the decisions he makes when it comes to storytelling and marketing. We touch on topics like trust, communication, and determination – and why these things don’t just help you to survive outdoor adventures, but leadership and entrepreneurship too! Tune in to hear Jonathan’s point of view on why fear is a healthy thing and how embracing what scares us, helps us grow.
February 11, 2021
First, Bubble Wrap Your Weakness. Then, Build Systems for Success with Amber Hurdle, Creator of the Velvet Machete Leadership Model
In episode 36, Amber Hurdle tells us why personality assessments and self-awareness make us better leaders. Amber Hurdle is a leadership and personal branding consultant who is also the mind behind the Velvet Machete – a globally recognized, eight-week leadership program that helps leaders define & position their value. Amber has years of experience in the hospitality and construction industry, working with companies such as Fedex and Marriott International. She is also the author of The Bombshell Business Woman – a book about management, networking, and goal setting. In today’s episode, Amber unravels the meaning and strategy behind her signature Velvet Machette approach to coaching. She also shares how personality assessments can help leaders discover our strengths and weaknesses – so we can understand what areas to focus on. Tune in to learn why Amber prefers to bubble wrap people’s weaknesses.
February 4, 2021
The Science of Communication: Why Soft Skills Are The Ultimate Survival Tool for Leaders with Cameron Herold, Founder of COO Alliance
In episode #35, Cameron Herold shares what is really important to leaders. Cameron is the best selling author of the books Double Double and Meetings Suck, as well as the founder of COO Alliance. Prior to COO Alliance, Cameron was the Chief Operating Officer of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? where he led operations and helped the company soar from two million in revenue growth to 150 million in just seven years. In today’s episode, we talk about the upside-down leadership pyramid, which places CEO’s at the bottom, not the top… and why an “old-school” leader wouldn’t survive in today’s business world. We also look closely at written communication... for example, how the messages we deliver and the messages that are received can become two different things. Tune in to hear how Cameron shares his approach to coaching and how so much of it is centered on teaching the soft skills of leadership.
January 28, 2021
Hiring Slow and Firing Fast: High-Performing Teams, Relationships, and Recruitment with Nick Stein, CMO at Top Hat
In episode 34, Nick Stein sheds light on the people who make up our teams, and the intricacies that come along with leadership. Nick Stein is the Chief Marketing Officer at Top Hat, a SaaS scale-up that helps professors and students learn more through interactive content. Nick is a results-driven marketing leader and has led teams at Vision Critical, as the SVP of Marketing and also spent some time as the Senior Director of Marketing at Salesforce. In this episode, Nick talks about the importance of being honest as a leader and why letting people know where they stand is a healthy choice for you, them, and your entire team. We also explore why hiring should be approached through a relationship lens, rather than a transactional one... and why those who believe in your company’s values and mission are more likely to be great team members. Tune in to this episode to explore the characteristics of high performing teams and if your team is on the right track to becoming one.
January 21, 2021
Balancing Challenge and Care at Work: The Radical Candor Approach with Amy Sandler, Chief Content Officer at Radical Candor
In episode #33, Amy Sandler lets us know what it takes to be challenging and caring. Amy Sandler, the Chief Content Officer at Radical Candor – an organization co-founded by Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff to help leaders learn the art of feedback. Prior to Radical Candor, Amy filled senior roles in marketing at the Young President’s Organization, Vistage, and the University of California in LA. In today’s episode, Amy explains how walking on fire (yes, real fire) six times took her out of her comfort zone and also... what it taught her about leadership. Amy and Aydin talk about how empathy, aggression, and insincerity play out at work and what we need to keep in mind when we provide critical feedback and also praise to our teams. Listen to this episode to better understand the importance of knowing and respecting the people we work with.
January 14, 2021
Feedback Loops and Speed: How to Optimize for Learning and Build Efficient Teams with Farhan Thawar, Vice President of Engineering at Shopify
In episode 32, Farhan Thawar shares his biggest goal as a leader. Farhan is the Vice President of Engineering at Shopify. Prior to Helpful and Shopify, he was the VP of Engineering at Xtreme Labs, which was then (also) acquired by Pivotal – where Farhan took on the role of Chief Technology Officer of Mobile in 2013. Apart from an extensive career in Engineering, Farhan is an angel investor, writer, and speaker. In fact, he was named one of Toronto’s 25 Most Powerful People in 2010. In today’s episode, Farhan talks about why, as leaders, we should get involved with our team’s work and continue to practice tactical skills (such as coding) to build trust, empathy, and strong relationships. Tune in to hear about Farhan’s rich career in the world of engineering and his insights about management, hiring practises and the value of speed at work.
January 7, 2021
Saying Yes to Innovation: Lessons on Storytelling, Optimism, and Change with John Weigelt, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Canada
In episode 31, John Weigelt explains why the largest goal of management should be to get the best out of people... and reminds us that gentle nudges and words of feedback have more power than we think in helping our teammates do their best work. We also explore strategies that John uses to convince large institutions to adopt new ways of operating and doing business, which is no easy job! John Weigelt is the National Technology Officer at Microsoft Canada. Working closely with the government, education officials, and health care communities, John plays a key role in implementing Microsoft’s strategic policies and technology efforts across the country. Prior to this role, John worked for the Department of National Defense and was the Senior Director of Architecture, Standards, and Engineering at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. John is also a TedX speaker. (If you haven’t yet, we recommend watching his talk on Enabling Canada’s Economy Digitally.)
December 17, 2020
The Asynchronous Approach: Remote Management Tips from a Digital Nomad with Cate Huston, Engineering Director of Mobile at DuckDuckGo
In episode 30, Cate Huston shares with us, the skills we need to work in remote and distributed team environments. Cate Huston is the Engineering Director of Mobile at DuckDuckGo. Prior to her current role at DuckDuckGo, Cate was the Head of Developer Experience at Automattic, Director of Mobile Engineering at, and a Software Engineer at Google – experiences that have led her to live and work remotely in places such as China, Colombia, the US, Canada, and Australia. Tune in to this episode to learn remote best practices that you can adopt, such as leveraging asynchronous communication to let your team consume important information.
December 10, 2020
How to Stay Aligned in the Midst of a Collaboration Revolution with Bruce Tulgan, CEO of RainmakerThinking
In episode 29, Bruce Tulgan identifies what it takes for teams to be able to collaborate confidently, make good decisions, and as a result, produce excellent work. Bruce Tulgan is the Founder and CEO of Rainmaker Thinking, an organization that has helped hundreds of leaders at companies such as American Express, AT&T, IBM, and Mercedes Benz build a culture of “strong leadership”. Bruce has authored over 20 books about management and leadership… and most recently published a book titled The Art of Being Indispensable at Work. Tune in to hear why, as leaders, we should schedule regular meetings to drive alignment and set priorities with our team.
December 3, 2020
Diagnose the Question: Why Listening Is More Important Than Giving Advice with Sarah Milstein, Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp
In episode 28, Sarah reflects on some “bad boss behaviour” she has witnessed in her career… and shares how behaviour affects output. Sarah Milstein is the Senior Director of Engineering at Mailchimp, where she leads and coaches product teams. In this interview, Sarah talks about why diagnosing the conversations we have with our team matters… and why learning to listen and understand is often better than only reacting and responding. Tune in to hear all about Sarah’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
November 30, 2020
Teams Across Timezones: How to Be an Effective Remote Manager with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering and Product Manager at Buffer
In episode 27,  Marcus reminds us that intentionality must come along with remote work. Marcus Wermuth is the Engineering and Product Manager at Buffer, a social media growth, engagement and management platform. Marcus is an advocate for remote work and is deeply passionate about helping managers build effective, distributed teams. Marcus talks about why hiring a team that is distributed around the world isn’t a bad idea and how he makes it work. We talk about asynchronous meetings and making sure your meetings are bi-directional and personal. Tune in to hear why we must remember to include humanness and personality in our work systems and structures because we are working with humans, and not avatars.
November 18, 2020
Getting The Right People in the Right Seats: Why Environment Fit is Different Than Culture Fit with Hiten Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of FYI
In episode 26, Hiten Shah reveals the difference between culture fit and work flow fit. Hiten is a multi time founder, building and growing his own companies such as Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Quick Sprout. He also co-hosts The Startup Chat, a podcast about startup life, insights and advice. In this episode, Hiten reflects on his first engineering hire and explains the importance of assessing talent accurately during the interview process to make sure they can succeed with you, in the environment you have created. We also talk about identifying slow moving teams, why managers need to be in tune with what their teams actually know (and what they don’t), and how founders can transfer their unique talents and skills to their teams. Tune in to hear Hiten share why environment fit matters to build a well oiled team.
November 12, 2020
Performance Reviews: How to Plan For The Most Important Meetings You’ll Have with Lenny Rachitsky (former Product Lead at Airbnb).
In episode 25, Lenny Rachitsky shares a groundbreaking framework to improve your planning processes and performance reviews. Lenny is an expert in product management and has a wealth of knowledge about company growth, people, and management in the technology world. Previously a product lead at Airbnb, he is currently known for writing a weekly newsletter read by thousands of product leaders. In today’s episode, we talk to Lenny about the importance of unblocking your team by providing them with knowledge and support… so they can do the best work possible. We also explore decision-making and why, as leaders, we need to reframe change as an opportunity. Finally, Lenny walks us through his “W framework”, a step-by-step strategy that can help your team better understand logistics and responsibility.
November 5, 2020
Check Your Blind Spots: Why Leadership Requires Self-Awareness and Maturity
In episode 24, Camille Fournier (Managing Director of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma) talks about the art of managing technical teams... and why leaders should always strive to develop and improve their own skills. Camille’s previous roles include being the Chief Technology Officer at Rent the Runway... a VP and Technical Specialist at Goldman Sachs... and a Software Engineer at Microsoft. In addition to a vast portfolio in the technology world, Camille is the author of two great management books; The Manager’s Path and 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know. Listen to this episode to learn about the importance of structure, repetition, and managing stress as a leader.
October 29, 2020
Victories, Insights, and Puzzles: Running Leadership Meetings with Purpose with Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent Compliance
In episode 23, Andrew Waitman reveals why leadership meetings need structure, but also flexibility. Andrew Waitman is the CEO of Assent Compliance… the global leader in supply chain data management and one of Canada’s top growing companies. Tune in to explore the concepts of agility and adaptability and why structure is such an important aspect of strategy, leadership and of course, team management. We also explore why running leadership meetings with purpose comes with exploring the victories, insights and puzzles of business.
October 22, 2020
Inclusion Is Not Charity Work: Why Adopting an Investment Mindset Creates Truly Diverse Teams with Leslie Miley (Engineering Leader)
In episode 22, Leslie Miley asks us to rethink how we invest in inclusion and uplift our teams. Leslie Miley has an impressive career history leading Engineering teams at Slack, Google, Twitter and Apple... as well as being the first Chief Technology Officer with the Obama Foundation. Tune in to this episode to learn why as leaders, we must move away from performative allyship, and instead… rebuild the trust that has been broken due to racism that is built into systems, processes, and workplace culture. Leslie also shares how important culture is and why learning and respecting the culture of those we work with, creates strong relationships. Press play and let us know your biggest takeaways from this episode!
October 15, 2020
The Positivity Effect: How You Show Up as a Leader Reflects on Your Team with Erin Bury, CEO at Willful
In episode 21, Erin Bury shares how she brings optimism to her leadership and how we can balance positivity with the challenges that come with business. Erin Bury is the Co-Founder and CEO of Willful, a Toronto based startup building the online estate planning platform for today's generation. Prior to founding Willful in 2019, Erin held senior roles at BetaKit and wrote for publications such as The Globe and Mail and Business Insider. She also led her own creative marketing agency, Eighty Eight, where she worked with clients such as Lyft, Telus, and Sony Pictures Television. Erin recognizes that empathy, awareness and connection are key aspects of being a leader, no matter what kind of business you are leading, be it service based or product based. Listen to this episode to remember just how important our actions are as leaders and how they directly impact our teams and our culture at work.
October 8, 2020
Processes Before Velocity: Why Your 100th Employee Will Change Your Company with Michael Litt (CEO at Vidyard)
In episode 20, Michael Litt reminds us how important it is to exercise our minds, so we can execute our missions and our values as leaders. We talk about how leadership changes as your business grows, the importance of communication and structure to keep tasks on track and having empathy and compassion for your team. Michael Litt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vidyard - the online video platform that helps businesses such as SalesForce and Marketo unlock the power of video. Michael is also a Tedx speaker and has been named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. As CEO, Michael strives to build a team of fantastic developers and evangelists that are dedicated to the company mission. Tune in to hear about what building a business has taught Michael about leadership and management.
October 1, 2020
No Permission Needed: Why Acting Like a Leader Is More Important Than Being One with Patrick Campbell from ProfitWell
In episode 19, Patrick Campbell reflects on his journey as a first time founder and manager. In this episode, you will hear about Patrick’s early career building days working at Google and the US Defence Department, as well as what life was like when he decided to go all in and build ProfitWell in 2012. Patrick is the Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, the software company that helps subscription model businesses like Canva, MasterClass, Classpass, Vice and Prezi (and more) with their monetization and retention strategies. Tune in to this episode to hear Patrick share the importance of building a culture of feedback and how important mission driven businesses can be.
September 24, 2020
The Superpower of Inclusive Leadership with Melinda Briana Epler from Change Catalyst
In episode #18, Melinda Briana Epler defines the concept of allyship and what it means and looks like to be a good ally in the workplace. Tune in to learn why it is necessary to be and feel uncomfortable when doing anti-racist work and how to have conversations that promote safety and equality, and interrupt one’s that don’t so you can make changes and create more equal spaces at work. Melinda is the founder and CEO of Change Catalyst, a San-Francisco-based advising company with the mission to build inclusive ecosystems. She is also a startup advisor and TEDx speaker who speaks actively about white privilege, diversity and inclusion in tech, and how to lead with empathy as an ally. Melinda has over 25 years of experience developing business innovation and inclusion strategies for startups, Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs. Since the launch of Change Catalyst, she has worked with more than 340 community partners and 450 tech companies -- and her work has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Black Enterprise, The Times, and many other publications. Listen to this episode to learn how as a manager, you have the power to build diverse and inclusive teams and how doing so will elevate your organization’s health, productivity and profitability.
September 17, 2020
The Culture Equation: How Value Based Leadership Results in High-Performing and Loyal Teams with Bo Brabo, Former Director of HR at US Army and White House Communications Agency
In episode #17, Bo Brabo joins Aydin to talk about how leadership, team culture and everyday behaviours at work collide in the military and in  the corporate world. Tune in to hear all about Bo’s journey that has carried him through the military, presidential offices and the corporate world and learn about the similarities that can be identified when teams and their leaders align their behaviours with their values. Since retiring from the U.S. Army as the Chief of HR Operations with the White House Communications Agency …. and as a Presidential Communications Officer for President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, Bo has served in several executive positions as Vice President of Human Resources. Bo is also the author of “From The Battlefield, To The White House, To The Boardroom” -- a book where he shares his experiences from years on the military battlefield and a decade in the White House, and is also the co-host of the Bo and Luke show, a podcast all about doing better so you can be better. Listen to this episode to learn how the needs of leaders and their teams don’t change much, even when their workplaces do!
September 10, 2020
How Experimentation and Testing Apply to Management, Not Just Marketing with Shane Murphy-Reuter from Intercom
In episode 16, Shane Murphy-Reuter explores the important qualities and behaviours that make a successful leader and as a result, a successful team. Shane is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Intercom and has just celebrated fifteen years in marketing. Listen as we talk to Shane about moving to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis, how to balance work and play with your team, and the importance of consistency when leading and managing. We also explore how Shane has adjusted processes and behaviours to ensure he is making quality decisions for himself, his team and of course, marketing for Intercom.
September 3, 2020
Building a Connected Network of Brains with Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO at Shopify
In episode #15, Jean-Michel Lemieux invites us to explore what and who it takes to lean into leadership. We also discuss the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow, the extraversion myth and what it means to treat your team as a “connected network of brains”. Jean-Michel is the Chief Technology Officer at Shopify and has an impressive career history. Prior to joining Shopify, he served as the Vice President of Engineering at Atlassian and led a team of over 150 engineers in his role as Chief Architect for Rational Team Concert, a division of IBM. Jean-Michel is also the creator of Shopify’s exclusive leadership handbook. Tune in to hear all about Jean-Michel’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
August 27, 2020
The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss with Kirstine Stewart from the World Economic Forum
In episode #14, Kirstine Stewart explains the surprising difference between a leader and a boss. We also discuss what it means to have a leadership mindset (even if you’re not a manager), and why female representation in leadership roles is so important for all modern companies and corporations. Kirstine is an Executive Committee Member and Head of Shaping the Future of Media at the World Economic Forum. Prior to joining the WEF, she occupied C-suite positions in two successful technology companies, served as Head of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and led Twitter’s North America Media team. Kirstine is also the author of “Our Turn”, a book that helps women discover their leadership potential. Tune in to hear all about Kirstine’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
August 20, 2020
How to Find Your Zone of Genius with Alex MacCaw, CEO at Clearbit
In Episode #13, Alex MacCaw describes the frameworks and best practices that managers should adopt to constantly improve their leadership skills.  We also talked about Clearbit’s impeccable agreements and how they can help you improve communication and collaboration across departments. Clearbit is a San Francisco-based business intelligence company that has raised more than 17 million dollars in funding – and serves as the data backbone to thousands of businesses such as Slack, Stripe, Intercom, and Adroll. As the co-founder and CEO, Alex puts an immense focus on leadership and personal development. In fact, he recently announced Clearbit’s mission to become the best-managed company in the world - and as part of this mission, he published a great book titled The Manager’s Handbook. If you’re someone who loves personal growth and, like Alex, are always looking for ways to improve at your craft, this episode is for you.
August 13, 2020
How to Build and Scale High-Performing Teams with David Sakamoto, VP of Customer Success at Gitlab
In episode #12, David Sakamoto shares a framework to build and scale high-performing teams, as well as best practices to onboard new team members at rapidly growing companies. We also talk about the importance of monthly career conversations, and why leaders should be the last ones to voice their opinion during team meetings. David has over 20 years of experience building and scaling customer success teams. He is the VP of Customer Success at Gitlab – the world’s largest all-remote company, which is currently valued at  2.75 billion dollars. Previously, he was Head of Customer Success for the Americas at Cisco and the Vice President of Services and Customer Success at EVault. Recently, David won an award for being one of the top 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020. Tune in to hear all about David’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
August 6, 2020
Success Strategies for New Leaders with Michael Watkins, author of The First 90 Days
In episode #11, Michael Watkins discusses some of the strategies that new leaders can adopt to be successful in their roles and climb up the learning curve. We also talked about the self-doubt phase, and why almost 90% of leaders deal with the urge to prove themselves when they start a new job -- something that Michael calls the “action imperative”. Michael Watkins is the author of The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels. He is an expert on executive onboarding and accelerating transitions, a professor at Harvard University, and a contributor to the Harvard Business Review. Tune in to hear all about Michael’s leadership philosophy!
July 30, 2020
Empowering Your Team to Lead Fulfilling Lives with Vlad Magdalin, CEO of Webflow
In episode #10, Vlad Magdalin shares a template to run effective and inclusive company-wide meetings - as well as some great tips to make the hybrid remote model work for your company. We also discuss Webflow’s dual mission - and the biggest dilemma that Vlad faced as he scaled the team. Vlad is the CEO of Webflow, a software company empowering people to create websites without the need to code. Tune in to hear all about Vlad’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
July 23, 2020
How to Coach Your Team to Success with Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management
In episode #9, Lara Hogan shares best practices to understand your team’s core needs and create predictability in times of uncertainty. We also discuss the difference between mentorship, coaching, and sponsorship – and how you can become a better sponsor and coach for your team. Lara is a coach for leaders in tech and the author of Resilient Management, Designing for Performance, and Demystifying Public Speaking. Prior to founding Wherewithall, she spent a decade leading teams as the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and an Engineering Director at Etsy.  Tune in to hear all about Lara’s leadership journey and the lessons learned along the way!
July 9, 2020
The Art of Leadership: 1-on-1s, Staff Meetings, and Manager READMEs with Michael Lopp, Rands in Repose
In episode #8, Michael Lopp (Rands) talks about the power of scheduling regular one-on-one meetings and asking clarifying questions to identify unengaged employees. We also discuss the concept of Manager Readmes and how they can help you build more efficient and positive working relationships. Michael is the author of Managing Humans, Being Geek, and The Art of Leadership. He has been writing for over 17 years, sharing his insights on management, culture, and technology through his blog, Rands in Response. During his career, Michael has led rapidly growing teams at companies like Netscape, Pinterest, Slack, and Apple. Tune in to hear Michael’s advice and best practices for other managers and leaders!
June 25, 2020
The Art of Being a Mensch with Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist at Canva
In episode #7, Guy Kawasaki talks about his experience managing Apple’s evangelism team, the lessons he learned working with Steve Jobs, and the German concept of being a Mensch – and how it can help you identify and hire great leaders. Guy was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh computer in the 1980s. During his time as Apple’s Chief Evangelist, he worked closely with Steve Jobs and popularized the concept of evangelism marketing. Today, Guy is the Chief Evangelist of Canva, a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, and the author of more than ten books, including Wise Guy and The Art of the Start. Tune in to hear all about Guy’s leadership philosophy!
June 11, 2020
How to Implement Operational Frameworks and Hire Great Leaders with Sam Zaid, CEO of Getaround
In episode #6, Sam Zaid (CEO of Getaround) shares a playbook you can use to identify and hire great leaders. We also discuss the RACI framework and how Getaround is using this and another set of rituals to help new managers be effective right away. Prior to Getaround, Sam founded Apption, an enterprise software consultancy, and 360pi, the leading retail price intelligence platform that was acquired by MarketTrack and Vista Equity in 2016. Sam holds numerous patents and inventions, is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, a Microsoft Code Award winner, and a Goldman Sachs Most Intriguing Entrepreneur. Tune in to hear all about Sam’s leadership journey and the frameworks that have helped his company succeed! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 28, 2020
How to Leverage Your Team’s Strengths with Tara Robertson of SproutSocial
In episode #5, Tara Robertson (Head of Customer Marketing at SproutSocial) talks about the power of focusing on your team’s strengths. She also shares some great insights on how to overcome imposter syndrome, find great mentors, and deal with the challenges of managing a remote team. Prior to joining SproutSocial, Tara was the VP of Marketing at Hotjar. Tune in to hear all about Tara’s journey as a marketing and sales leader, and the lessons learned along the way! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 21, 2020
How Operating Principles Can Help Your Team Thrive with Eran Aloni, COO of Gong
In episode #4, Eran Aloni (COO of shares tips on how to get your team aligned and why accountability is critical to leading teams. We also talked about how uses operating principles to guide their team and what signals you can watch for to know you’re ready to implement them in your company. Eran has over 20 years of experience building and scaling enterprise solutions. Previously, he was COO and VP of Product at Adobe EchoSign, VP of Product at Influitive, and VP of Product Marketing at Clarizen. Tune in to hear all about Eran’s leadership journey and lessons learned along the way! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 14, 2020
Building a Culture of Trust and Transparency with Michele Romanow, President of Clearbanc
In episode #3, Michele Romanow (co-founder and president of Clearbanc) talks about the importance of building a culture of radical candor, trusting employees to make data-driven decisions, and hiring empathetic people. Michele is a serial entrepreneur who started five companies before the age of 33. A Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, she previously co-founded SnapSaves (which was acquired by Groupon in 2014) and (a platform with 2.5 MILLION subscribers that acquired six of their competitors). Michele is considered one of the “One-Hundred Most Powerful Women in Canada” and was listed as the ONLY Canadian on Forbes Magazine’s “Millennial on a Mission” list. Tune in to hear all about Michele’s habits and leadership lessons! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 7, 2020
How to Motivate and Develop Your Team with Sara Varni, CMO of Twilio
In episode #2, Sara Varni (CMO of Twilio) talks about the importance of understanding your team’s motivations, setting clear expectations around KPIs, and empowering people to develop professionally within your organization. Prior to joining Twilio, Sara was a leader at Salesforce – where she grew from product marketing manager, all the way to SVP of Marketing. Tune in to hear all about Sara’s leadership journey! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 7, 2020
The Art of Servant Leadership with David Cancel, CEO of Drift
In episode #1, David Cancel (CEO of Drift) shares his insights and practical advice to implement Servant Leadership, Skip-Level Meetings, and Learning Loops in your organization. David is a five-time founder, two-time CEO, and best-selling author of “Conversational Marketing”. He was named the top-ranked CEO by USA Today and is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard. Tune in to hear all about David’s leadership philosophy! Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to leave a review and share the podcast with your colleagues.
May 7, 2020
Trailer: Supermanagers from
There’s only one thing that differentiates average teams from world-class, high-performing organizations. You guessed it. Great managers. Or as we’ll call them in this podcast… Supermanagers. Supermanagers create an environment that attracts the best employees... and most importantly, retains them. They invest in their employees’ growth and are always learning new tactics and strategies to improve their management capabilities. The good news for you is that supermanagers are made, and not born. And you can become one by listening to the world-class leaders that will share their advice and best practices in this podcast – brought to you by
April 20, 2020