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By Feminlist CEO | Madison
Join Feminlist's CEO, Madison, and dive into all things women empowerment, entrepreneurial endeavors, business, career inspiration, health, and wellness, and hear from some of the most amazing women claiming their seats and making an impact in today's society.

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking for daily motivation, inspiration, and looking to join a powerful community of women. New episodes every week. Become a part of our Feminlist community and popular online platform!
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Having a Leadership Mindset as an Entrepreneur & Hiring Employees (Ft. Magon Jackson)
As an entrepreneur, your leadership mindset is vital for hiring and having a successful team who helps you reach your business goals! Today's podcast guest is Author and Business Owner Magon Jackson, and we are bringing you an episode full of everything employees and having a leadership mindset as an entrepreneur!  Magon just released her first book, The Rise to Cognizant Leadership: A different way in a new world, and it is now available on Amazon! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our website at for more! Find inspiration, apply for grants, sell your products and courses, and elevate the future of your business by joining a platform full of women business owners and entrepreneurs.
July 24, 2022
Gaining Visibility & Confidence in Your Business (Ft. Business Coach Freya)
Have you considered finding a business coach? Starting and running a business falls to so many different factors and sometimes the journey can feel lonely and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. In this episode, we are talking with Freya, a business coach and founder of Chasing Happy Mondays, and we are discussing the role of a business coach, finding one that's right for you, and gaining visibility and confidence in your business! When you network and find people with similar business journeys and goals, you can start to elevate the future of your business! Whether that is finding a business coach or networking, there are so many ways to gain more confidence in your business and keep accomplishing your business goals. Are you thinking about getting a business coach? This is an episode you won't want to miss! Elevate the future of your business at! Find business grants, find inspiration, listen to the podcast, sell your products & courses, and more!
June 06, 2022
Discovering Your Purpose & Fire | Connecting Your Mind to Your Heart (Ft. Aoife)
Are you ready to find your purpose and fire? We know exactly how you feel! In this episode, we are chatting with Aoife, who found her true purpose in life after finding out why her body was sick for over 30 years. After visiting doctors and specialists all around the world, she set out to find her own solution and ultimately heal herself. Now she is helping women all over the world connect their minds to their hearts and start getting back to finding their purpose and fire.  This is a chat you won't want to miss! If you are stressed out or maybe you are at a low point, you aren't alone. Your mind is powerful and Aoife is giving us all the info. Elevate the future of your women-owned business, sell products & courses, find business grants & inspiration, and join a community of empowered women entrepreneurs at!
May 18, 2022
How to Be Intentional & Impactful With Your Social Media and Marketing Strategies (Ft. Carolyn Michelle) | Part 2
Are you ready to "get social" and create a brand and business that is intentional and impactful through social media platforms? In part 2, marketing expert, Carolyn, is giving us all her tips for creating marketing strategies that draw in your ideal clientele and brand followers!  Carolyn is the founder of Bad Axe Enterprises, where her team focuses on helping businesses and community groups get online and get social with their ideal clients. Are you ready to master your online presence like a Bad Axe? This episode is going to give you so many valuable tips when it comes to growing your business and brand following on social platforms!  Visit the Feminlist website to elevate the future of your business and join a community of likeminded women entrepreneurs at
May 09, 2022
Pivoting Jobs, Business Ventures, and the Journey to Starting Bad Axe Enterprises (Ft. Carolyn Michelle) | Part 1
As entrepreneurs, our stories and experiences can ultimately lead us to have a business that is relatable and impactful. In this 2 part episode, we are talking with the founder of Bad Axe Enterprises, Carolyn, and discussing how her journey leads her to create her business after years of health issues, job opportunities, opening her first business, and navigating the chaos of life. Don't miss this episode because in part 2 she is sharing her marketing tips for creating a brand and business that is impactful and intentional through social media and marketing, while also benefiting your mental health!  Join an empowering community, find inspiration, find business grants, sell products and courses, and elevate the future of your business at!
May 06, 2022
Beating Doubt, Discovering Your Confidence, and Unlocking Your Full Potential | With Brittany Tibbitts
Discovering your inner confidence and unlocking your full potential can seem difficult, especially when doubt starts to creep in. Seeing the “perfect” lives of people around the world is a daunting trap that we can easily fall into. In this episode, we are chatting with Brittany Tibbitts, the founder of Elle Potential, who found her passion in helping other women step into their authenticity and confidence while she worked as a mentor and coach for dental health professionals. “This ignited a spark within me to want to empower other women to take bold action towards their dreams and goals. I am on a mission to help other women pivot away from doubt, and into their power by coaching them on how to create their own confidence and build up their own self-belief.” - Brittany  Dive into all things women empowerment, entrepreneurial endeavors, woman-owned business inspiration, health, and wellness, and hear from some of the most amazing women claiming their seats and making an impact in today’s society |
April 26, 2022
Job Search Tips to Get Noticed and Land Your Dream Job (Ft. Olivia Higgins)
Want to get noticed, make an impression, and land your dream job? In this episode we are chatting with Human Resources Professional, Olivia Higgins, and discussing how you can stand out during the job search process.  Job searching can be intimidating, especially when you have to stand out against so many other candidates applying for the same position. With popular job board platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, sending a resume is easy, but standing out and making an impression during the job search takes a little more effort, motivation, and confidence. Do you want to make an impression and stand out? Don't miss out on this episode!  Here is the article > Job Search Tips: Get Noticed and Land Your Dream Job
March 11, 2022
Take Control of Your Financial Future | Stop Splurging - Start saving - Escape the Paycheck Cycle (Ft. Sophie | Financial Feminist)
When it comes to the financial and money conversation, it’s clear that women are behind! We got to sit down with Sophie, the founder of Financial Feminist, and discuss how women can take control of their financial futures and stop splurging, start saving money, and escape the paycheck cycle. Dedicating yourself to learning more about financial education, and finding a relatable community of women, will help you build better money habits and stay motivated on your journey to financial independence! Follow Financial Feminist on Instagram for more tips! Read the full article here > Steps to Becoming Financially Independent 
March 07, 2022
Achieving Your Goals Amongst Those Who Doubt Your Abilities (Ft. Elta Desvarel)
We often have people around us who doubt our abilities, especially when we are pursuing goals and living life with ambition. In this episode featuring Elta Desvarel, we are discussing how you can continue to accomplish your goals even amongst those who doubt your abilities.  It is simple to see the glamor and perfect side of successful things, but we don’t often recognize that it took lots of hard work, goal setting, and ambition to get there. Along the way, there are moments of validation, positivity, self-doubt, maybe some negative opinions, and sometimes your goals can evolve and take a turn in a way that you never expected. Elta is an inspiration and a shining example of what it means to rise above those who doubted your ability, to succeed by making sacrifices, changing your career path, and to keep pursuing your goals.  Are you going to negative opinions break you down, or are you going to let them motivate you and drive you towards achieving success? Read the full article here >  13 Things You Must do to be Successful, Ambitious, and Achieve Any Goal 
March 04, 2022
Starting Feminlist | The Inspiration Behind the Rapidly Growing Women's Platform
Sometimes, going through hard experiences is what makes us realize our true potential and ultimately leads us to something greater. In this episode, sit down with Feminlist's CEO, Madison, and hear her LIFE-CHANGING story about her inspiration behind starting the Feminlist brand and rapidly growing online women's platform.  From opening up a coffee shop and wine bar at the age of 19 to having a breakthrough moment in her career, this episode is going to be so honest. Are you struggling and feeling voiceless in your business or career? This is going to be extremely relatable. A highlight moment in today's episode: "Looking back now at that young girl that was a business owner, I wish I could grab her and tell her that it is okay to speak up." Ready to become a part of the Feminlist community? Elevating your future starts here!
March 02, 2022