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By FemmePowered
Our voices are powerful vehicles for expressing ideas, sharing truth, and challenging the way we live and show up in the world. On the podcast, I share conversations with woman committed to leading intentional, purpose-driven, and wholehearted lives. Listen in to be motivated and inspired to step into your next level of greatness.
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Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Exploring Therapy


An Open Look At Domestic Violence
Let's talk about domestic violence - how it manifest, why women, remain in abusive situations. I also share my personal experience with domestic violence. This is a deeply personal and solo episode. 
July 17, 2020
Objectification & The Male Gaze
Welcome to episode 4 of season 1. This is a solo episode - no guest, just me, riffing on objectification and the male gaze. 
July 05, 2020
Race & Rage - A Caribbean Perspective
Welcome to episode 3 of season 1. In this episode, my guest and I discuss race and rage from a Caribbean perspective.  Sachkia Barnes is a PR politico on sabbatical, writer, wife, and first-time mum. She attended an HBC (historically black college) and worked with the black community. This allowed her to see the challenges faced by black Americans and what makes them unique from black Caribbeans, even though we have a shared history of slavery. 
June 28, 2020
Anxiety, Mindfulness, and Exploring Therapy
In this episode, I speak with Deya, a mental health professional, plant mum, and vlogger with a platform dedicated to cultivating community and sharing plant content, mental health, and lifestyle vlogs. 
June 21, 2020
The Wisdom and Vulnerability of the Vagina
In this episode, I talk with author and coach Gina Cloud about the wisdom and profound vulnerability of the vagina. This conversation is geared towards an adult, heterosexual audience, and features adult language.
June 21, 2020